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Hundreds of thousands of people at the same time popular online games App can go far?

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Hot: white-collar office team playing

At 11 o'clock on the January 11, two Internet Park, Liangjiang New Area, a company meeting room, the weekly meeting before the start of 11 staff staring at the phone. 5 o'clock "summit conference" has a round of answer, bonus 50000 yuan.

"The beginning of the beginning, group chat group chat!" 4:45, we can not suppress excitement, open the App vigilance. Someone said: "I have prepared three cell phones, this will certainly be able to lift the top!"

"What is the first word in most English exam dictionaries? What do I know?" "I do not know anything at all, do I know?" "Fast, it's ten seconds!" The first question stuck the office Many people ...

Staff Xiao Jin said that everyone answers together, collective wisdom! Invite others to answer together, they can also increase one life (a wrong opportunity), many of the company's colleagues are "occupied" in this game. Two weeks, Xiao Jin invited more than 30 colleagues, but only two successful summit, got more than 30 dollars in prize money.

Experience: at least 200,000 people online

What is the magic of these answer classes App, so quickly occupy so many users? January 10, the reporter downloaded the more popular "summit conference" and "cheese Superman" to experience the answer.

In the form of the answer, the major platforms are basically the same gameplay, the host a question, users online answer, each a total of 12 multiple-choice questions, in the specified time the full answer to the people can be divided bonus.

Two days down, at least one answer has 200000 people to participate, at least there are 50,000 bonus. No extra life on the invitation code, "go it alone" journalists have not been successful, a friend only get 10 yuan reward.

These 12 topics all-encompassing, should be promptly answered within 10 seconds. "The meaning of 'mother' in 'mother of failure is success' is?" "The meaning of the idiom vanilla is?" "Where does the earthworm obtain oxygen from the ground?"

In addition to the difficulty of the subject, but also let the respondents Tucao is the major platform live software problems, Caton, delay, etc. have occurred, but also lead to users dropped out.

There is a question, askiPhone7 default screenshot shortcut is what. "Xiao Jin said he used the iPhone7, was self-conscious, one by one option to try a bit, the result ... ... cell phone crashes, and the desire to go top bubble.

Response: do not come out on the "hang up"

This week's game leaderboard shows that at present this year's most accumulated prize money player bonus of 3051.43 yuan, ranked 100 players accumulated bonus of 1652.89 yuan. Total list bonus up to 5159.74 yuan. Such a result for many participants, simply "hung up."

So, is it really skillful?

"9:30 tonight to open the group?" "Cheese open group fast forward ... ..." In a group called "mutual aid" QQ group, each live answer to the beginning, there will be someone in the group quickly answer the case . Thousands of messages a day, "addictive" members online nearly 10 hours a day.

In order to get the bonus, she and her colleagues set up a 20-person chat group, dubbed "Open Black Group," and relied on several colleagues with a wide range of knowledge in the group. Down more than 40 yuan.

Of course, there are other "tips": 10 seconds of online search answers, multiple mobile phone use live broadcast time difference answer, spend 1 yuan online shopping "resurrection opportunity" ......

Voice: Some people support criticism

Mr. Duan, a middle-level leader of an internet company in Liangjiang New Area, said that his six "soldiers" were all "caught" by the live broadcast and were annihilated by the army. For this game, Mr. Duan sniff: "Just like someone on the rooftops money, a group of blindly picking up, busy picking up a dime for a big day.

Mr. Duan said that the prototype of this game comes from a foreign application called HQ. In fact, this model is a few years ago, "open the door", "one stop in the end" and other quiz programs "mobile version." Let a large number of people blindly concerned, "delayed the work, a waste of time."

"It's not about money, and that broadens your knowledge." Staff member Ms. White said improving the relationship between colleagues and colleagues by consolidating the knowledge they have learned before, enriching their knowledge, and collaborating with colleagues on games.

This reporter Jing Ran


The main battle for traffic and users

May "come and rush" too

Photovoltaic industry, engaged in software development, an industry source said that the answer class app appears to be sprinkle money, the ultimate goal is nothing more than for the traffic and users.

In comparison, the cost of getting live answers to apps is very low. It has been calculated by the media that the "Summit of Summit" was officially launched on the same day with an amount of 100,000 yuan, attracting nearly 300,000 people. The cost of getting a guest is only 3 cents more, much lower than the current access costs of major Internet companies .

In addition, this App's "resurrection" opportunity is implemented by an "invitation mechanism": As long as one user uses an invitation code, he can get a chance of resurrection, which also makes the App have a means of rapidly spreading and settling users.

"Advertising is the Internet business profit model, broadcast the same answer." Insiders said that with live Q & A to become universal participation in the game, whether it is "title", or host of the broadcast, advertising in this closed situation, the effect It can be expected.

However, there are also people in the industry that the live broadcast only a temporary answer, there is no continuing user demand, this business model is difficult to sustain, "to have a hurry to go in a hurry."

Will these questions be you?

(Part of a live broadcast platform)

Which of the following is not apprentice Zhao Benshan?

1. Song Andy 2. Little Shenyang 3. Yue Yunpeng

Second, the capital of Switzerland is where?

1. Zurich 2. Bern 3. Geneva

Third, the following "eat chicken" mode does not belong to Netease Mobile Games is?

1. Terminator 2. Judgment Day 2 Wilderness Action

3. Glorious mission

Fourth, which of the following stars are not married to Chinese?

1. Cai Lin 2. autumn porcelain Hyun Tang Wei

Which of the following animals will not eat each other after mating?

1. Mantis 2. Round spider 3. 蛞 蝓

Sixth, the following well-known spring attractions which the lowest latitude?

1. Baotu Spring 2. Butterfly Spring 3. Water Fire Spring

Which of the following movies is not made by Disney?

1. "Aircraft Story" 2. "Racing Story"

3 "Toy Story"

Which of the following Japanese cities competed with Beijing to bid for the Olympics?

1. Nagoya 2. Osaka 3. Tokyo

Nine, the United States drama "Big Bang", Xie Erduo in which college to work?

1. California Polytechnic State University

California Institute of Technology

University of Southern California

X. Which animal blood is red?

1. Sea crabs 2. Earthworms 3. Squids

Eleven, loach collected on the land by which part of the oxygen?

1. intestines 2. skin 3. nose

Twelve, which of the following Lu Xun's works printed at the latest?

1. "Cry" 2. "Wild Grass" 3. "Imitation 徨"

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