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Tour long game Reply SSE: At present, the main business and the block chain business has nothing to do

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Tencent Technology News, January 12 news, travel long game reply Shanghai Stock Exchange Inquiry letter: The company is currently the main business for the online game distribution and research and development and game media platform Yuyao network operators, and blockchain business Nothing to do

Attached to the Sea Tour long game Co., Ltd. on the Shanghai Stock Exchange letter of inquiry and Resumption Notice

The Board of Directors and all directors of the Company hereby confirm that there are no any fictitious statements, misleading statements or material omissions in the contents of this announcement and individually and jointly accept responsibility for the truth, accuracy and completeness of the contents of this announcement.

Special risk alert:

1, the company is currently the main business for the online game distribution and R & D and gaming media platform for long network operators, and block business has nothing to do.

2. Up to now, the Company only carried out news tracking reports and information replies to the block chain within its own website channel. The Company did not carry out any specific work related to the block chain business, nor did it carry out reserve-related talents pooling and capital raising etc. Work, blockchain channel opening will not have a substantive impact on the company's operating results. Please investors attention to investment risks and related business uncertainty.

Shanghai Yuuki Game Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") received a regulation issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 11, 2018 on the Shanghai Yuuki Game Co., Ltd. about the blockchain Inquiry letter "(Shanghai Securities News and [2018] No. 0067) (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; inquiry letter & rdquo;). According to the relevant requirements, the situation is now announced reply as follows:

First, according to the company announcement, the shares of the Company held by the top three shareholders of the Company were all pledged with a high proportion.

Please verify and explain the company, your company through its own website release blockchain related content, whether or not to take the initiative to cater to market hot spot speculation company shares.

Re: The company through internal self-examination and verification, the company subsidiary Yu You Time (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Liu Liang in December 2017 concerned about the blockchain business, the company owned subsidiary of Yuyao net after half After planning for many months, the blockchain game channel was officially launched on January 8, 2018, and hot information, videos and products about the blockchain were published and reproduced on the channel. Yuyao release blockchain articles related content is just a normal business promotion, not to take the initiative to cater to the market hot speculation company shares.

Second, the company said on its website through the media into the area of ​​blockchain, will be fully involved in blockchain game product development, but also will seek high quality blockchain game products. The share price of the company rose continuously after the above information was released. Please check the company and explain the failure to disclose the above content in the designated media in the form of an announcement of any violation of the relevant provisions of the Stock Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange.

Reply: The company through self-examination found that the article's article is a long-run network of normal business promotion. After the share price rose, the Company promptly communicated with relevant personnel of the subsidiaries in a timely manner, and learned that the subsidiary companies have not substantively conducted the business of the block chain yet. The opening of the blockchain game channel is only on the market today continue to launch based on the bottom of the blockchain technology, deep tracking game product evaluation, at the same time to guide the user recommended and the blockchain technology to explore and research. Up to now, the company's main business is the distribution and R & D of online games and the operation of the game media platform Yuyao Net, which has nothing to do with the business of blockchain. The opening of the blockchain game channel does not have a material impact on the operating results of the Company and does not constitute a transformation and upgrading of the Company's business. The Company considers that this does not constitute a major issue and does not fall under the requirements of the Listing Rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Should be disclosed, the company did not make a public announcement, does not violate the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules" of the relevant provisions.

Third, the Company will combine the research and application stages of the current blockchain technology with the current status of production and operation and personnel reserve to explain the impact of the aforesaid blockchain business on the operation of the Company, and fully promulgate relevant uncertainties and risks .

Reply: Up to now, the Company's blockchain business is still in the research and exploration stage. It only confines itself to news tracking reports and information reprinting in website channels, and has not yet formed relevant technologies and substantive achievements. Specific business blockchain business has not been formally carried out, the future is the smooth development of the existence of uncertainty. In the meantime, the Company did not carry out its work on talent reserve and fund raising in this business. Up to now, the Company has not conducted R & D of blockchain technology and no direct business revenue, which will not materially affect the operation of the Company. Please investors attention to investment risk, prudent investment.

IV. Please verify and explain the decision-making process of releasing the relevant content of the blockchain on its website and provide the insider's information for the transaction verification of the Exchange.

Reply: At present, the company insists on the business model of "centralized management by the parent company and independent operation by the subsidiary company", giving subsidiaries greater autonomy and flexibility in daily business management and business expansion. For the overseas investment, Business transformation and upgrading of major issues such as the implementation of strict control, co-ordination management, so that subsidiaries in accordance with the characteristics of its steady development of the business, give full play to its market value and create functionality. The company self-examination and verification, the company owned subsidiary of the blockchain website release content related to the decision-making process: December 21, 2017, the company subsidiary Yu You Time (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Liu Liang WeChat to Xi'an Media Director Mr. Gao Fei informed the establishment of blockchannel channel. On January 1, 2018, Mr. Liu Liang once again emphasized the speed of establishing the channel in WeChat. Following Mr. Gao Fei's arrangement, Mr. Zhang Yong started to make block chain channels. On January 8, 2018, after Mr. Zhang Yong completed the channel production, the drafted press release was reviewed by Mr. Gao Fei and his normal business promotion was conducted on his website. As of January 8, 2018 press releases issued before the company Dongjian Gao did not know this matter.

According to the requirements of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Company has provided insiders' information as scheduled and actively cooperated with the Shanghai Stock Exchange for verification. The above content is the company reply to the inquiry letter of Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Company will strictly fulfill its obligation of information disclosure in strict accordance with relevant laws, regulations and normative documents of Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules. According to the relevant regulations, the company's shares will resume trading on January 15, 2018. Please investors rational investment, pay attention to investment risk.

Special announcement.

Shanghai Yuuki Game Co., Ltd. board of directors

January 13, 2008

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