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17 kinds of poisonous food? Chinese food rumor union: it is malicious malicious tampering

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Sarkozy writers, through careful compilation and editing, spread rumors on the Internet, causing great misleading to the public. Xinhua part of the rumor extracted the first part of the rumor, to face hearing.

1, [rumor] Lanzhou noodles can not eat? All Lanzhou Ramen Museum are using ramen agent, the main component of the ramen agent is Peng Peng, this chemical substance contains a lot of carcinogen - arsenic. Now all of Lanzhou noodles are used to make this flour more flexible. Oxidation can occur if Pom Pits are placed in a paper cup, while more horrifying corrosion can occur when pouring a lavender solution onto a smooth floor.

[Rumor] This rumor appeared in 2013. At that time the media has been rumor, Lanzhou beef noodles traditional craft stress "three times the water, three times gray, ninety-eighty-one times rubbing." Among them, the ash refers to the Pont gray, added to make the noodles pulled out to be smooth and yellow, tendons strong. Later, the process was replaced by ramen agent, is to purify Punta, excluding harmful substances. Lanzhou market is currently used by the University, National Chiao Tung University and related companies developed the ramen agent, has passed the relevant safety certification.

2, [rumor] casserole porridge also "feeding" will cause cancer? Network casserole porridge has three big shady: 1 additive syndicate; 2 plus red shrimp powder; 3 plus dead crab. Almost every home must add spices, vanillin and ethyl maltol, such as eating too much, liver and kidney damage, will cause serious cancer!

Rumor】 【rumor It is understood that, in order to improve the taste of porridge food or to keep it a good viscous state, food producers usually use thickening agent in congee food. Thickener is a relatively safe food additives, commonly used xanthan gum, edible alkali, phosphate and so on. Experts believe that as long as the provisions of the use will not be harmful to humans, but should be used to achieve the desired results to achieve the premise of minimizing the use of the principle.

Rumor Link: Porridge shop thick thick porridge are "thickening porridge"? Survey: No need to add thickener

3, [rumor] exposure! Pork mixed with mouse meat

[Rumor] appeared in the article in the basin, said that the dining hotel with mouse meat, in fact, users will fight back to the individual's home game mistaken for the hotel with the rat meat cooking.

4, [rumor] pie and durian crisp junk junk food is junk food

Rumor】 【daily life in the trans fatty acids to eat a little bit can not do almost, because there are cattle and sheep products and dairy products. In 2013, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center released the "Chinese residents' dietary intake of trans fatty acids and their risk assessment" report shows that Chinese people eat on average 0.39 grams of trans fats per day, dietary intake of trans fatty acids The amount of energy provided is 0.16% of the total dietary energy, well below the World Health Organization's recommended value (less than 1%). So long as the control of trans fatty acid intake, do not need too much anxiety.

Rumor Link: Trans fatty acid risk is exaggerated? Experts: Risk control should be scientifically treated

5, rumors Do not drink a unified milk tea or other milk drinks (uniform milk tea, Assam tea, Earl milk tea, Yaha coffee), the so-called milk ingredient is creamer, low in milk content, The main ingredient is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

[Rumor] unified assam tea ingredients table does contain hydrogenated vegetable oil, but the list also contains ingredients skim milk powder, there is no cheat consumer products containing milk but with other food additives posing as milk powder situation. The concerns about hydrogenated vegetable oil and plant fat at the end of the fact is that they contain trans-fatty acids, the Xinhua conducted a thematic rumor, experts said that China's trans fatty acid supply ratio is low, consumers do not need to talk about "acid" color change .

Rumor Links: 2017 trans fatty acid press conference

6, [rumor] net "snake fruit scraping all the wax, with a lighter can burn point!

[Rumor] In our country, the surface of the fruit is allowed to do waxing preservation treatment, according to the "hygiene standards for food additives," provides that morpholine fatty acid salt (also known as fruit wax), carnauba wax, etc. as a coating agent Fresh fruit surface. Fruit wax, is a chitosan material, and more from crabs, shells and other crustaceans extracted from long-term consumption of this material harmless to the body, its role is mainly used for preservation, to prevent the apple in the long-distance transport, Long-term storage of decay deterioration. If you are concerned about health problems, you can peel edible apples, do not want to peel, hot water can be used to wash the appropriate temperature to remove.

7, rumors Daily Coke = chronic suicide. Network often drink coke will cause the body's potassium is too low, showing the body's nerves, constipation until paralyzed and some other symptoms. People who drink 2 to 10 liters of Coke daily have symptoms of hypokalemia, which can lead to muscle diseases, heart beats, and paralysis.

Rumor] drink 2 to 10 liters a day Cola? How many people can do daily drink so "massive" Coke? Moreover, the rumor seriously exaggerated the role of cola on the human body. Cola belonged to a high-sugar drink. Drinking plenty of beverages did harm to specific people such as hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, but it did not become the culprit of "chronic suicide."

8, rumor eat pigeon may be a mouse. A group of "see unscrupulous businessmen how to become a pigeon mouse," the pictures and videos on the microblogging crazy pass. Many netizens expressed their surprise and nausea. "They did not dare to eat pigeons in the future." Even a handful of netizens who expressed doubts about the authenticity of the video said that "there is a shadow in the mind."

Rumor】 【investigation by local reporters found that this group of photos of mice has always been edible, the picture of the dish is "salt and pepper spicy rat", using artificial breeding, specifically for consumption of bamboo rat, rather than rumors that Across the street mouse. Mount cave mice, scientific name bamboo rat, also known as bamboo, mango, bamboo raccoon, bamboo root mouse, winter hair mouse, is a mammalian rodent bamboo mouse family Microtus. It is large meat, delicious, nutritious, velvet fur thick, high economic value.

9, [rumors] Have you ever seen such an egg? Egg white, egg yolks and egg shells are all made of chemical raw materials, without any natural ingredients! Recently, Zhengzhou night market stall there was someone buying this "pure artificial eggs." Mr. Wang, who runs a food additive, discovered such eggs and made a set of methods for the stallholders to go home and try to make a "purely artificial egg" that is really confused.

[Rumor] Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jiangning Branch official microblogging @ Jiangning Public Security Online said the video is a toy egg production process. Do not worry. Media reporters found that online can indeed find out the toy eggs. The yellow label is exactly the same as in the video. Fake eggs, really no. The most important is the egg shell can not do it. Moreover, the eggs are so cheap, even if it can really create a shell-free eggs, the cost is much higher than real eggs.

Rumor links: Top Ten rumors in April: False eggs into the market cucumber because of spraying?

10. [rumor] cucumber coated birth control pills will be sterilized.

[Rumor] "contraceptive cucumber" is purely a rumor. People often say that contraceptives are animal hormones that have no effect on the growth and development of plant cucumbers and can not be used on cucumbers. People are rumored to be contraceptives, probably because cucumber plants used to promote growth and development of cucumber growth and development, with the role of hormones, contraceptives are hormones. The result came to pass, and finally passed into the cucumber use of contraceptives.

Rumor link: "contraceptive cucumber" is it? Expert: purely rumor

11, rumor orange fruit accident! Coca-Cola admits that its fruit orange contains carbendazim banned in the United States. Experts point to carbendazim brain paralysis, liver tumor.

[Rumor] In mid-January 2012, Coca-Cola found in its American products that the fruit-sprayed fungicide carbendazim from Brazilian farmers was subsequently reported to the FDA, but the United States and China took the initiative to submit their products for inspection After the results showed no problem. Carbendazim is allowed to be used in the EU and orange juice raw materials origin Brazil. The EU limit is 200 ppb. The detected concentration is 35 ppb, which is completely harmless to the human body. The FDA concluded that "the level of residual carbendazim detected is well below any standard that could pose a safety hazard, so consumers do not have to worry about orange juice products on the market."

The public can be in the "Chinese food rumor Union official website" access to relevant rumors and rumor, popular science information

【Commentary】 Heavy food rumors ruthless treatment

Into 2018, food rumors are still repeated, let us deeply feel the importance of governance rumors. Experts have pointed out long ago that food rumors flooded largely from rumor ballads who deliberately made use of potential food safety risks to make concealment and even deliberately discredit them to induce consumer distrust. Some consumers often lack scientific judgment.

"Eyeball" has become the biggest motivation for the spread of rumors. To create gimmicks for the pursuit of "100,000 +" and to reap the benefits, some online media, and especially the media, have played an "infected person" role in helping rumors spread like "epidemic viruses." Food safety rumors have seriously disturbed the normal food and drug regulatory work, disrupted people's consumption judgment, undermined the development of the industry and affected our country's international reputation.

And rumors of governance food must make heavy blows, and promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for ruling community pluralism. The State Food and Drug Administration and the "China Food Rumor Alliance" have spared no effort in launching rumor work and governing rumors. In 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration jointly with 10 departments promulgated the "Notice on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Rumors for Food Safety" and actively released regulatory information on multiple platforms and established a rumor database and popular network platform. Since last year, the Administration has issued a total of 85 pieces of rumor information. At present, the database has collected over 30000 articles. In addition, the State Food and Drug Administration also jointly with the public security, net letter departments, such as joint law enforcement, food rumors of the detention and punishment.

Up to now, China Food Rumor Federation released a total of more than 70 authoritative rumor information, release and forwarding of science information related to food accumulated 1000, in guiding the public out of the misunderstanding of food safety has made important contributions. At the same time, the alliance also called for the establishment of mechanisms for coordination and cooperation while continuing to strengthen the punishment and chastisement of rumors of rumors and rumors. In particular, it is necessary to make clearer rumors of determining details and harming quantitative criteria, and further strengthen the criminal law, Food Safety Law "and other laws and regulations on food-related network rumors crack down efforts, but also China's food industry and the vast number of consumers a clear and harmonious network environment.

(Original title "rumors poisonous! Chinese food rumor union all break")

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