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Alipay wants to "sweep" New York

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Hello, have you ever heard of Alipay? "At the front desk of the Lady M Dessert at the junction of 27th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, New York City, Brian shows his Alipay APP application to disbelieving US clerks looking to" PayPal "equivalent to China It has more than 500 million registered users worldwide. "Brian added. & ldquo; Oh, I understand. "This clerk suddenly realized.

Bright afternoon sun shining through the windows of Manhattan. In this New York classic dessert shop famous for Melaleuca, the seats are almost full, with half of the customers actually Chinese. For Brian, who just joined Alipay in New York to push the team, this store is one of the perfect merchants to promote Alipay, because although New York native brand, but Lady M's first overseas store opened in Hong Kong, so the Chinese There are brand identity in the circle.

However, it is not easy for these U.S. local merchants to realize the value of Alipay. The U.S. credit card penetration rate is very high and the financial service system is also well developed. Before coming to the store, Brian had contacted through the mail kept on Lady M's official website, and did not reply. After two weeks, in the past again, this time the other gave a superior mail, made in the past, or did not reply. So, Brian came to the store to try his luck.

Brian pointed to the shop's Chinese customer and said to the clerk: "Alipay can help you expand and consolidate a huge Chinese market and enhance their user experience." In addition, only someone pays with Alipay will be charged, if not there will be no fee, so businesses have no additional costs. & rdquo;

Brian, who just returned from New York to California, is a 20-year-old graduate in financial engineering. When Alipay's agent in New York found him with his friends two months ago, he had been dealing with the computer before and decided to seize the opportunity to go out and deal with people, accumulating experience and preparing for future career advancement .

After a simple video training Brian came to work. His approach is to first select a Chinese restaurant, about a friend to go there to eat, sit down and then look at the environment, and then politely greetings with the boss, "Your meals taste really good," the last self-introduction: "& ldquo ; I am Alipay's agents, you have heard Alipay it? & rdquo;

Although Americans are still questioning Ma's e-commerce business that is full of fakes, the rapid expansion of Chinese companies pushing their rarely-to-be-riven Chinese companies in New York and North America can give Americans a good look.

Brian has signed six merchants in New York and California in two months, including the restaurant, the moon center, the car repair shop and the Ginseng Store. From the beginning of 2017, part-time push agents like Brian, who huddled in the jungles of New York's jungles, shuttled between hundreds of merchants to convince merchants to access Alipay.

These agents do not need to complete a fixed amount of tasks, each person can further develop below several trust their part-time secondary agents. Revenues should be based on performance rebate, usually two months or six months a settlement, according to the volume of 1.8% -2% rebate. New York's Fifth Avenue, Manhattan's antique shops, Chinese restaurants, motorcycles, supermarkets, hotels and even medical and student apartments, are the most easy to promote business.

In an office building at the junction of Main Street and 39th Avenue in Flushing, a Chinese populated area in New York, only five or six teams Alipay in New York to push agents in a small office of more than 10 square meters of office . Part-time agents like Brian are recruited through a network of alumni and acquaintances. Including foreign students, as long as they can persuade Chinese restaurants around the school access to Alipay, they can get dozens or even hundreds of commission.

The office corner is packed with boxes of marketing brochures. Just take out a few: "Why American merchants need access to Alipay? Alipay will get you fast-growing Chinese tourists and foreign students business. 80% of Alipay users belong to mobile users, these chopsticks family use Alipay to pay for all you can imagine products and services. & rdquo;

"Alipay Global Offers: Import Alipay Super Traffic Bonuses for your stores and websites, millions of chopped hand families will flock to it. Discount Marketing: The most famous Alipay, pay sales discount. Customization: Set up exclusive marketing programs for your shops and websites according to your needs. & rdquo;

"Innovative marketing model: Alipay Discover platform, your store exposure Alipay & lsquo; Discovery & rsquo; platform, giving you the opportunity to directly interact with 5 million Chinese consumers. According to the classification of business information address, contact information, recommended food, per capita consumption, food pictures & nbsp; & nbsp; Interactive marketing: customer real-time reviews, accumulate popularity, improve brand influence. & rdquo;

"Why American merchants need access to Alipay? Alipay will bring a great business opportunity to U.S. businesses. Chinese tourists and students with high net worth and high spending power are pouring into the United States. In 2016, the number of visitors to the United States reached 4 million and the number of overseas students in the United States reached 1 million. In 2016, Chinese tourists and students spend more than 40 billion US dollars in the United States. The figure is expected to double by 2020. & rdquo;

The company is Alipay North America's largest agent, now covered education, information, shopping, dining and entertainment, buy / rent a car and other fields. Some co-operative businesses include Chinatown supermarkets, lazy cars, vertical and horizontal travel, Korea Iraqi skin integrated management center, Kang Ming large pharmacy, world express.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the size of China's tourism market is 164 billion U.S. dollars, and Chinese tourists are the most valuable consumers in the world. The number of Chinese tourists visiting North America is expected to grow to 4 million by 2018 and will continue to soar as China's emerging middle class and online consumer market rise. However, due to obstacles such as the Sino-American monetary system and language, Chinese consumers Hard to consume in the U.S. local businesses and restaurants.

Alipay rival & mdash; WeChat payment also saw this huge business opportunity. Last October, at the New York Advertising Week, Zheng Xianglin, vice president of Tencent, appeared in Times Square in Manhattan and persuaded overseas businesses that "more than 3 million outbound tourists in China spend half their money every year on shopping. American brand is good news. & rdquo;

According to Zheng Xianglin interface news revealed that Tencent in the United States near the Silicon Valley team is currently in the United States to promote WeChat payment applications. Tencent can target US brands to potential US outbound consumer groups through big data and user actions in advance, including training their brand's usual sense of comfort, planning travel plans and brand stores before leaving the country, and paying by Wechat And targeting capabilities to provide branded marketing to potential user groups nearby.

This idea coincides with Alipay. Alipay in New York, head of international public relations interface news that Chinese tourists will be on average 57 days in advance to prepare travel plans, so that Alipay can recommend overseas sellers for their information in advance, and at the end of the journey and the journey Alipay can Through its positioning "Discover" function, to provide consumers with directions, discount coupons and local businesses recommended, as well as overseas shopping tax services.

According to the person in charge, Alipay's strategy in New York City, major cities in the United States and other overseas markets is to help more than 100 million overseas Chinese tourists pay for a seamless docking experience while making it easier to use local services on the road and to help overseas customers Gain new revenue opportunities.

However, with the WeChat social media network, WeChat payment has a natural advantage overseas. At the Barbers', Footstrap and Grocery stores in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York, there are many small ads that help overseas WeChat top-up services without a bank card in China & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; & ldquo; Pay $ 100 charge 630 RMB & rdquo ;, so is about 70 yuan or so recharge fee. "It is mainly for red envelopes Well, people (relatives and friends) sent to you, you can not only receive no hair it. & rdquo; A barber shop on behalf of the top-up clerk said.

In the push to push the level, Ali and Tencent's mobile payment business has long been secretly tense in overseas. An agent revealed to the interface news, Alipay has quietly promised to the agents many preferential policies, hoping to push agents not to promote WeChat in New York payment. Alipay has seized the opportunities in the valuable overseas market, at least one year earlier than the promotion of WeChat payment, playing a beautiful time difference.

As China is also the world's largest third-party payment platform and mobile payment platform, Alipay owns more than 520 million real-name users in China and occupies 68.4% of the mobile payment market in China. If you count as similar to India's Paytm India and overseas local payment agencies to launch the localization of "Alipay", AliPay has 800 million users worldwide, the business space is extremely attractive.

"Tencent and Ali's mobile payment battle is evolving into a world war, and the biggest loot will be the U.S. market." Forbes columnist Salvatore Babones last week Ant Financial asked for the acquisition of MoneyGram, the second-largest U.S. remittance and payment service provider, rejected by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States on national security grounds After ratification, "China is standing in the midfield of financial technology reform and has the enormous potential to determine how the world will spend the rest of the century. & rdquo;

China is the largest mobile payment market in the world. According to data from IResearch, China Mobile's transaction volume reached 5.5 trillion U.S. dollars last year. WeChat Payments and Alipay, together with their overseas partners, own 600 million and 800 million users worldwide respectively.

According to the person in charge of the golden dress on the interface news revealed that Alipay offline promotion in overseas as early as the summer of 2015 to start, the beginning is Hong Kong, Maucao, and then in South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and other Chinese tourists Many places. In July 2016, Alipay started to make its presence in the European market, cooperating with merchant service platforms in the UK, France and Italy with local bank payment networks and POS systems. In the second half of 2016, the U.S. market will begin to operate. At present, Alipay has already covered 36 countries and regions in the world and has established cooperation with 250 overseas financial institutions.

The American media compared Alipay to Ali's trojan horse to enter the international market. Previously, Alibaba had been trying to persuade small American businesses to sell their products on its marketplace, but Taobao was included in the global market blacklist that the U.S. government thinks it sells counterfeit and pirated goods. However, in May last year, Alipay entered into a cooperation agreement with First Data of the United States, which immediately led Alipay into 4 million U.S. merchants, comparable to Apple's ApplePay. At present, there are about hundreds of thousands of businesses overseas access to Alipay.

Souheil Badran, president of Alipay USA, said: "Any company that does not seek cooperation on its own will inevitably take a longer time to succeed. "In October last year Alipay partnered with Verifone in North America, with Alipay on the yellow cabs in New York and Las Vegas. Other partners include the National Bank of Australia, NAB, the U.S. payment technology provider Marqeta and the terminal POS Machine provider Poynt.

More and more foreign students and Chinese tourists are pleasantly surprised to find out in New York City that Alipay is available on the familiar Chinese restaurants, desserts and iconic New York yellow taxis. Currently, New York has access to Alipay on 14,000 taxis, and even Central Park wagons and rental bikes can pay with Alipay. More and more businesses in New York are also beginning to realize the value of the Chinese market. In Flushing, more than 300 merchants have access to Alipay.

Mason Lin, head of Alipay's New York agency, introduced the news to Alipay. Currently, Alipay's market expansion in New York can reach 80% -100% per month. It is estimated that Alipay will grow by more than 50% every month in the past two years. In addition to New York, California also developed particularly fast, now at least 400 merchants have access to Alipay.

However, Alipay in China is not just a mobile wallet, its most valuable part of the daily life of consumers, you can discount, buy, call the car, rent sharing bike and financial management and so on. Alipay can put this set of financial value-added services to move overseas?

"We still value future value-added business. Mason Lin told the news on the interface that "Alipay in China has a lot to play, but it basically can only pay in the United States, but New York has now started to do other value-added services. Users can search for nearby businesses on Alipay." We now give rewards of profits to agents and merchants, expecting no profit for two years and making money by adding value-added services when the merchants are enough. & rdquo;

However, compared with the domestic market, to overcome the differences between language and culture as well as consumption habits, it is not an easy task to do financial value-added services in other places. "At present, we are mainly serving Chinese users. To serve Americans, we need to consider whether there are enough number of users and whether we can find a strong partner locally, including assessment Whether the market has an inclusive financial demand, but the US financial services market itself has been very mature. "Ant gold service related person in charge of the interface news.


Where can I use Alipay? (source:Ant gold clothes to provide)

Airline official website: Air Canada, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Aeroflot, Kenya Airways 50 (covering the five continents)

Flight Cabin: Finnair to and from the Mainland and Hong Kong 6 routes

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Cruise: The world's five major cruise line six brands 14 cruise ships

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Subway: Moscow Metro Central Line Change

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Approx. Car: Uber (625 cities), Grab (Thailand, Singapore)

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