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Intel CEO again: data will be an endless resource to change the world

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Las Vegas time January 9 to 12, the 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Intel CEO Cohen made a keynote speech: Experience the power of data . He said protecting data security is Intel's unwavering belief. And he again mentions the importance of data: data will continue to change the world in an exciting way and without limits, and data will deliver unprecedented levels of experience.

The opening of many bands debut, the use of Intel Movidius neuron computing rod technology for a cool data band performances. Intel said that this performance is hoping to lead the theme of this time: experience the power of data.

Data will be an endless resource for changing the world

Intel CEO KeQiQi even run debut, the opening said: to protect data security is Intel's unswerving faith. Recently, Intel's chip has a design flaw, such a design flaw can cause two kinds of network hacking attacks, "Meltdown" and "specter", may affect the past ten years all using Intel Chip computer. Intel has started to provide software and firmware updates to mitigate these vulnerabilities.


And this speech, Branch odd again focused on the data. He said the data will continue to change the world in exciting ways over the coming decades. Unlike sand, water or precious minerals, this resource is unrestricted, data will deliver unprecedented thrill experiences and computational power can spawn And capture data for prediction, decision making, cognition and even thinking.

According to statistics, by 2020, each person will generate an average of 1.5GB of data per day, which is double the amount of data generated by each person at present. However, this is still small compared to the 4T data generated by unmanned vehicles each day. 4T data equivalent to 2500 times the amount of data generated per person per day. Networked aircraft produce about 40TB of data per day; a small factory can produce up to 1PB of data per day, which is equivalent to the amount of data generated by 700,000 people.

Today, the cloud has huge amounts of data to connect to different types of devices. By 2020, 50 billion smart devices are expected.

"Nowadays, data is the foundation of innovation. All the cutting-edge technologies we see, whether it's artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, VR or 5G, are all linked to data." Section then odd said.

It is understood that Intel and NASA cutting-edge development laboratory is currently working together to promote the use of artificial intelligence space exploration research. The role of data is paramount: Intel is now able to consolidate the millions of images it collects from its NASA mission through powerful, deep learning and then turn it into data to investigate the rocky topography of planets and the moon in the solar system.

"These data, collected using artificial intelligence, automate the task of drawing a series of valuable maps to navigate the unmanned rover in harsh terrain conditions, providing invaluable information for future missions. But over the next few years, we'll be able to crowd-sourced data from cellphones from scientists around the world to help us explore outer space further. Section then odd said.

Creating "The Immersive Media" Experience: True VR Technology to be Used for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

In specific daily life, Covey explains how data brings "immersive media" experiences. He believes the data creates "immersive media," a revolution that will revolutionize consumer experiences, retail, travel, advertising, entertainment, education, and even healthcare in virtually every area. There are a number of hardware devices that are capable of VR experiences today, but no good device can not give full play to it if it is not attractive enough. As a result, Intel is aware that the creation and delivery of content requires strong computational power, and that is exactly what Intel is doing.

"Intel True VR technology, which has begun to be used in international events, will continue to revolutionize the spectator experience. Section then odd said, "Of course, this technology is not only suitable for sports, but also will completely change the way we interact with the content in more areas." We have multiple camera pods installed on one or more sides of the stadium, and even ski slopes full of steep slopes record the entire game. With multiple cameras per camera, it now allows for a 180-degree viewing angle and the next step is a 360-degree panoramic view. & rdquo;

Section then odd also introduced Intel's FreeD technology, named "TRUE VIEW": install multiple HD 5K camera around the auditorium. This helps to define the volume of the three-dimensional space within a shot and can be split into thousands of data points.

Intel calls it "voxel". The so-called "voxel" is the three-dimensional pixel, and now, everyone is through the two-dimensional pixels to describe the screen quality of the TV and computer screen, the three-dimensional pixel will further the depth of field and three-dimensional three-dimensional video images.

"To achieve three-dimensional video requires unimaginable mass data processing power. We implement TRUE VIEW technology in NFL stadiums and generate 3TB of data per minute. This means that the amount of data generated during the first fifteen minutes of each football match equals that of the United States Library of Congress. It is not a simple matter to achieve these, but Intel has set out and emerges. Section then odd said.

Section then odd said, Intel's immersive experience will be used in the world's top Olympic games. The upcoming Pyeongmong Winter Olympics, Intel will help the audience experience the extraordinary moment: from the drone show to the Olympic Village 5G deployment.

Intel announced the use of True VR technology to deliver the largest live VR event to date at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Intel and the Olympic Games official broadcasters will record 30 Olympic games, providing live and video-on-demand content. Allegedly, this will be the first time since the Winter Olympic Games virtual reality live broadcast.

It is disclosed that Intel will also be with the world's Olympic Broadcasters to provide fans sports immersion immersion experience. Intel, for example, announced its partnership with Ferrari North American Inc. to use artificial intelligence technology at the six-race Ferrari North American Challenge in the United States this year. Intel is also working with the NFL to explore custom immersion experiences.

Involved in film and television? Intel set up Intel Studios

In addition to being used in sports events, Intel has also used the immersive media experience in video production and content creation: Intel Studios.

Intel officially announced the establishment of Intel Studios. This studio is dedicated to creating large stereoscopic content using Intel TRUE VIEW technology, creating new forms of visual narrative, whether using or not using virtual reality technology.

With the world's largest stereo video stage and comprehensive post-production and control facilities, Intel Studios enables studios to create an immersive immersive media experience like never before. Intel announced the cooperation with Paramount Pictures.

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