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Years ago, the only product will be beautiful years later that Jingdong and Tencent how to rob Ma Yun?

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January 4, 2018, Jingdong and social shopping guide and e-commerce platform jointly announced the beautiful group will set up a new joint venture. The joint venture will focus on operating the e-commerce platform in WeChat social ecosystem to provide consumers with a wealth of product choices and to explore and lead the model innovation in the field of social e-commerce.

And on December 18, less than a month ago, Tencent and JD.com invested about $ 863 million in cash into the company's only product. One of the key points is that Jingdong Club will connect with Vipshop in the main interface of its mobile APP and WeChat shopping entrance.

Jingdong and Tencent, toss out such a team of God teammates, plans in the field of electricity supplier how to break Ma?

The truth may not be combined into a Hercules so simple.


This is not robbed a woman traffic, but to fill the gap for Jingdong traffic

Stupid thought, in essence, this is another Tencent WeChat traffic "business fill in the blank", combined with the recent VIP will also be access to WeChat information is not difficult to find, Tencent and Jingdong social electricity supplier Alliance, is entering a Completion of the state, that is done in the general category of drainage stability, is targeting the vertical categories such as sales flow, women flow, more precise drainage.

The entrance is easily hidden on the secondary pages like the WeChat wallet interface. However, the WeChat applet, which has been making great efforts recently and is trying to diversify, is obviously also a part of the above plan.

With a small program to say beautiful, Mushroom Street, the only product will be pushed to the rhythm of the use of WeChat users, is an inevitable move.


This is not a brand "cosmetic", but to pull a large lineup of B2C

Jingdong Fashion Division, which was established only last year, has long been the core category with the largest Jingdong platform, the fastest growth rate and the strongest new capabilities. Seemingly from the surface, Jingdong the beautiful hand in hand the group, the purpose is to make up for the short board.

actually not. Jingdong is not to make up for the shortcomings, but trying to establish a B2C fleet, that is separate from Tmall, with the aircraft carrier (Jingdong) -based, the other various warships assume different tasks, the formation of a cluster effect. It is not necessary to unify the entrance to Jingdong or to unify the Jingdong entrance on WeChat. Instead, the functions of Jingdong and Tencent in Internet finance can be turned into a chain connecting other vertical B2Cs.

Therefore, the formation of a joint venture with the beautiful group Ye Hao, the investment worth mentioning the only product, its purpose is not simply to vertical category in Jingdong platform fever, but by selling, monopoly, to form a different and powerful brand tone , And then perform their duties.

Jingdong through such joint ventures, investment, the biggest advantage is that it will not blur its 3C brand tone, it will not annihilate the partner's existing brand.


This is not a micro-channel diversion, but the traffic scene "Special attack"

Mushroom Street, the beauty that the previous social electricity business experience is the guide. In fact, this experience has now become a "big way", that is, why Ali cast mushroom Street, the beautiful said, and hold a larger body, diversion user types more extensive microblogging root.

After the fit of the beautiful syndicate, due to the homogeneity of the two platforms is too serious, in fact, fell into the 1 +1 = 0.5 dilemma. The real value of social electricity business, not at any time will shift the position of content creators, but has formed a habit of not yet left the crowd, which is now being a joint venture, rather than the war is still tough only products Will be the root cause of investment.

At the same time, it is possible that JD.com would use its own fashion division to enter more blood for its products and activate its social e-commerce content.

Obviously, in the field of e-commerce to cut the way to the App, to do "industry specializing in" to form and Taobao now "a multi-energy" state, the user easily fall into the selective confusion of differentiation competition.

Targeted destination traffic will be imported into a platform that specifically digests such traffic instead of blindly selecting it on the platform. This is the Jingdong and Tencent e-commerce new scene plan. Earlier, Jingdong in the WeChat on the second page, it is so diversion and success. And into

Step-by-step increase in the flow rate with the purpose of this conversion rate, you can upgrade the consumer electricity consumption and quality of the gale, Ali formed a certain pressure.

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