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Continued separation of airborne forces, strategic turmoil again, when confused Lenovo Mobile can find the direction?

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Lenovo mobile phone business, a continuous loss of two Lenovo ministers & mdash; Liu Jun, Chen Xudong, are you going to have to fold the third heavy minister & mdash; A series of information shows, Joe took over a year after moving Lenovo, Lenovo Mobile not only failed to improve, even the origin can not go back.

Why airborne executives have left?

It is understood that the news, the return of the routine, it seems that Jiang Zhen may also leave.

In fact, the possibility of leaving Jiang Zhen has already given rise to speculation. Several executives who landed continuously last year are leaving.

Previously, in early December, less than ten months in office as the executive vice president of Lenovo MBG China, Ma Daojie resigned from the Lenovo, while the original service for Lenovo Mobile Phi Beta power is back to Lenovo, vice president of China Mobile Sales Lenovo business. Peng Beili left Lenovo in 2016 to enjoy the phone, recently returned to Lenovo, quite save the meaning.

In fact, the outside world only concerned about the departure of Ma Dajie, and did not pay attention to Ma Yu Jie has been leaving before.

It is understood that, Yu Yu airborne is responsible for the Lenovo Mobile China sales. Yu 杲 had previously been general manager of China Mobile Zhejiang Branch, Lenovo had hoped Yu Yu can open up channels for operators. However, Yu Yu took office a few months later, Lenovo's most important annual product - grapefruit did not successfully enter the channel of China Mobile, which is the most direct cause of Yu Yu quit.

Yu Yu after the departure, responsible for the strategic transformation and business breakthroughs Ma Daojie took over the job Yu Yu, responsible for the national sales, then it was the eve of MOTO2018 release. MOTO2018 is Ma Daojie one hand to create the product, benchmarking Samsung's high-end world series.

After the release of MOTO2018, took over the country Ma Daojie spent a month to find out all over the market. However, after Ma Daojie came back in a month, he proposed his resignation. "This month he ran in the following markets, may be feeling the market is not optimistic. "According to Lenovo insiders know to understand, Yu Zhang's departure is not sudden, we all seem to have a premonition, but Madoff's departure is very sudden, everyone was very surprised.

Airborne Lenovo Mobile, Madao Jie is responsible for strategic transformation and business breakthroughs, "the past ten months, many strategies and style of play, are in accordance with the ideas of Madao Jie, Joan also relies heavily on Madao Jie. He suddenly resigned, the future strategy can not see clearly. & rdquo;

Qiao Jian took over the mobile business Lenovo more than a year, one of the most important thing last year, she is to re-take the team, has five executives airborne Lenovo MBG:

Former Samsung Communications Research Institute, product development executives Jiang Zhen joined Lenovo Lenovo MBG China business products;

Former China Mobile Zhejiang Branch Yu Yu joined Lenovo Mobile is responsible for channel sales management in China;

Zhu Han, general manager of the marketing department of China Telecom, joined Lenovo Mobile to take charge of strategic operation.

Former China Telecom General Manager Ma Daojie joined Lenovo Mobile is responsible for strategic transformation and business breakthroughs;

Former Dell China Marketing Director, Motorola China Brand Marketing Manager Lu Minxuan joined Lenovo Mobile responsible for brand marketing and promotion.

So far less than a year, Yu Yu, Ma Daojie has left, Jiang Zhen's situation is also very delicate. In particular, the return of the routine, it seems from insiders, may be to prepare Jiang Zhen to leave.

Personnel turmoil, strategic swing, the acquisition of MOTO still did not find the direction after more than three years

In fact, no matter whether Jiang Zhen left or not, Yu Yu and Madao Jie's departure have already been equivalent to the announcement that Qiao Jian hopes to reshape Lenovo Mobile with an airborne unit. So, Qiao Jian will not follow Liu Jun, Chen Xudong, but also sadly leave the Lenovo mobile business? Still unknown.

Placed in front of Lenovo's mobile business, there are more unknown.

Yang Yuanqing has said that the future of mobile communications business only retain MOTO a brand. After a series of adjustments last year, Lenovo, ZUK and other brands cut, but we found that the recent Lenovo brand has risen again.

The end of 2017, Lenovo quietly shelves a thousand dual-screen full screen mobile phone & mdash; & mdash; K320t, priced at 999 yuan. However, on January 4, 10 o'clock snapped shots by 200 yuan. This quietly revived Lenovo brand mobile phones in the Motorola official website, Lenovo official website, Lynx, Jingdong, and Lenovo and China Mobile offline store simultaneously sold. According to insiders Lenovo, there will be a series of Lenovo brand mobile phone releases in 2018.

While shrinking, streamlining the brand, while resurrecting the brand, apparently Lenovo's mobile strategy has never wanted to understand. With the recent series of personnel changes, the strategy has entered a new period of confusion.

After the completion of the acquisition of MOTO in early 2015, not only did the synergies of both parties not arise, but both declined. In China, Lenovo's mobile phone market slipped from the first to "holding a telescope" can not see it. MOTO originally in the global market influence is not bad, in some countries, the market rankings are relatively advanced. Its market share in the world reached third place when it merged with Lenovo, and now it has slipped to seventh in the world based on the latest data.

This decline did not stop the slightest sign.

Look at the business in China. Lenovo Mobile China Business With the departure of several senior executives, it is foreseeable that almost all the efforts of 2017 will be in vain. The change after Qiao took office returned to liberation overnight. The return to normalcy may be just the beginning of a new round of adjustments. There will also be a series of changes in personnel and strategy behind.

Look at overseas business. MOTO global management is frequently replaced in the past three years, some strong market is being eroded. MOTO, which was still number one in India two years ago, has now been squeezed out by Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. The entire Southeast Asian market is outbreak, but MOTO and Lenovo have no advantage to enjoy the dividend. MOTO North American market is still a good performance, but by 2018 Huawei will be the largest North American market variables, and from the product positioning point of view, MOTO is most likely Huawei into North America's largest "victim".

Placed in front of Lenovo's mobile business, everything is uncertain, but also a relatively pessimistic uncertainty. Understand notes in February 2017 in "too anxious! Frequent handsome covert Lenovo mobile phone difficulties "article that Lenovo eager to see the market after the acquisition of MOTO effect, once the unexpected change coaching change, personnel changes lead to strategic swing, the result is three years, the rapid decline in turmoil .

Lenovo mobile business in the future facing what? Now the result will lead to following Liu Jun, Chen Xudong, Qiao Jian also halt the mobile business? After a few adjustments but the more tune worse, the morale of this team can revive it? Lenovo Mobile in China's business has been small enough to ignore the case, will be incorporated into Lenovo China by Liu Jun Cao Pan? Lenovo business-class and PC two businesses had not high profits, but also withstand the loss of mobile business such as how long?

Qiao Jian took office last year, the continuous airborne five generals, in fact, understand the notes really want to see Lenovo Mobile to reunite forces, a clear strategy, slowly recovering. But now, this desire may be frustrated, can not help but move around for Lenovo.


Lenovo's acquisition of the IBM PC business in 2005 made it a truly global player, a classic case of success. The Lenovo MOTO acquisition of more than three years, should be regarded as a classic case of failure. Lenovo really should seriously reprint this three-year strategy, may be able to more clearly face their own future, but also for the entire industry is a reference.

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