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Internet QQ chat map was replaced Alipay posters Tencent is investigating

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Sent on the left screenshot, the right is the sister received the map

Text / Hei Ku disabilities

On the evening of January 1, Mr. Zhang from Yancheng Internet users reported to Hei Qushi that he gave Zhang Baidu screenshot to his QQ friend. The other party received the two-dimensional code poster of Alipay. He did not know what happened.

According to Mr. Zhang introduction, after his test, QQ to his friends made a picture, and some friends received the original map, some are Alipay red envelopes, send pictures in the group but will not change.

Experts analyze traffic hijacking

Hewitt interviewed security experts, experts said from the description of the phenomenon of users point of view, should be subjected to traffic hijacking on the network. The so-called "traffic hijacking" is a jargon, that is, Internet users through the computer or mobile phone to access the network, the data exchanged during the tampering.

Expert introduction, traffic hijacking can be manifested in various forms, generally related to the site, for example, visit the site A, the actual site to open the actual B; visit the official website had no ads, when it pops up pornographic ads, gambling ads. QQ directly like this tampered with chat pictures, is really the first time I saw.

Who can carry out such traffic hijack?

According to experts, operators of various operators, third-party outsourced maintenance personnel at home and smart routers in their homes are hacked and malicious viruses in computers and cell phones may cause similar traffic hijacking.

At present Heixi disabilities have been reported to the relevant companies, Tencent Keepers program, Fire Cashmere Company and other security companies are conducting technical surveys, I believe users can really give a reply.

Alipay big red envelopes attracted wool party officials said it has closed 800 accounts

December 2017, Alipay launched "invite you to divide up 1 billion red envelopes", everyone can participate in this event, receive Alipay red envelopes and posters, when someone receives a red envelope through your posters and spend red envelopes in physical stores After that, you can get the same amount of cash, and deposit directly into the change can be withdrawn.

According to the spread of online screenshots, some people spam SMS, using QQ robot mass Alipay password, etc., has won hundreds of thousands of millions of Alipay bounties, and some even drying out 137 million huge cash screenshots.

Huge rewards attracted a lot of wool party. Before the flow of people in the hands can only rely on the gray cash, ads, such as traffic hijacking black product price is only 1000 IP / 30 yuan - 70 yuan, and now the minimum 0.1 yuan per Alipay red envelope, used to cheat Alipay reward Gold, every 1000IP traffic at least get a few hundred dollars in revenue.

Alipay official said it has been found that some people promote this feature by spamming SMS, and even worse, posing as "spam" spamming, undermining the user experience of participating in the event, but also affected Alipay's brand image. At present Alipay caught and dealt with abuse of SMS account 800, Alipay will continue to use technical means to prevent and deal with such behavior.

The Yancheng Internet users were traffic hijacking incident, only the latest case of fraud Alipay bounty.

The major giants have been harmed Tencent 360 jointly released anti-hijacking statement

On December 25, 2015, six Internet companies, Tencent, 360, Today's headlines, the US delegation Public Comment Network, Weibo, and Xiaomi Technologies jointly issued a joint statement of six companies on counterfeiting traffic hijackings and other illegal acts, Appeal to operators to strictly combat traffic hijacking issues.


Earlier in November, the country's first criminal case of traffic hijacking was pronounced in the Pudong New District People's Court in Shanghai and two hackers were sentenced. Court trial found that two defendants in just 10 months, up to 75.47 million yuan illegal income.

2345 President Assistant Luo painted also told the media that the traffic hijacking each month will bring the company three or four million yuan in damages. Read the earnings report shows that 2345 operating income in the year was 1.467 billion yuan, because the traffic hijacking loss of about 3% of turnover, it can be said that the loss is very serious!

2017 major traffic hijack case count

In February, Internet users visited Baidu, opened the cottage version of Baidu, and then automatically jump to the search page (Ali's search site) page. Baidu circular said traffic hijacking. Shenma Ma responded by saying that it was the unscrupulous dumping of junk traffic and that he himself was the victim.


In May, a news media app was hijacked by traffic and interactive advertising was inserted.

July, Haidian court official website released case letters, Phoenix News will headlines today court, claim 20 million. The plaintiff that the defendant to traffic hijacking, the "Phoenix News" client to replace "today's headlines", constituting unfair competition, Haidian court accepted the case.

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