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Why is the product experience of Spotify and Apple Music so bad?

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Wen / Jia deer

Not long ago, Music announced the acquisition of Shazam. in a word, Shazam. is an App. which uses listening to songs and music as its main function.

A lot of people in the industry have bought this kind of thing for Apple.

It's a turn for domestic users to feel shocked: it's already 2017, and there's a music App that can't realize the function of the song.

The news broadcast will not bully me, and the living environment of foreign friends is really hot.

After the study, we were surprised not only by the poor user experience of the mainstream music streaming service platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, but also to all the overseas studying parties. After all, it is not easy for overseas Chinese to want to listen to the song and have a VPN back.


Despite the geographical restrictions of music copyright use, music and even herald the brain hole wide open to, if domestic App collective sea, will be to reduce the dimension of Spotify and Apple Music were hit?

Spotify: the users of the blows experience the truth

Spotify has been an example of a global music streaming service . Its data is gorgeous : $ 1.6 billion worth of valuation , providing services to 60 countries and regions , over 140 million users , 60 million paid users , 42.9 % payment conversion , nearly 70 % of global music copyright

And these crazy figures get into the myth: Why are users willing to pay?

For paid users, they can unlock the rights: advertising, unlimited song cutting, downloading offline music, playing any song and high pitched music.

But at the same time, it means that free users can play randomly, but there are ads, no songs, no downloads and limited playback, and only play ordinary tone music.


Spotify's advertising format is crazy enough. It's not embedded in banner, album cover, like the domestic music App. It's in the 30 seconds video ad between songs and songs.


Can not cut song, as the name implies, but can not understand. This is a free user, and


The experience in the actual operation is that you can't hear the song you want to specify, and you can only play the playlist that contains the song at random.

Maybe you'll think that's a lot of things. After the list, cut the song and cut it to the song I want to hear. As a result, the following interface appears:


You are tortured to the limit by ads and songs that you are not interested in. After subscribing to streaming media services, you get the so called increasing (Gang) value (Xu) service.

So why is the user experience of Spotify always blown up in all kinds of news?

Spotify the best function, is the two Song: Discover Weekly and Fresh intelligent Finds. The former excavates new new works in a week, which integrates KOL tastes and personal behavior together to recommend higher quality songs.


This is the weapon of users Spotify rolling Pandora streaming media platform. From the latest episode of "South Park", also a smart Spotify visible by the American people like.



It can be seen that the global music users attach great importance to the accuracy of personalized customization. Whether the music recommended by App is to your taste directly determines the fate between you. Spotify just grabbed the pain, created a series of gorgeous data, and made the user willing to pay for the music service.

From the service of Spotify, domestic App can also learn some advanced experience: to make users pay for subscription streaming media, the difference between paying and free should be large enough.

Everyone knows, but there's no music App in the country who dares to castrate free users at the present stage. Users have long been used to free lunch. In this way, it is a suicidal driver, giving a head to a competitor.

However, even if the pay is still Spotify huge user groups, earn more, lose more. Before, in the music pioneer "Tencent Music Entertainment Group will be aligned with the Spotify convertible, the music industry further changes? In one article, the huge loss situation of Spotify is described in detail.

In Spotify, how to stop the loss in time is the biggest challenge on the road of future development.


Apple Music: build a body for the Buddha Department

Prior to Apple Music , the iTunes Store , which was born in 2003 , provides digital music payment download services as Apple ' s cut - in music industry

In foreign countries, iTunes Store provides single and digital album purchase services. The single tune is generally priced at $1.29/, and the mainstream European and American digital album is priced at $12. For example, Taylor Swift's latest album, Reputation, sells for $13.99, and Eminem's latest album, Revival, sells for $11.99.


Before buying, users can try to listen to 1 minutes and 30 seconds of songs free of charge. Compared with the mode that cannot be heard in China (there are also some MV Play free in China, it can be used as auditions). The iTunes mode can ensure users to spend money on their favorite music.

But this kind of pay downloading service is about to be the past. "The age of digital music downloading is going to be finished? In one article, the payment download mode of iTunes Store will be shut down. After that, the download service will be incorporated into the streaming media service of Apple Music.

At present, as iTunes Store does not provide services in mainland China, the mainland has become the only area for Apple Music to provide downloading services.

Apple Music does not provide free music services. In China, it needs to open 10 yuan / month subscription service, so it doesn't need to buy additional digital albums and single songs. It can listen to and download high-quality songs without limit.


However, once you don't renew the subscription, the Apple Music service will be terminated, and all the songs downloaded during the pay period will not be heard.

In terms of copyright, the advantage of Apple Music lies in the full range of European and American music libraries. As a result, most of the Apple Music users in China are severe, fraternity, European and American music fans. But what is the user experience of Apple Music?

The most intuitive and most puzzling question is: how can the lyrics be able to move?

In fact, the previous Apple Music did not provide the lyrics text. The head of Apple Music once said that there was no lyrics that wanted users to focus on the music itself. However, the lyrics are also part of the music itself. It is incomprehensible to the user to castrate the function of the lyrics for this reason.

In recent years, the provision of lyric text is also a great progress, although it can not roll.


At the same time , the single cycle function is also hidden deep . It is necessary to pull down first , and then click twice to play again ( until the playback is repeated )

And the share of the function of the chicken ribs is also silent. When the music is shared by a WeChat to a friend, a friend has to be a Apple Music streaming subscriber to listen to the shared music. Even if the subscription is not like domestic music like App opening the small triangle broadcast directly in WeChat, but will jump to Apple Music, a short wait to play.

The price of Apple Music is also a conscience, 10 yuan per month, 100 yuan per year and 50 percent off students. But to enjoy the student 50 percent off, it is not that easy, must first pass the UNIDAYS qualification verification.

The mailbox address you need to fill in here is a mailbox address with a edu suffix, and only a few colleges and universities in China provide this mailbox address.


Although the domestic Apple Music continues the foreign

Compared to other domestic App music lively and active, Apple Music like home garden hermit, with a Buddha: the flavor of the interface is simple, functional and pure, in addition to music, no other function. It's hard to believe that this is the music App of 2017, after all, ten years ago, domestic music App was more powerful than that.

But if you're a Buddhist fan, you just don't need to roll the lyrics, don't listen to the song, and don't need music.


Spotify and Apple Music are the most mainstream streaming services abroad (the former is better known for their high-quality experience). They are also the two largest user streaming media platforms, which basically represent the product level of foreign music App. But from the two experience view, domestic and foreign digital music platform of streaming media platform user experience can be described as the clouds and mud.

Unlike foreign streaming media platforms, which focus on music playing function, domestic QQ music, NetEase cloud music and shrimp music are all popular music and entertainment ways. Streaming media is only part of its many functions. In the copyright war died down after the platform user entered the precipitation period, so the platform have resorted to exhaust all the skills to improve the user experience, relying on economic, social and other community music fans means to attract users and revitalize the user.


Some time ago, Spotify announced a cooperation with Tencent. Maybe in the next days, Spotify can learn from Tencent's entertainment and entertainment mode, improve user experience, reduce losses, and benefit overseas Chinese.

Just as the whole country ' s Internet has gone from

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