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AT & T lights up! Huawei is about to enter the US high-end mobile phone market

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Tencent "deep net" text / Guo Xiaofeng

After multiple channels confirmed that Huawei will be announced at the CES show in the United States next month, the flagship smartphone Mate 10 will landed in the United States market.

It is noteworthy that, a year ago in the United States Amazon, Best Buy and other e-commerce channels sold bare metal version of Mate 9, the Mate 10 and the United States telecom operators will be co-marketed as a contract machine. In the United States, telcos control 80% of the smartphone market. Who can win the carrier, means that it really entered the US market.

AT & T has given Huawei a green light

According to informed sources, AT & T, the US telecom operator, will sell Huawei Mate 10 in 2018, and the fastest US contract users can purchase Huawei high-end handsets in the first quarter. Specific subsidies, sales details will be announced at CES.

After acquiring another operator, T-Mobile USA six years ago, AT & T surpassed Verizon Wireless to become the nation's number one mobile operator. In March of this year, the Information Technology website The Information once published an article saying that Huawei is trying to reach a deal with AT & T. The deal was seen by outsiders as AT & T will help Huawei launch its Mate 10 smartphone in the United States, both of which were unimpressed.

In fact, Huawei products have been sold in the United States market, including wearable devices, tablet computers, low-end smart phones and so on, but they have not broken through the channels of mainstream carriers, so the overall amount is not large. Such as the United States regional operator Cricket Wireless has introduced a smartphone Mercury Mercury, it is actually the Huawei U8860 glory.

In 2011, Huawei also launched a brand called Impulse 4G Android smartphone in cooperation with AT & T, which is actually the renamed Huawei IDEOS X5. Since then, AT & T has also sold Huawei's early tablet MediaPad to its corporate customers.

It can be seen that Huawei has always maintained good cooperation with AT & T, which may also be one of the reasons why Huawei chose AT & T to sell its high-end smartphones.

According to sources close to AT & amp; T told Tencent "deep net", AT & T has decided to sell Huawei's high-end smart phones, that is Mate 10. But this cooperation is exclusive. Other U.S. carriers may not sell Mate 10 during the AT & T and Huawei agreed sales period.

In response, Huawei officials did not comment. However, senior executives from Huawei's consumer business confirmed to Tencent's "deep network" privately that the channels for Huawei's mobile phones to enter the United States are true. Details of which carriers and product details will be announced at CES.

He further emphasized that in addition to AT & T, Huawei's Mate, P series of high-end smartphones will enter more US carriers in 2018, including Verizon, which has a higher ARPU value.

Due to security concerns, the U.S. market has been locked in with Huawei's telecom equipment, which has also affected the layout of Huawei's other products to a certain extent. However, the United States is recognized as the most lucrative market in the global telecommunications industry. As mentioned above, Huawei has been testing the US market by selling other products and has never given up.

In the recent Huawei Consumer Business held within the highest level of the meeting, Tencent "deep network" was informed that Huawei has clearly the next step to expand the international market, especially in high-margin markets such as the United States, Japan and so on. To this end, Huawei has begun troop movements.

Tencent's "deep network" learned from Huawei employees that some employees in other regions who have sales experience will head to the U.S. market after the Spring Festival, among them there is no shortage of high-level employees. Zhang Xiaoyun, CMO of Huawei's consumer business, is on the list.

Zhang Xiaoyun is the core of Huawei's early mobile phone staff, but also later the key figures to establish glory brand. Outstanding ability, has engaged in research and development, sales and brand marketing and other work. With the gradual growth of glory, Zhang Xiaoyun became a glory CMO, 2015 was promoted to Huawei terminal CMO.

Zhang Xiaoyun Ren Ren is much appreciated. In the recent year, she gradually shifted Huawei's honeycomb innovation business model to the outside world and the brand value of "Who Huawei is", narrowing the distance between users and the market and Huawei, enabling Huawei to gradually evolve from a traditional 2B technology image Evolved into the world's high-profile mass consumer brands.

According to reliable sources, Zhang Xiaoyun plan was transferred to the U.S. market is being developed, she will be responsible for the Huawei mobile phone brand in the US market, marketing and other market work. The most likely candidate to take over as a vacant CMO is Zhu Yonggang, head of Malaysian consumer business Malaysia, who just returned home.

Zhu Yonggang is also an old man of Huawei. Before doing business in Malaysia, he has been responsible for the brand work of Huawei Group, arguably a very knowledgeable Huawei brand. Currently, he has been appointed vice president of Huawei's consumer business MTK and sales and service department, second only to Zhang Xiaoyun.

At the time of Tencent's "Deep Web" deadline, Zhang Xiaoyun's appointment has not come down yet. Insiders said that basically no accident will be so arranged, but ultimately the main announcement Huawei.

Impact Apple challenge is not small

According to IDC data, last year Huawei accounted for about 10% of the global smart phone market, second only to Samsung and Apple. Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong disclosed to the outside world that Huawei plans to surpass Apple next year.

This is not the first time that Yu Chengdong has challenged Apple in public. This seems to be an impossible event to the outside world, but Huawei has done the best with performance proof.

Strategy Analytics and IDC two market research reports show that in the second quarter of this year, Huawei's market share was only 0.7 percentage points lower than the number two in the second place, shipments in the 2.4 million to 2.5 million. In the third quarter of individual months, Huawei's shipments also once surpassed Apple to become the second largest smartphone maker.

The main growth engines for Huawei handsets are in markets such as China and Europe. In the Chinese market, from a scale point of view, Huawei ranked first, far surpassing Apple's Samsung; in Europe, Huawei eroded much of Samsung's share, faster than China.

In the above Huawei internal conference, Tencent "Deep Net" was informed that the overall performance of Huawei handsets this year was remarkable. The key point was that the profit target requested by Ren Renfei at the beginning of the year was slightly higher than that of last year. The specific shipments were not announced.

Tencent "deep network" based on the first three quarters of data projections, the first three quarters of Huawei has completed 112 million shipments, usually the fourth quarter is the smart phone sales season is expected to be more than 45 million, so this year, Huawei Shipments of about 160 million. According to the sun big data statistics, the first three quarters of this year, iPhone handset shipments totaled 144 million.

It is not hard to see that the gap between Huawei and Apple is shrinking. If Huawei can successfully open the US market, Huawei will further expand its market share, which will undoubtedly bring a certain degree of impact on the entire smart phone market. The most direct result is Apple.

The timing, Huawei chose the appropriate benefits. The U.S. market now needs someone who can beat Apple and Samsung.

Because the high-end models in the United States, Samsung, Apple iPhone has maintained more than 70% market share, which also resulted in the two brands in the face of the operator always high above. On the contrary, the status of U.S. carriers is going downhill. And there are indications that Samsung, Apple may be even more desperate future.

In the high-end mobile phone market, Huawei is one of the few vendors that can choose. If Huawei can break Apple and Samsung in the United States market dominance, then the introduction of Huawei may help US carriers to check the major handset manufacturers.

Into the carrier channel is only taken the first step in the United States market, from the success of Huawei is also facing many challenges.

The United States is regarded as the world's most profitable mobile phone market. But at the same time, the United States is also the country with the highest penetration of smartphones in the world and has long been a replacement market. According to the outside world, the replacement period of mobile phone users in the United States is now about 2-3 years, and the brand has a higher viscosity.

In this case, for Huawei's brand, product, marketing is a great test. But also face the pressure of competition from Apple and Samsung. HTC in the US market once the scenery, but eventually failed to Apple, Samsung defeated. TCL, ZTE handsets in the United States for many years, so far can not enter the high-end market.

To enter the U.S. market is not a simple word, behind the need to pay a huge price, or even lose everything. For Huawei, any other mobile phone brand that is about to enter the United States is no exception.

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