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Win10 Edge Sad reminder! Why did everyone use Chrome after retiring IE?

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Talking about the big brother of the browser market now, I believe we will naturally turn their attention to Chrome. Indeed, Chrome and Chrome browser now occupy the vast majority of browser market share, Google's magic weapon not only to Firefox, Opera and other strong pressure breathless, even the former King of Microsoft, only Silently sitting on the bench, watch Chrome glib in the market.


According to the latest statistics, Chrome has accounted for more than half of the share, while Microsoft's Edge browser can only eat less than 5% of the leftovers. Microsoft's browser so weak, in fact, contrary to many people's expectations.


You know, Microsoft browser battle, much more, not never been tested. At the beginning of the last century, when Internet just formed the beginning of this century, IE successfully bundled Dafa with Win and successfully shot down the Netscape browser. As a result, Netscape got out of the main stage of history. When Netscape avatar Firefox reappeared, IE still did not panic Not busy, Firefox has never exceeded the share of IE.

Why, now, Edge was half-dead by Chrome toss it? Edge in the end there is no chance to restore the glory of IE era? Let's talk about this topic today.

IE how to get on the throne

Although mention IE, everyone seems to think this is an antique, but in fact IE is not the earliest browser. IE was born in 1995, Netscape browser predecessor Mosaic browser in 1992 has appeared, and won a lot of good reputation.

In the beginning, IE and Netscape compared to no competitive, bundled with Win95 IE 1.0 slow, less functional, both in terms of share or from the product itself, have been put aside a position Netscape. But then, IE began the counterattack.


Early IE but quite advanced, IE3.0 support CSS and other advanced features, what about 30% of the market share

In addition to Win system continue to bundle IE, Microsoft also suddenly put a lot of resources like IE, IE's rapid growth. Not only that, IE also deep integration with the Win system, for example, in Win98, Explorer and IE deep integration, so more and more network services to IE as a standard.

Until the era of WinXP and IE 6.0, IE has world invincible, its most powerful, its share of the most, we have to give priority to compatible with it. In this regard, Netscape no parry, in fact, Netscape has been defeated before WinXP, sold to AOL in 1998, but left the source code plan, laid the foundation for the Firefox browser.


Many people hate IE6.0, but this version is still very advanced when it is introduced, but has not been replaced for a long time.

IE beat Netscape to take the dominant position, ushered in the first strong challenger is Netscape descent of the Firefox. Most of Firefox developers from Netscape, the code is based on Netscape, Netscape can be described as the reincarnation of.

After IE 6.0, Microsoft began to stagnate in the browser, which enabled Firefox to both surpass IE in terms of performance and functionality.

Firefox indeed grabbed a lot of meat from the IE port, once won more than 30% share, but it has never exceeded the total share of IE. The reason is very simple, WinXP era coincided with the outbreak of the Internet era, IE market share in the strong, making it a de facto Web standards - major banks, government websites only support IE this phenomenon, I believe in that few All of us are deeply experienced.


Firefox products stronger than IE, but failed to beat IE, junior Chrome has done it

Let's summarize IE's winning coup.

First of all, IE is very advanced - at least in the competition with Netscape browser, IE has maintained a technological advancement; Second, IE and Win system bundled with Win system plundered large market share; and then Internet Explorer, the period of Internet outbreak at the peak of market share, which makes compatible IE has become a compulsory site for the size of the site, even if Firefox itself is better than IE, compatibility issues also make it impossible to IE thrown into the throne.

Why Chrome can take IE instead

IE took the No. 1 spot on the throne for a long time, but its dominance was eventually broken by Chrome. Since Chrome appeared in 2008, the share has grown by leaps and bounds, surpassing Firefox in 2011 and surpassing Internet Explorer in 2012, and has since become the browser market leader. Whether it is Netscape or Firefox, have failed to do this, why the younger generation of Chrome it?


Browser market share map, Chrome all the way up directly stabbed through Firefox and IE

In fact, Chrome's magic weapon to win and IE is very similar, let's take a look at Chrome's strategy.

First of all, it is advanced enough, at least, to be more prominent than the IE product of the same period. Chrome has high performance, better support for new web features, and, like Firefox, supports extensions. However, it alone can not beat IE, Firefox is no worse than Chrome, but why Chrome has not become a second Firefox? We continue.


Chrome fresh, high-performance but also very powerful, product power really make a lot of people shines

Secondly, Chrome actually has a lot of similar bundling marketing activities, which is similar to the Microsoft Win bundled IE.

Chrome's "bundled" reflected in where? On the mobile platform, Chrome bundles even more thoroughly than IE. The system after Android 5.0 WebView and Chrome from Chromium, which makes a lot of web-enabled Android App is actually equivalent to Chrome vest. Android already accounts for the vast majority of the mobile market, which makes you want to develop mobile web pages, you can give priority to compatible with Chrome.


After the Android 5 WebView and Chrome the same strain, Chrome control the vast majority of mobile platform traffic

We all know that in the past few years, the era of mobile Internet outbreak, Microsoft's disappointing performance on the mobile platform, which made Android and Chrome overwhelming the mobile platform.

Chrome on the mobile platform's strong, to a certain extent, affect the desktop platform, more and more Web development are turning to Chrome compatible work, which gradually disintegrated the foundation of IE. Chrome bundled on the mobile platform, let it seize the outbreak of the mobile Internet, and IE seize the Internet's germination period is similar.

In addition, Chrome uses Google's endorsement to promote it.

On the one hand, many of Google's pages are quite unfriendly to other browsers. For example, when Opera or Presto kernels are used, some features such as Google + and Gmail often do not work properly. Google's notice red dot;

On the other hand, if you visit a Google page with a non-Chrome browser, you're more likely to see an ad promoting Chrome, saying it's best to use Chrome for & mdash; & mdash; We all know Google's weight in the Internet world , Google full support, Chrome promotion efforts are enormous.


For example using Google services will play Chrome sales

Not only that, Chrome also sit Chromium this open source project. This and Android occupation of the mobile market similar to the routine, the browser developers through the Chromium project code quickly developed a large ticket Chrome vest. These vests are often compatible with IE kernel, allowing users to have more reason to abandon IE.

As a result, Chrome has also been successful on desktop platforms, making it a top priority to be compatible with Chrome, whether it's desktop or mobile web development. IE is no longer the de facto Web standards, the right to speak has been Chrome hands.

To summarize briefly, Chrome is more advanced than IE and at the same time wins a large share of the mobile market through the bundling of Android systems, gaining a significant market share on desktop platforms through open source and promotion, making compatible Chrome a viable mobile internet The de facto standard for the web.

This routine, and IE played quite a bit similar, has long proven this set of routines is very effective, Microsoft browser was pulled down the throne also taken for granted.

Microsoft Edge browser counter-attack opportunities?

Microsoft IE has long stagnated, so that Chrome has an opportunity; and the failure of Microsoft WP on the mobile platform, it is Microsoft browser lost on the mobile Internet foothold. IE ebb slowly, in order to once again boarded the Internet peak, Microsoft introduced the Edge browser, intends to take over the banner of IE.

However, Edge's performance can be less than satisfactory, although it holds a pivotal position in Win10, but the market performance is not tepid. In the past, people often say that IE's biggest role is to download other browsers, it now appears that Edge seems to have been the true meaning of the heritage.

But is Edge really so overwhelmed? it's not true. Edge has made great strides in performance, security, and follow-up to new Web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. From an advanced point of view, Edge has been reborn from IE, not lost to Chrome. From the product point of view, Edge already has some capital, then it is still difficult to reproduce the brilliant IE?

According to the above ideas, in fact, the reason Edge difficult to counter-attack is obvious. Let's analyze and analyze together.

First of all, although Edge is very advanced, but the function of Chrome, or too weak.

The function of the browser is largely to expand the number of extensions, Edge support for expansion, but the expansion has been relatively scarce, Microsoft even provided Chrome, Firefox extended conversion for the Edge expansion of technical support, but now in the Microsoft Store Edge expansion The number is still unsatisfactory.


Compared to the rich extension of Chrome, Edge is now really thin

Second, the Edge browser is bundled with Win10, and Win10 WinXP is still there as dominant? the answer is negative.

On the desktop platform, Windows is still the most important operating system, but Win10 is not even the most popular Windows, there is a big ticket holder using Win7 even WinXP; and on the mobile platform, we all know Win10 basically has been cold. Therefore, Edge bundled platform is either not the absolute mainstream, or is already out of gas, and Chrome behind Android's influence compared to I am afraid that is still less.

Again, Microsoft on the Internet, there seems to be no good way to promote Edge.

In addition to China, the world is using Google's various services, Google to use Web services to sell Chrome to users is too simple. Microsoft's Bing is still not growing to the same order as Google, Azure and other services are not for the general consumer market, coupled with the Chromium vest, Microsoft Edge's network to promote channels compared to Chrome, is even more clumsy .

Because of its absolute market share of Chrome, it has become the de facto standard. Everyone says that they are W3C-compliant, but the fact is that many front-end developers are constantly flagging -webkit- unknowingly this behavior for compatibility with Chrome has become a habit that can not be erased, UA disguised as Chrome, in order to get the normal rendering.

In this situation, Edge want to wrench and Chrome wrist, it is quite difficult.

Edge can reproduce the brilliant IE? Very difficult. Not only is Chrome not so good at other browsers, Firefox is awesome, Edge's performance is awesome, and Chrome does bad things like color management such as touch-screen operations such as UI, such as resources Occupied. But now the network environment, only Chrome to "worthy of" r.

Currently Chrome has taken control of most of the traffic on the desktop and mobile platforms, if this reluctantly so that princes do not change the situation, I am afraid that Chrome will always be the preferred browser for most people. If Microsoft did not open up any new world, or Edge has no sudden burst of new selling point, I'm afraid Edge had to sit on the bench for some time.

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