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How far is Tencent Wegame from Steam?

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Tencent, the monster that pays the utmost attention to data and KPIs, is fiercely competitive inside and out. The Wegame from tool-based TGP into a complex "store + tool + community + live" complex, both the changing needs of users, but also the ambitions of the team itself.

The blink of an eye Wegame on-line more than half a year, "the benchmarking steam" heat of discussion has long passed. However, whenever steam can not be opened, players often scolded Wegame and Tencent.

The reason is very simple, as of November 24, 130 Wegame store steam content comparison steam China 20,000 (game plus DLC), from the realization of its goal seems to have a very long distance.


Note that, 130 models including Tencent online games and DLC and collection package, the actual number of single game less than 50 models. Although November 5 announced the introduction of breath into the 20 games of the news, but most are not the latest content. From 2018 there is a month, want to complete the UP2017 Tencent conference proposed "100 shelves during the year the target is really difficult."

However, the number of games to evaluate Wegame is not objective, the original TGP acceleration and aids, community, live games and games store aggregator, is today's Wegame.

Why Wegame appear?

Behind the transformation is the replacement of project members and principals.

Independent games have enjoyed more popularity after they traveled to the Red Sea in the recent two years. On the other hand, the surge of steam users in China and the tide of eating chicken all indicate the demand for domestic players is changing. Ma Huateng once said that the biggest concern is that they can not understand the preferences of young people.


Another advantage to enter the stand-alone market is the opportunity to reshape Tencent's game reputation. "Intentions to create happiness, no money to play you MB" This is widely circulated among players on the Tencent game evaluation. Real warehouse warehouses etiquette, food and clothing enough to know the honor and disgrace, to Tencent, earn more after what you want is word of mouth. In the past two years, Ma Huasheng mentioned more social responsibility in his speech, Tencent released the guardianship system for minors before the empathy.

In Wegame's outreach, you see that the keywords are always positive: not paying attention to KPIs and profits, fostering markets for costs, satisfying players and developers, and more.

Therefore, for long-term consideration, Tencent decided to layout for stand-alone game market, with 200 million users and 35 million DAU TGP has become a goal. Before the formal transition, TGP has access to stand-alone game business, but a lower proportion.

Tools & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; Realizations, this set of business logic is easy to understand. TGP original approach is based on the original online games do not make money on the traffic flow, increase page entry and hand simulator functions as a comprehensive online games, stand-alone, page games and hand travel platform.

After taking office, the new leader took drastic measures to cut down the page tour and the mobile game business (now independently as a mobile assistant for Tencent), retaining the original online game acceleration and auxiliary functions. In addition to taking the stand-alone game business as the new core, he added a new flagship Game theme "Weibo + Forum" model community and independent game live.

Wegame make a facelift PC platform.

Start playing games and communities

Whether the game is live or "microblogging + Forum" model of the community, the fundamental purpose is to enhance the platform of the user's stickiness, the difference is that the former also brought a new way of realization.


Wegame game broadcast announced the number of viewers in each partition, a total of about 10w (Screenshot 2 pm), of which "League of Legends" and "DNF" is the absolute main force, while stand-alone game and host game watch the number of worries. At the same time also launched a separate App "game moment."


Live tragedy Needless to say, the stamina of Wegame independent where? In addition to joining Dragon Ball, Betta, panda, all the popular broadcast platform, but also through the cooperation with the game association to recruit a number of game anchor.


The difference between the two lies in the fact that other live platforms can not afford to spend money, and the barrage can not interact with the anchor. And self-recruitment can be played reward points. The second place on the home page featured live recommendations are also available to support the recruitment of independent anchor.

Community building is to invite well-known players, media, anchors, including KOL settled, and the platform of the game has an independent community and circles, players can search according to preferences related content.


Wegame microblogging can not fail Tencent once again find it? The same way for a long time now. Its only advantage is the account system and QQ and game friends (now seems to only support League of Legends) get through to facilitate the establishment of contact.


Wegame official team is using the platform automatically default attention, the number of fans in the 266W or so. MISS fans for the 88W, Ao director 26W.


In addition to the popular dynamic outside the recommended, few have more than 500 messages, mostly praise points, but hundreds.

WeGame's life gate: the loss of core users

Wegame set foot in the domestic stand-alone game market, although the consideration of the interests behind, but for game developers and players is always a good thing.


However, ambitious Wegame ushered in a blow, the plate shop too much internal support is limited, the development of obstruction makes UP2017 Tencent conference rhetoric has become a flagship.

Forced off the old TGP on-line Wegame enough to see Tencent's determination, but the problems facing Wegame not only from the stand-alone game market.

1. On the one hand, the cut-off page tour and stripping hand simulator caused some of the user's loss; the other hand, "King of glory" such a popular mobile game to occupy a lot of time, PC game player DAU decline is the industry trend Wegame is no exception.The hot chicken is to take away a lot of what originally belonged to the "League of Legends", "DNF" PC users. The amount of users from Tencent tour is where the Wegame emboldened.

Lack of adequate resources and experience, live games and community conversion rate is low.

3. Domestic stand-alone game market you want to recover, destined to be a long process. The failure of 100 stand-alone targets also reflects the immediate problems that have the ability to stand alone developers too scarce, resulting in a scarcity of works above the quality level.

The development of domestic stand-alone game is a stall, F2P (free plus props fees) popular online games, rampant piracy, public opinion pressure led to the development of single game experience and the dual absence of talent. Imagine being a stand-alone game is losing money to the domestic market, in order to ideal moths team can leave a lot of fire, not to mention the need to heavily invested 3A masterpiece.

As Wegame has advertised, in addition to actively introducing premium game content, developers are expected to have their meals eaten while discounted at low prices to grab players' money.

4. There are domestic box games, Pearl of the Orient Pearl G platform such a competitor.

5 project team have their own ideas, the greater the ability of the more independent.To give a recent example, Tencent internal team hatched "death", the name of an independent team outside the banner of steam, made a good response. Something like this is a small product, but it does not log in to the Wegame store.

The standard steaming slogan of course helps Wegame quickly become famous but is limited to this. The Wegame team wanted a lot to do and the plates were huge.

Core users decline, self-reliance portal community and community business for more than six months is still a bogey, stand-alone game takes time to solve the industry's own problems, which together led to Wegame more than six months to produce a mediocre transcript .

It is said that Tencent won the "Jedi survival: a large escape" will log in Wegame in the future, which may be reversed its decline, re-pull high DAU opportunity.

From the birth of TGP to DAU 35 million spent five years, the next five-year layout, Wegame can go far?

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