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Lei Jun announced that Millet entered the new phase of IoT strategy announced developer program

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November 28, Xiaomi today held the first IoT Developer Conference, IoT strategy was first disclosed in 2015, millet IoT development has gone through 3 years, millet chairman and chief executive officer Lei Jun said that the initial completion of the original goal of millet , Now it is time to start the second phase of millet IoT strategy.



Lei Jun said that at the beginning of 2015, Xiaomi first disclosed the message IoT strategy of connecting all devices with mobile phones as the core. After three years, Millet IoT platform has over 85 million connected devices, over 800 access devices and more than 400 partners , Lei Jun believes that millet has become the world's largest intelligent hardware IoT platform.


"2014 millet out of the WiFi module, the Bluetooth module and then out of the WiFi + Bluetooth module, millet made a secure encryption chip in 2017; developers and users are greatly reduced costs, the use of the scene is more interesting, we plan Early next year launched NB-IoT module. Lei Jun said.


At the same time, Lei Jun also announced the millet developer program for the first time, to achieve the capacity of the entire platform to share. Today 12:00 millet IoT developer website officially launched.

This plan mainly includes the following aspects:

1, open access, providing a variety of intelligent hardware access. Including b standardized millet intelligent module, rich SDK / API, millet IoT standard protocol, standardized hardware testing and certification services;

2, provide a variety of ways to access or control millet IoT devices;

3, "cloud + big data + AI" to help upgrade;

4, open the smart scene, interoperability with millet equipment, sharing and smart interaction with millet IoT device experience;

5, new retail channels: provide subsidies for outstanding products, add products E-commerce system;

6, start-up team nurturing plan: development board free to apply for the project to determine the provision of a certain start-up fund;

7, outstanding team fund plan: provide financial support, outstanding team even invest, invite join millet ecological chain enterprise;

8, software developer certification services;

9, Developer Subsidy Program: Outstanding product channel through policy, and provide channel fee relief.


Visit the open platform:https://open.home.mi.com/temp-home.html


At the same time, Lu Qi, Baidu's president and chief operating officer, announced at the meeting the cooperation between Xiaomi and Baidu, Xiaomi's application scenario, intelligent hardware, big data and smart device ecosystem, and Baidu's AI technology, massive data, knowledge map and The combination of information and service ecology. "Xiaomi and Baidu work together to build hardware and software integration" IoT + AI "ecosystem. "Lu Qi said," I quote what Lei Jun said a lot of friends engage in, the enemy engaged in the small, we will come up with the greatest sincerity and millet cooperation. & rdquo;

The following is Lei Jun's speech:

Lei Jun: Ladies and gentlemen, everyone good morning! A walk into this venue, the atmosphere is very warm, to be honest, we do the developer conference for the first time, inexperienced, just started to find a small venue, then apply for a lot later, the temporary change of this weird venue, engage in Three screens, but also hope that the presence of friends can understand, there are people who apply to join our this meeting, the venue is limited, may only be over millet live broadcast over 20 live millet live broadcast. Today, we have prepared a great deal of content for our friends, specially invited two partners, heavyweight guests, the first is Dr. Lu Qi, president and chief operating officer of Baidu, and the second is Ms. Qiu Ronghong, Philips Lighting She is the Chief Innovation Officer at Philips Lighting. Once again welcome developers and media friends to attend the millet IOT Developer Conference.

We three years ago formally proposed millet IOT strategy, IOT is not a new term, in the past ten years, has been talking about, but we did not find a breakthrough point, millet why I proposed three years ago IOT strategy? In fact, very simple, at that time, millet phone sales have a certain size. That is the end of 2014, early 2015. At that time we are thinking, smart phone future direction of development is what? The core of intelligence is not able to connect all the equipment. So, in 2014, we put forward that we can connect all the devices with the mobile phone as the core. But when we started "Connect," we encountered many, many problems. Almost every company wanted to define their own standards and then let other companies access it. We also took this road at first, and later found it impossible to go, and then go IOT there are many, many painful places. We think, can the painful work, let millet form a dedicated team to solve, to maximize support for everyone, and then let other devices and smart phones together. So, we have such a mind.

In the beginning, we also set up a team, also did some work. At the press conference three years ago, we introduced our ideas and thoughts. I edited a video about the conference three years ago and we all saw what we said at the time.

(Video playback)

[Millet's strategy is to focus on mobile phones, connecting all smart devices. Millet's first step is to develop a common intelligent module, we hope to be able to supply our partners with cost-effective, to help them promote the intelligence of equipment. Today, this smart module only costs Rmb22, and we expect to reduce this cost to Rmb15 in a year and to reduce it to Rmb10 in less than two years. We did not have enough power to persuade all our partners in our early smart home. When we progress to a stage, we will be fully open. Whether it is a start-up hardware company or appliance giants are our very welcome partners. Smart devices, smart homes and smart homes will better serve our goals and make everyone enjoy the fun of technology, and even allow everyone in the world to enjoy the fun of technological innovation in China. ! ]

Three years have passed, four years ago we out of the Wi-Fi module, then the cost of 22 yuan, then we out of the Bluetooth module, a dual-mode Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module, this year out of the security encryption chip. In fact, what is our route? Do modules, do embedded systems, IOT cloud services, but also a unified control center, so that developers reduce the design cost significantly, but also greatly reduce the user's cost of use. And these devices together can also design intelligent scenarios, making the application more and more interesting. When I said three years ago a little ashamed, overestimated their ability, yesterday I asked them how much money this module can do? They say they can not do 10 yuan yet. This is an industrial effort, but it has been very, very cheap.

I remember when I started to do IOT equipment, seven or eight modules of 20 yuan, Xiaomi greatly promoted the IOT module costs and IOT module most of the popularity, we talk about the embedded system is the module all the relevant Services are in it. Next year we plan out NB-IOT module, make the interconnection of the apparatus become better.

Three years have passed, and we are gratified that we have made some proud achievements (over 85 million connected to the Millet IOT platform network) and we have access to 800 devices from 400 partners. Until now, our IOT platform has accessed and activated more than 85 million devices. After the access to these devices, daily life now exceeds 10 million units, this is a huge scale. I think IOT this level is not easy, to this extent we spent three years.

At the end of 2015, we pictured each piece of equipment for each seized equipment. This was the case until the end of last year, with an overall increase in density. This year, it is such a feeling (Photo, PPT) This year is the first year of massive expansion of millet globalization. This year, our international revenue has increased by 300%. Mobile phones cover more than 60 countries and rank the top five markets in 13 countries. In the first three quarters of India we have ranked first in the market, second in Ukraine and first in Belarus. This is the global expansion of handsets and the promotion of our IOT equipment worldwide is also becoming more and more rapid.

This is the first year of globalization. Almost all countries already have Xiaomi's IOT equipment running on the Internet. In this three-year period, we have initially completed Xiaomi's IOT strategy and connected so many devices to make interoperability Into the actual operation of the state.

A third party report shows that millet has become the world's largest platform for intelligent hardware IOT, thanked all the partners for their support, but also thanks to all the friends here today for their support. thank you all!

We are wondering, why Xiaomi can make such a result?

I joked with Dr Luki before the meeting that the main reason was because we were small. Because we are small, so there are few things that can be done, so we are particularly concerned about the IOT this matter, the determination is relatively large. And because we are small, we are fully open from the beginning. In doing IOT module, we also use a number of chips. In addition, including our attitudes toward access, the reduction of costs, etc., we have done many things in cooperation with all of us. This is because we are smaller. And our determination is relatively large, to be honest, more than three years ago in the world, there are few companies as we have so seriously put IOT this matter.

Second, Xiaomi has put a lot of links in terms of R & D, supply chain and sales capabilities. This capability has helped our partners to sell a large number of smart hardware devices. This is a very strong capability of Xiaomi. We have strong capabilities from smart hardware equipment, research and development, to supply chain sales. Because behind a large number of rice noodles support, that is, we have a loyal customer base of support. We look back and see that the ability of millet to have a very comprehensive. Millet has strong hardware capabilities, but also has a strong ability to do software, as well as these devices, because we have been doing ecological cloud. Behind these devices, we have cloud service capabilities and big data services, including the ability of retail platforms. These capabilities have helped to effectively support Xiaomi's IOT strategy, including the plan for our eco-chain and the IOT's Strategic play a significant role in promoting.

In this day and age, when we have so much resources, so much data, so much equipment, there is a huge opportunity to emerge. Three years ago we thought that smartphones are the most important thing, and we want to connect all the devices with smartphones as the center. New entrance today is generated, that is, artificial intelligence speakers. A few months ago, millet also released a small AI class speaker, released after the popular level exceeded our expectations, did not think like a small AI classmates such products need to be queued daily to buy, it's sales have far exceeded Our estimate, we compare either with Amazon's Echo speakers or with your own Smart Speaker. The first few months of sales far exceeded our expectations.

With a small AI classmates, you find that the control of the IOT added a new important entrance. I even think that the ability of small AI students should be ubiquitous, it should even be divided into multiple dimensions. From the device's dimensions, such as sweeping robot is also very good reputation, done very well. If the ability of small AI students in the sweeping robot, you can do all the work through the call. In terms of device dimensions, I believe the intelligent voice control capabilities will be added to these smart devices in the future.

For another dimension, from the perspective of the scene, I actually think that every room in the future will be ubiquitous to deploy devices such as small AI classmates, so that all the scene needs can be all together. For us, AI is also known as the most important strategy for millet. At the end of last year, we invested a lot of resources in this area and conducted in-depth cooperation with the leading AI companies in the industry. Therefore, Xiaomi's position is very simple, that is, how we can better serve consumers, serve rice noodles, how to unite so many people, and then all the power of all together. As of today, thanks to AI's help, I think Xiaomi's IOT strategy has entered its second phase.

I also prepared a small video, let us look at the small AI and our IOT device is how to interact.

(Video playback)

So, we saw a simple Demo, in fact, we put these devices through IOT all connected together, can produce a variety of interesting scenarios. The same scenario we have done with the TV, voice remote control TV can also do a similar scene, but no small AI far-field voice exchange so easy.

I would like to ask the presence of guests today have used a small AI class? (Audience: Yes!) Thank you! I use this type of equipment later, I think this is a very important innovation of user interaction, but also a great opportunity for future development. And this type of device, as I just said, will be ubiquitous both on the device and on the scene. In this area, the current speed of innovation is changing rapidly, and every day there are all kinds of very cool technologies. We need to think about how to make good use of IOT and put these technologies on IOT devices.

Speaking of these contents, I actually have a lot of questions, is not only the internal use of millet? Including the ability of millet mall, UIMI Mall, many people think we are a closed loop. Here I would like to share with you, millet from start to finish positions are open, we hope that more partners to cooperate with us. Today we would like to invite everyone to work together to develop the capabilities of IOT. In fact, in the past three years, we have cooperated with many partners and come to this day. So today's meeting, we want to invite more people to participate to understand us. The core of this conference today is to release our millet IOT developer program, they made a logo, I think very beautiful. They asked me something like this logo, I think a bit like a dandelion, while also a little outlet. I do not know my understanding is wrong, in short, "Connection", we imagine the image of the socket and the dandelion to understand our strategy.

What should we open?

We look carefully, in fact, the ability to sub-capacity and soft capacity of two things, in the hard function, we hope to further open access to millet module or embedded system; Second, I hope we can access our control center , Whether it is your cell phone control center launched your home, or control center initiated by a small AI, so that these things easier. Because access is generated after a variety of intelligent scenarios, such as you go home after the light automatically open, you can sleep automatically after the light off the door, you can automatically lock the door after work, monitoring head can open. Want to open this kind of intelligent scene, need enough equipment quantity. Millet has access to 85 million smart devices, and this interactive scenario and gameplay can make things even more interesting if your device comes in. Millet's cloud platform already has a lot of data, and partners and provide a very powerful AI capabilities, making our smart devices IOT possibilities and interoperability will be greatly improved. And most importantly, millet is definitely one of the largest vendors of IOT devices. We have a strong sales platform, eCommerce, and various new retail channels to help you recommend devices to users. This conclusion is a win-win situation for everyone. These are hard skills.

What is the soft ability? We have a plan to incubate startups and I've been joking about that millet is a huge investment company that has spent 24 billion in the past four years investing more than 300 companies. So, we have a very strong investment and incubation ability. We also have a software developer certification program, we will provide some good products subsidy. Why subsidies? If you are a huge help to the entire IOT community, we have dramatically increased its activity through subsidies. Because IOT the whole device interconnection is the most crucial activity, only all devices are active, users like to play this thing will become a habit step by step, so the whole IOT scene, the consumer is still adapting and brewing . Among them, there are many super fans. I counted a couple of months ago and they told me that there are more than 50,000 or 150,000 people with 140 devices. I was thinking, I did not use 140 pieces of millet equipment at the same time, how else there are as many as 140 people. Later I thought about it, it is a bit like the company's network management, bought a lot of air purifiers, and then unified. I think the number of millet equipment is not enough to support 140 people for one person. What I mean by this data is that the result is beyond their imagination.

We have developer plans both hard and soft, and I will not go into details. 12:00 this year, our IOT.mi.com will be officially launched, the official website there will be a detailed introduction, we can take a closer look at noon.

Millet in the past IOT program implementation process, but also very grateful to many developers have been involved, especially the IOT developer program, there are already hundreds of partners involved in closed beta, so that we can do a certain degree of maturity, today Published. There is an important acknowledgment. Thanks to these supplier partners in the past three years IOT. They all gave us great help in jointly promoting the entire millet IOT program.

Finally, still want to tell you about millet's strategy of the entire company or the attitude of cooperation, I think the attitude of millet cooperation throughout the company is the phrase "a lot of friends engage in, the enemy engage in less". (Applause.) So, in the more than seven years that millet was founded, we always held an open and cooperative attitude. Although there is already a certain size of millet, I still hope that everyone will treat us as a start-up company because there is a very simple and purely engineer culture in our entire company. We first hope that users first, to make rice satisfaction is our first job as a whole appeal. In the user's first position, I have also been internally stressed that partners in the second place, we must make partners work with us very comfortable and able to make money, this is very important. In these two very clear positions, in fact, we are the cornerstone of our opening up. In our cooperative attitude, we consistently carry out a great deal of friendship and make friends with each other. This is a very important cooperative attitude of millet.

Once again, I thank all the developers who came here today, and all the media friends who are present today, thank you all!

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