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Tencent agent Jedi survival: the first steam, the penguin father is still in front

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Tencent cloud

Tencent stood out in its own official WeChat and microblogging platform officially issued a document that has PUBG affiliated companies reached a cooperation agreement will be "Jedi survival of the game" national dress exclusive agents, and this statement also It indicates that "eat chicken" game dress, not far from us.

If from the "marriage" point of view, then "Jedi survival of" this game and now has become an agent Tencent, it is absolutelyMade of days, The former has sold more than 22 million units worldwide since its launch in March of this year with less than a year of sales on a single platform and completed sales of Steam Pro at "Simultaneous Online" and "Highest History" His son "Dota2" and "CSGO" double play, breaking a number of Guinness Book of Records also pass the 2017 UK Golden Joystick Award "Best multiplayer game"versus"Best PC game"Ten awards, and Tencent, I believe you will certainly be more aware of small partners, as the leading Internet giant in China, Penguin Empire has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, and as a game manufacturer, both the number of products or capacity are gold Can be regarded as the domestic first card, of course, some people will ask it is not strong proxy capacity, please, people are not strong your heart not points?

Tencent for "Jedi survival" of the game's desire is also called "long-term love", to know as early as "eating chicken" just emerging, there have been media broke the news Tencent is in contact with the Blue Hole in South Korea, And intends to put it under the account, and then failed to make a plan, Tencent also tried to buy the blue hole in the stock marketstockApproach to the company, but these were denied by the Blue Hole at the time, but it also proved one issue from the side, that is, Tencent has been working hard, of course, it also has such efforts behind Clear market analysis, to know that in the 22 million copies have been sold copies of the game, the number of national costume players reached 41%, can be regarded as half of the game, but this part of the Chinese players are through the "accelerator" Among othersserverAmong them, "Indulge in riding," so if you can pull back this group of players to the national dress will further help Tencent game domestic game territory consolidation.

apologize? I penguin is impossible to apologize

Like many unopened games, Jedi also has serious network problems. As mentioned above, most of the game's national dress players need web accelerators to get a normal gaming experience. However, From the game itself, this game also has a variety of deficiencies. Cite the simplest example, the current evaluation of the game on Steam only mixed, nearly 30 days of praise was only 41%. Those who give poor reviews mainly focus on the poor game experience, such as slag optimization, bad network. Of course, there is the most deadly point, that is, the game's "plug-in" issue, "Tu Hsun Sun," "Hong child", "One Piece" a variety of plug-in simply refresh the three concepts, the game itself is also described by the player "Group Fairy Tale robbery", "Battle of the gods."

So for these terrible game experience, the previous game official how to respond? There is only one answer, that is, "apologize," but tell the truth, this approach did not receive any positive results, the game still has obvious deficiencies in all aspects, and "apology" has also become a player to ridicule entertainment Terrier, the irony is the official do not do.

However, everything in the hands of Tencent is not so simple, at least this stem will no longer be frequently used. In the announcement, Mr. Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent Group, publicly stated: "" Jedi survival "as the world's favorite favorite competitive game, Tencent will provide the best local localization operation support for" Jedi " The majority of players to provide PC-side gaming new fun. "In order to give Chinese players the best gaming experience, Tencent will work with Blue Caves for" Jedi survival "national service to provide network optimization, server expansion, plug-in attack and other technical support to create a positive, Positive game atmosphere. At the same time, Tencent will also create a fair, healthy and sustainable ecological system with partners from all walks of life, including live broadcasting platforms, media outlets and Internet service establishments.

And this is exactly what many "Jedi survival" players request, although in such games among the plug-in phenomenon you want to be completely banned is not realistic, but in the talk before, at least you need to give the player a non-delayed, non-Caton game environment Tencent's approach at this point is still a lot.

Special for! The chicken may have eaten before

"Eating chicken" national service into the countdown, but want to eat the same with other servers, "original chicken", it is basically impossible, because some time ago, SARFT business authorities have noticed that "Jedi survival: large Escaped "the game and said it did not (and certainly did not) prohibit introduction of genres (games of play). However, the reasons given by Radio and Television are as follows: Since such games not only have a large number of bloody and violent contents, but also their game experience and concept of survival that are similar to those of ancient Roman theater, seriously deviate from China's core values ​​of socialism and China National traditional culture and moral norms are not conducive to young people's physical and mental health. It can be said that this hat fiercely "hit" to the game body.

However, the so-called "You have a policy, I have countermeasures," the face of SARFT capitalized "NO", the domestic wit of the game makers naturally have a way to deal with. In the announcement, the relevant responsible person said Tencent as a socially responsible enterprise, to ensure that players game experience, but also insisted on the delivery of educational content for users of educational content. Especially for minors users pass healthy and positive cultural ideas and values ​​oriented. Therefore, Tencent will maintain close communication with the national authorities. After this cooperation is reached, it will work with the ROK to follow the relevant guidance from the competent authorities to adjust the contents of the game that do not meet the relevant requirements and further highlight the teamwork of the game And fair play attributes to ensure that they are in line with the core values ​​of socialism and in line with the traditional cultural norms and ethics of the Chinese nation.

And from the latest player broke the news, we have seen some clues, it is understood that at 3 o'clock this afternoon officially opened the PC official version of the second round of testing, the development team has made some changes in the game settings, the most To the surprise of the player, when we play games in Chinese, the words "military exercises" are displayed on the wings and parachutes of parachuting aircraft, showing that "Military themeOnce again become the object of such a game reference, and the theme of the mighty and powerful no doubt provides the most solid backing.

So I want to experience the original "eat chicken" in the national dress fun, please wake up!

Frying pan! Steam version of life and death

The introduction of a new version of the game is bound to have a slight impact on the previous version, which will certainly be applicable to any game. Back to the "Jedi survival" game, national dress debut, so before the current global version of the game is sold in the Steam region will be how? Although there is no exact news yet, based on past experience, there may be a lock-up area.

Far from the "Call of Duty", there are some time ago "rocket Alliance." These games are because of the domestic game manufacturers signed an exclusive agency agreement on the national service the rest of the players carried out the lock zone, although the players have to buy can still continue to experience, but the follow-up DLC can not buy the problem has not been solved, the game experience Will further decline.

Of course, here is not Tucao Tencent do whatever they want, and in some cases, in fact, developers make the final decision, the reason is nothing more than "in the business language", which is actually a normal deal, after all, any As a company that needs profit and survival as the target, it is wise to choose the cooperation with the domestic manufacturers who are striving to enter the stand-alone market in China. Among them, Tencent has the highest willingness to develop the stand-alone market , So the cooperation between the two parties is a matter of course, after all, business negotiations, want to provide players with quality games and services, the first premise is to have enough capital.

However, from the current Steam Store page, we still see most Chinese players express their dissatisfaction, and the only way to express dissatisfaction is bad review.

Looking forward to, there are dissatisfaction; there Tucao, welcome! All in all, in the complex emotions, we have waited for the "Jedi survival" service, and can it bring us the same "eat chicken" fun? If you are an old bird who is seeking an international service, or a recruiter participating in a "military exercise," this version of national service will be your ultimate choice?

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