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Business Opportunities Behind Chicken Eat: The copyright controversy under the watchdog stirs the hardware market

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Zhang Yan, China Economic Weekly reporter | Beijing

Whenever a player wins the final victory, the screen displays "winner winner (chicken dinner)". It is precisely because of this sentence, these games are also the players dubbed "eating chicken."

In less than a year, "Eating Chicken" has become one of the hottest games in the world: winning the Steam platform sales title for 34 consecutive weeks with more than 2 million online users globally and 6 Guinness World Records. According to Steam Spy's statistics, "Jedi Survival" sales have exceeded 20 million, of which players from China have become "Jedi survival of the" largest source of users, active users accounted for more than 42%.

The domestic game market dominated by MOBA (multiplayer online tactical competitive games such as "League of Legends" "King of Glory") games has been loosened by the "eating chicken" stimulus. Netease,Tencent, Perfect for the game bigwigs smell the move, have joined the snatch of this emerging market. At the same time, "eating chicken" heat also brings new growth opportunities for domestic gaming hardware providers, software developers and Internet cafes.

Strong competition under the copyright dispute

Data released by the data analyst SuperData in September showed that the overall decline in the PC game market did not stop the "Jedi survival" gains. Currently the game in the PC side of the profit has more than "World of Warcraft," the fastest growing revenue games.

Although "Jedi survival" is very hot, but still not opened in Chinaserver, Chinese players, which account for nearly half of users, currently can only use accelerators to log in via "Jedi Survival" servers located in other countries. In other words, the Chinese users who bought this game will encounter network stuttering and signal instability based on the cost of accelerating the accelerator. All along, the "chickens," when the opening of the national dress more and more voices.

The considerable profitability and huge user market, making the game more fierce domestic agency competition. According to "China Economic Weekly" reporter understands, including Tencent, Tencent, Perfect World, NetEase and many other companies have tried with the "Jedi survival" developer Blue hole company in South Korea to try to get the game in the domestic proxy. After some competition, Tencent is currently the most likely agent to introduce the company.

According to informed sources to the "China Economic Weekly" reporter introduced after Tencent had introduced a variety of games from South Korea, the game agents and later Chinese has accumulated some experience. On the other hand, Blue Hole is also very optimistic about Tencent's performance in the domestic game market.

At present, Tencent has not disclosed any information about the agency "Jedi survival." The source said: "There are still some regulatory approval issues.In fact, compared to the introduction of agents, Tencent is more inclined to the acquisition of the game copyright, making it into the second" League of Legends. "

In 2015, Tencent acquired a 100% stake in Riot Games, a developer of "League of Legends," which established its dominance in MOBA games. It seems the industry, it is this game for Tencent MOBA games in the game has accumulated enough experience and technology, which in the past year developed a burst of the game "King glory."

"For the domestic game companies, MOBA games market has been almost divided, with the" H1Z1 "" Jedi survival "and other sandboxing popular in the world, many companies have seen the development of this type of game in the future Opportunity. The market is like this, you do not get involved in the first place, there is no future location for you. "The insiders told the" China Economic Weekly "reporter.

It is reported that Tencent acquisition of blue hole is not smooth, because Blue Hole refused to sell their own shares, Tencent only through the Korean investment institutions to buy shares curve holdings. Earlier, South Korean media had burst Tencent has purchased nearly 5% stake in Blue Hole, although the news was publicly denied Blue Hole, but Tencent's blog on this show must be evident.

For "Jedi survival", the biggest obstacle to the smooth opening of the national dress is not how to select partners, but how to get the smooth operation of the domestic publishing and operating permits under the strict regulatory system.

October 27, China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association Game Publishing Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Games Working Committee") game industry network release news that the game working committee to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Administration, Business Administration Consulting learned that the total business Administrations have noticed the "Jedi survival" game situation and keep a close eye on this type of game.

The Games Commission said that due to widespread bloody and violent content of such games, setting a serious departure from the core socialist values ​​of our country and the traditional cultural norms and ethics of the Chinese nation is not conducive to the physical and mental health of young consumers.

The industry believes that, in view of several previous similar games, such as "H1Z1" "dawn killing machine" and other games are banned live, "Jedi survival" to open the national service there is a long way to go.

Hand travel market curve "eat chicken"

Although the agency and operating license has not yet been obtained, but the domestic game companies did not give up this piece of the market. Many game companies find another way, or in the ordinary game hit the name of "Battle Royale" to attract users, or in the original version of the game mode to join the escape kills to avoid re-apply version may encounter trouble.

At present, Tencent has announced that it will join the mode of "desert island special training" recently after it has already published the hand tour "Cross Fire". From the content has been exposed, "Desert Island Training" and "Jedi survival" almost the same.

Perhaps it is too confident for themselves to successfully get the PC-side agent, compared to the opponent, this reaction in the mobile game market Tencent was significantly slower beat. In the smooth get the domestic travel license, NetEase and Xiaomi have quickly launched their own "eat chicken" class tour. Currently in the App Store free game rankings, occupy the first more than six months of the "king glory" produced by Netease, "Terminator 2: Trial Day," a pull down. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" In the App Store charts on the top, NetEase shares jumped to 309 US dollars, or 10.46%.

In the face of a clear negative attitude of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Publishing, NetEase and Xiaomi, which have launched online similar games, cost a lot of brain cells. NetEase's "wilderness action" completely abandon the law of the jungle, the battle set to fight aliens and human virtual battle, the picture can be seen everywhere in the banner of "maintaining national security and safeguarding world peace" banner; "Terminator 2: Judgment Day "Also set the background of the game as a man-machine combat simulation of the battlefield battlefield; millet and Xishanju joint development of the" millet shootout "on the line that day, advocating player protection of justice, safeguarding peace and defending the motherland.

"China Economic Weekly" reporter learned that, although these games have not yet introduced the corresponding mode of realization, but its huge commercial value has begun to embed advertising. Just a few days on the line, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" on the plane, it seems there Jingdong Double 11 ads. At the same time, the ofo little yellow car also appears as a transport that can be used in the game. It is understood that in Tencent upcoming "glorious mission", the worship of cycling may also be unveiled. Currently, the game's reservation user has reached more than 2200 million.

"Although the main player of such games is still concentrated in the PC side, but in general, the development potential of the mobile game market can not be underestimated." The above professionals told China Economic Weekly reporter, on the one hand, the current game manufacturers in the On the other hand, "Jedi survival" high demand for equipment also makes some players have to give up the PC side and switch to mobile games.

"China Economic Weekly" reporter learned from a number of players and gaming equipment seller learned that "Jedi survival" of the memory and video card requirements are very high, coupled with last year began the graphics card, memory prices tide, now want Configuring a very smooth experience "eating chicken" computer, the cost of 2 million or so, can be described as burning money.

Despite this, the number of people who went to the computer assembly market to inquire about "eating chicken" equipment has been on the rise. Beijing some computer equipment sales counter before, or even directly hit the "chicken eating God" ads. At the same time, domestic game equipment manufacturers also smell the business opportunities, including Razer, Asus and other brands have launched the name of "for the chicken and" "chicken artifact" name of the special equipment.

For ordinary players, the high threshold of hardware equipment makes some players have fought Internet cafes. In an interview, a number of Beijing chain Internet cafe's head told "China Economic Weekly" reporter, from the end of last year to Internet cafes requires playing "Jedi survival" of the user began to increase, the average attendance has reached 40% or so, the straight line Number of players approaching League of Legends and Dota2.

Beijing Cuiwei Road near an Internet cafe, the reporter saw specifically opened up the "chicken" player area. Internet cafes responsible person said that all the computers in the region put on high-end graphics card, at the same time equipped with a professional gaming mouse and headphones. For some players need to team up, Internet cafes also set up a special "team room." However, spending is relatively high compared to other external gaming areas.

The Internet cafe official told China Economic Weekly reporter in June this year, they spent hundreds of thousands of Internet cafes to update equipment, "to 'eat chicken' more and more players, if the device is not updated in time, that Caton Players will not come back in. With most players choosing this game today, a hardware upgrade is a must. "

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