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Samsung Electronics Research Institute of China: Do not instant success do not overdraw AI

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"Now talk about cell phones do not talk about AI seems not very good. "In the recent AIWorld2017 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Zhang Dejun, Dean of Samsung Electronics China Research Institute, said with a smile.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, some mobile giants have introduced smartphones with built-in artificial intelligence technology. Huawei released the world's first unicorn phone chip Unicorn 970, Apple is also equipped with iPhoneX AI chip "A11 biological neural network engine".

Samsung in the second and third quarters this year, although the performance hit a new high, but in the field of artificial intelligence is more low-key.

In the current stage of development of artificial intelligence, Zhang Daijun believes that AI technology must be combined with the specific application scenarios, there are scenes to achieve means. In response to the development of artificial intelligence in China, he said: "Do not be quick success, do technology, do the industry are gradual and, of course, do not overdraft AI".

AI development should be combined with specific applications

Although the Note7 explosion, "Samsung Prince" Lee Jae-jong in jail, vice president and chief executive of the resignation of Wuxuan has not receded, but this year, due to the strong growth of the semiconductor business, Samsung Electronics record highs. In the third quarter, Samsung's semiconductor business consolidated revenue reached 19.91 trillion won (about 118 billion yuan), accounting for Samsung's quarter revenue of more than 30%; operating profit of 9.96 trillion won (about 59 billion yuan) , Contributed to Samsung's quarterly operating profit of nearly 70%.

In the rival Apple, Huawei have introduced AI chips, Google and Intel co-operation in the development of AI chips, Samsung seems to be on the AI ​​chip research and development slow half a beat.

When interviewed by Zhang Daijun on the related issues, CBN reporter said that the most important thing about artificial intelligence is to have a scene. "AI has technology, but how to make users feel real artificial intelligence scene, and it is a just-needed, high-frequency scene, which is the most important issue, not the chip. "He compared the specific application scenarios to illness, AI technology is the treatment of medicine," we have medicine, medicine to cure what disease? & rdquo;

Zhang Daijun said that Samsung has all kinds of chips such as computing chips and communication chips, but if there is only a chip and no scene, what we can do is still limited. How to combine the existing mobile Internet products or hardware products is very important for consumers to use.

Currently in the field of mobile phones, there are many ways for AI technology to fall into place, including face recognition and iris recognition, and some also solve the problem of album and big data through computer vision. Due to different business and industry focus, to solve the problem of artificial intelligence focus, the entrance is not the same. Zhang Daijun told reporters: "To solve the pain points of the industry, just need, service and scene issues, these problems are not resolved, that is, show technology. & rdquo;

How to make AI into the field of mobile phones has become a hot topic in the industry. Zhang Daijun said: "Maybe in previous years we say artificial intelligence, AlphaGo this story, or talk about B2B industry services and products", but this year, whether it is Apple, Google or Huawei want to bring artificial intelligence into mobile phones, "& rdquo; Talk about the phone talk about AI does not seem very good ".

On the issue of how to combine AI and mobile phones, Samsung believes that based on the AI ​​technology, to deeply integrate the hardware and software of mobile phones to provide a better user experience, it is not just downloading or simply integrating the AI ​​technology as an APP. Zhang Daijun said: "Whether 2C or 2B, we must combine the AI ​​and industry applications, hardware. & rdquo;

May of this year, Samsung GalaxyS8 equipped with self-developed artificial intelligence platform "Bixby", and began to provide "BixbyVoice" service. At a developer conference in San Francisco, USA, in October, Samsung upgraded its smart-speech platform with the Bixby 2.0 release and released a software development kit (SDK) to developers. Bixby2.0 will be available on a variety of devices, including Samsung's smart TVs and smart refrigerators.

On November 8, Samsung officially launched Bixby Voice Assistant to China's beta-eligible Samsung GalaxyS8 / S8 + and GalaxyNote8 users, enabling Chinese users to speak with Bixby in Mandarin. Bixby can use voice features to unlock your phone, send text messages, find music and pictures. Zhang Daijun also revealed to the No. 1 financial reporter a Bixby's function, "the penultimate photo sent to my friend circle", "red envelopes" and other voice commands can be relatively accurate to open the corresponding software Function Zhang Daijun said, "Much more fun than Siri".

However, once the context is complicated, Bixby is a little harder to identify. After placing the food in front of the camera and sending out a "look at how much money" the voice commands, Bixby can turn on the camera for a physical scan and search on Taobao, but with limited light and the final search results error.

Zhang Daijun told First Financial said: Wherever you can touch your hands, you want to be able to manipulate the hardware through speech recognition and natural language understanding.

Do not worry AI shortage of talent

In this era of artificial intelligence, many domestic and foreign enterprises regard artificial intelligence as an important force for the next revolution, but the top talents in this field are scarce. Especially in China, there are fewer colleges and universities offering artificial intelligence courses, the teaching system has just started, and the quantity and quality of talent supply can not keep up with the market demand.

However, Samsung is not worried about AI talent shortage. Zhang Daijun said that with many domestic enterprises to dig mature talent is different, Samsung more consideration is cooperation with colleges and universities, develop their own talent, "we have our own talent system, we must recruit outstanding students, and then cultivate their own. "Zhang Daijun disclosed that Samsung recruit AI talents every year from the Tsinghua University, Peking University, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and major universities." After many years of cultivation, these talents are the top talent. & rdquo;

For example, he said, Samsung Electronics China Research Institute first artificial intelligence experts joined the Institute 15 years ago. These AI experts just entered the technical reserve is done, then do the appropriate research work, the product is now doing.

"You have the talent to train people, like Microsoft, to contribute talent to the outside, rarely to dig others; if you do not have the technology reserves, you have to dig people." "Zhang Daijun said with a smile.

Of course, in addition to their own training, Samsung is also actively seeking talents in the industry, "the more talent the better, but still have to hematopoietic ability. Young people are very creative, and soon these people will bring us a great contribution. "

Do not overdraft AI in advance

Since 2010, China has witnessed a rapid development in the field of AI, with a lot of money flowing to AI. In the "Notice on the Development Plan of New Generation of Artificial Intelligence", China established the development objective of artificial intelligence. By 2030, the competitiveness of artificial intelligence industry in China has reached the international advanced level. The size of artificial intelligence core industry has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, driving the scale of relevant industries More than 10 trillion yuan.

November 8, Tencent released the "Internet Technology Innovation White Paper 2017" shows that as of June 2017, China's total number of artificial intelligence enterprises ranked second in the world, accounting for 23% of the world total; the cumulative financing has risen to 63.5 billion yuan, Accounting for 33.18% of the total global financing.

Both the policy and the funds have given China strong support for the development of the artificial intelligence industry. However, Zhang Daijun that the development of AI can not be impetuous, "Do not quick success, technology, industry are done step by step, a matter of course, do not overdraw AI. "He believes that to combine the artificial intelligence application scenarios and to develop user's spending habits will take time, many things can not rely entirely on technology, but a gradual process.

He is very optimistic about the future development of AI. On the one hand, AI technology is developing rapidly in the field of mobile phones. Zhang Daijun said that a few years ago, we are talking about fingerprinting, the direction of the year has turned to "brush face", so the development of AI in the 2C is very fast.

On the other hand, in the next five to 10 years, based on natural language understanding, AI technology combines typical life scenarios to enable IoT. Zhang Daijun said that the current talk about smart speakers, cell phones, only isolated equipment, will come to all things in the future Internet. With 5G technology, deep learning and the development of all computing power, "I believe the next 5 to 10 years of artificial intelligence development will make people very much looking forward to" rdquo ;.

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