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Tencent COO: 2018 will hit 10 billion penguin support, put forward "AI IN ALL"

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Tencent Chief Operating Officer Ren Yu Xin

2017 Tencent Global Partner Conference was officially opened in Chengdu, China on November 8. On the same day, Reading Group is also officially listed on the HKEx.

Deadline Ti media release, Read Group (00772HK) rose as high as 89.64%, the share price of 104.3 Hong Kong dollars, Reading Group overall market capitalization of 94.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, from the market value of one hundred billion only one step away.

"At present, there are 6.4 million authors on the reading platform, and it is the largest network ip platform in China. The total annual remuneration for authors is nearly 1 billion. "Tencent Chief Operating Officer Ren Yu Xin revealed at the partner conference. Tencent's cultivation of content IP is far more than that. Tencent focuses on the diversification of content creators, content IP and intelligent distribution in the layout of content ecology in the future.

The conference revealed an important signal, Tencent will also invest heavily for original content resources.

Ren Yu Xin at this conference once again stressed that around the penguin platform Tencent will spend 10 billion yuan to serve graphic and short video creators, in addition to real money investment, Tencent will also create a new penguin.

"For the head of the company, Tencent will help them get through the entire industry chain. For the waist company, Tencent will provide open platform traffic to support them, the traffic support value will reach 10 billion yuan; for the tail company, Tencent will provide better commercial subsidies. "Any Yu Xin said.

Talking about the distribution channels, Tencent Chief Operating Officer Ren Yu Xin said that the penguin will get through WeChat "," QQ Aspect, Tencent News, Daily Express, QQ browser, Tencent video traffic platform to achieve a little access Tencent whole platform distribution.

Giant in the artificial intelligence industry layout, has also become Ren Yu Xin speech an important part.

Tencent's openness determines the Tencent's AI technology will not only serve Tencent products. Ren Yu-Xin Tencent take the first medical imaging of AI products Tencent find examples, "and now has more than a dozen top three hospitals reached a cooperation agreement, set up a common laboratory." (Titanium media see the coverage of Tencent see"Tencent for the first time explain" M Looking for "Product: AI medical imaging technology used in cancer screening? ").

Ren Yu Xin said Tencent will use Tencent cloud and AI open platform to open Tencent these AI technology capabilities to all walks of life partners.

Ren Yu Xin first proposed "AI IN ALL" concept:

"In the past year, many companies talked about a word when they talked about the company's future, called" ALL IN AI ". Tencent's AI strategy was also summed up in one word as" AI IN ALL. " & rdquo;

The following is Tencent COO Ren Yu Xin full text of the speech, slightly edited by Titanium Media:

Welcome to Tianfu country to participate in 2017 Tencent global partner conference.

I grew up in Chengdu, Chengdu, where science and technology and the Internet industry is developing rapidly, it is said that half of the world's notebooks are equipped with chips made in Chengdu, and currently the world's largest mobile phone users game "king of glory & rdquo; Also from the days of Chengdu, the United States studio.

Tencent this year has reached the open platform for the seventh year, we see the Internet and all walks of life are in-depth integration, online and offline are open up into one, and all walks of life from the past simple "touch" development To today's collective "cloud", we all hope that today can achieve digital transformation and upgrading, the development of the digital economy.

In this context, Tencent has been thinking about exactly how we are going to adapt to today's market environment and what steps we can take to help our partners transition to the digital economy. Today, I would like to share with you three points: the wisdom of connectivity, the ecologization of content and the cloudiness of technology.

Let's talk about smart connections

Tencent has been monographs in connection, we want to connect people, people and equipment, and people and services. Recently, our company CEO Ma Huantong mentioned a key word in the open letter "wisdom connection", then what is the wisdom connection? Smart connection must mean a connection upgrade, which means that in different scenarios, we need to provide a customized smart solution according to the characteristics of the scene. And such a customized solution is that we need Tencent and partners from all walks of life to explore and cooperate in the use of scenarios, innovation, to find what kind of smart solutions are the best.

Today I particularly want to share with you an example, that is Tencent smart retail. In the past few days, there are many friends in the media who are discussing the concept of smart retail Tencent. Today, I simply share a few points with you.

First, we say that Tencent is going to do smart retail. It does not mean that Tencent will once again make major inroads into e-commerce. Before we had a promise, we would no longer be doing our own centralized e-commerce business so all businesses would not have to worry about us doing Smart Retail will divert customers and divert traffic. Our idea is to decentralize the capabilities of our platform to decentralized brands, retailers and commercial real estate partners through a decentralized approach, all of which will still have their own operating traffic and fans Ability, we hope that the future and the relationship between all businesses are long-term complementarity, rather than compete with each other.

Second, Smart Retail has a very strong scenario and data support. We will open Tencent's social and content platform traffic and provide our technical support for big data and AI. With such support, businesses can do well under different scenarios.

In addition, Tencent's smart retail will also have a very complete toolbox. Tencent's full product line will respond at any time, at any time to help businesses to create customized solutions, in particular, to help offline stores to achieve data and intelligence, so that each store operating efficiency is improved, so that each store hit Manage your own business to become more borderline.

Let's talk about digital content.

As an Internet-based technology and culture company, Tencent not only hopes to be able to connect better with the power of technology, but we also hope to create a healthy and prosperous digital content ecosystem so that technology and culture can be perfectly integrated . Since 2003, we have entered the content industry. After more than a decade of development, we have initially formed a very complete content ecosystem of pan-entertainment, covering literary, anime, film, games, music and other aspects.

Among these pan-amusement ecologies, I would like to cite one example today as our reading group, which happened to have just started an IPO in Hong Kong. After a long time of development of the reading group, it is now time for the eco-partners Has formed a very close cooperation between. Reading Group currently has 6.4 million writers, the authors created a total of nearly 10 million online literature, the current Reading Group is also China's largest original IP platform, cultivate a large number of network authors, each year through the text will be read to the network Writers to pay remuneration, the annual total compensation of nearly 1 billion. At the same time, on this platform, almost more than 100 authors annual remuneration income of more than 1 million.

In addition to the pan-entertainment content ecosystem, today we also want to highlight our strategic upgrade to introduce ourselves to the ecology of our penguin. Starting today, we will create a brand new penguin. The new penguin will serve as a monograph for graphic information and SMS creators, in the context of the new Penguin content ecosystem, will help them to maximize their business value by helping them to break through the entire industry chain through IP incubation and special investments. For the ecological company, especially the waist company, which MCN company, Penguin will integrate Tencent online and offline resources, make good use of our open platform traffic, create space and create the capacity of space, sub-area, area of ​​these Waist space for support to help these companies bigger and stronger. For long-tailed companies in the eco-sector, they will be increased in size to help these long-tailed companies or smaller creators to achieve better business returns.

In the distribution, the penguin will have a very big change, we will open up the penguin company's WeChat to see, QQ Aspect, Tencent News, Daily Express, QQ browser, Tencent video, and all these users More than 100 million of the traffic platform, that is to say, to help content creators achieve a little access to the penguin, all content platforms in Tencent to synchronize the distribution of content, and the content of these simultaneous distribution will be based on the characteristics of different users of the platform Personalized recommendations to help content creators, the content they create more users can get more help and get the best commercial liquidity support. I would like to emphasize that the penguin is a strategic move that we are very optimistic about now and attach great importance to. We expect that in the next year, the company will probably invest RMB 10 billion into the content ecology of the penguin in order to support and help the content ecology of the penguin to complete New upgrade.

Finally talk about technology.

We all know that the digital economy will bring many new opportunities in the era of technology, Tencent itself also take the technology such as AI as our strategic focus to look at, in the past year, we have set up a company-class AI lab, we also overseas layout A lot of distribution of AI studies. Especially in the past year, we hear that many companies talk about the future of their company when they come to a word, called "ALL IN AI"; Tencent our AI strategy is also a word is generally called "AI IN ALL" We hope that the AI ​​technology we developed is not just a matter of closing our doors to serve our own products. It is our hope that our AI technology will be open to sharing with the entire industry and truly and practically all walks of life The combination of practical applications, so that AI new technology can get the actual value of play.

For example, in the recent Tencent have released our own first medical imaging AI products, called Tencent looking for the film, in simple terms is the past the patient to the hospital, whether it is CT, MR Ye Hao, after filming on whether there is a disease Screening is basically based on the medical experience of doctors in the hospital itself. With the help of Tencent, we use the power of AI and big data to intelligently screen and analyze medical images. In the past few days, we have reached a cooperation agreement with the top three hospitals in China and set up laboratories. Over a hundred hospitals are now under negotiation and cooperation will soon start.

Among the many cases of screening for screening among them, there are several, such as esophageal cancer, diabetes, lung cancer, we already have very good research results. In our cooperation with major hospitals, we estimate that there are already over 1 million medical images processed by Tencent every month, and in some of these projects, such as special esophageal cancer We have surpassed the traditional screening methods in screening accuracy, this is just a case of medical applications.

In the financial, retail, in many other commercial areas there will be a lot of AI can use the case, in the next we will use Tencent cloud and AI open platform to all walks of life, to all our partners to open these AI technical skills. At the same time, we not only want to develop AI technology ourselves, but we also promote the AI ​​Accelerator, hoping to help all of our AI entrepreneurs at home and abroad to grow together.

We hope that by connecting smart, content-oriented, technology-oriented and all partners to work together to create a healthy, prosperous and symbiotic digital ecosystem, we think this is also Tencent's responsibility and mission.

thank you all!

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