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Millet notebook Pro 15.6 inches experience: big screen experience also "Pro" a lot

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In September 11th, millet and millet MIX 2 Note 3 release, millet also released a new notebook computer with deep space gray color of millet Pro 15.6 inch notebook (hereinafter referred to as millet notebook Pro).

As a new series of millet notebook computer, compared with millet millet notebook notebook Air, Pro are obviously different in the screen size, appearance, configuration, keyboard, heat and so on, become a lot of "Pro".

After a month or so of experience, here are some of our ideas about millet notebook Pro.

MacBook Pro level process?

From the exterior view, millet notebook Pro follows the design style of millet notebook Air, the fuselage with a full metal body, the outline of Founder tough, the top is "logo design" empty, B screen is covered with a piece of glass, the air outlet is still in the shaft at.

Many of these elements are consistent with millet notebook Air, but compared to millet millet notebook notebook Air, Pro has two obvious changes in appearance: the first is the color from the previous silver or gold into deep space gray, second is the key cap color from before and body color instead of silver or gold into the black.

These two changes, plus 15.6 inches screen, let millet notebook Pro how to see how many points 15.4 inches, the new MacBook Pro deep air color matching meaning.

Of course, again, as a benchmark for many years of laptop computers, many products are more or less "learn" from MacBook in the design, which is not a secret. For millet PC market "newcomer", when making products, referring to MacBook is also a safe and reliable choice. Of course, we still hope, millet in the future notebook computer products, can be more of their own design language. If you want to make the millet laptop Pro more recognizable, you can buy some of your favorite stickers affixed to the "clean" A surface.

In addition, it is worth admiring that, Millet's "Apple salute" does not just stay in the appearance, in the process, millet notebook Pro also reached a pretty good level.

Compared to the previous millet notebook Air, although all metal body, but millet notebook Pro in the processing to do some more refined products at the top, before the soft also made to strengthen according to not loose feeling. Although more than MacBook andSurfaceThis file is almost, but taking into account the most expensive millet notebook Pro is only 6999 yuan, in which the price file, millet notebook Pro process is very excellent.

15.6 inches 1080p screen, rich interface

In the part of the screen, millet notebook Pro uses a 15.6 inches 1080p LCD (we hand on the screen panel from the BOE), the resolution of 1080p, and is similar to MacBook, B millet Pro laptop screen is covered with a piece of Corelle gorilla glass, have one good, but before the millet notebook, the touch screen does not support.

In addition, this screen millet notebook Pro also has 72% NTSC color gamut, that is, 72% of the NTSC color gamut does not mean that can cover 100% of the sRGB (the actual color gamut should be able to reach 80%-90%), but compared with the level of use is still a lot of products in the 45% NTSC color screen, millet notebook Pro this screen color or much more full of some.

As for the resolution of 1080p, which is one of the mainstream price performance, compared to the high-end notebook computer 3K, 4K screen, resolution is definitely different, but the normal use of "posture", about 40 cm from the screen, the screen does not feel obvious particles.

The screen frame control, millet notebook Pro is also doing well, the left border is 6.5 mm, up and down the border a little wider, the camera is located on the border between, according to official data of millet, millet notebook Pro screen proportion reached 81.5%.

The bigger fuselage left more space for the interface, and the fuselage interface of the millet notebook Pro is also quite rich.

Right from top to bottom are full function USB Type-C (can charge, data transfer, video output, USB (Type-C) can transmit data) and a full sized SD card reader (camera user tears...) Unfortunately, there is no Thunderbolt 3.

The left from top to bottom are HDMI, two standard USB Type-A mother port, 3.5 mm headset microphone jack.

If these interfaces are not enough, millet also offers a variety of USB Type-C adapter.

The price of 149 yuan of USB-C to Mini DisplayPort multifunctional adapter, can output a Mini DP (4K 60Hz), USB Type-C (a computer can be used to charge) and two traditional USB Type-A master port.

This is a price of $199 USB-C to VGA Gigabit Ethernet adapter function, it can output a VGA, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a USB Type-C (which can also be used to computer charging) two traditional USB Type-A master port, can output a HDMI (version 1.4, 4K only, 30Hz) a USB Type-C (computer to charge) and a USB Type-A master port.

Millet notebook Pro 15.6 body weight of 1.95 kg, for a 15.6 inches at the same time equipped with a unique notebook computer, this weight control is pretty good.

In contrast, DELL XPS 15 weighs 1.78 kg (56 Whr batteries, non touch screen) or 2 kg (84 Whr battery, touch screen), 15.4 inch Multi-Touch Bar version MacBook Pro weighs 1.83 kg, of course, the two notebook computer prices are much higher than millet notebook Pro 15.6.

Keyboard handle similar to old MacBook

Although millet notebook Pro color makes it look like a new 15 inches MacBook Pro, but in the keyboard feel, millet notebook Pro in fact closer to the old paragraph MacBook Pro.

First of all, thanks to the ample space on the C surface, the keyboard distance of millet notebook Pro reaches 19.5 millimeters, which is the "full-size keyboard", but there is no digital keyboard area. On the key line, millet notebook Pro is 1.5 mm, not very long (lighter ThinkPad X1 Carbon bond process has 1.8 mm), but the new MacBook Pro less than 1 mm bond process is much longer.

Good keyboard is a more subjective problem, millet notebook keyboard Pro gave me the feeling is quite clear, but the keyboard substrate seems a bit hard, knocking up without ThinkPad as the high-end flexible, but still higher than the two butterfly on the new MacBook Pro keyboard keys and a short process a lot of noise more comfortable (this view is very subjective, I personally don't love the butterfly keyboard on the MacBook), some of the old MacBook Pro keyboard feel.

Touch panel, in the introduction of the official website, millet notebook Pro 15.6 did not appearMicrosoftPrecision Touchpad certification, but the touchpad experience is also good, and the industry benchmark MacBook Force Touch and Surface Laptop on Microsoft touchpad that is very close to the MacBook touch in some gaps, five thousand or six thousand stalls in the Windows notebook computer, millet notebook touchpad Pro 15.6 belongs to the "good" class.

In addition, millet notebook Pro also comes with fingerprint identification module, located in the upper right corner of the touch panel. I personally don't love the touch panel of the "cut" from a long strip of fingerprints, but the speed of fingerprint identification is ideal, and since 15.6 Pro millet notebook touchpad is very large, daily use fingers do not often slip into the groove.

Millet Pro 15.6 is also equipped with a two speaker Haman Infinity custom, single power 2.5W, outside the sound quality is good, 2W is better than single use millet notebook on Air AKG custom speaker (Infinity and AKG are the Haman group's brand). Like millet notebook Air, the millet laptop Pro 15.6 speaker is also at the bottom, which means that if you want to get the best outside effect, you'd better put your computer on a flat surface.

We first look at CPU Intel, the eight generation core code is Coffee Lake, Sky Lake Kaby, compared to the previous Lake Coffee Lake is the biggest change, the number of cores. Low voltage CPU Intel previous generations (i.e. U end models), whether it is i5 or i7, are physical core 2 to Coffee, Lake, i5 and i7 are low voltage directly on the physical double, 4 core, i5-8250U, and i7-8550U also supports hyper threading, which is the 4 Nuclear 8 thread. The difference between i5-8250U and i7-8550U in the main frequency and the i5-8250U based cache, clocked at 1.6GHz, core frequency 3.4GHz, i7-8550U frequency 1.8GHz, turbo 4.0GHz, in addition, the i5-8250U three level cache is 6MB, i7-8550U 8MB, two CPU TDP 15W.

From the run of the data, as a result of the 8 thread design 4 core, the 8 generation core greatly ahead of the 7 generation, but because of a "strong" power restriction and thermal considerations, the eight generation low voltage core CPU is not in high frequency and long time continuous operation, the actual performance reflected not often run so exaggerated, almost close to the 7 generation standard pressure performance, better than the 7 generation low pressure nature is no suspense.

Another highlight of Xiaomi laptop Pro configuration is its standard NVIDIA MX150 independent graphics card.

MX150 NVIDIA is in the middle of this year released for entry-level notebook computer alone, it contains two versions, one is TDP 25W "full of blood" version, a TDP is only for low power version of 8W, the default frequency of the former is 1469MHz, the typical boost frequency 1532MHz band the default width 48.1GB/s, frequency 937MHz of the latter, boost frequency is 1038MHz, bandwidth 40.1GB/s.

From the data it is clear that the "full" version of the blood MX150 specifications are significantly higher than the actual performance, the first low power version of 8W will be about 15% of the advantages, but to enhance the performance of the 15% is TDP at a much higher cost, in the light of this or not what problems in the game, but in the light of this is very uneconomical, so most of the light on the MX150 (including the Air 13.3 version of millet notebook fingerprint) are low power version of the 8W, but even 8W MX150, compared to the previous generation 940MX also has a close fold increase.

Millet notebook Pro with 15.6 piece of MX150 is special, its frequency than the low power high, but lower than the "full of blood" version, the standard low power version of the default frequency 937MHz, boost frequency 1038MHz, the default frequency 1252MHz millet notebook Pro 15.6, boost frequency is 1341MHz, bandwidth and low power version of the same, are 40.1GB/s. In the 3DMark Fire Strike mode, millet notebook Pro can get about 3100, compared with the standard version of MX150 millet notebook Air 13.3 about 2600 of the score is slightly higher.

As for the actual performance of the game, "watch the pioneer" low effects nothing pressure, as for the "chicken", the minimum effects can barely run, but apparently 10 introduction to NVIDIA alone is not a good choice to eat chicken. ".

The hard disk, we hand the high version millet notebook Pro is equipped with Samsung PM961, PCIe x 4 bus, continuous reading and writing can be measured more than 1000 MB/s.

In addition to the SSD, millet notebook Pro also set aside second SSD interface, and master the same as the M2. 2280, which in similar products is very rare, if you feel 256GB hard enough so that, you can easily get installed second high-speed SSD.


Millet notebook Pro battery capacity is 60WHr, the size of the product is Zhongguizhongju, slightly lower than the new 15.4 inch MacBook Pro 76WHr, in my daily to browse the web, watch videos, word use, millet notebook Pro can persist for six or seven hours.

In addition, millet notebook Pro charging speed is very fast, half an hour to charge in 40%, and is due to the use of the PD protocol, PD protocol to use other computer charging head can also be normal to millet notebook Pro charging.


System, millet notebook Pro pre installed Windows 10 family Chinese version at the same time, it is worth mentioning that, millet notebook Pro directly attached 2016 Office home and student edition, the official price of 748 yuan, the amount of overhead, in disguise.

A bigger and more "Pro" millet notebook


As a play on the Pro name of the product, millet notebook Pro compared to the previous Air series is "Pro" a lot, it has a larger screen, more equipment, better technology, better heat dissipation, while the 5599 yuan price is enough "millet". However, it needs to be reminded that although the performance of MX150 is far better than 940MX, it is still not a "mainstream game" level of graphics card (game 1050Ti or above level of graphics is still necessary).

If you do not have a very high performance of the game, or willing to occasionally use the lowest quality to "eat a chicken", millet notebook Pro is a comprehensive technology, appearance, configuration, in the price of the most worth considering one of the 15.6 inch notebook computer.

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