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IPhone X: Foxconn behind the adequate supply increased by 15 times in support of apple

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1, in today's Apple Store retail store in Sanlitun, cattle for iPhone X fare increase recovery is not large, 64GB version price is 9000 yuan, 256GB version is 11000 yuan.

2, apple through the new way to increase production lines to enhance production capacity, only in Shenzhen Foxconn Guanlan factory, in October 20th added six production lines. In November 2nd, Nissan has already realized the amount of single production line of 3500 units.

3, under the stimulation of strong sales of iPhone X, the next focus of Apple Corp is whether the market value can exceed $1 trillion.

IPhone X and wireless charging Suite

Back to the year of October 25th, Phoenix Technology issued a "sell on November 3rd 64GB iPhone X." in the secondary trading platform idle fish on the news, the highest price of two days of 13500 yuan, this is from a super powder, every time he is the first to get the iPhone. "If you have 256GB, I'll give you 15000 yuan, plus 200 tolls."

Like many people, he is convinced the iPhone X out of stock. After the iPhone X release, due to the full OLED screen, Face ID of the original camera on the great leap forward reform deeply, it has always been difficult to keep up with the pre production question, therefore face serious shortage problem will be on sale in early stage. Even some analysts believe that the shortage of iPhone X will continue until February next year.

The dialogue screenshot comes from idle fish

And in October 27th, after the opening of the pre-sale, he immediately sent the message said: "to think about, 64G I can not be so high."." Even though he gave 256GB 13000 yuan at last, he kept silent and didn't respond.

The seller has continued to sell iPhone X message by building, more than 150 in 5 days, the seller from Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places. On idle fish, a quote for iPhone X 256GBThe highest is rarely more than 12000 yuan.

Phoenix technology consulting a number of sellers in X iPhone hang out idle fish, said:"Prices will not rise, but did not know the exact price on that day in November 3rd."

The cattle black Friday iPhone X continue to cut prices in the sale date

In November 3rd, all Apple Store in Beijing opened the door at eight a.m..

Phoenix saw a shop in Sanlitun, around 8 in the morning has gathered nearly 300 people, in addition to waiting in line to buy customers, OTC also gathered this many cattle, they are in the "big brother" team, under the leadership of some responsible for receiving some responsible for selling.

Sanlitun Apple Store at 8 a.m. on November 3rd

Aaron's team has a physical store, and the store is in the SOHO opposite Sanlitun. He arrived at the Sanlitun store early in the morning, but he said, "this year's iPhone X hasn't been fired yet."".

Beijing from the afternoon of 2 began to cool, the morning of 3, the temperature is less than 10 degrees centigrade. He used this "heat as cold as I felt" to describe what he saw.

At 8 customer service one after another, users buy out, cattle were stuck in export. Whether silver or black, 64GB version and 256GB version of all received, the offer is 500 yuan and 800 yuan.

In less than 20 minutes, the black 64GB quote dropped to only 300 yuan, 256GB offer plus 400-500 yuan, white 64GB version rarely ask.

Users waiting in line to activate

White 64GB is hard to sell. Some people think, willing to accept the one hundred or two hundred, we also earn some money. Channel goods are also many, difficult to do." A gust of wind blew, and Aaron wrapped up his clothes. Years of experience, iPhone X in such a situation he expected.

From the iPhone 4 on sale that will do business in iPhone iPhone 4, "that would be really fire, started selling the first day here, first in man brought out nearly more than 200 units, are not enough to rob, a lot of people buy a fare".

Say "here" when he had pointed to the ground. It was in 2008, Sanlitun store is Apple's first retail store in the Asia Pacific region.

"With the iPhone 4, the first day made ten, too little."And in his memory, the second time cattle so excited is the bright black version of iPhone 7, because the supply of Beijing area is too small, so prices doubled.

"The first batch of 4 units in Beijing area."." He received the goods without the first day, second days and 5000 yuan received a 10 thousand and 4 increase, finally out of the. But then iPhone 7 bright black is lost.

Officially on sale about 1.5 hours later, he received a small Guo 6 iPhone X, is a 256GB memory version, the total price is 60528 yuan, equivalent to down each increase of 400 yuan, and Guo to remove the 6 mobile phone, launched his wife and his mother go to the queue.

Then Aaron stopped paying and began to sell. "9000 yuan for 64GB, 11000 yuan for 256GB."." On the spot, there are also some want to buy iPhone X, but did not grab the first batch of users watching the Yellow Cattle offer, but really not much.

Two users are the payment of the purchase of four sets of iPhone X

"It is for a price, no way to give you. Are you sure you want to take the afternoon, I gave you a price, besides the afternoon." The crowd pushed the sale, Aaron answered the phone, the opposite should be his old customers.

Hung up the phone, Aaron sighed a sentence:"The estimated afternoon price is lower, and the offline channels are busy now."."

In Shandong Linyi Liu line mobile phone store for three years. He told the Phoenix in November 2nd in the evening, he just saw boxes of iPhone X in the channel, finally he did not sell with channels getting goods.

"Now the channel line also increases, I see only between 700-800 yuan. The goods are abundant, people want to get my goods, do not worry." Those who want to buy the user, is not anxious mentality.

Photographs taken out of the channel below the antenna in November 2nd

"If millet and HUAWEI say" out of stock ", that's really missing, like the first generation MIX, such as HUAWEI's Mate series. If iPhone is out of stock, to tell the truth, we don't believe it."Aaron may not have a clear understanding of the so-called supply chain, but he knows a little bit of the way down the line, which is the experience of making money and losing money.

Foxconn opened several production lines within a week, single line production increased by 15 times

Workers on Foxconn assembly line know more about iPhone's secrets.

"In fact, the shortage of iPhone X doesn't last long, because Apple has more lines."A factory quality inspection staff from Foxconn Guanlan Wang told phoenix.

He was originally in the iPhone 7 production line, in order to meet the traditional "double 11", after the price reduction of iPhone 7 series is still in production.

But on that day in October 20th, he was transferred to the new iPhone X production line. In October 22nd the official line, began small-scale production of iPhone X.

A lot of inventory has been piled up under the line

On October 18th, the first batch of 46 thousand and 500 iPhone X was shipped to China, and there were news that only 10 thousand or so can be sold in the Chinese market.

"Apple" in Guanlan factory has opened 6 new production lines, the rest of the factory I do not know. Many people think that Foxconn is produced in Zhengzhou, iPhone X, is actually not."He told Phoenix Technologies, new production line capacity is very low in the early indeed.

Foxconn uses two ways to speed up iPhone X the speed of delivery, respectively is 8:00-19:00 and 20:00- 7:00 the next day morning evening.

New production line early quality rate is relatively low, his quality inspection line is the last process of iPhone X production, from his inspection of mobile phones will be boxed shipment.

"The first day to do the national version, came over 1000 mobile phones, but only about 200 pass the quality inspection."." This means that the good product rate is only about 20%.

IPhone X is very demanding for quality control

Apple for the opening of new production line is very strict, "100% qualified", this is not only refers to the mobile phone itself and the packaging box, but also to the film outside the box, there is a little bit of dust or scratches the surface excess glue will be returned.

"Generally in the production line when the new open, apple field personnel will be strictly examined, we dare not neglect, but the back is not sure."." But the mobile phone itself is not what he means and low requirements, but in the packing box. The packing box later if there is a little bit small flaws can be detected, then sealing shipment.

"If there is a problem with the phone, there is no way to the quality inspection line, but sent to the maintenance room." In October 25th, he shipped data to Phoenix technology, came to the quality inspection line of 1600 iPhone X, more than 500 have passed the quality inspection.

Capacity has reached 2000 units in October 27th. In November 2nd, that is, iPhone X officially sold on the eve of the production capacity has reached 3500 units, "according to the schedule, the gap can not exceed 100pcs requirements, the minimum also has 3400, insufficient late class meeting filled".

A user waiting outside the store waiting for admission

The new production line is one of the important measures to improve the production capacity of apple. In a short period of time, the amount of sunrise goods can be climbed from 200 units to 3500 units, which is enough to reflect the control of apple production.

In the supply chain, apple is a powerful force control.In 2017, Apple released a list of suppliers, a total of 193 suppliers, compared with the list of 2011, 58 out of the list, which is one out of every 3.

How do Apple wind up the supply chain from the changes in the list?. Apple changes the competition between suppliers in every block.

For example, this year's supply list, add Kang Dazhi and Largan competition; in the field of radiation, a double hung and jianzhun; in PCB (printed circuit board) add tripod.

In the field of OLED screen, apple even consider LG investment 17 billion 800 million yuan, and incorporated into the Chinese manufacturers BOE, in order to change the Samsung monopoly situation.

IPhone X is Apple's arm into the trillion dollar market capitalization point the day and await for it

In November 3rd, Apple announced the fourth quarter of 2017 earnings, which is the first report after the release of three new iPhone.

According to the financial data, the Apple Corp's revenue reached $52 billion 600 million, a net profit of $10 billion 700 million. Reassurance is that Apple's revenue in Greater China, thanks to the price of the iPhone 7 series and iPhone 8 series to stimulate sales over year growth achieved.

By iPhone X on sale and revenue growth stimulation of the good news, Apple shares rose in the eastern United States time late November 2nd stabilized, closing share price rose 1.14% to $168.79, the total market value of up to $871 billion 839 million, the distance has become the world's first trillion dollar market capitalization of the company is getting closer.

Analysts at the conference call, Apple will increase revenue expectations in the first quarter of 2018 to 84 billion U.S. dollars -870 billion, expected gross profit rate of 38% to 38.5%. Apple's confidence comes from iPhone X on sale and production promotion.

Offline stores morning morning paper out of the price of iPhone X

"We are almost running at full load." Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook told analysts said. He said, "we" not only refers to the Apple Corp itself, including the supply chain system and production line.

Now Foxconn is still in overtime to catch iPhone X production. Wang's production line every day for 3 hours, over the weekend to work overtime, "a month after 1 days, the evening can rest for two days, I can't hold fast".

According to the production schedule he saw, he told Phoenix technology that the production capacity would continue to be more. There are many users can receive goods in about 2-5 weeks, and this is where the answer lies.

HUAWEI and millet are, if you want to learn X apples, not the mouth can say on the line.

(interview with Aaron, Xiao Guo, Xiao Liu, Xiao Wang and so on) are all aliases


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