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Can 5G save SONY?

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Some netizens have compared SONY's newly released Xperia XZ1 with Apple's iPhone 8, the conclusion is not excessive, only more excessive.

The iPhone 8 series is perhaps the most failure of Apple's mobile phone history of a work. Listed only on sale for more than a month, the third price decline more than 1000 yuan.

The reason for the iPhone 8 dilemma is that besides the iPhone X factor, it is still very important to continue to use the same design and function innovation as the previous generations. If Apple is too conservative (or confident) in iPhone 8, then the industry is far more likely than SONY to move.


A few days ago, SONY Mobile released in China market's flagship Xperia XZ1, should continue to be used in the design of 4 years ago, the first generation Xperia Z in terms of design, it is difficult to compliment, and collocation high price of 4699 yuan, an Speechless.

Don't know, enthusiastic fans in the cable to see this 4 years ago with the first generation of products is almost no change in XZ1, will not be shouted

If you still have, you're ruthless!

SONY's mobile phone sales plummeted

SONY has been a representative enterprise of industrial design, its hardware products can have such a market position, largely due to the industry has been recognized by the public design capabilities.


The first generation Xperia Z

Admittedly, the original Xperia Z debuted in 2013, is indeed very rosy. Functions of waterproof and dustproof design with top personality, instantly captured countless

More beautiful things, more will be fatigued. Now Xperia XZ1 iPhone 8 is also so so.

Like the market weakness of iPhone 8, SONY's mobile phone market performance in the past two years reflects the public's attitude. According to SONY announced nearly three years of earnings reports, mobile services from the end of 2014 after the decline, all the way down. And these three years, it is the period of Asian smartphone market explosive growth, while the market all the way at the same time, SONY mobile is mired in sales slump quagmire.

Today, SONY in the global smart mobile phone sales charts had disappeared. Japan was one of the strongest markets for SONY's move, but now the citadel may not be able to hold it. According to IDC Japan published by the Japanese mobile phone market in the first quarter share data show that in addition to apple is still the boss of SONY, SHARP and KYOCERA Mobile has been out of the top three, the overall market share fell to 7.9%.


In the face of the market continued to shrink, SONY began a series of adjustment from Q2 this year, especially in May this year at the investor conference, SONY announced the development of mobile mobile phone, give attention to the flagship model.

Focus on high-end strategy, although not to restore SONY mobile phone sales, but let it earn money.

According to May this year, SONY announced the 2016 fiscal year (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) reported that the fiscal year SONY sold a total of 14 million 600 thousand sets of mobile intelligent mobile phone, compared to 25 million units in 2015, sales decline of up to 41%.


However, in the overall sales fell sharply, while the company's mobile communications business profits ushered in explosive growth. According to SONY announced the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 earnings show, in the first quarter of SONY mobile operating profit increased by 771.3%. In the same period of the same period last year, sales revenue, earned $30 million profit, to some extent, SONY mobile strategic adjustment has been a certain success.

What does this result tell us? Whether this strategy could save SONY Mobile?

In this regard, well-known telecommunications expert Sun Yongjie to understand that notes:

The most representative paranoia

So many years to adhere to a set of design scheme, the reason is perhaps the SONY in the bones of the paranoid.

As a representative of the Japanese scientific and technological circles, SONY has many Japanese enterprises are generally a chronic illness, that is born with the Japanese pride and paranoia.

The pride and bigotry created SONY to create numerous dazzling black technologies, coupled with proud industrial design, to make countless fans around SONY. However, it is because of this paranoia and pride, to give up the pursuit of the mainstream of the whole market hot spots, this point in the mobile phone business incisively and vividly.

From the surface screen to the full screen, SONY Mobile has never moved, even if the market is hot, SONY mobile still adhere to the inherent design ideas, perhaps it always firmly believes that they are leading the trend of the players.

But now, this is not the case. At least in the global mobile phone market, SONY mobile gas.

In this regard, the first mobile phone Research Institute president Sun Yanbiao understand note notes:

Now SONY mobile, as an extremely paranoid old master, even though the outside world there are so many popular and fashionable things, it still insist on their obsession, even if they have already been abandoned by age.

In addition to product force, SONY mobile also disappointing the industry, is the heart of the product marketing efforts.

Sun Yanbiao said:

Make a comparison with the old rival Samsung, Samsung mobile phone advertising costs every year around the world has reached an alarming tens of billions of dollars, whether it is new listed before or after the listing of the campaign ads bombing, Samsung advertising everywhere.

In contrast, SONY mobile, as in the past to the market and user needs only XZ1 indifferent. Released in Beijing, announced the XPERIA XZ1 country line version optimized for < /> king of glory to the outside world, and launched in the price

This is the biggest

Review of Xperia series did not bother marketing in the domestic market, don't talk with OV, millet and other domestic brands, even if NOKIA, apple and so on by all means to win the favor of users. You know, the fierce competition in the mobile phone market has already evolved into the

Is 5G the ticket for Hirai Yifu?


Mainstream products, SONY abandoned; market trend, SONY avoid war. It's really unreasonable.

In the face of an important position in the global mobile phone market

In this regard, Sun Yanbiao to understand that notes:

He pointed out that Sony mobile in Europe still enjoys a high reputation, user acceptance of the flagship product of the degree of recognition is also good, the future will focus on the market for the current mobile Sony is undoubtedly more sensible choice.

Perhaps, in the future, what makes cable fans happy is that SONY mobile may introduce a full screen design for the next generation of products. In addition, there is also a 5G brings opportunities.

The coming of the 5G era, will be a disruptive change for the entire mobile communication market. In the mobile communication market in history, from the original 1G, 2G era to the now mature 4G market, each iteration is accompanied by the rise and fall of the giant, Motorola, NOKIA, once to today's apple, Samsung is a witness to the rise and fall.

And CEO Hirai Yifu has also stressed: SONY to stay in the smart phone industry, the only way to get access to the next wave of innovation coming.

Today, SONY mobile profit mainly from massive layoffs and downsizing this product line, Jingwo cultivation is a ready, perhaps waiting for the arrival of 5G.

SONY mobile CEO ten time Yu tree once said to the media, the mobile phone products is SONY into the Internet of things era core weapon.

In the outside world, the development of Internet and 5G things are complementary to each other. Ten Yu tree also stressed that in the domestic market, the development of 5G may and 2020 Olympic Games held in Japan. At that time coincident nodes, including the development of government operators will vigorously boost 5G, let the people enjoy more convenient network services and more smooth communication experience,

Paranoid SONY, if you can uphold their leading edge in the technical level, perhaps, 5G is really a chance.

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