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iPhone X evaluation: Apple's next decade to "see the face" of the

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2017 years, ten years have passed, people have to communicate on the WeChat, or check out when the phone instead of the wallet as a habit, its sponsor to start a great change, never so thoroughly.

Participated in the September conference, Sina science and technology editor and last week for the iPhone X and then to the United States. We would like to tell Sina users a complete story about the iPhone X, to help you understand all of its details.

Front and rear glass + stainless steel frame back

"We always said that this is the best of an iPhone, right, every time so, but this is especially the case."

Phil Liller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing, Dan Riccio, senior vice president of hardware engineering, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, and Alan Dye, vice president of user interface design, Started a dialogue with nine media from around the world.

In the history of Apple, the four executives sitting together with the Q & A situation is rare, they are around the media reporters are holding the Kaifeng iPhone X evaluation machine, Sina technology is one of them.

Stainless steel frame, before and after the glass structure, black and white two colors, which is 5 years ago when we evaluated iPhone 4 when the general appearance of the characteristics of the iPhone X today is still set up, but separated by five generations, described similar, sensory has been completely different.

After five years iPhone back and forth before and after the glass intermediate metal "sandwich organization"

Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive in the past five years will use the arc structure, whether it is iOS system, or Apple Watch, AirPods such hardware, have become a soft rounded design style. On the phone, this feature is more obvious and through the software and hardware: fuselage frame, OLED material screen, or Dock column corners have seen this arc, and polished stainless steel together, it seems soft And naturally. And it maintains waterproof performance, like the iPhone 7 or 8 series is the same IP67 level.

The arc design runs through the inside and outside of the fuselage

Apple on the iPhone X with the iPhone 8 series of the same glass material, and have 7 layers of coating, but compared to the iPhone 8, iPhone X more than a layer of optical coating, which is Apple's own 10 years for the special Care: white iPhone X body appeared similar to the texture of Zhu Bei; black section is the case, because the same color with the screen, the overall sense of a little stronger.

Compared to the iPhone 8, iPhone X's white back is brighter

iPhone X back camera with a vertical arrangement, there have been rumors that this is good for AR applications, this is probably more, after we asked, in fact, just because the top of the fuselage with Face ID components no space and then down the horizontal The camera components only.

The portrait lens is adjusted by the facade ID

It is the first iPhone with an OLED screen. At the press conference in September, Phil also stressed this, he stressed: "This is the first piece of OLED screen to meet the requirements of Apple," and give it named "Super Retina display."

It is also the first Apple produced a full screen phone, the three words are not engineering terms, but a mobile phone screen collectively. In the last year, it has become the latest trend of the mobile phone industry.

Super Retina display

Apple has adopted a special-shaped full-screen design: 5.8 inches, 2436x1125 pixel resolution, pixel density to 458; brightness to 625cd / m2 (lumens), contrast to 1000000: 1,3D Touch, HDR show these are not missing, True Tone The original color display uses a 6-channel ambient light sensor (formerly 4 channels). Under different light sources, the screen will adjust the white balance of the display, so that both reading the e-book under the lamp or sketching in the sun Eyes more comfortable.

Apple's official website for iPad Pro True Tone effect comparison

iPhone 8 pixel density is 326, and 8 Plus only reached 401, this upgrade can see, but more obvious in the contrast, compared to the iPhone8 series of 1400: 1, can be described as a huge upgrade.

The increase in this parameter should be attributed to the addition of the OLED screen.

This screen material was the honor and trough of the Samsung mobile phone, because the industry chain, Samsung as early as many years ago to give their own Galaxy S (2010) generation of OLED screen assembly (actually more detailed AMLED) This material has a self-luminous, ultra-thin, power and other advantages, but the pentile arrangement, the color is too rich and other issues have always plagued the user until the S4 generation, Samsung will solve these problems one by one, so that the performance of OLED to catch up TFT material.

Apple has not released iPhone X OLED screen is the supplier (they usually refuse to publish the supplier information). Only intuitive feel, compared to the iPhone 8, in the "set" this all-white interface, the sensory performance even better, especially the brightness.

Turn off the True Tone after the three effects in the white interface

Apple before the accumulation of some of the screen technology is also on this piece of OLED material screen has been reflected, and some even do better, such as True Tone original color display has six-channel ambient light sensor (previously four channels).

This screen is flat, but in fact it is a flexible screen, Apple folding and circuit stacking technology, so that the four corners of the screen curve, and then joined a called "sub-pixel anti-aliasing technology" to adjust each pixel , So that the edge shows smooth no jagged shape. On the OLED "burning screen" problem (the screen for a long time to display a still image of the left behind the image), Apple has done a corresponding deal, they are adjusted through the iOS 11 system, the purpose is to prevent the same pixel for a long time Show the same color.

You can not see the jagged problem at the edge of the curved screen

Although the four corners are arc, but its original output is a 19.5: 9 rectangle, but because there is no upper and lower edge as S8, so iPhone X fuselage does not look like S8 so long.

Screen the largest proportion of an iPhone

In the domestic "narrow frame is the United States is the trend", the apple is not too concerned about the black side directly on the advertising map out, the only deal is a white machine front also used a black glass panel, but not in the wallpaper Of the place to do the visual border without modification. According to Apple's stakeholders, the edge is intentional, in order to hold the iPhone X when the fingers do not cover the screen.

I am curious that Apple did not give the iPhone X with a black UI (Apple Watch from the beginning so dry) It looks cool but also save electricity is not it? In the face of this problem, Craig Federighi said to me: is to start from the reading experience, although the black really cool ... ...

Apple official website renderings

iPhone X screen to 5.8 inches, the number closer to 5.5 inches, but because of the longer, in the senses, it is more like 4.7 inches of the product, but the screen effectively shows the width and length have increased, mainly the length of the iPhone 8 increased by about 20% or so. No chin and forehead, so that iPhone toward the "one glass" goal and entered a domestic manufacturers often compare the screen and other parameters to illustrate their own products in a detail than the iPhone X strong, the overall view , The width of 70.9 mm mobile phone grip in the recent several mobile phones is the best, before and after the two pieces of glass and metal border with excessive natural, do not feel Gigai hand.

70.9 mm grip without pressure

iPhone X screen is a special-shaped screen, the reason is called alien, the main reason is the top of the screen for the original part of the lens and had to set aside space, but Apple did not intend to use S8 approach, They cut off a screen as a price.

Picture ratio of more than 19.5: 9 "Liu Hai" will be revealed

Read the conference people on the worth of 9 thousand mobile phone resentment mainly concentrated in this, why the screen here must be dug a piece?

"The original sense of the lens" is the answer to all the questions.

Before explaining all this, I would like to say that the iPhone (or the entire mobile phone industry) to unlock the program changes.

iPhone 5 before the people on the security of the phone seems no concept, we are accustomed to "press the power button to light up the screen" - "sliding unlock" this two-step process, then the iPhone can already add lock screen password, but set The password is not too much, because it will make the unlock process becomes cumbersome.

Slip unlock has always been an iconic operation of the iPhone

iPhone 5s era, Apple launched the Touch ID fingerprint recognition, press the fingerprint device to simplify the unlock step, before the two steps into a "Touch ID lit unlock one step to complete." Simple and easy so that people can feel at ease more hidden in the phone.

Apple is not the first to fingerprint identification device on the phone, but it uses the Touch ID to change the scratch-type fingerprint recognition bad experience, so that press-style fingerprint recognition as a mobile phone standard, and even indirectly promote the development of mobile payment (Domestic users should be more aware of this).

Fingerprint recognition device is not the first use of Apple, but the Touch ID universal concept

In the iPhone 6s to 8 generations of mobile phones, "dig the phone according to Touch ID" this step is no essential change, Apple is only to further optimize the experience, to 6s time, the unlock process has almost felt, to the iPhone 7, in order to waterproof demand , The Touch ID into a sensor button.

To the iPhone X, Apple will carry their own big Touch ID abandoned.

In explaining why the iPhone X gave up the mature and reliable Touch ID, Phil said: "In the past few years, we have constantly improved the Touch ID, the only way we have the confidence to take it, is a better way." - Another reason is the full face of the phone does not put the home button space. He continued: "We've been constantly adding features to the Home button over the years, but it's not going to be on the screen forever, and now has the face ID and the bottom touch area to replace it.We do not do it because it fails, But because it gets better. "

Whether sliding or touching unlock has become history because face unlocking no longer need to touch the phone

So in the iPhone X body, "press the Touch ID lit unlock" This only step is also simplified: you look at the phone, face ID (Face ID) to know who you, to help you unlock and display information (later this Step is more important). Logic is so simple, just as you walk on the road, see a person who knows who he is, and do not look forward to look at his fingerprints to know who he is.

Apple chief designer Jonathan - Ivy (Jony Ive) said: Before the launch of iPhone X, Apple spent five years to prepare.

Some people in the conference after the Tucao face to see what is strange, vivo and millet also face recognition, S8 not only face recognition, as well as iris recognition it.

Before Apple is indeed a lot of manufacturers are facial recognition as a mobile phone selling point

"Face "and" sweep the face "of the difference

Small hole imaging is a physical knowledge of junior high school, a visible spot, projected on the original photosensitive element to become a pixel, countless such points, can form a picture, but it is two-dimensional. Simple to understand for their own to take a photo or video, the use of this principle made face recognition, easy to cheat in the past, and the need for visible light, dark can not use.

Samsung's iris recognition to solve the dark environment to identify the problem, recognition efficiency is good, but only used to unlock the phone, missing with other parts of the association.

Apple with Infrared camera (infrared camera), Flood illuminator (floodlight), Ambient lightsensor (ambient light sensor) and Dot projector (dot matrix projector) three key components, made a "sweep the face" of thinking, Recognition technology into the three-dimensional world. Let the infrared scan the face of the 3D surface. More than a dimension, improved security, with the infrared, in a completely dark environment also OK.

Small hole imaging (left) and structured light (right) schematic

Similar to the technology In fact, Windows Hello and Kinect early in use, but Apple will be miniature, on the phone, which is "bangs" must exist reasons.

The most important part of working with the original lens recognition is the A11 bionic chip. If the original sense is just the face of the face, it is the brains who judge the person. The two work together to be considered a "face ID" this complete system.

The most controversial is the most technical content of the part

Normal use and do not need to deliberately put your face as usual as usual can.Face ID The most powerful performance is that Apple will screen, sensors, processors, software, and a few pieces of ecological are opened up, and have the courage to leave this one solution, did not leave their second way(Such as back fingerprint recognition).

Many people have questioned the security of the face ID, there have been similar to the Scan mouth, nose, mouth and other key positions, if not open eyes, is untied. And cover a part, such as helmet cover the jaw, sleep when one-third of the face buried in the pillow of the common situation can be unlocked.

I also tried to ride a motorcycle in the night with a helmet color can also be identified (transparent lens cover the lower part of the lips)

In September when Apple announced FaceID white paper, Sina science and technology to write an article, summed up some scenarios:

1 closed eyes to sleep, the money was brush away? No, it wants to identify the eye position, must be open eyes;

2 cheated in the picture? No, it is an infrared image depth image, not two-dimensional;

3 was cheated in the past? No, Apple and Hollywood cooperation, do a lot of masks to train A11 neural network to prevent deception;

4 makeup can not identify? No, it can screen the smile of the face changes, including the removal of glasses;

5 do not worry about tanning do not come out? No, face ID is the depth of information collected, little relationship with the skin color;

6 fear of myopia recognition does not come out? No, as long as it does not stop the 940 nm infrared through; but sunglasses do have the potential to lead to recognition failure, with the lens color depth does not matter, mainly to see if it will not hinder the 940 nm band infrared.

7 worried that they eat fat long beard, face ID can not identify? No, A11 bionic chip will learn your daily face subtle changes and record it, as long as the face is not a huge change in the short term can;

We recorded a small video (click here), demonstrated when the original clean face more of these things, the performance of face ID is how the kind of.

In order to prevent the face ID is cracked, Apple and Hollywood cooperation, training it to understand a face and a mask of the nuances. Plus the A11 with the face ID is not a constant lock, it can self-learning evolution: If the owner today to the beard shaved, it will hesitate for some time, that this person seems to be the owner but not sure, In this case will ask for a password, and record the owner no beard look; but if the owner of the daughter-in-law directly with the password to unlock, it will know that this person with the owner completely like, do not learn to record her face.

It is also because there are learning functions, so the current face ID can only record a face. It needs to continue to learn the owner of the face of continuous changes, two faces will appear learning disabilities.

Of course, Face ID has limitations and looks very similar twins may be mistaken; children under the age of 13 are not recommended because their facial features are not yet mature.

Twins grow up too big difference will not be cracked ...

Back to the September conference before the start, then the rumors of the iPhone X's appearance has been determined, but the result is only face unlocking + digital password way to worry. After the September conference, I told my colleagues to chat, said the fingerprint should be back next year's iPhone it.

After 30 minutes, I think it should not come back, Apple has the function of the Touch ID into the original deep sense of the lens, power button, and the screen gestures on the operation; and give more features, no matter how many Unsatisfactory, Touch ID does not need to continue to exist.


Pick up the phone to light up the screen to unlock the information preview to open this step in one second can be completed

Give an example to illustrate: At this moment, my pocket iPhone X received a message, it shook a bit. I took out the phone, it recognized me, that piece of information automatically in front of the start, if someone else picked up the phone, iPhone X will identify is not me, do not display information details.

This verifies that I met Phil after the September conference to ask him the question: is it because of technical barriers this time did not screen fingerprints? At that time he said directly: you must have seen a lot of rumors. From the beginning, we decided that Face ID was the final direction.

Dan Riccio, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering at Kubidino Apple's headquarters last week, also talked about the topic:

"I've heard some rumors about the Touch ID, and there's a lot of speculation about what we're doing with other solutions. Now that we've got the Face ID, it's probably useless to do the fingerprints. To do something less than necessary, we must set the design in advance.

The original sense of the lens can not only unlock

In addition to unlocking and previewing information, Apple has also opened up some new features in facial action capture, such as Animoji.

This is an interesting feature in Apple's iMeassge information system, which uses the original sense of the lens to capture the human face 50 muscles, with the monkey panda and other animals to generate a 10-second 3D animation.

Apple in the Digital Touch after the second time to create a iMeassge system within the user communication tools, because the hardware restrictions, the current Animoji only sent through the iPhone X, other iPhone can receive. But in fact it is a short video file, from the information stored in the phone, but also through the WeChat sent.


Animoji is the most fun part of the iPhone X

In addition, some of the third-party software related to the original sense, such as daily P map, in the iPhone X on the real effect of Sichuan opera face.


Face effect

Apple has opened the original sense of the lens API, it gives more third-party software to imagine space, such as beauty class software can show a 3D effect, make-up App can also show 360-degree effect.

Face ID development interface compatible Touch ID, such as bank App or WeChat payment, even if the software itself does not fit the screen, you can also support the face ID, because it and Touch ID is a development interface, that is, as long as this App Can be used to unlock the fingerprint to complete the matter, and now basically can use face ID unlock. Apple Pay is the first to start, look at the phone after the phone to get POS machines on the payment, as if the process of passing the credit card.

WeChat can be directly brushing red envelopes and Industrial and Commercial Bank of App such App even if the screen can not fit into the screen

UI and interaction changes

Apple has been the pursuit of minimalist design ideas, their mouse is not right, the computer does not restart the key, if necessary, even the power button can also be removed.

This "go key" trend in the iPhone X body has been further reflected, and also led to changes in the UI and operational logic.

Home key disappears, unlock the task was the original sense of the separation; light up the screen as early as the iOS 10 era there is a "pick up the screen" this operation (of course still have to use the power button), and the original Home key the most important "Back" function, replaced by the bottom of the return bar, double-click the power button to start Apple Pay, hold down for a second is Siri (or use Hi Siri wake it).

The original press the Home button to return to the action into a finger up a stroke; horizontal slide, you can switch full-screen multi-task; if the center of the screen stay half a second, then to switch the multi-task interface, this habit with the upgrade after iOS 11 iPad same.


Multi-task switching demonstration


Horizontal sliding touch area is full-screen multi-task switching

"Liu Hai" on both sides of the part is not wasted from the upper right corner to slide into the control center, from the left side down, then enter the notification center.


The upper right corner slides into the control center

This set of operating logic is easy to adapt, get the evaluation machine 30 minutes later, I have been accustomed to the day without the Home button. Only the area on both sides of the bang is still not suited to the sense, with less information for it to accommodate, the percentage of battery power and other information to enter the control center to see.

This generation of mobile phones lengthen the location of the power button, but its role is mainly to light the screen. Off this function has long been weakened, no longer press the power button, but the order of the volume on the volume + volume + long press the power button (or in the settings in the soft shutdown) - you have seen such a complicated shutdown ? Obviously, Apple is simply not want you to shut down. They want the iPhone to become one of the world's 5 billion pieces of flashing screen every day, never go out, always online.

Apple will be the two regions of the information symbol with the original edge of the original sense of the same flush, although you draw a line of pixels are not bad, but in the visual feel a bit strange, the other is not suitable from the adaptation of some software, However, according to previous experience, App Store should soon be able to usher in a wave of climax.

"Sina Finance" client has been adapted, this App's development team staff told me that Apple's development guidelines do not take the bottom of the return bar position. In other words, if you draw the line, basically just empty out the bottom of the arc area.

If an App to fit the iPhone X its upper and lower edge will leave a little space

For the top and bottom of the two arc area, Apple deliberately focus on the visual focus to the middle, such as the keyboard, than the previous lift a little, but its screen is long enough, the visual part will not be affected. Back to the left slide can be full-screen switch multi-tasking, and very smooth, this is better than with the Home button.

The current software has begun to fit, but the king of the game so no movement, this thing should not be too worried, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 this resolution changes in the product will have a third party App quickly follow up. When we just got this phone, Apple's own Home Pages, Keynote are still deformed, but one day after the usher in the update, other third-party App is also constantly updated and adapted.

Take a better picture than the iPhone 8 Plus

This is the fourth home of the Apple family of dual-lens phone, is still 12 million pixels, wide-angle + telephoto combination, wide-angle lens aperture? / 1.8 (consistent with the iPhone 8 Plus) telephoto lens is? / 2.4, than the iPhone 8 Plus? / 2.8 has improved; the most critical is that the two lenses have an optical image stabilization.

Because the same photosensitive element is used. In normal daytime light, in fact, it is difficult to compare the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus difference.

iPhone X in the sunny outdoor photo proofs

iPhone 8 Plus photos in the same situation

Weak light is the iPhone 8 series compared to the previous generation to enhance the biggest surprise part of the iPhone X is re-carried out a little bit of optimization. Compared with the 8 Plus, iPhone X in the camera on the subtle differences in performance at night to take pictures, the following two pictures, iPhone X at night on the road light processing more appropriate.

iPhone X night photographed performance

iPhone 8 Plus in the night of the camera performance

Other changes in the portrait light mode can be seen, this feature iPhone 8 Plus also, it through the hardware (dual lens and A11 chip) + software (Apple's algorithm) to do the lighting changes.

On the iPhone X, the light effect is still, but some local details slightly improved.

iPhone X after the main camera portrait light effect mode

In the iPhone 8 Plus just released when the camera score agency DXO gave it the highest score in the history of 94 points, but a month after the Huawei mate 10 series beyond (comprehensive 97 points), we do not know DXO scoring mode, iPhone X will be higher than the 8 Plus, but not earth-shaking changes.

Significant changes back to the front lens again, iPhone X's original sense of the camera involved in the self-timer, in the portrait light mode mode, with sinking 7 million pixel lens is easy to create a virtual effect, and the front lens Also supports portrait light effect mode.

The original sense of the lens so that the background becomes easy

In the evaluation of the iPhone 8 Plus, we said, "in the past in the studio with professional equipment to do professional things, so came to the phone", in the iPhone X, this thing spread to the phone front self-timer lens The

But Apple is still very straightforward did not join any self-timer beauty effect, the company, or foreigners in the camera concept has been true rather than good for the first (such as the official website of the freckles of the ad map). Did not smear, to let a lot of habit of beauty self-timer of the Chinese users feel incredible.

Life and other details

Apple did not mark the battery capacity, but in the official website wrote: "the use of time than the iPhone 7 maximum increase of 2 hours." Before the Ministry of Industry and Information Network leaked information, showing its capacity of 2716 mAh, this figure is actually more than the iPhone 8 Plus 2691 mAh also larger.

Perhaps the screen and power consumption more, the actual use of this phone is not longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. I am a high-intensity users, every day with it to listen to songs for 40 minutes or so, browse the web, brush microblogging friends circle 1.5 hours or more, and countless WeChat notice, at 6-23 points is basically 10 minutes to see the frequency of the phone, iPhone 7 can be charged twice a day, 8 Plus can adhere to a daytime. This phone looks like 8 Plus.

iPhone X also support the same as the 8 Plus fast charge + wireless charging standard, is still 30 minutes from 0 to 50%, if measured, this charger from 0 to 70% of the power in the 19 watts load output, The old speed is very fast. However, to achieve this function, you must buy a separate charger + data line, at this point, Apple is not really generous.

Wireless charging remains the same

In addition, many people are concerned about the run points of the problem, 3GB RAM + A11 bionic chip, right, with the iPhone 8 Plus, and even the CPU part is single-core 4200 / multi-core look like more than 10,000

Do not run away from the points

Apple wants to add "bionic" these two words emphasize its artificial intelligence, but this is difficult to straightforward performance, because the characteristics of machine learning is more and more intelligent, we get this phone only a week, or too not enough.

Technology returns to nature

Apple re-invented the smart phone ten years ago, and hope that people can always be their closed garden linger. To this end, the introduction of new hardware and new systems every year has become a habit.

Apple iPhone X

In September we evaluated the iPhone 8 Plus, talked about its glass shell, wireless charging, or A11 bionic chip, they are "from 7 to 8 N reasons." More than a month later to see the iPhone X, these reasons still exist, but also more OLED full screen and face ID. They became the new power of people to replace, but this time Apple deliberately lowered their sense of presence, face ID will not be like the Touch ID as unlocked "click" soon jumped into the main menu, Home key disappeared Muscle memory re-adaptation does not exist, A11 silently in the background you use habits change, then let the search bar or Siri gives some difficult to detect changes.

All this is not like the iPhone 4 then there is a sense of ritual, but it is in this natural scenario, the next year at the beginning of a smart phone clues.


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