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Phenomenon game "Jedi survival" suction gold 2.5 billion Chinese players spent 700 million

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Yes, "Jedi Survival" has become a phenomenal game, Chinese capital naturally will not neglect it, on the contrary, in the global context, the Chinese capital "eat chicken" action is also called the number one. Which, including not only the type of game development, agents, but also include the computer hardware vendors, software vendors - and even Internet cafes. Many people are participating in this "survivor" game, with the game "big lucky evening chicken".

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In the first half of 2017, hand tour "King who glory" will be a lot of gamers to attract the phone before the quietly click on the screen, and in the second half, the computer platform game "Jedi survival" and let many players back to the cafe shook the mouse.

This is the industry as a phenomenal game "Jedi survival", since the end of March 2017 launch of the beta version, as of now global sales have exceeded 16.5 million copies. "Daily Economic News" reporter according to a single amount of its sales roughly estimated, only to sell the game ontology sales have exceeded 2.5 billion, the number of online has exceeded 200 million people.

Such a successful game, naturally attract the attention of Chinese capital. In addition to the industryTencentWhether the acquisition of game developers, agents of the domestic platform of concern, the "Jedi survival" game mode and mobile phone is also constantly trying to type games such as the river crucian carp. In the game, the players every day, "eat chicken", but many capital want to "eat chicken", you still need to fight.

Chinese players have spent nearly 700 million and will be more

With the gradual increase in the circle of friends, "eat chicken", "into the box" and other claims gradually increased, more and more players noted that the "Jedi survival" (the current Chinese full name for "Jedi survival Battle") this Computer end game.

According to the current "Jedi survival" only game platform Steam official information, which game by the overseas Bluehole (blue hole) company development, March 23, 2021 on the line, issued three days online users reached 67,000 people in June break 20 Million people, in September exceeded 1.3 million people, as of now, the number of online has exceeded 200 million people.

According to Steam spy data show that as of October 17, "Jedi survival" the total number of players reached 16.45 million, the number of purchase accounts reached 16.56 million people. For 30 weeks to win the Steam Week sales championship. The number of players, the Chinese players can account for almost "half of the country", from the platform of China's players accounted for 41.62% of the total number of players in the game.

According to its players distribution and sales unit price, the reporter calculated according to this rough, do not include the game to buy clothing and pay accelerator and other projects in the case, the Chinese users only for the purchase of the game will spend 670 million yuan; the world, China Users outside the region in dollar terms, the game sales revenue also reached 280 million US dollars. "Jedi survival" global game sales revenue is equivalent to more than 2.5 billion.

In the current more optimistic about the mobile game industry, "this growth in the PC side of the game industry, you can use 'exaggerated' to describe the game is still in the first stage of experience, this growth trend continues." The game industry Senior people Jia Ke to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said.

Chengdu wheat field interactive entertainment technology limited company operating director Liu Xiaotao said that the game is called the phenomenon level game, the number of players growth rate is amazing, and not too much marketing means, but from the bottom up from the players accumulated reputation.

HuachuangSecuritiesInstitute of media industry chief analyst Xie Chen mentioned that this also with China's domestic summer file relationship, attracting a large number of young people and students players eye, has become an important promoter of the game hot. With the second half of the domestic agent manufacturers into the Council, the number of Chinese players is expected to usher in a new wave of growth.

Tencent agent game industry optimistic about the domestic platform

With the hot game, Chinese capital will naturally not let go. Tencent interest in this game, it is the industry's most concerned about, promising.

At the end of September, according to South Korea's economic news reports, Tencent recently to about 400 million yuan to buy the blue hole less than 5% of the shares, but later the blue hole denied Tencent has been 5% of the shares of the news, said the two sides are still Negotiate.

Tencent on the blue hole of interest, before the National Day, Tencent new online game platform WEGAME in its official microblogging wrote: "good luck, ____ eat chicken, please look forward to!" And accompanied by a "Jedi survival" Publicity screenshots. Although the microblogging was subsequently removed, but the industry conceded even more, analysis said Tencent "eat chicken" is only a matter of time. The well-known pan-technology media platform IT home has also been reported that the blue hole CEO to accept the media interview confirmed Tencent agent "Jedi survival" message, said the two companies have signed a distribution agreement and agreed to Tencent to buy its shares.

In addition, Tencent previously released on the "Jedi survival" questionnaire, to the players to collect comments and suggestions on the game, put forward a series of possible changes, and ask the player whether to accept.

A pair of "Jedi survival" has a high concern of the game industry veteran said the acquisition of equity matters due to the details of the two sides have not yet announced, and Tencent domestic agency matters will be released in December, next year from January Tencent will Main push this PC side of the game.

Game industry, a former CEO of the listed company to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that from the game point of view, Tencent will be the preferred agent in China. Tencent aspects of the usual way is which game fire on which, in addition to its own WEGAME platform on the line, you need to attract players with popular games, he also said: "From the current situation, the agent is almost certain things."

The face of the industry's optimistic, October 16, the reporter has contacted Tencent to verify the above matters, but did not reply.

Blue hole, a person in charge of China is not willing to name the "Daily Economic News," said the rapid growth in the number of players in China, the blue hole will further enhance the quality of the game to ensure that the game player experience, the acquisition is not comment The

Type of mobile phone terminal burst into the next burst of money?

"Jedi survival" once again led the computer platform game attention and players back, but generally optimistic about the domestic market, "Jedi survival" the same type of game is the beginning of a battle on the phone side.

Recently, Tencent released in the Andrews platform "handheld Battle Royale" APP, is considered a formal entry into the public signal. Another game giant Netease developed similar games to hand tour "wilderness action", has also entered the appointment of closed beta stage.

And as early as the end of August, the new three board listed companies heroic mutual entertainment will be the first to announce the "national gun battle 2" similar to its new model, the company's "national gunfighting" series from the line, has maintained a high degree of heat; snail agent tour " Box world "is playing the" God to restore the Jedi to eat chicken, "the banner of publicity.

Zheshang Securities Institute media industry researcher Zhou Yishu to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that the game in the end of the hot, led a lot of hand travel manufacturers have to join the same type of hand tour development, domestic players for this Type hand tour has a strong demand. "Chicken" culture has become a hot topic for discussion, but no Steam account, PC performance is unstable, there is no habit of paying domestic players or the public. As a big country tour, the Chinese players opponents travel amazing consumption, so the type of game blue ocean has become the focus of the development of all developers.

Game industry veteran Jia Ke believes that the end of the tour and hand tour is actually a mutually driven process. For example, PC-side game "Heroes Union" for its hand tour "King glory" to bring a large number of basic users, led the "king glory" to become a universal tour. But from the game experience, such as quality, sound, operability and other aspects of the computer must be far more than mobile phones, with the "king glory" new breed of a large number of players, some no longer meet the mobile phone side operation, and then converted to PC End player.

"There is no doubt that" the Jedi survive, "the hot will lead the fierce competition." However, he also believes that "King of glory" game operation is relatively simple, romantic, gorgeous, virtual fantasy content, "Jedi Survival "is more realistic, the content of the main gunfighting, and the operation is more complex, for the audience players, especially female players will greatly reduced the attraction, which has become" escape "game phone side compared to" Wang glory " one.

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