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Network Social Empire Facebook's VR Social Macro: Let billions of people enter VR world

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Facebook wants billions of people to enter VR's world & rdquo;

At the Oculus Connect 4 conference on Oct. 11, Zuckerberg, still a gray t-shirt, spoke with confidence.

The young CEO said it was not questionable. In 2009, as a Harvard Computer Undergraduate, he started Facebook's predecessor, Facemash, and developed into the world's largest social empire Facebook, with nearly 2 billion active users.

In the event of Facebook's birth of the record film "social network", Zuckerberg is stiff, not words, no business knowledge of the geeks appear. And now, Zuckerberg has married a wife with a Chinese face, there is a daughter who began to learn Chinese from childhood, their husband and wife engaged in education, medical and other public welfare activities.

From social networking to VR social, Zuckerberg has been at the forefront.

In the Lei Feng network (public: Lei Feng network) view, VR in the community with two major advantages, one is the presence of "ralph lauren pas cher," the presence of friends and relatives can not get together in the same place, we Even in the virtual space to create a home of their own, like living in the real world, where everything will become a real warm memory. These experiences are far beyond the current Internet. The second is "creativity", VR can do a lot of people can not do even face to face, you can break the gravity, you can take a friend to Mars walk, go to Paris to drink coffee, to create a unique experience The

In the OC4 Facebook clearly show these VR is the way to look forward to a very Facebook way & mdash; & mdash; Facebook Spaces.

Facebook Spaces is Facebook specially built VR social applications, the current similar social applications have just acquired Microsoft's Altspace, HTC acquired VRChat, the second life team to build the High Fifelity, and Rec Room, VTime and so on. In Facebook Spaces you can chat, play games, you can create VR.


(Facebook social VR director Rachel Franklin)

Facebook social VR director Rachel Franklin said in OC4: "those who care about each other, there are fetters into the virtual reality, and then provide them with fun activities, interesting tools, will produce a lot of magical effect. and Facebook will now be from three aspects to achieve this matter.

The first is to create more engaging activities (Engaging activities), the second point is to create more immersion media (Immersive Media), the third point is to connect the virtual world and the world (Connecting Worlds).

Create engaging activities

Facebook Spaces users are most concerned about is personalized, that is, how to create their own value. Facebook offers users a lot of fun gadgets. Such as a brush tool, everyone turned into God pen horse Liang, the painting is earned. The two users draw the original man's ornaments and weapons, and then they can wear on their own. With friends to create, bring a lot of fun.


There is also a play: with a virtual pen to describe the outline of the object in the photo can create a three-dimensional cartoon image, made into a mask or toys.


What can a friend meet in real life? Facebook even put the dice game and card game also put recently.


From the network of social fire up the happy farm, you draw me guess, face Meng these small game and social tool ideas in the VR also apply. Everyone can participate in a simple game can add a lot of fun for the community.

Build immersion media


Facebook Spaces has a self-timer such a charming little tool, you can take pictures with the virtual friends. More into the 360 ​​& deg; video live function, you can own in the VR experience out of the live, you can also head or mobile phone to watch someone else's live. Franklin showed a red carpet with Oculus live stars to visit New York.

If the current social networking, mobile social hot is the United States shot, dancing, betta live broadcast of these video media, then VR society should naturally be replaced by 3D video and 3D live. From the phone to eat friends circle of sunshine, a grinding and then grinding the beauty of self-timer, you ugly you sleep me the United States I live to the ghost animals dynamic dit video small video, people in the show themselves, to explore the wonderful place to live Infinite desire.

Virtual reality of the immersion can make you really "presence" and let you closer to the beauty of life, such as the National Day really sit at home and friends can travel around the world, not just to see nine single photos.

In addition to ordinary users, to promote the development of social media, but also need to create more content for people, stars or artists. Facebook spaces introduce Quill this tool, so that artists can create native VR content.

Quill's video Dear Angelica:http://static.video.qq.com/TPout.swf?auto=1&vid=a0347e3vavd

Quill is Oculus story studio developed a set of VR painting tools, similar to Google acquired Tilt Brush. With Oculus's Touch handle and tracker, users can complete 3D space painting. This kind of space painting will become a great new art form.

Connect virtual and reality

In the Lei Feng network view, Facebook Spaces in the VR social field with the biggest advantage is that you can rely on Facebook's social networking platform to connect VR and social networking. The mission of virtual reality has never been to let people abandon the real world, just as the Internet has never been off the line of life. Virtual reality is to bring more possibilities to reality.

Virtual and realistic seamless transformation is inevitable and necessary, and in the early stages of VR development, people still rely more on social networking and need to activate VR socialization through social networking. Microsoft acquired Altspace VR, but Microsoft did not Facebook strong online social gene.

As Franklin said: "If we can create so many wonderful things in the VR, why make them confined to the VR?" & rdquo;

Facebook spaces are connected to your Facebook account and can get all the information. Facebook all the content, photos can become VR in the 3D objects. Then you can also publish these generated 3D objects, VR experience video to Facebook stream, (Facebook 3D Post). The reason is 3D post is because you can touch the screen by its rotation, zoom in and out.


Even more interesting is that you can use the iPhone's AR function, these 3D objects directly placed in real life!


VR, AR and the reality of the direct formation of a seamless docking! All this is still on Facebook this platform.

That is, although you do not have a VR header, but as long as you on Facebook, VR world will take the initiative to you until you have begun to become one of them. And all to be achieved, just let people better socialize and create a more interesting life, whether it is VR, AR or smart phone.

More realistic virtual image

VR society to let people get "the presence of" face-to-face exchange of feeling, then our image, body movements and expression is essential. At present it is all through the virtual image (Avatar) to achieve.


Facebook Spaces supports users to generate virtual images based on their live images on Facebook, and then personalize them later. This year compared with last year's OC3 conference, virtual image fidelity to enhance a lot, there are more hair, clothing, color and decorations can choose. At the scene we also saw that the virtual image of the facial expressions in the video will change, the eyes can naturally move with the fixation.

Compared to Altspace VR that unique robot style Avatar, VTime that exotic wind, Facebook's new Avatar looks cooler more in line with the image of young people.


(Altspace VR Avatar)


(Avime of VTime)


In this comparable to the VR industry Spring Festival night OC4 conference, Facebook to show you the hardware and software volume face to face strength. Hardware, the introduction of two one machine, Oculus Go and Santa Cruz, the Oculus Rift permanent price of 399 yuan, the general trend into the consumer market. Software, showing the new Oculus Home interface Dash, released a variety of games and VR film and television works. Hardware and software together with Facebook's strong social gene, Lei Feng network that next year VR will really begin to popular, like a smart phone to change our lives, learning and social.

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