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Two one machine / join live social VR / Oculus Connect 4 all Aspect of a clean sweep

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Two machines: Oculus Go and Santa Cruz

Earlier this year, just joined Facebook, as vice president of VR business Huger Barra said he had 20 years ago during the university has been exposed to VR, and formally joined Facebook before he will VR and Oculus Rift introduced to the relatives and friends around, Nice feedback.

Site, he focused on two VR one machine, one Oculus Go, the second is the Santa Cruz project. PC VR despite the best experience, but not only expensive, but also equipped with high performance computer, while the mobile phone VR although the price advantage, there are some limitations. The launch of the two one machine is an intermediate program.

From the introduction of Huger, Lei Feng network that the former Oculus Go is more like one machine version of Gear VR, compatible with Gear VR existing handle, and Gear VR with the same Oculus content applications. Oculus Go built-in stereo sound, users do not need to wear a separate headset, the microphone is also built in the headband part. Oculus Go uses the "fast-switch LCD" screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is better than the OLED screen to help reduce the screen effect and the viewing angle.

Oculus Go is priced at $ 199 and will be available in early 2018.

Santa Cruz helmet and handle demo

Similarly, the latter Santa Cruz was introduced as one machine version of the Rift, the machine uses Inside-out tracking technology, the use of the same with the Rift constellation tracking program, also designed a matching control handle, handle built a lot LED, can achieve 6 degrees of freedom tracking.

In order to ensure a better tracking effect of the handle, the four edges of the helmet with a wide range of sensors can be covered, the user can handle some of the range of great action, such as archery, throwing objects, even if the hand does not reach the ear Will have a greater impact on tracking.

Next year the developer version of the one machine Santa Cruz will be shipped to the developer.

In addition, Huger also announced the Rift + Touch handle set a permanent price of $ 399, and launched a commercial bundled sales package, the package includes Rift, a handle, three cameras.

Designed for Touch to Develop Interactive Interactive Interface

Rift head Nate Mitchell announced that PC-based Core 2.0 will introduce Oculus Dash, a new content application interface.

Unlike the original design interface for the game handle design, Dash specifically designed for the Touch handle, the original Oculus Home and Universal Menu features combined. After entering the Oculus Store, some of the content is presented in front of you, you can also open the PC in the VR some of the applications, such as Chrome, Netflix, these applications will be presented in the 360-degree VR environment.

Nate said that they thought a lot about the VR environment, how to optimize the PC application window, Dash will make PC applications can be better in the VR performance. At the same time, users can also design their own Oculus Home, it designed to their favorite style.

Core 2.0 update beta will be available in December.

Facebook Spaces add new games

Last year Spaces beta for everyone to show how the social VR in the end how to play this year, Facebook to further improve the application.

Last year and this year

From the details, the virtual character image (Avatar) design more vivid, optional image and more hair color, clothes, skin color and so on can be free to match. The scene also shows a team engineer's virtual image video, in addition to recording engineers say, virtual portrait facial expressions are also real-time changes, Lei Feng net special attention to the eye part, with the direction of the fingers, up and down around. Oculus Avatar updates will be available in 2018 and will also be available on the SteamVR and Daydream platforms.

On the other hand, based on the entire social VR, the part of the person in charge Rachel Franklin from three aspects of Facebook Spaces to achieve things.

First, let people actively participate in activities, interact with friends. Users can play cards with friends in Spaces, fishing, go to the bottom to see the fish and so on.

Second, build immersive media. To this end, Spaces joined the 360-degree live function, VR users can own experience in the VR, 360 degrees to see their own screen broadcast to a friend, the function will be on the line later this year.

Third, the people in the VR and real life people connected. They introduce some content authoring tools into Spaces, where people can use these jobs to create 3D models, such as ticking the puppy's image and attaching it to other photos.

Facebook also adds the painting tool Quill VR to Spaces, where people can interact with animated characters in their own animated worlds.

In addition, 3D maps allow you to create 3D scenes in Facebook applications and share them in Spaces.


Join the Spaces demo for Quill VR

More new VR content will be on the line


The new content is not only VR games, as well as VR film and television works, including "Echo Arena" and "Lone Echo" development team Ready at Dawn's third sequel "Echo Combat" (2018 on-line), Insomniac "Unspoken "(This year on the line), Sanzaru Games" Marvel: Powers United VR "(November 3 release Demo), Pixar animated" Coco VR "(November 5 on-line), according to" Stranger Things "(strange story) change Of the VR game "Face Your Fears", as well as by the Respawn studio to create the VR game, will be announced in 2019.

Huger said the conference a total of 44 lectures, more than 100 guests, more than 2,900 participants. In the opening speech, in particular, the VR in the various areas of the realization of the things, including medical, homes to see the world, office, etc., he said Facebook's goal is to allow 1 billion people can access to VR, the future VR Will make our real life better.

In the next two days, Oculus Connect conference there are other sharing speech, Lei Feng network will continue to report.

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