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Forbes: Let Ali Baidu more like "China Google" seven reasons

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According to the "Forbes" website on Tuesday wrote that the Chinese stocks have invested in overseas investors, have heard of "China Google" and "ldquo; China's Amazon & rdquo ;. The former refers to Baidu, which refers to the Alibaba Group.

On the surface, Baidu and Google are very similar, the company's core business is also based on the network search advertising business, and also like Google, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles and other areas of a large investment. But with the Alibaba Group in many areas of rapid expansion, Baidu's relevance in China is rapidly decreasing. The following is the Alibaba Group than Baidu more like "China Google" ralph lauren pas cher, the seven reasons:

First: search

Baidu and Google's closest business is the search business. However, market research and marketing agency China Skinny survey results show that the habits of Chinese Internet consumers and Western Internet consumers are very different. For Western users, Google is their primary place for online search; but for Chinese users, they are not using Baidu, but Alibaba. This can be reflected in the Alibaba Group's digital advertising revenue. Alibaba Group's digital advertising revenue this year is expected to reach 16 billion US dollars, Baidu's $ 9.3 billion higher than two-thirds. Alibaba Group's advertising revenue mainly from the search advertising business, advertising revenue this year is expected to account for the company's overall revenue of 60%.

Unlike Western brand sites that account for most of the share of online sales, more than 80 percent of China's online sales are on the platform. Taking into account the Alibaba Group's Taobao and Lynx Mall occupy the Chinese network sales of about three-quarters of the share, which also makes them a search for the actual source of the product.

Compared to Amazon's online store, China's online store product information is the former 20 times to 50 times, plus a wide range of discussions, to provide a comprehensive and reliable source of the product. Baidu is not worth the trust of Chinese online consumers, because the company's ranking depends mainly on the auction, rather than relevance. Taobao website, the Chinese network users to search for Nike and other well-known brands in the number of Baidu search for more than 10 times.

Second: innovation

When Google came online in 1998, the company's innovative and clean search method, let the Internet out of Altavista, Excite and Yahoo's dark claws, to the network users with useful information. Any research on the world's most innovative companies is likely to include Google's company.

Just as Google's mission is to lead customer-centric innovation, Alibaba Group's approach in China is the same. China has been open to the West e-commerce company has opened the door, which means that the leader of Alibaba Group from innovation, rather than government protection.

Third: online video

Whether in China or the Western market, video has become one of the most effective marketing channels. When Google in 2006 to spend $ 1.65 billion acquisition of Youtube, many people think that the purchase price is ridiculously high. But it turns out that the deal is also one of the most successful acquisitions in the technology industry, and Youtube's current market valuation has exceeded $ 75 billion. Youku potato is currently the leader in the Chinese online market, Alibaba Group in 2015 to spend 4.6 billion acquisition of the remaining 80% stake in Youku potato, thus achieving the full holding of this site.

Fourth: big data

One of Google's most important assets is its massive amount of user data. Whether users log in to watch Youtube video, or search, or send and receive e-mail through Gmail, Google can get these user data. Taking into account the Alibaba Group in China's e-commerce and mobile payment market dominance, and through a large number of offline, online asset acquisition to provide users with a lot of services, the company's ability to obtain user data to be more outstanding. Whether it is Google or Alibaba Group, they are through a number of assets to integrate user data are the same purpose, that is, the use of artificial intelligence to make data meaningful and maximize the return.

Fifth: values

Google's original motto is "no evil" in 2015 when the reorganization of Alphabet, the company changed the motto to "do the right thing" and "rdquo ;. Although Google in some countries there is tax evasion, but the company as a whole is still worthy of the use of this motto. Although Baidu and Alibaba Group also have some negative reports, such as Taobao sales of fake and shoddy goods, Google last year exposed the medical search scandal, but through a series of efforts, Alibaba Group and its founder Ma has become China A pioneer in corporate social responsibility.

Sixth: social media

Not all of the similarities are positive. Google and Alibaba Group have repeatedly tried to have an impact in the social media field. Despite many efforts, such as the introduction of Orkut, Dodgeball, Latitude, Google Buzz and Google+, but Google's efforts have not translated into success. Similarly, Alibaba Group countless attempts to defeat the Chinese social media giant Tencent, but have failed to end. Alibaba Group currently holds 32% stake in Sina Weibo. Although Sina microblogging in the highly competitive Chinese social media market ranked second, but with Tencent's WeChat far apart. The Alibaba Group also incorporates social elements into its shopping and payment applications.

Seventh: like Google, "Light Assets" operations

Like Amazon, Alibaba Group also has cloud computing business, also involved in entertainment and games, and the newspaper investment. But with Amazon for the inventory and end-to-end logistics investment is different, Alibaba Group's core business is only a digital platform. Because of this, Alibaba Group's gross margin far more than Amazon. Although Google's gross margin is less than Alibaba Group, but still reached 30.3%, higher than the Amazon's 0.5%.

In short, the next time you hear "Baidu is China's Google" ralph lauren pas cher, the remarks, consider more Alibaba Group is more and more like Google.

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