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Jonathan talks about iPhone: innovation must wait for technology to catch up

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Apple heart

Many people love the design of Apple products, because they do have a different temperament, which is difficult for competitors to imitate. Created this unique greatest heroes needless to say, of course, Apple has been the main designer Jonathan Ivy.

iPhone X release, can be said to bring Apple's smart phone ever one of the biggest changes. It uses a comprehensive screen design, set a number of new technologies in one. Even if the new machine price is unprecedented, there are still a lot of fruit powder is willing to wait for it to sell. This year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which is even more significant iPhone X significance.

New iPhone so much design changes, many people certainly the first time will think of Jonathan. Although he has long been relegated to the second line, is no longer responsible for the design of major products, but will be more energy into their favorite other things, but after all, Jonathan has deeply affected the Apple design team, people still want to hear him What to say.

Not long ago Jonathan Ivy participated in the Manhattan "New Yorker" TechFest Technology Forum, in which he talked about a lot of things. About Jobs, about the iPhone, about the future of Apple and Apple products, these things people have always been full of interest. From the "apple heart" of the mouth, we can understand what?

Ten years ago the iPhone

Why do Apple build iPhone? This is a question that people ask and ask, never bored. The interpretation of this question can be a lot, but Jonathan's answer is more interesting - because of disgust. "When we developed the iPhone, there was a very important part of our motives, that's the ones that were hugging their hands," he said.

Jonathan said that the past, whether the phone feel, experience or shape design, for him are terrible: "communication is a very important thing, which is usually a prelude to change.However, those phones are very boring, I think we are all very important to everyone, and we deserve someone to take it at least once. "I think we are all very important.

Perhaps it is based on this idea and motivation, we only see the current iPhone and other Apple products. They are much more expensive than other competitors, but certainly is really created out, which makes its quality and experience always give people no small sense of peace of mind.

Jonathan said that there could be a lot of incentives for the burst of inspiration, they do not work alone, but most often the most critical, or those who can drive themselves crazy things. These things forced Jonathan to think: can there be a better solution - the phone is like that. Many times Apple does have such a self-confidence, convinced that they create is the best. So, the next Jonathan or Apple who "do not pleasing to the eye" of the product which is it?

Speaking of Jobs

As Steve Jobs to pay friends, the past is Jonathan is the most frequently asked the question. Especially in the iPhone this time a new moment of change, people would like to know and Steve Jobs related things.

Jonathan said Steve Jobs taught him the most precious thing that was a kind of focus. Focus on something, not just that you want to focus on what you like, more "focus" means that you have to give up those who put their passionate things, focus on doing more should do.

"The so-called focus on the art - even if something is devoted to you is passionate - focus means to ignore it, put it aside, many times this is to pay a great sacrifice, and he (Steve Jobs) In this respect is excellent. "Jonathan recalls, summed up these as" say "no" art. Jobs often came to ask Jonathan, he is not able to often say "no". Although Jonathan in order to make Jobs happy to give a positive answer, but he now admits that he is actually more of those things are not interested in that "no".

Even Jonathan can not do anything to put down what he is interested in, so he thinks that even if he happens to be struggling in the occasional struggle, but he has been "focused" on the culmination.

The reason why these are said, because Jonathan recalled the details of his work with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had to face Jonathan said that he as design director "completely inefficient". At the time of the last century, 90 years, Steve Jobs that the company launched too many "not up to standard" products. Perhaps Steve Jobs felt that Jonathan spent too much time on what he wanted to do.

Although Steve Jobs these words are very harsh for him, but Jonathan did not care, because the company's situation even worse than Steve Jobs's criticism. He said: "I put a deep feeling on the company, it gradually become insignificant it makes me heartbreak."

Create the future

Finally, Jonathan still have to face a frequently asked question: Apple future innovation? There is no doubt that Jonathan gave the answer yes. He said the team over the years has been trying to integrate a lot of technology into experience. What is the technology, he can not say, but that those things can make themselves excited.

In fact, Apple spent a full five years before finally creating the iPhone X. Jonathan stressed that the development of such products requires patience. He said that there are many products and ideas that must be waiting for technology to be realized.

As early as five years ago, Apple wanted to build a full-screen phone, but at that time they can do the prototype machine can only be big and cumbersome. Until five years later, the technical conditions permit, the designer's mind can really become the idea that people can hold in the hands of the phone. "We have a lot of ideas and we are waiting for the technology to catch up," he said.

We hope that Apple can create a miracle, like magic changed a lot of stunning new products, but Jonathan said it was impossible. He said, if you want to create something new, it must be a good idea, this kind of thing before why no one to do. Probably this is not because no one thought, but there are dozens of difficulties for a time can not be overcome. This kind of thinking process is necessary, but also laborious.

iPhone can be so many people like to be able to connect so many people, Jonathan said he was very happy. However, Jonathan also said that such equipment as the iPhone was "abused". Modern people can not do without smart phones, always use it, Jonathan that this is not good, hoping to find more balance. If we open the brain hole, this is the next generation of products will be implied? Will this be AR glasses?

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