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From zero to $ 500 billion, Facebook continues to grow for three years behind the three secrets

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13-year-old Facebook is still continuing their own growth miracle, to guide the company to continue to grow the iterative management of the key is what?

Mark & ​​middot; Zuckerberg's most unbearable is the company's slow pace.

"Move fast and break things", which has been used as a guide for the company for many years and is printed on the walls of the Facebook office park. This is also the biggest feature of Zuckerberg's business philosophy. Under the guidance of this idea, the social platform that was born in the college boys' dormitory has now become a world-class technology company with more than 2 billion active users, active users Reaching 1.32 billion.

Over the past 13 years, Facebook has experienced several transformations, many of which are related to the "life and death" of the thrilling moment, but it eventually smoothly across the crisis, a strong show of their own value in the 2012 companies listed before, Few people think that Facebook will become the market value of more than 200 billion US dollars of the company, and now, Facebook's market value has been approaching 500 billion US dollars, and continues to grow.

But as the company grows in size, the size of the user is all over the world, Facebook faces more complex problems than when it was born. Even if Zuckerberg is no longer wearing pajamas and investors to meet the feather boy, but the "quick action, breaking the routine" principle applied to a staff of more than 20,000, high market value of international companies, this is not simple.

Obviously, from the company's genes, to maintain the company's operational methodology, Facebook has constructed a complete system to ensure that they are in a never-ending growth. This system in the development of Facebook through the process of continuous improvement, today, still work.

If you look at the company from the perspective of the growth of the company, Facebook's ability to maintain rapid growth iterations is commendable. What is the key element of this? Can these experiences help Facebook get into the next decade? In the geek tour of the geek park in September, we led the managers of the domestic excellent technology companies and chatted with Facebook's management team. From the management experience of the company in the past, we felt the following three core elements, perhaps you can find the answer.

When you decide to transition, you must be extremely focused

In fact, Facebook on the "transformation" quite experienced. Since its establishment, whether it is active or passive, Facebook has undergone three necessary changes.

This three-time mix of user scale and activity level of the rise of the symbol of the expansion of Facebook's road, they occurred in 2006, 2008 and 2011 around. In the first two time nodes, Facebook from the campus of the ideal country to the globalization, the whole of the expansion of the road. In 2008, Facebook's number of users reached a breakthrough 100 million, when it has been completely beyond My Space to become the world's largest social networking site.

But the real challenge comes from around 2011. At that time, the rise of mobile Internet, Facebook is also facing from the desktop to the mobile side of the exam. At that time the company's internal data has shown that many users of APP version of Facebook experience poor, they even prefer to use smart phones on the web browser browser Facebook.

At the time of view, this is not a clear signal. Even for Facebook, from Twitter step by step pressing even more serious. But Zuckerberg that: If you can not complete the transition to the mobile era, Facebook does not exist.

And then the company and not yet aware of the needs of this transformation how urgent. Some employees in the development of mobile products, is still studying desktop products can introduce what kind of new features. A complete experience of Facebook transition stage told us that six years ago, in the PC era engineers have proposed the idea of ​​developing video features very excited.

In essence, Facebook is not a company that relies heavily on the CEO's personal will to run. But then Zuckerberg showed a little tough attitude, he said to the enthusiastic team that the video function of the idea is good, but the company must now focus on the field of mobile transformation.

In order to survive the transition more smoothly, Zuckerberg even stipulated that within two years, Facebook can no longer be any innovation, "Do not talk to me about any project that has nothing to do with mobile transformation," which is a very good time for Facebook Adventure decisions, innovation is almost every Silicon Valley technology company's Vernacular presence. And no matter how large the size of the company, managers can mobilize the resources are usually limited.

However, in relation to the life and death of the company, the choice and abandonment is essential, focus, improve efficiency and focus on revenue is the most important proposition. In order to improve communication efficiency, Zuckerberg early in the company announced the eradication of PPT culture. He even worked out a rigorous training program and said that at the time of routine product review, everyone had to give priority to the mobile version, "otherwise I will kick you out of the office."

As a leader, you also need to communicate confidence to the team. After Facebook's listing in 2012, the share price has shrunk by more than 25% in 10 days. The main reason is that investors on the mobile side can create the value of advertising is very worried. Zuckerberg, who has always been less concerned about revenue and profit, also decided to add more ads to NewsFeed at that time.

Prior to that, Facebook was very sensitive to the location and content of NewsFeed, because Zuckerberg thought that inappropriate advertising would harm the user experience, but at the time Zuckerberg decided to develop customers other than social properties, Began to issue revenue targets to some product teams. He wanted to pass the signal is that the company's top management is very concerned about the financial pressure of grass-roots engineers.

The results for all to see, Facebook smoothly through the transition to the mobile side, and to maintain the ability to make money. According to the second quarter of 2017 earnings report, Facebook's mobile advertising revenue accounted for about 87% of advertising revenue, mobile business daily active number of 1.15 billion users, accounting for 93% of the total number of users.

Only data decisions are the only right

In Facebook, user growth is an eternal topic.

Over the past decade, Facebook's most proud management miracle also comes from innovative management of user growth. In 2008, Facebook set up a growth department. The reason is that the growth of the user on the page at that time there is a bottleneck, but Zuckerberg hope to use dozens of engineers to achieve thousands of marketing the same line of online growth, rather than relying on a large number of recruitment, To carry out promotional activities.

Under normal circumstances, in order to expand the user, the Internet company will choose to recruit more sales and market personnel, spend high prices into the marketing activities. At least many domestic technology companies have a huge sales team. According to media reports, in 2016 Baidu employees reached a total of 40,000 people, and sales staff in the past few years the fastest growing, accounting for almost half of the total staff.

But Zuckerberg can not tolerate inefficient expansion, he believes that as a technology company, if the recruitment of too many marketers will be proud of Facebook's culture adversely affected. Data show that by 2017, founded 13 years and has been expanding in the global number of Facebook employees just over twenty thousand people.

The user growth department has a very high voice in Facebook. Its operational mechanism is continually passed the A B test, experimentation and data analysis to provide the basis for many decisions of Facebook. In Facebook, the data is done and its transparent state, the company insisted on the theory is "Everthing must be tested", the team that any decision must be made through a small number of users to test before, if the experiment is done fast enough , Enough, even a second can do an experiment, then the team has the opportunity to prove that many ideas are wrong.

Facebook's consideration is that the key to success is sometimes not the right decision, but try to filter the wrong idea, so that the right thing to survive. This thinking is even integrated into Facebook's corporate culture: as soon as possible to understand what users want them to do, encourage people not to try and fail.

The principle of this scientific experiment runs through every step of Facebook's improved decision-making, and even affects the company's main revenue business advertising mode of delivery.

In the flow of products in the stream, the user traffic at hundreds of millions, the platform is often faced with advertisers, user experience and platform to tune the tripartite game. But in Facebook, on the frequency and location of ads in the NewsFeed, generally dominated by the product department responsible for NewsFeed, the team will first determine the user to the user experience the threshold of injury, to develop a unified measure. The product department then scores the user experience and the value of the ad, and ultimately through the A / B test the way to make the right decision to ensure that advertising damage to the user experience in the company values ​​can tolerate the range.

This also means to some extent, within Facebook, the basic does not allow the adoption of "philosophical level" thinking to make the decision, even if such a decision from Zuckerberg. Another very typical example is that in 2013, the growth department based on the test results suggested that the instant messaging feature Messenger should be split from the Facebook platform to become a separate APP. At first, Zuckerberg strongly opposed the idea of ​​adventure, but the test results show that Facebook, which is essentially a source of information, is completely different from the messaging mechanism of Messenger, which is essentially mobile communication.

(In 2015, Zuckerberg announced the opening of the Messenger platform)

Zuckerberg was finally convinced by the data. And the fact that even after the spin-off of Facebook Messenger users need to re-download to use, but the user growth momentum is good. By 2017, Facebook Messenger has received 1.3 billion live, the corresponding, from Messenger's advertising revenue is also very impressive.

Facebook engineers told us that this growth methodology was continued to use Instagram, WhatsApp and other Facebook new positions, and Facebook in the recently launched streaming media live service Facebook Live and hosted television program Watch Watch. These services are 13-year-old Facebook for their choice of the next growth position.

Shaping the same sense of mission, this matter is more important than you think

In general, Silicon Valley technology companies have a strong cultural atmosphere, and Facebook is one of the typical representative. Since Facebook was founded, Zuckerberg has made clear the company's mission: to give people the power to share, let the world more open and more Internet.

Everyone knows what the company culture means to the manager, but few companies like Facebook to implement them so thoroughly. In Zuckerberg's view, the company's mission is not just a illusory slogan, but an important methodological aspects of the enterprise gene level. In Facebook, the company's mission was printed on the wall everywhere, including Zuckerberg, including the company executives often put them in the mouth. Over time, almost every engineer can blurt out this sentence.

In addition to the company's overall mission, the team for the advertising sector, open platform cooperation departments, growth departments and other business lines have developed a clear Mission. This is not common for most domestic technology companies. But Facebook believes that this "brainwashing" culture is necessary to create a consistent sense of mission. The company's mission and what it represents the meaning of how to emphasize is not exaggerated, they should not only exist in the minds of executives. Because only the company from top to bottom all clear this goal, in order to work together in the same direction.

This kind of company management "metaphysical" level of efforts in the Facebook transformation of the moment is still being emphasized. In June of this year, Zuckerberg for the first time for the 13-year-old Facebook changed the company's mission, after adjustment, Facebook's Mission into a "give people the power to create a community, the world together."

"It looks like little change, but now we have not only the ability to connect, but also let people really together." Facebook, an executive told us. This means that Facebook begins to consider where the "results" of the connection are leading. Because as a super social platform, Facebook now have to assume more social responsibility, from the birth of it is exposed to the privacy of users accused of criticism, and in the United States when the problem of false news flooding is Facebook and small bar Push the center of the whirlpool.

Zuckerberg has publicly stated that "we feel that our responsibility is increasing, especially when the number of active users exceeds 2 billion. We have been thinking about our responsibilities in the world and the measures we need to take."

Just as any previous transformation, Zuckerberg began to continue to release a very strong signal to the team. He has even adjusted the internal assessment of the indicators, and now, Facebook more and more concerned about the user in the community, "whether happy, how to retain the situation," and "not just click on the advertising to assess the size of the work of the engineers." In order to ensure On the basis of freedom of speech, to eliminate the adverse social impact of improper remarks, Facebook is trying to make adjustments from the product and algorithm level to show people more comprehensive, rather than easily lead to extreme information.

Over the past year or two, Zuckerberg has been to the outside world and the company stressed that Facebook's next decade plan. The program covers virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer development and other fields, representing the focus of Facebook's work over the next decade. Unlike the experimental projects in Google X, Zuckerberg's goals and logic are clear: all future plans revolve around Facebook's "social" attributes.

For example, Facebook's next important goal is to put money into satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, base stations and other aspects, to help the underdeveloped areas of the network connection to help Facebook services into the local. And Oculus investment and AR, VR research, the ultimate goal is also directed at social, "This is related to how to let everyone experience our services in depth, 20 years ago, we use the text, it is a one-dimensional category, The back is a two-dimensional picture, AR, VR is a very important computing platform, then people's experience will certainly go to the direction of three-dimensional.

In the 13 years of business process, Facebook's product gene is very strong in-depth to the company culture, and even become part of the company. Facebook engineers tell us that Facebook is a nature of a strong social properties of the company, "departments and departments have a strong connectivity between, everyone every day in communication, everyone is concerned about the social field; team culture destined Facebook is not an apple, so it never becomes a successful hardware company, just as Apple can never be a social software company, because in the Apple culture, the team and the team do not like to communicate more.

It also constitutes one of the most obvious features of most Silicon Valley technology companies: people can not ignore the corporate culture and extremely focused business areas. Whether it is the past or the future, Facebook business is firmly around the "social", "connection" in this area. This focus, the equivalent of the company set up an intangible border, decided that Facebook will not be better to look at the financial results to find a variety of ways to achieve flow.

But this strong cultural attributes and sense of the border, but also to a certain extent from the beginning to determine the fate of a company: once this era and it has nothing to do, it basically can not escape the fate of being eliminated.

Facebook executives are aware of this, and always remind themselves to remain vigilant. In 2011, Facebook moved to the new headquarters in Menora, California, where it was close to a bay and was the site of the legendary company Sun Microsystems. This is almost a "bite" Apple's IT and Internet technology services company, but with the software industry changes, Sun Microsystems gradually decline, the final acquisition by Oracle.

But Facebook did not let Sun Microsystems really "disappear" in this park: behind the landmark "Facebook" logo in the park center, there is still a sign with Sun Microsystems logo. But, every day attracted to visit Facebook, and enthusiastically take pictures of visitors rarely found.

This is like a "unlucky" metaphor, but it is Facebook executives deliberately. Zuckerberg wants to use this way to remind everyone and everyone in the company: Facebook must continue to focus on the social field. "We know that every company will disappear, but what Facebook wants to do is try every means to get through that day."

This is one of the series of articles on the trip to the geek. In September this year, we went to Silicon Valley with the managers of the domestic start-up companies, and we exchanged views with Google, Facebook and a number of cutting-edge technology companies. Now, we have chosen the most valuable thoughts on this trip and want to share with you, please keep an eye on follow-up reports from the frontier and the top floor.

TopView TopView is a special content production team at Geek Park Frontier, and we are concerned about the impact of cutting-edge technology on current and future business, publishing the most scientific business insights.

(Editor: Zhang Peng; Source: Vision China)

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