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Firefox 56 officially released!

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Yesterday, Mozilla released the official version of Firefox 56.0, which will also support the last version of the old extension, Firefox 57 is expected to only support WebExtension.

The main changes to Firefox 56.0 include the built-in screenshots feature turned on by default; the Quantum CSS (Stylo) feature can be turned on; the Firefox 32-bit version is automatically upgraded to 64-bit version; the default open stand-alone process runs the WebExtension extension, plus some details.

Firefox 56.0 update log:

& mdash; & mdash; privacy statement changes, by default, will provide telemetry data

After this update, the first launch will appear a new performance page, updated Firefox privacy statement, see Firefox privacy statement.

55. 0.3 version of Firefox before the initial start of the function bar appears below, ask the user whether to send telemetry data, click to select the data to be shared will jump to the options page.


As part of the device information, for user privacy and security considerations, Mozilla will not open these two options by default, only by the user manually check.

From the 56.0 version 【option】 page with a relatively large revision, find and data feedback on the location, you can find the abolition of the "telemetry" option, & ldquo; crash report & rdquo; option is still retained, and the default does not hook selected:


& mdash; & mdash; in the tab bar add & ldquo; restore off the tab & rdquo; option

If the browser is started, it will display the button to restore the last tab in the tab bar, and click to restore the last tab. This can display the home page, but also have the means to restore the last closed tab.

& mdash; & mdash; re-adjust the options interface arrangement

The original Firefox option settings interface (click the top right corner of the three bars - options) a total of eight categories of forums. Firefox 56 reorganizes its optimization, down to four sections, namely: regular, search, privacy, Firefox account, and in the upper right corner of the page to add a search box.


& mdash; & mdash; built-in screenshot function is turned on by default


This feature in the previous version of Firefox 55 began to add, for A / B test gradually released to the user to use. But the new built-in screenshot tool does not edit the function, the future may continue to improve, but you can use the Chinese version of the official development of Firefox screenshot to replace.

& mdash; & mdash; can turn on Quantum CSS (Stylo) function

As one of Mozilla's Quantum Quantum projects, Stylo's goal is to integrate the CSS parallel execution system inside the Servo project into the existing Gecko architecture to increase the speed at which the site loads CSS, which is written in the high-performance Rust language with Mozilla of.

& mdash; & mdash; auto upgrade Firefox 32-bit version is 64-bit version

Beginning in 2015 Firefox will gradually move the 64-bit version of the migration, because only 8% of Windows users use 2GB or less of physical memory, and memory is greater than 2GB users 64-bit Firefox when the probability of collapse significantly reduced.

Firefox 55 official release release, simple installation package provides a 64-bit version of the download. And Firefox 56 version will be 32-bit Firefox to 64-bit migration, Firefox check update, for the conditions to meet the PC side, Firefox will automatically download and update to 64-bit version.

The required conditions are: The operating system is 64-bit Win 7 and later; 2GB or more of physical memory.

& mdash; & mdash; By default, the standalone process runs the WebExtension extension

To further enhance the functionality of the e10s multi-process, Firefox 56 implements a separate process running the WebExtension extension, which prevents WebExtension from blocking the main thread while the parent process is running, thus continuing to improve browser responsiveness. In addition, due to the independent process of expansion, due to expansion of the crash caused by the browser crash problem will be effectively avoided.

Note: 1, this feature only supports WebExtension extension, does not support the traditional extension. 2, currently only supports Windows system.

& mdash; & mdash; other details of the adjustment

& mdash; The audio and video opened in the background tab is only played when the tab is selected

& mdash; improve the synchronization of the send tab function, no login Firefox user can see the function (you can watch the end of the video)

& mdash; add hardware acceleration for AES-GCM

Improve the security of the update download

& mdash; update the size of the downloaded file by about 20%

& mdash; en-US users increase the automatic fill function


In the Firefox option - privacy and security, you can see the Enable Profile Autofill, click Saved Profiles you can see the saved form configuration, and can create and delete the configuration.


Currently, only form fields in the US format are filled in, but heuristic analysis is used to support the & lt; input & gt; form fields that do not have the @autocomplete property so that most sites can be used. Later, credit card information will be added to support and support more country form types.

Firefox 56.0 Download:

Windows:click here

Mac OS X:click here

Linux version:click here

Linux 64-bit version:click here

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