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Wonderful behind the scenes macOS High Sierra

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New system view

We guessed for a year what the name of the new macOS was, and eventually it fell to an outcome that nobody thought of - High, Sierra. From this name, we seem to be able to see the connection between the two generation systems. Yes, the changes that macOS High Sierra brings are more technical, not user experience and visual design. So, can such a system bring different feelings to us as ordinary users?

After the upgrade, you probably won't feel anything special. After all, macOS, High, Sierra, and macOS Sierra are really similar in design, apart from the new wallpaper, the Sierra Nevada ridge. Apple itself said, the new version of the upgrade, pure technical content to more. Perhaps this time more attention to technical updates, the design is not very big change, there is no way to do it.

Of course, more visual changes are scattered in all applications, but as far as the system is concerned, we should think that macOS High Sierra is the same strain. Waiting for a vision of the year for a change fruit powder, this year the new system may appear the lack of bright spots.

However, no one can deny that the visual performance is only part of the experience, the daily use of the smooth, but still come from those new functions and optimize the promotion. We believe that these are the highlights of the macOS High Sierra.

A new file system

We all know that after the macOS High Sierra file system, you can have the official from the old HFS upgrade to APFS (Apple File System). APFS has a 64 bit architecture and is built for SSD drives - and that's what's on the Mac today. So, when it comes to the use of documents, the whole experience of macOS will have a subtle lift.

It is said that APFS can be more efficient than HFS, so after upgrading, our first response is to see your storage information. Before the upgrade, the 2015 MacBook Pro 120GB hard disk space, leaving only about 22GB of storage space, after the upgrade, as shown, rebounded to 41.47GB, the effect is still quite obvious. Of course, this does not mean that the bigger your hard disk space, the ability to "retrieve" the storage space will increase in proportion, but also a smaller recovery. In any case, APFS does bring change.

As we said just now, APFS was optimized for modern Mac computers, so the overall performance improvement was very comprehensive, and at this point the most obvious was the duplication of files. In the test, we can be surprised to find that the size of the file about 1GB or even the progress bar did not appear when copying, including the replication of similar volume folder is also very fast. Of course, if the file size is larger, it will take a while to copy. Similarly, file searches are very fast, almost instantaneous.

Apple said, APFS built-in encryption mechanism to make our data more secure. This is difficult for us to experience in our daily use, but Apple's efforts in this regard should be obvious to all. It is worth mentioning that the new file system can generate system file snapshots, so that the backup becomes easier, such as Time Machine. This is also a means of protecting computers.

Safari browser

As an essential tool for browsing the web, the browser experience is certain. Although many people may prefer to use third party browsers such as Chrome, it is undeniable that Apple has been improving the Safari experience, perhaps High Sierra release is your return to the original opportunity. In its propaganda, apple called Safari "the fastest browser" and had further optimizations in the new system. The Safari performance in the previous version was good, but this time it basically inherited the advantages and had a small increase in speed.

The most important experience change in the new version of Safari is the newly added banned automatic playback feature. When you open a web page, the video is always played automatically, is it annoying? The new Safari is automatically disabled by default, so you won't be bothered when you click on a page like this. The video will only start when you click the play icon manually.

Of course, you can refine operations in preference settings, such as which websites are allowed to play automatically, or just play with voice free media.

Another highlight of the new Safari is its ability to intercept ads. We know that some advertising mechanisms now track the user's information and then distribute the ads accordingly. This is undoubtedly a security risk. The new Safari has an anti - tracking capability that prevents service providers from tracking ads on their own. It is worth mentioning that this mechanism is controlled by machine learning algorithms, and it is not a simple advertising screen. Only those who have the intent to trace information will be banned by the Safari. Interestingly, Safari can also learn the user's intentions and then decide whether the ad is blocked or not.


Like Safari, the photo application of macOS High Sierra has also improved considerably. To open the application, we can first see the new sidebar. In the new system, the sidebar will always be displayed. As a result, the photo application also has more sense of album, which is convenient for us to sort out and classify.

When it comes to classification, recently has always attached great importance to machine learning techniques that Apple it is necessary to fully show off their strength, photo memories are increased, the pet category a baby, birthday, sports, outdoor activities, weddings, anniversaries, and are automatically classified. This feature allows you to distinguish between smiling faces and identify duplicate photos. If the photos look similar, they will choose one of the best quality.

In addition to the sidebar, there are a number of minor improvements to the main interface of the photo application, such as new top toolbars, photo selection counters, counters, drag and drop sorting, export, photo filtering, and so on.

Another highlight is the newly designed photo editing interface, which allows you to select the "display editing tool" in the menu bar. For an official photo editing tool, the interface of macOS High Sierra is a bit of a professional. If you don't need very deep retouching, just edit some contrast, saturation, hue, and so on, then that's enough. MacOS High Sierra's photo editing has the curve function, can carry on the fine adjustment to these data.

Interestingly, with this optional color tool, you can also modify the various attributes of the particular color range in the photo. Just want the flowers in the photos to change from red to purple, and that's ok.

Apple still knows what our average user needs to edit a photo, so it comes with a variety of filters to use. If you don't want to do all the hassle at all, just try to make the picture look more beautiful, and a one click landscaping in the upper right corner will be enough. Look, is this photograph much more colorful than the original one?

Finally, you can talk about the enhancement of Live Photo. Through editing tools, we can add a variety of interesting effects on the Live Photo, for example, repeat it "Circulation", put it back down the back and forth play back and forth to play, or create a virtual effect "of long exposure". In addition, filters, clipping, and mute are all available.

All kinds of progress

In addition to the new features highlighted by the file system, Safari, and photos, there are many details of the changes in the macOS High Sierra. Although relatively humble, but also to enhance the experience.

New mail applications use Spotlight to help you search and keyword the most relevant mail, the key feature is "the most frequently selected", which reflects the status of your e-mail reading. The system will learn your habits, that is, the more used, the more intelligent. In addition, it uses a new full screen split screen mode that allows you to write new messages while browsing other messages.

This memorandum is to join the top function, those important information can not be buried can not find. In addition, you can insert a form in a memo. When searching for keywords, these words are highlighted.

Siri and Spotlight correspond to the two directions of voice and text in information search respectively. The biggest update for Spotlight is to be able to check flights, and Siri has a new voice, which sounds more authentic and natural, as it was previously announced. Apple says people will want to use it only if Siri sounds more approachable.

It is also worth mentioning that the new system supports HEVC video coding. The new H.265 encodes better graphics, but lower compression rates. Supporting HEVC is a big trend, and Apple's decision is not surprising. Unfortunately, as the evaluation machine of the 2015 MacBook Pro is not more than sixth generations of Intel CPU, can not complete hardware acceleration, can only be based on software level play.

The new Metal 2, as an upgraded version of API, has more optimization. If you have a need for video editing, or a gamer, Metal 2 is expected to enhance the fluency experience in these two directions.


If you're a regular Mac user, then macOS High Sierra might make you feel a little disappointed. The new system is more code and technical level of progress and improvement, it has neither visual changes, nor revolutionary new features. Many details of the improvements are scattered in all corners, waiting for you to explore.

But this does not mean that the new system is really not worth mentioning, because its series of upgrades behind the scenes will make us feel a lot better. Without mentioning the changes that can be seen, the new filesystem, Metal 2, VR compatibility and optimization, machine learning algorithms, all of which may silently enhance your usage experience. When you react, you may suddenly find that it is much easier than it used to be.

One more thing, that's the full update of the macOS High Sierra on the kernel, and that's probably what it's going to do for the future. The new system pays attention to technology and requires that it take into account both visual elements and functionality, and not realistic. We might as well wait a moment, perhaps the surprise is still behind us.

What about now? MacOS High Sierra is certainly worth upgrading, and there's no doubt about it. If you want a better understanding of your Mac, then the arrival of the new system is an opportunity.

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