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The world's best camera smartphone: iPhone 8 Plus

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When the iPhone 8 Plus officially released, many people disappointed, mainly the appearance of the continuation of years, and still with the iPhone 7 Plus as dual camera bulge. In fact, through the introduction of Apple's official website we can understand that, iPhone 8 Plus still uses the same 12 million pixels with the iPhone 7 wide-angle lens, but also with a scene can be closer to the 12 million pixel telephoto lens, also supports high quality Zoom and portrait mode.

The difference is, apple said on the iPhone 8 Plus dual lens camera is optimized and adjusted, has a larger area than in the past, the speed of the photosensitive element faster, as well as the new color filter and deeper pixels. At the same time, ISP image signal processor A11 chip brings more advanced pixel processing ability. Under the weak light environment AF faster, and can generate better HDR photos, while increasing the luminous efficiency in portrait portrait mode on the basis of support.

In this series of improvements, apple said iPhone 8 Plus camera is more advanced, so the pictures become doubly brilliant, brilliant colors and lifelike can show more details. In the video, 8 Plus added support for 4K@60fps and 1080p @ 240fps recording, optimization of video image stabilization.

iPhone 8 Plus official website to provide some of the main specifications are as follows:

- 12 million megapixel wide-angle and telephoto dual lens camera, back illuminated sensor

- /1.8: f more wide-angle lens aperture

- telephoto lens: /2.8 f more aperture

- optical zoom; maximum 10 times digital zoom

- portrait mode

Portrait light effect (beta)

- optical image stabilization feature (main camera)

- six mirror lens, hybrid infrared filter

- support 4-LED Yuancai slow sync flash

- Focus Pixels AF, Focus Pixels tap to focus

- shooting wide gamut photos and Live Photo

Local tone mapping function - optimization, body and facial recognition, exposure control, noise reduction function

- automatic HDR photos

- automatic image stabilization function

- image format: HEIF and JPEG

So, in a series of improvements under Apple, iPhone 8 Plus how much improvement? I believe we are very familiar with DxOMark, which is a long-term focus on the camera and lens imaging quality evaluation agencies, the industry recognized its evaluation is relatively trustworthy, so many manufacturers in the new product will be sent before the test, and then the test results on the release At the meeting as a selling point. September 22, this authority released a new camera for the iPhone 8 Plus evaluation, we take a look at some of these highlights.

DxOMark said that although the iPhone 8 Plus camera appearance and data and 7 Plus almost the same, but the image quality and camera performance has brought a huge upgrade. "The iPhone 8 Plus is the best mobile camera device we've ever tested." The DxOMark score is 94 points, out of 90 points for Google Pixel and HTC U11. Among them, the photo part score of 96 points, creating a new record, breaking the Pixel 90. For the video part, 89 points is one of the highest, and HTC U11 side by side, slightly lower than Pixel's 91 points.

Of course, DxOMark also mentioned that Google Pixel has now been released for nearly a year, and Apple's new flagship break through the new limit is naturally justified.

Bright light of the outdoor scene

DxOMark said, based on the iPhone 7 series of outstanding performance, iPhone 8 Plus in the bright light to take pictures better. The iPhone 8 Plus's pictures taken outdoors are breathtaking, the details are in place, the colors are accurate and the dynamic range is impressive. Apple has specifically improved the exposure algorithm and improved the performance of capturing HDR (high dynamic range) scenes.

The following figure, DxOMark said that this is all tested smart phones are quite challenging performance. The iPhone 8 Plus has proven to be the best performer. DxOMark believes that you may not even believe that this photo is used to shoot the phone, it is difficult to judge.

Compared with the iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series to capture the HDR scene photos do better. In the following comparison, you can see that the iPhone 8 series offers better detail than the iPhone 7 Plus and the overall exposure ratio. In general, imaging performance matches Google Pixel.

iPhone 8 Plus:


iPhone 8:

iPhone 7 Plus:

Low light scene

Low light environment, iPhone 8 Plus exposure is generally very accurate, only in the very low light may be some under-exposure. "The powerful performance of the iPhone 8 Plus in low light and flash modes is easy for people who want to easily take their own indoor environment with their outstanding recognition and correct face exposure."

Even in the case of complex mixed light, the iPhone 8 Plus can provide an accurate and detailed interior scene rendering. As for the flash mode, the image as a whole looks very nice, accurate exposure and white balance, but there may be some details of the degradation or a lot of noise.

Indoor proofs:

Zoom and background blur

iPhone 8 Plus camera is generally amazing, so in the new evaluation category DxOMark, the performance is indeed compelling. Although the technical specifications of the sub-camera and iPhone 7 Plus on the specifications are very similar, but the software on the image processing upgrade to enhance the performance of the iPhone 8 Plus to another new level. It is especially important for ordinary users who take portraits from their mobile phones. Under normal circumstances, you need to create some artistic effects, such as close-up, zoom and background blur, and basically require professional cameras. "But the iPhone 8 Plus changed this all."

Zoom, the iPhone 8 Plus telephoto lens traditional single-shot design more advantages, "it's zoom function we have evaluated all the mobile devices in the highest score (51 points), higher than the previous iPhone 7 Plus 5 Point ", in the case of 2x zoom, iPhone 8 Plus in the framework and the details of the reservation has done very well. The following is a comparison chart:

iPhone 8 Plus:


iPhone 8:

iPhone 7 Plus:

Background blur, "Overall, iPhone 8 is our background in the virtual experience of the best performance of the phone." Although the camera's specification changes are relatively small, Apple's excellent software algorithm development and processing capabilities to enhance, so that it beat the 7 Plus, took more than 5 points. But also in the battle with Google Pixel further lead, which is 55 points and 30 points gap.

As you can see from the chart below, the iPhone 8 Plus has improved the depth effect compared to the old model, which shows that the dual camera system is now better able to blur the foreground, just as true optical blur, rather than just blur Background, more artistic rendering of the image.

iPhone 8 Plus:


iPhone 8:

iPhone 7 Plus:

Video recording

DxOMark in the video test less, only that Apple iPhone 8 Plus performance is still excellent, got 89 points, "8 Plus video quality is the best of all Apple devices." In short, compared with the previous iPhone, exposure or walking more stable, HDR function is also very good, but there is room for improvement, because the score is still behind the HTC U11 and Google Pixel (91 points). In fact, the biggest advantage is that, 8 Plus camera in the bright light when shooting video on the face to do the best track.

Photo shoot score analysis

-Exposure and contrast (89 points)

8 Plus is well positioned to accurately calculate exposure, as compared to the performance of the iPhone 7 series, and the imaging performance of high-contrast scenes has also been improved. DxOMark believes that this part is due to the improvement of image processing capabilities on the software meritorious service, especially in the performance of multi-frame synthesis of a single image. 8 Plus has the best auto HDR technology on the market, the best rendering of high dynamic range scenes, and in the correct exposure and recognition of the face has done very well.

The following is the HDR scene test chart, you can see, 8 Plus to maintain the high light at the same time, the prospects of the leaves in the shadow details are also presented out of the perfect, very good:

-Color (78 points)

In the outdoor and indoor iPhone 8 Plus color performance is quite pleasant, white balance is also very good. 8 Plus can completely avoid the phenomenon of visible color shadows and uneven color, even in the case of weak light 8 Plus color performance has also been improved. For example, the following outdoor scene proofs, iPhone 8 Plus accurately rendered a pleasant color:

The color saturation of the iPhone 8 Plus is still very good, even in low light conditions. However, in low light and typical indoor (tungsten) environments, some of the obvious color castings can be seen by the following chart:

Look at the following reference sample, it should be noted that in very low light conditions, light gray patches will almost become peach:

About the color balance of the iPhone 8 Plus. In some cases, Apple apparently made a "slightly warm white balance" adjustment on the software, at least compared to Google Pixel so. For example, the following two test charts, in this outdoor scene, 8 Plus image than Pixel's image is slightly warm or partial yellow. But in any case, these two versions of the image are quite pleasant to the human eye, depending on your favorite taste. DxOMark said that in their evaluation of color performance, is to allow the color white balance has been fine-tuning, because the camera manufacturers will always create some of their own style preferences of the product, especially in the color white balance on a slight adjustment.

iPhone 8 Plus:


-Autofocus (74)

Although the 8 Plus is not always able to focus quickly, but once it is focused on the very accurate. In the long and short delay test of the DxOMark, the 8 Plus can repeatedly capture a focus scene. However, sometimes there will be a long delay, whether in bright or low light will occur periodically, so this means that users may miss them want to take pictures.

Even in bright light, the 8 Plus's autofocus will occasionally be delayed, that is, the focus frame is uncertain, so this may mean that you may want to miss the camera you want to shoot.

Likewise, in the quick-trigger test, the 8 Plus is not always re-adjusted. However, once the 8 Plus focus is complete, even within a longer time interval, the camera can accurately and quickly focus every time.

-Detail texture (64 points)

8 Plus captures details in a variety of lighting conditions is indeed very good, especially in the case of static. Therefore, 8 Plus is particularly suitable for shooting landscapes, landscapes and the like. And when there is a moving object, especially in the case of low light, 8 Plus shooting images will have obvious details of the missing. Below this simulation of moving objects and scenic scenes of the test chart, you can see the details of the reservation and the light level ratio:

Smart phone camera development is indeed amazing, many people can easily forget the iPhone a few years ago, the level of the following DxOMark standard natural test scene (5 lux low-light handheld shooting), I believe you will be amazing iPhone camera level Of the promotion, especially in the details of the reservation and the suppression of noise suppression is very alarming:

        - Noise control (68 points)

The score of this link is similar to the detail texture, and the 8 Plus is very early in capturing static scenes, which is better than the other phones in the DxOMark database. Even in the HDR scene, the darkest area also has very low noise, shooting blue sky almost no noise, very pure. However, in the room and the light is dark place, there are some weak brightness noise, but also within the acceptable range.

For example, the following comparison test chart, in this very low light indoor test target scene, although the 8 Plus exposure slightly lower than the Google Pixel, but the noise control is better, you can clearly see the color of Pixel more:

Why is iPhone 8 Plus noise control is better? The contrast map, can well reflect the intelligent mobile phone camera in the pace of technical progress. Two photos were from 7 iPhone Plus and 8 Plus, obviously, put aside the bokeh aside, the face parts of the map include background Girl 8, Plus has emerged to better detail and lower.

iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone 7 Plus:

        - Artifacts quality deterioration control (73 points) 

This part of the DxOMark small talk, but they mentioned that they like the past 8 Plus tested most of the iPhone, the photograph is only a little deterioration, the overall control level excellent. But interestingly, iPhone 8 in this part of the score is more than 8 Plus. in bad light, 8 Plus photos will be a slight glare and artifacts in some detail, it is compared to iPhone 8.

        - flash effect (84 points)

In the flash mode, the iPhone 8 Plus's photo shows accurate white balance and good rendering. Able to combine the flash and ambient light, the noise is very low, the details remain well. However, when the flash and low ambient light mixed together, there may be a slight yellowish phenomenon, and exposure and white balance will be different depending on the angle of the lens. The following picture of the flash mode, showing a slight yellow:

        - Zoom performance (51 points)

DxOMark said, "iPhone 8 Plus for smart phone zoom performance once again set a new standard," mainly due to its dual camera design, Apple 7 Plus for the obvious image processing improvements. However, DxOMark said that there are still some room for improvement, because when you use the zoom to shoot multiple pictures in succession, some of them (not all) photos showing Artifacts deteriorated.

Even if the 8 Plus offers amazing zoom performance and portrait mode, taking pictures still need to be aware of some of the possible side effects. For example, the following images, once the subject of the movement of the object is not the same. The first is very clear, background blur, character highlights. While the second little waved, but the 8 Plus did not have a good solution to the resulting motion blur:

        - background blur effect (55 points)

DxOMark said that the background of the iPhone 8 Plus virtual site is very reliable, because in its depth assessment, 8 Plus will not like other smart phones, as the camera over "cheated, fooled" situation, and have Similar to the dual camera system, the other phones are much better than the 8 Plus. At the same time, in the case of weak light, 8 Plus rendering background blur effect done much better than Google Pixel, the price is more noise, but Pixel imaging degradation is much more serious, as the following comparison chart:

iPhone 8 Plus:


iPhone 8:

iPhone 7 Plus:

In the case of

8 Plus Excellent background blur effect The key to getting points is its excellent depth estimation and face recognition, these techniques help to ensure that the background blur when creating the image is natural and effective. Of course, there is room for improvement, especially when the subject frame edge, sometimes the camera will be the main part of the edge of the wrong part of the background identified, resulting in these parts become blurred, unpleasant.

Video recording score analysis

iPhone 8 Plus video recording score of 89 points. As with the photo shoot score, this is also calculated by a sub-fraction obtained in a series of test sessions that ultimately define the performance of its overall video recording. Among them, exposure and contrast (81 points), color (87 points), auto focus (84 points), detail texture (50 points), noise control (68 points), Artifacts quality deterioration control (81 points) and stability performance ( 91 points). Particularly noteworthy is that the 8 Plus video recording of the anti-shake performance is very good, color rendering is also very accurate, and exposure than the previous generation has greatly improved, the improvement of facial tracking technology also help more accurate exposure. Photographed video rarely affected by the impact of vibration, and the frame rate is not accurate phenomenon is also very small.

The downside of the iPhone 8 Plus video recording is the exposure problem in low light environments. When the light falls, the 8 Plus tends to be underexposed, as reflected by the chart below. Ideally, the gray level win is kept at around 50, but the 8 Plus is getting less and less exposed after the light falls:

Conclusion: The iPhone 8 Plus is the best photographed smartphone for DxOMark tested

DxOMark finally said, in general, Apple iPhone 8 Plus is almost all smart phones for shooting the best choice. Its greatest feature is the excellent image quality, the need to pull the subject closer to the zoom performance is also very prominent, but also for the artistic creation to provide industry-leading portrait mode. The iPhone 8 Plus is in a leading position on almost all of the ratings. DxOMark said Apple's advanced software algorithms enabled the 8 Plus to show stunning levels of scenes and images that capture HDR's high dynamic range, and face recognition is excellent in these scenarios.

However, DxOMark also said that they are now looking forward to testing the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus contest, after all, iPhone X dual camera is more advanced, vice camera aperture larger, and both lenses support OIS optical image stabilization. It is expected that the zoom performance and portrait mode will be more advanced.

For the iPhone 8 Plus camera, DxOMark made some notes on the trailer, claiming that the photographs were DCI-P3 color gamut, matching their own display. While the DCI-P3 color gamut is much wider than the common sRGB gamut. Therefore, in order to ensure that the evaluation of the picture can be normal in the equipment and browser display, through the original film DCI-P3 color gamut into sRGB color gamut. To a certain extent, the color must be lost, the richness of the color will cut some.

In addition, iPhone 8 Plus photographs also uses the latest HEIF efficient image file format ", which is a new generation of compression technology, in the premise of holding the same image quality, reducing the file size.DxOMark the HEI format and JPEG format conversion to high quality, in order to facilitate you can view the standard browser and image editing software. Obviously, DxOMark refers to these two points, it is necessary to evaluate a new generation of iPhone camera, especially the color gamut conversion.

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