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Hesitate? To you who wants to buy Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple Watch Series 3 Wei Feng network news, today officially listed, its biggest improvement is the addition of a cellular data function, so if you are considering buying Apple Watch, or want to upgrade the hands of Apple Watch, and what needs attention? Or what are the strengths and weaknesses that need to be measured? Here are some of the questions you may not have learned in detail.

S3 chip fast!

One of the complaints that users have about Apple Watch is its speed: it takes more than a minute to turn on the machine, open the application slowly, and Siri's response is not very fast.

Update to Apple's watchOS S2 chip architecture combining Apple Watch Series 2, apple in the improvement of this point, the Series 2 than the first generation model is improved by the rate of 50%, but even so, Series still has 2 applications open too slow or crash.

WatchOS 4 will further increase the speed of Series 2 users, but certainly not comparable to the Series 3 series S3 chip. Apple's latest smart watches are fast, and Apple says Series 3 is 1.7 times faster than Series 2. Although we don't have enough time to start the Series 3 Series watches and carry out rigorous testing, we can boldly predict that it is very impressive.

Foreign media iMore said that after the Siri has LTE, but also to respond faster, scrolling in the interface, and now feel as smooth as in iPhone. Open and use applications are just as fast, and heart rate measurement is the same.

No iPhone can record mountain climbing data

Although the older version of Apple Watch has many functions, for example, can help you track the health and exercise, but they do not integrate altimeter, this sensor can track your elevation data and climb the stairs, and has already become a kind of sensor in recent years in the iPhone. You can get these data on Apple Watch, but you must carry iPhone with you.

From Series 3, you don't need to carry iPhone anymore: both the data version and the non data version contain the altimeter for local tracking. For fitness groups, this is a good addition and makes Apple Watch more independent.

The data version has more storage

Previously, Apple Watch built the largest storage space of the fuselage only 8GB, but the data version of Series 3 storage capacity doubled, whether it is aluminum alloy version, or ceramic version, all provide 16GB storage.

The Apple Corp did not explicitly tell the reason for the change, but the new watch might require additional music streaming space or need more room for stand-alone applications. In any case, this is a boon for users who plan to buy data version Series 3.

No international roaming

The data version of the Apple Watch Series 3 is fully functional in most respects: the addition of data features does not limit the function of the watch. The use is mainly related to the applications you use and the overall battery life.

But the data function itself may have some limitations. This is mainly due to space constraints: unlike iPhone, there is not enough room inside the Apple Watch to add all the necessary bands to make the watch compatible with networks around the world. Instead, Apple launched 6 different bands of Apple watches (3 in each size), each covering 1-6 countries.

As a result, apple is currently banning international roaming of the Series 3 watch. But you can still use iPhone's roaming feature to use your watch, but you can't leave iPhone in the hotel room, nor can you phone your watch in a foreign country via a mobile phone.

It is not clear whether this is related to the European Union's decision on the roaming restriction program.

Transfer from one country to another? In theory, you should be able to do so if your Apple Watch Series 3 supports another national iPhone carrier (for example, from the United States to Canada) in the LTE spectrum. But 100% cannot be confirmed at the moment.

Operators should be consistent

The data version Apple Watch Series 3 starts with only 17 operators in 10 countries and territories. If the starting area isn't where you are, then you're temporarily missing the data version of Apple Watch. As we have mentioned above, in theory, you can buy the same Apple Watch as your carrier band, but we don't recommend it.

What about switching operators on a compatible network? Can you pop out a SIM card? The answer is yes, you can switch the operator at will, but not through the physical SIM card. Instead, this is similar to Apple's Apple SIM embedded in iPad. You can always add or cancel services from any of the available operators in your area, but they are done through the Watch application without the need for a physical SIM card.

However, it is worth noting that, regardless of your choice of operators, Apple Watch operators must also be consistent with your iPhone connected operators. For example, you can't use T-Mobile's Apple Watch on iPhone at & T networks. This is because operators do not actually provide data plans for Apple Watch; instead, they offer an additional option to connect Apple Watch Series 3 to existing iPhone plans.

According to Apple's official website announced the band support information, in order to Chinese using the cellular version of Apple Watch or need to buy version of the National Bank, is currently the domestic operator support is not complete, only part of the Chinese Unicom users can connect to the network.

China Unicom recently announced the apple Apple Watch cellular data version of the tariff information, for the first to get the user, after the China Unicom real name authentication, you can complete the network. Tariff, before the end of 2018, the network can be free experience, starting from 2019 January, China Unicom will charge 10 yuan per month for Apple Watch function fee, 120 yuan a year.

Not the Qi standard

Although you may have seen Apple Watch Series 3 in the upcoming apple AirPower charging pillow, but Series 3 is not supported by the Qi standard, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and Plus iPhone X is a Apple Corp in support of Qi equipment. On the contrary, in addition to the existing magnetic charging interface, because there are some undisclosed technology, Apple Watch Series 3 is able to support AirPower, but it is not the reason to support AirPower Qi standard.

Android is still not supported

The data Watch Series 3 version of Apple may have LTE antenna, but this does not mean that you can use it as a stand-alone device: you still need a iPhone to set up your Apple Watch, and the need to connect to the iPhone cellular plan can play a role. Sorry, Android fans: if you want to use Apple Watch, you still need a iPhone.

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