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Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular network can be used to call the watch

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In this year's Apple fall conference, we were pleasantly welcome ushered in the Apple Watch Series 3. From the new generation of Apple Watch who we see is a more independent product, a no longer called the iPhone accessories products. Apple Watch Series 3 increased cellular data network function will undoubtedly pull it away with most fitness smart watches, it is a completely do not need to carry the iPhone with a smart watch, you can expect it will be popular in fitness people. Apple Watch Series 3 will be your love, it is better to look at our detailed evaluation.

A little red in the table cluster

At first glance Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network version, we can easily find the digital crown red dot. And most people, the author of this red dot is also puzzled, is this for a hardware function and do the design compromise? For example, the antenna on the back of the iPhone in the first few generations is no way to hide it very well. This red dot should not be designed for the Apple Watch Series 3 cell network signal?

However, in fact, Apple designed the red dot is just want to distinguish between a new generation of Apple Watch and the old Apple Watch, put some new elements in the design. The beginning to see Apple Watch Series 3 may not get used to this little red dot, wearing a long time also do not feel so abrupt.

In addition, Apple Watch Series 3 in the design with the previous generation, the same size, the same button. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS version is no small red dot, with the appearance of the same generation. From the box can also be seen is the cellular version of the network or GPS version, the cellular network version of the packaging of the Series 3 is marked with a red font, especially conspicuous.

Strap as an important part of the watch, this year Apple continues to introduce a variety of new straps, such as this light pink loop back to the movement, the color is very good to see, material comfortable, lightweight. Close to the skin that side of the fabric fine, but at the same time breathable perspiration, very suitable for sports or summer wear.

Cellular network activation

Calling Apple Watch is the most anticipated feature for watch users, and Apple Watch Series 3 apples the watch with the support of the cellular network. Through the test found that Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function is very easy to use, very practical. This is not to say that we have to watch the little screen on the Internet, this is not the purpose of cellular network function. Cellular network functions in many cases can meet the needs of users.

In the case of

Apple Watch Series 3 itself is no need to insert the SIM card, using the eSIM, which also ensures that the Apple Watch Series 3 body will not be thicker, and set up is also very convenient. Just mentioned the antenna design of this concern Apple easily solved, Apple Watch Series 3 through the display as a cellular antenna, so as to avoid the body like the iPhone can not hide the antenna design. This point is very creative, why iPhone does not do it?

Apple Watch Series 3 only supports some operators. In China can support China Unicom, and limited to some provinces or municipalities for Apple Watch Series 3 to open cellular network functions, including Shanghai, Hunan, Tianjin, Guangdong and Henan. In other words, the provinces or municipalities of the user can go to China Unicom Business Office to Apple Watch Series 3 to open cellular network function. Users do not need to replace the phone card, just open a multi-terminal business on the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 can share the same number. January 1, 2019 opened this business can also experience free for 1 year, after the end of the experience period from the end of each subsidiary of each terminal charge 10 yuan monthly fee.

In the business hall opened the business, you can activate. This service can be activated and used nationwide. Such as Shanghai's number opened this business, you can get back to Shenzhen to activate and use, although Shenzhen has not yet support the opening of this business. Want to early adopters of the user can actually go to the area opened an account, and then get back to their own use of the city, anyway, there is no roaming charges this argument. I believe that more and more provinces will immediately support this business, China Mobile and China Telecom will soon launch the corresponding business.

Activating the Apple Watch Series 3 cell network is also very simple. When paired Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone, in the matching step will pop up the "cellular mobile network settings" this step, but in advance to open the iPhone's cellular mobile network. Even if you have already paired, you can activate the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular mobile network alone, without having to repeat the pairing process. First open the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 Wi-Fi and cellular network, into the iPhone's Watch App, into the "cellular mobile network", click on the settings will enter the activation process, asked to fill in the phone number and account name, ID number Class information. And then apply for the opening of a multi-terminal business, waiting for the opening, the process takes a few minutes. After the opening of our Apple Watch Series 3 settings - cellular mobile network menu to see the package is China Unicom, the state is connected.

In watchOS 4, we can choose from the pull-up control center Apple Watch Series 3 connection, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth + wireless LAN, or Bluetooth + wireless LAN + cellular mobile network.

Cellular network function measurement

Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function is not designed to replace the iPhone, but in some scenes temporary replacement iPhone, such as running outdoors, in the gym, or even just downstairs to walk or go to the downstairs convenience store to buy something, Trouble but worry that others can not contact their own scenes, Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function can come in handy.

Measured that even if the day without iPhone, only with Apple Watch Series 3, no problem, and the power is enough to stay home at night, although the use of cellular networks will be more power, but if only to keep Apple Watch Series 3 networking , Without too much use of fitness features and phone features, Apple Watch Series 3 power can be supported to go home. And in the environment can be connected to the wireless LAN, such as in the company, Apple Watch Series 3 priority to connect the wireless LAN, Apple Watch Series 3 to save power.

Of course, I do not recommend wearing Apple Watch Series 3 all day out and leave the iPhone home, after all, Apple Watch Series 3 battery life is based on the use of change. Measured to find, with Apple Watch Series 3 call out a phone call 5 minutes, nearly 5% power consumption. So, if not go out too early to put the iPhone home, or do not recommend early and late users only wear Apple Watch Series 3 without iPhone. Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone connection when the battery life is enough, or even two days a charge.

Apple Watch Series 3 enabled after the cellular network does not need to rely on the iPhone. Even if the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 disconnect, and even the iPhone shutdown, Apple Watch Series 3 can call or receive calls as usual, send and receive text messages, view mail, use maps and navigation, brush Apple Pay or pay treasure, Listen to music online (not yet available), like a small iPhone like.

During the measurement process, Apple Watch Series 3 support for the cellular network is very smooth, clear voice, signal stability. If the outdoor noisy environment, it is recommended to wear AirPods Bluetooth headset to answer the phone, or may not hear.

I think Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function is the most practical is the combination with the SOS function. Prior to Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 needed the iPhone or needed to connect to a known Wi-Fi to make an SOS call and send an SMS containing the location to the emergency contact. Apple Watch Series 3 can now use the cellular network independently, even if the iPhone is not nearby, you can also call SOS emergency calls, and send an emergency contact to send text messages. After all, many cases of emergency iPhone may not be just around, or iPhone without electricity but Apple Watch Series 3 is still a power, an emergency call may be able to avoid a lot of tragedy.

Processing speed

Apple Watch Series 3 built a faster dual-core processor, performance and speed of the previous upgrade up to 70%. Apple Watch Series 3 App start speed has indeed significantly accelerated. For the original App, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 2 is not very different, loading a little faster, Apple Watch Series 3, many native App can be said to be instantaneous load.

Apple Watch Series 3 is also equipped with a higher performance and energy-efficient W2 wireless chip, making the wireless network speed up to 85%, Bluetooth and wireless network power efficiency up to 50%. In some need to use the network App is the difference between the obvious, the use of the map experience has greatly improved. Using the map on Apple Watch is sometimes a very difficult thing, the map App sometimes half a day can not load or find the route. But the experience of using the map on the Apple Watch Series 3 has been greatly improved, not only to instantly locate, but also to quickly provide navigation routes.

On the Apple Watch Series 3, Siri can finally speak like the iPhone, this is what we are familiar Siri Well. The silence of Siri is so easy. Apple Watch Series 3 on the Siri reaction faster, there is "slightly" the situation will be relatively less, and occasionally "wait, ready when I will tap you" when they can quickly react, Such as the time greatly reduced.

watchOS 4

In addition to the above hardware updates, Apple Watch Series 3 pre-installed watchOS 4 also brings a lot of software updates, such as the new physical training app, the new dial, the new target to achieve incentive animation, more in-depth heart rate data analysis Wait.

Physical training app adds high intensity intermittent training (HIIT), which is what fitness users expect. After starting HIIT on Keep, you can finally have a special type of training that can be recorded. In a variety of different types of physical training, we can not quit the current training interface, click on the "new", the new training type, when the end of all training, all the training data will be accumulated. Let the fitness user is more satisfied that the music control directly integrated into the physical training app, slide to control the music playback.

watchOS 4 allows users to understand their own heart rate, which for some heart rate users is a very useful function. When the static heart rate exceeds a preset point, Apple Watch Series 3 will send a notice to remind, so as to prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations.

to sum up

Experienced Apple Watch Series 3, to ask if I am not a time to upgrade, I think if Apple Watch Series 3 provides a function is exactly what you need, why not give yourself a chance to try it? If you need to go to the gym every day, you can lock the iPhone in the locker, a relaxed to fitness; if you have the habit of running outdoors, you do not have to wear the iPhone in the arm or waist, but also listening to Apple Watch If you often forget to wear iPhone habits, Apple Watch Series 3 will be a good comfort, because some users get up the first thing is to wear Apple Watch, but easy to forget when you go out Bring the iPhone, then this time Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network version will be able to assume the responsibility of the angle.

Apple Watch Series 3 cellular network function is very practical, although some users think that now we iPhone away from hand, Watch phone function seems to be redundant. This is no absolute answer to the topic, we only need to know Apple Watch Series 3 phone features on the use of smooth on the line.

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