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Apple Watch is coming, but why Unicom?

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Beijing time on September 13, 2017 morning, was called Cook is a particular scene, can completely replace the ultimate Apple mobile phone watch --- Apple Watch Series 3 grand launch.

The biggest upgrade of Apple Watch Series 3 is to support the cellular network, and Apple Corp embedded an antenna in the panel of Apple Watch to make it have the function of cellular network.

Thus, Apple Watch finally changed the previous generation Apple Watch can only be connected to achieve communication function through Bluetooth and mobile phone iPhone dilemma, get rid of the shackles of iPhone, allow users to achieve independent telephone, text messaging, online music, navigation and other functions on the wrist, the user can only need to bring watch running, climbing, swimming, do not miss any information, phone and WeChat, human-computer interaction will become more friendly and convenient.


Smart watch can call, not Apple Watch initiative, especially in the country has become the basic standard function of children's smart watches, so there are friends nicknamed Apple, Watch, Series 3 to

In the smart watch increase communication function currently has two configurations, one is directly set the card slot insert physical SIM card on the watch, at present in the domestic sale of smart watches for children is all this configuration, because the SIM card and the card slot device on the market space cause children watch has heavy appearance.

Another is the Apple Watch Series 3 embedded SIM card chip technology (eSIM card), this is a device on the hardware of the virtual SIM card, you do not need to set the independent card slotTherefore, the communication function can be realized by enabling the Apple Watch Series 3 to be only 0.2 millimeters longer than the previous generation watch.

Compared with the children's smart watch requires the user to the operating room operators for the entity SIM card network and registration, the use of eSIM card technology Apple Series 3 Watch data can be downloaded over the air to the terminal, and verify user identity through a predetermined program, realize the online self-service account and activate the opening.

In addition, the cellular communication function of eSIM card technology not only makes the Apple Watch 3 Series to get rid of bondage to achieve independent mobile phone, but also to further realize the convenience of users, a number of multi terminal, which supports Apple Watch and iPhone share the same phone number.

Use the same phone number, achieve package sharing and data synchronization between Apple Watch and iPhone, to ensure that even if iPhone is not around to maintain contact with the outside world, the author thinks that this is the Apple Watch Series 3 the biggest selling point, especially for those who frequently use the fixed telephone number for foreign liaison in terms of.


Apple Watch Series 3 in September 22nd in the global market, China mainland will work with the three major operators to launch the state line version, but the Apple Corp officially announced to participate in the world premiere of the only China Unicom version, and only limited to Guangdong, Henan, to Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan and Tianjin Unicom mobile phone number, order 4G is a huge user base, China Mobile and China Telecom users greatly disappointed.


Chinese three operators of commercial 4G business has nearly 4 years, especially the first China Mobile 800MHz network and recently completed heavy plow China Telecom, both from the network coverage and network performance indicators, are much better than slashed investment Chinese Unicom 4G. So, Apple Watch Series 3 global first, why Apple Corp only allow China Unicom can participate in it?

Through the analysis of relevant data, the author believe that this could be Chinese Unicom to actively promote the eSIM card technology and fully cooperate with the company of Apple Corp, China Mobile and China Telecom should be affected by the network support cannot meet the related requirements.

More active China Unicom in eSIM Technology

At the same time, eSIM technology also reduces the user's cost of network transfer, and makes it easier for users to change the operators, so they are resisted by operators at the beginning of the introduction.

But with the GSMA Association eSIM card is the future trend and announced in 2016 the standard eSIM remote configuration based on consumer electronics, domestic carriers for eSIM attitude with the development of business networking and wearable device is hot and has been significantly improved, especially for the Chinese Unicom eSIM card technology support and attitude than China Mobile China Telecom are more positive.

Lay the foundation for Apple Swatch Series 3 and China synchronized starting Unicom previously with other partners in the market to launch the world's first eSIM Mobile Work Live watch. According to reports, the Shanghai Unicom in April this year to support the artificial Intelligent Company go ask (Mobvoi) started the world's first RSP2.0 compliant eSIM Watch

TiWatch S supports Unicom's eSIM communications capabilities, 3G independent communications and access to the Internet and support mobile payments, the industry has been hailed as opening wearable eSIM equipment for the first year of high-tech products. According to reports, the user login Unicom mobile phone business hall, only 10 minutes can be achieved online selection, real name authentication, card activation etc..

But from the introduction point of view, known as the world's first eSIM watch TicWatch, compared with Apple Corp's first Apple Watch Series 3, still has a big gap.TicWatch can only support 3G network, and to watch the new terminal based provisioning applications; and Apple Watch Series 3 not only to support the 4G network, and also supports the same number of mobile phone and watch sharing.Therefore, the Apple Watch Series 3 eSIM card is more difficult to implement.

China Unicom, one of the multi terminal solutions ahead of schedule

Although the Apple Corp how to carry on with the operators in the eSIM card Apple Watch Series together to achieve 3 of the number of authentication and other details are not disclosed, but due to network and user authentication information are held in the hands of operators, so to match this process requires the operator can not be questioned, especially for mobile phone watch and share the same number, more operators need to support a number of multi terminal transformation scheme of the network architecture and business process.

The saying goes: Apple dodo mouth, boduantui operators. As the co operators Chinese Unicom to achieve Apple Watch Series 3 required calls, not only very early in advance of eSIM technology, began to improve and test the network to support a number of multi terminal business and a few months in advance, with the first Apple Corp.

The Apple Corp are also reciprocated, in its official country line version of Apple Watch Series 3 support network band, in addition to the three operators of existing Band 1, Band3, Band39, Band40, Band41, LTE band pass, particularly in support of UMTS 2100MHz, is considered China Unicom's 4G network does not have the objective VoLTE function, voice by WCDMA 2.1G band bearing.

As for why China Unicom also chose only 6 provinces of mobile phone accounts for the first, but also with China Unicom's slow progress in VoLTE business.

Visible released from the Ministry of construction of Guangdong Unicom Network, multi terminal business transformation plan, to support Apple Watch Series 3 VoLTE AS call function, the need for new servers in the network, but because of the opening of VoLTE business China Unicom's lack of power and lack of investment, so the only in Shanghai, Guangdong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Tianjin 6 provinces of the pilot construction and trial test, so the final was only the 6 provinces of the present network using VoLTE AS server to support Apple Watch Series 3 the first commercial.

Therefore, for China Unicom, it is necessary to expand the existing 6 provinces VoLTE pilot area to more provinces as soon as possible. I believe that with the construction progress of the provincial VoLTE AS server network elements, China Unicom is expected to Apple Watch Series 3 applicable provinces in the year to expand to the whole country.

China Telecom with long and arduous shoulders and complicated and confusing China Mobile

For Apple Watch Series 3 support, although Apple Corp's official website shows that China Telecom and China Mobile are

As we all know, LTE network is a data service network, and does not support voice services. China Telecom currently mainly uses CSFB technology, and needs to voice down to the CDMA 2G network.However, Apple Corp official website shows, Apple Watch Series 3 does not support the CDMA network, so in order to realize the call function on China Telecom's network, only VoLTE this way can go.

At the end of July this year Tianyi ecological Expo, the China Telecom said it will start in the fourth quarter of 2017 VoLTE friendly user trial. From the friendly user trial to the business of commercial China Telecom, VoLTE there is a long way to go, so I expect, even if the China Telecom according to the Apple Corp official website launched Apple Watch Series shown in the year 3, which can be used to estimate the provinces will be very few.

For VoLTE has already achieved commercial and has 150 million VoLTE users of China Mobile, why not support Apple Watch Series 3 starter, the author is also a hundred can not understand its solution,However, the personal estimate of the problem is still in the Apple Watch to achieve the call function required by operators for eSIM card technology and the number one multi terminal program support.

Through multi-party verification, I learned that Apple Corp Apple Watch Series 3 using eSIM technology and operators to cooperate roughly:

Apple Corp in Chinese has basically completed the eSIM platform (i.e. automatic authorization management ES server) deployment, after the user boot Apple Watch Series 3, eSIM watches the authentication request information will be uploaded to the Apple Corp through the application on the eSIM platform, docking and subsequent information processing by the eSIM management platform of Apple Corp eSIM platform with operators.In the process, Apple Corp's eSIM platform bridged the relationship between end users and operators, partly to grab some control over the end user from the carrier.

The algorithm and function of this eSIM platform entirely in the hands of Apple Corp, so when one day Apple Corp stand out to a good user experience for users to choose when better quality of communication network name, operators will probably have to face you see Apple Corp. China Mobile has always been known for its strong, if this cooperation for Apple Corp generated concerns, then when China Mobile released Apple Watch Series 3 will be a few suspense.

In addition, there is news that China Mobile failed to appear in the first list, because the VoLTE network does not support Apple Watch Series 3 emergency call number was halted due before starting, if so should belong to the problem of network technology, to believe that China Mobile technological capabilities will be resolved in a relatively short period of time so, China Mobile iPhone users in a relatively short period of time using Apple Watch Series 3 will greatly be.


Apple Watch Series 3 supports cellular networks, for iPhone users is to always keep in touch free experience; cooperation in support of Apple Watch Series 3 watches using the 4G network and the Apple Corp, for operators will also increase customer service volume and improve customer stickiness.

Therefore, I also sincerely hope that the three operators can solve the problem as soon as possible to promote the related network, Apple Watch Series 3 to expand the applicable scope, and ultimately, iPhone users, operators and Apple Corp win-win situation.

[titanium media Author: Wen / Lao Xie 1972]

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