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Both raw iPhone X, what health iPhone 8?

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Apple's Spring Festival Evening in the fall yesterday, the iPhone X this new machine to become the most popular.

Morning push the WeChat, we also released in the public number of a voting link, the results of the vote and we imagine the difference is not too much, according to the degree of love to points, then the iPhone X ranked first.

iPhone X become the first favorite product no doubt.

Speak some popular, because it is very expensive and very special.

From a more ground gas point of view, to let others see you at a glance is Apple's new product, the time to buy an iPhone X is enough. In short, you put in the hands of any position, you can see this is an iPhone X!

But the iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus (hereinafter referred to as the iPhone 8 series) minor repair small, iPhone X set together a new feature, new technology, such as on the security of the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus (hereinafter referred to as the iPhone 8 series) Using a 3D structured light face scanning technology, but also introduced a lot of female users favorite expression function; senses on the use of a new special-shaped OLED screen, support HDR; in the interaction is also radical bold attempt, and iPhone 8 series has Segmentation.

Of course, how to install X is not the focus of this article. The question is, why Apple to launch iPhone 8 series under the premise, still launched the iPhone X, which does not meet the common sense? Why the iPhone X this generation of products has been very attractive, but also to introduce the regular upgrade iPhone 8 series? And why the iPhone X such a big demand, has also released a message production speed is very slow, and put on such a difficult to accept the price?

Both raw iPhone X, what health iPhone 8 it? Perhaps, this and Apple's future product planning is inseparable from the relationship.

From the iPhone 6 this generation of products began, after three generations came the fourth generation of products iPhone 8, four generations of products are basically using the same mold.

Although Apple in some consumers do not see the place to do the upgrade, such as the performance of mobile phones stronger, increased storage, the popularity of fingerprints, and even put forward a lot of fresh topics & mdash; & mdash; differential privacy.

But for those Apple's consumer groups, Apple's biggest problem is that the intergenerational similar, minor repair, technical iteration is not fast enough, or the overall sense of surprise is not enough.

My friends around the use of Apple iPhone 6, he felt the Apple phone is very strong, usually make a phone on a WeChat enough, about three years for a mobile phone, and too new technology he is not cold, Out of the new, the phone will be too slow to replace.

Around the friend B using the Apple iPhone 6s, he has been a fruit powder, two years an update is his standard. But he felt that the two generations of Apple products on each side of the update rate is not great, even his fruit powder is almost no matter what the next generation of new features.

Around the friend C is a local tyrant, every year for the iPhone, a buy is the most expensive, the emperor top with version, but he is also more and more feel that Apple began to lose charm and hellip;

Around the friend D is an Andrews users, he Tucao every year Apple is the same thing, minor repair small, unlike the Andrews mobile phone changes ultra-fast, configuration super and hellip;

These friends generally represent several typical iPhone potential users. And if the classification, I would like to AB users into a class, in fact, this is the old user for the probability of the problem; the C is divided into a class, is a small number of switches to maintain the impulse of a class of fever users; Category, is likely to move from Android to iOS potential new users.

Starting from the iPhone 6 generation of products, iPhone products become very comfortable, this comfort may be proud of the apple ecology itself is excellent. Excellent ecology to make up for the lack of products, it was said, even if the iPhone done rotten, but its excellent iOS system. This evaluation is increasingly led to some consequences - even if the user that the product is not good enough, but still willing to stay in the iOS ecology inside; users do not desire the product, so to open a two-year update, or three years An updated rhythm.

Apple likes to consider the product from the perspective of supply chain management; and in essence, Apple's control for the sales will be a kind of thinking and mdash; for the replacement of the rhythm of the control.

You see, when the annual analysis of earnings, the rate will be as a major component in the earnings conference call. Apple will be based on the previous two generations of product sales trends, this year's product this year, the rate of change, iPhone 6 corresponds to the iPhone 5, iPhone 8 is actually the corresponding iPhone 6s.

In the final analysis, this generally represents the first category of users. But how to attract the second category and the third category of users, Apple is now a big problem.

On the one hand, the rich think that Apple is no longer cool, began to mind to other platforms; the other hand, how to accept the new is also an important consideration.

Two problems behind it is actually the spirit of monument Steve Jobs died, there are two trends to deviate from: one is the public evaluation of Apple & mdash; & mdash; more and no new tricks; the other is the sales and market value & mdash; and under the leadership of Cook, turned a lot many times.

These two trends are the same cause of the "mdash" is not with Steve Jobs, Apple's product strategy closer to the practical "industrial products" rather than radical "art" and "people think that Apple is now the most Will make money businessmen, rather than the year to change the world's innovators.


How to reverse this established image? Is to find such a key point. If you still continue to introduce a regular update of the iPhone 8, the market for Apple's innovative knowledge is expected to fall to the bottom of the valley.

So, it is necessary to launch iPhone X!

iPhone X Although the representative of the tenth anniversary of the product, but in fact it is a technology standing products. It continues to attract the second category, or is mainly the third category of users.

In this way, for those who have no interest in Apple's new product and the Apple mobile phone as a general tool for people, Apple need to re-ignite their desire for technology, told Apple is still innovative. These innovations are 3D front of the structure of light camera, running over the Xiao Long 835 twice the A11, the supply chain control under the special-shaped OLED full screen, leading the mobile phone interactive changes in the new gestures and so on.

But as a market value approaching 800 billion retail companies, Apple has no longer have the courage to focus on the main product line Jobs's drastic innovation - once these new attempts to verify the failure in the market, Apple will face a Lost all year. The face of increasingly sophisticated rival Android, which may be fatal.

This year's launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, from the hardware in addition to the glass back shell and wireless charging almost no bright spots, and their goal is very simple & mdash; and those who used to use the iPhone and this year just to the phone Node of the person.

In other words, iPhone 8 and iPhone X is actually two completely different product lines, respectively, to meet Apple's profitability and innovation needs, there are sales to do the bottom, Apple can be bold in the innovation to do what will fail Sales of new technologies, new programs, new interactions.

Popular point that, iPhone 8 series bear the sales, iPhone X bear the role of innovators, the two complement each other.

When Apple's high price iPhone X to become a benchmark for innovation, it is also a high value is set off its identity as an element, to Apple to find some innovative image; and not a general user to accept the price, the output can not be too high products Itself will be the user back to the volume, the supply chain is mature, the profit may be high on the iPhone 8 series.

So, on behalf of a technical innovation, technical test-type products, Apple may not want such products selling.

A prediction, perhaps once the two lines of the updated number of roads proved to be feasible and successful, then the iPhone X this line, next year may continue to update.

And after the iPhone X verification of those programs, will continue to be released next year to the sales section, but also added sales.

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