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Show you the apple Apple Park and let you feel it

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The Apple Corp will be in Beijing in September 13th 1 a.m. new fall conference held this is a long-awaited debut in the conference. This conference is not only three of the new iPhone, LTE Apple Watch and the new Apple TV, which will be the new Apple campus, especially the Jobs theatre for the first time outside open.

No doubt in the conference on the stage, the Apple Corp executives (probably Cook) will be introduced this year to begin in April of Apple Park, and the conference venue the Jobs theatre, but this is a new park cost $5 billion, of which there will be a lot of not previously exposed details of Cook's presentation is not comprehensive. So here, let's first give you "science popularization", the apple of this new park.

The spaceship and the Jobs Theatre

We can use this diagram to understand the layout of the entire Apple Park.

Northwest corner is fitness center, along the highway there are a lot of parking spaces. Did you find the Jobs theater? The small silver dot, we see, is directly connected to the city road nearby. The press conference will probably go straight through the channel to the Jobs theatre.

In March this year, Apple Park basically completed, this figure is when it was compared with the surrounding environment and landscape park. Although not yet fully completed, but it has been very eye-catching.

This is a rendering of an architect released in 2013, and you can compare the difference between the actual show and the seller's version of the show.

The Jobs theater hidden in the woods. It looks like MacBook Air floating in the air. The theatre can hold 1000 people. Net friend once asked this picture: "where are there 1000 seats?" Actually, it's an underground theater, and the 1000 seats and the main stage are underground. There are four floors underground.

The Jobs theater has two custom revolving elevators, with these two elevators, you can quickly get down to the underground theater. It has a product display area, and new releases will be shown here this week for attendees to watch and get started.

The birth and birth of Apple Park

In fact, the location of the new Apple Park was the site of the Hewlett-Packard Co's advanced product group. In 2013, when the construction of the new park, the apple only HP used all the old buildings. In 2014, the site was completely clean. An old picture from May of that year.

The last aspect of Jobs's leave to the public was the 2011 parliamentary meeting of the city of victoria. At the conference, he released Apple's plans to build a new park, which was in his mouth "Apple Campus 2"."

He said the park looked a bit like a landing spacecraft (spaceship), so for a long time, the new park was dubbed the spaceship.

The distance between Apple Park and Apple's old headquarters, Infinite Loop, is not far. But in contrast, a new, old, big, small, big difference.

Construction office and old Joe

For the sake of Apple Park, apple chose one of the world's most famous and innovative architectural firms, Foster Partners.

Part of the design of Apple's new campus is inspired by the Stanford University's central plaza.

Jobs once told architects responsible for the project: "don't treat me as your client and treat me as a member of your team."." The chief architect, Norman Foster, recalled the words Jobs had said. He said Jobs's remark was not only the most memorable, but it was also of great significance for the success of the project as a whole."

In February 2016, Apple's spaceship was built this way.

Rich and willful

The most characteristic of the ring building of the new Apple park is the huge curved glass on that side. In the words of Sedak/Seele architects Peter Arbour, it was described as "a glass of 6 kilometers long."".

In order to build the new headquarters of the glass appearance, the company produced 872 pieces of cold-formed sections, each piece is made up of two separate pieces of glass panel. In high pressure steam (pressure vessel hermetically closed), at about 130 DEG C environment can shape the glass panel. The external ring of Apple's new headquarters use the 14 meters long, over 3 meters high, and use the inner glass less than 11 metres in length.

In January of this year, the online outflow of a Apple Park internal construction plans, luxury very low-key.

The rendering looks like Apple Park, and the internal lighting is good. I especially like the feeling of sunshine.

When choosing the table, apple began to "money, self willed" rhythm.

According to Apple's routine, a table doesn't always mean it's just a table. Apple Corp want to through their interaction in the indoor table promote people and nature, and through joint operations in a large table that improve the cooperation and communication between employees, this concept began with Jobs during his tenure at Pixar.

The Apple Corp eventually chose Arco, a 112 year old Holland table maker, and ordered 500 tables from the company. The size of the table is about 18 feet long and 4 feet wide. It is made of laminated white oak sheets. If the long sides of these desktops were joined together, it would be roughly the length of Washington National mall. From a tree to a table, each desktop takes about 10 months to make time. Arco's new technology allows these single thin oak boards to form a seamless huge tabletop continuously.

The stones used in the exterior walls of the new park health and fitness center come from a quarry in Kansas. Of course, these stones can be used to not have been mined, Jobs calls for it to deal with the old, as a pair of jeans that make it look like Jobs's love of stone in the Yosemite National Park hotel.

The construction workers risked his life to take the map inside the building.

Pay attention to greening and environmental protection

Apple is not only in the internal design and selection of very particular about the overall image of the park, but also pay special attention to. The new park will reach 80%, and Apple plans to plant thousands of trees. There are many kinds of fruit trees planted in the new park, and the scene of the fragrance of the fruits when the film has not yet developed.

As you can see in the diagram, plum trees are planted in the purple area, orange is apricot, brown olive, and red is persimmon. Of course, Apple also planted some apple trees properly. The yellow area is apple.


The greening of the new park is far from over. Apple's new park is planted with mature trees, so that the new park will be able to tree lined in a short time.

Apple has implemented their environmental philosophy in the ring tower of the new park. The building will be the world's largest natural ventilation building. For most of the year, it doesn't need air conditioning or heating.

The Apple Park is equipped with 4300 concrete floors, which are unique, not only of floor and ceiling, but also part of the building's natural air conditioning system. Each floor is hollow designed to allow air flow. However, apple is also equipped with a power climate control system, the floor air conditioning will be mainly as an alternate option.


The roof of the ring building is solar panels that make full use of solar energy.

"Pyramid" in Apple Park"

What was unexpected was that the mud dug out of the construction of the Apple Park had not been moved elsewhere, and it had been rammed into the construction site, far from the view that there was a Pyramid in the new apple park.

As Apple Corp's CEO, Tim Cook said to the Pyramid, "it's hard to tell which one looks better, our building or that pile of dirt.""

In April this year, the Apple Corp staff has continued to move to the new park, but the new park and cannot accommodate the current apple all employees in Silicon Valley, so some Apple employees are still only "wandering in."

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