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Google is set up in Beijing AI team, began to compete for talent AI war

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(ID: QbitAI), author Li Gen; 36 krypton authorized release....

One year after moving to the new site, Google is ready to do something new in Beijing.

In fact, in recent months, the qubit has been from different channels (including Google, an artificial intelligence star scientist) heard the news:

Google will set up a base in Beijing artificial intelligence / machine learning team, completely from scratch.

What kind of team will this be?

Google's new ideas

More and more information shows that a team of machine learning as the core, will be established in Google Beijing, the most critical is: recruitment is already in progress.

Official information shows that Google is recruiting four machine-related positions for the Beijing team, including: machine learning researcher, machine learning technical director, cloud machine learning product manager and machine learning software engineer.


Although Google does not indicate the number of positions recruited, there is still a lot of information leaked.

For example, this is not only a project team, but also both technical research and development tasks.

The AI ​​direction includes computer vision, video processing and understanding, image processing, speech recognition, natural language understanding, text understanding, classification, pattern recognition, recommendation system, positioning system, and machine learning, depth learning, optimization algorithm foundation, Human-computer interaction, data mining, AI + health care, computational genomics and so on.

As well as the industries involved in: business and retail, media and entertainment, health care, finance, transportation and so on.

More noteworthy is that the recruitment of four positions, there are two clear and cloud machine learning, which shows Google on the cloud machine learning business attention. What is worth thinking about is whether Google wants to bring cloud services into China?

If you want to advance this program, Google also needs a Chinese partner. On the above, the qubit did not get a response from Google's official.

Recruitment details

That if you want to become this "historical" ralph lauren pas cher, what kind of conditions? Google official recruitment requirements, although long absence, but still familiar with the formula.

Machine Learning Researcher

description of job

This position is intended to take part in cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications and to develop solutions for large-scale realities.

As a researcher in the Google Machine Learning team, we will use machine learning techniques to solve challenging problems and develop models and solutions for our customers.

This unique team is responsible for providing advanced machine learning algorithms to external users and working closely with partners in many industries / fields (including business and retail, media and entertainment, healthcare, finance, etc.).

Google also stressed that we use a different way to carry out research work. Our researchers will not be closed in secret laboratories to do research, but will go deep into all aspects of the engineering business.

Applicants request

Dr., published AI / ML papers, C, C ++, Python programming experience.

Familiar with the following areas: computer vision, video processing and understanding, image processing, speech recognition, natural language understanding, machine learning, depth learning, optimized algorithm foundation, human-computer interaction, data mining, AI + health care, computational genomics and so on.

Head of Machine Learning Technology

description of job

This position requires extensive technical and leadership skills, the need to manage multiple teams and regional engineers, and large product budgets, and to monitor the deployment of large-scale projects around the world.

As a technical director, it will also help develop AI / ML solutions that lead the team to build machine learning (ML) solutions that drive innovation in AI-related technologies.

Applicants request

Master or above, doctor first. More than 8 years management experience, 3 years working experience in software engineering team.

Experience, experience, experience, experience, experience, experience, experience, experience, design, data structure and algorithm experience; analytical and debugging skills; customer-oriented product experience; familiar with AI / ML projects, platforms, solutions and infrastructure; Excellent ability to express, all of the above points for the sub-items.

Cloud Machine Learning Product Manager

description of job

The department of this position requires collaboration and interaction with Google's internal research and engineering team (Research, Brain, DeepMind) and external partners, including academia. As a product manager, you also need to coordinate your organization within Google Cloud, collect requirements, manage project progress, and more.

Officials: "You will be a highly regarded position in the Google Cloud team responsible for managing cloud ML products." & rdquo;

Applicants request

Bachelor degree or above, 8 years experience in product management design, Greater China Internet industry and product market experience. As well as five years of working experience in the following vertical areas: finance, medical, business, transportation, content and entertainment.

Have a good understanding of a number of business areas, good at cross-team cooperation, communication and expression skills (including writing PRD and PPT, etc.) excellent, Mandarin and English fluency are add points.

Machine Learning Software Engineer

description of job

The Machine Learning Solutions team will work with the research team to drive the development of AI / ML technologies related to Google's cloud platform. This work will also work with specific areas (including business, media, healthcare, finance, etc.) to improve and develop new AI / ML solutions.

(Such as building a recommendation system), learning from a machine learning platform (such as cloud TensorFlow), and then to advanced business learning APIs that help business customers solve complex problems, as well as deep cloud integration (for example, building a recommendation system) Integrate machine learning into BigQuery).

Applicants request

Bachelor degree or above. 2 years of AI / ML work or educational experience. Have Java, C / C ++ or Python programming experience. GPU programming experience, familiar with the ML platform Hejiagou, communication and external collaboration ability and other priorities.

Familiar with the following areas: natural language processing, text understanding, classification, pattern recognition, recommendation system, positioning system, ranking system.

TensorFlow in China

Of course, Google in Beijing around AI initiatives, not just set up the team only.

Prior to this, TensorFlow as Google for the AI ​​era of the developer platform, the internal impact of its great importance in China.

In April, Jeff Dean, head of Google's brain team, told Quantum, hoping that every company had the ability to learn from the machine, without having to hire a specialist in machine learning.

Within Google, Google Brain and Google Cloud are working together to build TensorFlow into a global machine learning algorithm and automated learning system that can cover millions of small and medium-sized companies that can AI change.

Of course, the Chinese market can not be ignored.

Also in April, Ulsan, TensorFlow's head, Rajat Monga, told Quantum bits that China's TensorFlow subscribers were growing and had more than 140,000 downloads, one of the most active regions in the world.

What makes Jeff Dean move is that Chinese developers are also volunteer to help TensorFlow achieve localization, and Google is very grateful for it and wants to do more with official power.

It is noteworthy that there are already ready results can be seen.

On August 31, Google China developer's official website posting information said: Chinese developers can more easily use TensorFlow, and they in China's developer site to provide hundreds of practical resources, all interested in TensorFlow development , The researcher or company can obtain a guide on tensorflow.google.com, search the existing API (application programming interface) in the knowledge base, or build a model.

This may also be "Google China Machine Learning Center" after the establishment will take on the role. Since December 8 last year, Google China developer platform on the line, the outside world is expected to be able to get more on this basis, especially the AI ​​surging the moment.

In addition, for Google, the TensorFlow more smoothly to the Chinese developers, not only the mission of course, certainly no shortage of business prospects.

On the one hand, TensorFlow behind the "supporters" Google cloud, naturally able to have more strength of the Chinese market development, even if many years ago had some well-known things, but involved in 2B business-related matters, not no space. Vertical point of view, the past few years Google Greater China for the enterprise side of the advertising revenue done well; and horizontal comparison, Amazon's AWS China business, but also to Google to follow.

On the other hand, TensorFlow is also one of the platforms behind Google's continued advantage in the next era. The continuation of Android's ecology in the next era is clearly crucial, and TensorFlow's scalability, multi-platform, Far more big.

TensorFlow now also has some Chinese customers, such as Jingdong, millet are TensorFlow applications, there are some entrepreneurial projects through TensorFlow to enjoy Google open source machine learning resources, such as a CastBox podcast application, the use of TensorFlow on their User preferences for analysis, and to provide personalized recommendations to the audience.

AI talent to snatch

Finally, in the AI ​​talent scramble for such a fierce current, Google in China to set up a machine learning team, subjective do not know, but the objective will certainly be able to grab a lot of good AI talent.

Google is not in the country before the relevant R & D team, but 7 years, Greater China in Google's overall R & D position, I am afraid only worse.

According to the quantum bit, Google in China to retain a similar font, input method, emoji and other related product development and design team, but the core research and development tasks, more located in Mountain View City. We have heard more important progress, naturally from the Google headquarters location.

Say you may not believe, but not every Chinese engineers are willing to go to Mountain View City, even in front of a Google headquarters offer.

In recent years there are some Google headquarters engineers to return to business or service, more well-known as to go out to ask Li Zhifei, fluently said Wang Yi.

So if there is a base of China's forefront of AI field research center established for the attractiveness of potential talent, apparently self-evident.

However, it is now most worrying that Google is currently in Beijing's new office, only rented the PCCW information center of the three, after the establishment of the new organization can sit down?

Those years of Google China scattered talent

Google re-established in Beijing R & D organization, can not help but think of 10 years ago, Google has a large number of people together, and then in the situation will be scattered in the 10 years of stars.


Google China 2005-2006 colleagues ten years party (part)

In accordance with the subsequent curriculum vitae, there are so few factions:

Innovation Workshop

Google Kai-fu Lee, founder of the founder of the founder of the innovation workshop, has become a lot of Google talent next stop, in addition to Dr. Kai-fu Lee, there are many talent now is the backbone of innovation workshop.

For example, Wang Hua, a partner in charge of the innovation workshop investment business, Tao Ning, a partner in charge of operations, and Huang Huiyun, a partner of CMO, and Wang Yonggang, vice president of the Institute of Innovation, Mr. Wang Yonggang, Innovation Institute, VP, VP Wu Zhuohao, are all Google's " ; Graduates & rdquo ;.

Baidu Department

There are a lot of people from Google turned into Baidu, and later became Baidu's technology research and development leading force. Such as April departure from the former Baidu senior vice president, founder of automatic driving business Wang Jin, Baidu US R & D center, the main founder of Zheng Zibin, Baidu degree Secret Service CTO, Baidu T11 Zhu Kaihua, Baidu Vice President Liu Jun, these are from Google out of Baidu executives, business line talent is countless.

Millet system

Compared with the innovative workshop and Baidu, how many Google engineers now become a millet, it is not known, but the relationship between Google and millet relationship need not go into details, millet entrepreneurial seven partners, the current president of Lin Bin and MIUI responsible person Hong Feng, all from Google.

Major executives

There are many people to become other executives, typical representatives such as Shen Bo Yang, after leaving Google, he has founded the glutinous rice network, as president of LinkedIn China, and now another venture to become egg shell apartment executive chairman; Domestic recruitment, the current job of excellent letter shot executive president; there are Zhang moment, is now the capital Rui capital director.

Of course, there are many of the current fame of the entrepreneurial star and star company partners, although the qubit is not completely statistics, but also that the list of lineup is bright enough:

  • Wang Huainan, founder and CEO of baby tree;

  • Wang Junyu, co-founder of pea pods, light mountain co-founder;

  • Guo to disease, Lanting set potential founder and CEO;

  • Wang Xiaofeng, co-founder and CEO of the bicycles;

  • Qie Xiaohu, Xiao Hong book CTO;

  • Li Dahai, co-founder and technical VP;

  • Song Zhongjie, ticking car CEO;

  • Contemplative, papaya mobile founder and CEO;

  • Liu Chao, founder and CEO of music power;

It is worth mentioning that there is a man named Xue Rongsheng "chef" was the executive chef of Google in Beijing, now became the founder of the restaurant brand Qi Sa roll (also received Kai-fu Lee's investment).

The Google in Beijing to establish a machine learning R & D team, will AI in the era of how much talent?

Worth looking forward to.

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