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How does Google want to move its app store into China?

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"Millet Technology announced this week that it will sell its smartphone business to Google, the final transaction price of more than 20 billion US dollars.

Millet CEO Lei Jun said that this is millet this year, an important strategic transformation of the future millet will focus on the rice as the core of the retail business. Google CEO Pei Cai also announced that it will launch before the end of China's special version of the Android One operating system millet phone, the official Google Play application market into China. & rdquo;

Roadside agency reported on September 8th

This is of course false news, incredible fake news.

But it is not better than thatThe Google Play app store is about to return to ChinaMore nonsense.

Last week, the Google Play app store was found to be open in some parts of mainland China. In addition, developers can see regional options for China, Cuba, etc. in the Google Play console.

So again, with the Google application store coming back news, Google and mobile phone manufacturers to sign an agreement in the factory phone at the same time pre-installed manufacturers and Google's application store.

Similar to the message fromThree years ago there was, There were rumors that Google will be in China released a special edition Google Play & rdquo ;.

Google has plenty of motivation to bring the store back to China, but that does not mean that there must be progress

China hasMore than 700 millionMobile Internet users, of which nearly 8 percent use Android phones, that is, 550 million.

The 550 million people use the Android system, but they do not have built-in Google stores and other services.

The Android system itself does not make money, and the most direct profit it gives to Google is the Google Play app store, which serves ad ads and 30% of paid apps and games. Play-related advertising and distribution is the main source of Google's earnings and other revenue, which is $ 3.09 billion in the second quarter of this year, nearly one-third over the same period last year, The most significant source of income.

Aurora large data report shows that more than 80% of China's mobile phone users with Android.

Google announced this year at the developer conference Android monthly active users is 2 billion, this statistics does not include mainland China. Entering China means that Google will add nearly 30% of Android users.

As the main business is challenged by Facebook, the Play store is becoming more and more important for Google.

Google is really seriously considering moving back the store. Based on previously confirmed information,Google has set up a marketing team in China, Ready for Google Play in China.

In February this year, Silicon Valley broke the media The Information reported that Google Play will be the right to operate in China has not yet applied to the application of distribution business NetEase, the two sides may also set up a joint venture. To the information on the accuracy of the past, Google and Netease is likely to really talk about this plan.

But exploring a Play store into China's plans and plans to land is two different things. And Play stores into China, and it really stay, for Google to bring steady income is another matter.

Moving Google Play into China is not just a store

Pea pods, Baidu mobile assistant, cool, etc., are independent of the Android application store.

Installed the store's own application, you can download the store in the application of the store.

But Google Play is not just a store.

A very simple example, in the absence of GMS installed on the phone to install the relevant restaurant guide application OpenRice, will pop up "OpenRice need Google Play service to run, your device does not support" prompt.

Android father Andy & middot; Ruben in Google years to promote the establishment of a large and complex application and service system GMS (Google mobile service abbreviation).

GMS is a range of products including Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail mailbox and other services, installed in almost all of China's Android phones.

Which is why the store background plus a release in China, the option does not mean that the application will be able to use in China.

OpenRice encountered the problem is the map service. If the phone is equipped with multiple map services, the application will generally ask which one you need to call. Default Baidu or high German map application is good, but foreign developers are called by default Google Maps, it can not be used.

There is push. Google is not in the past few years, Android in China has formed a decentralized ecological system, millet, Huawei, Meizu, etc. mobile phone factory has a set of their own application push mechanism, developers have to do is to make their own application to fit each Mainstream manufacturers.

Google Play's push mechanism is a common standard overseas, but in China it will become a non-mainstream program.

Also do not forget the account system, Google Play have entered the Chinese market, and always have to allow users to register account?

At present, Google's system is built on Gmail, YouTube, Google + and other services can use the same account login. But they are not available in China.

Account to come in, Google can only re-establish a set of Chinese version of Google account, such as the Chinese users to use mobile phone number registration, or partners and the application store to get through.

This new Google account can only allow you to use Google Play, and nothing to do with Gmail. For Google, you need to re-develop a set of account system.

The same reason there is a game center, it will record the progress of the game you played, quickly start the game, manage the various points, also need to use Google account login.

Map, push, game center, payment, user account. These are the Play stores that need to come in China.

Amazon has launched for their own flat and premature mobile phone program without Google services Android system & mdash; & mdash; Fire OS. At that time Amazon himself one by one corresponding to the development of these five services to replace Google. The final Android developers need to make some adjustments to the application to run on the Fire OS.

If the Play store to enter China, an important way to make money must be to help overseas developers will bring the application and the game, and then sell advertising, from the income into. This means that Google needs to provide all of these services.

Google to map, payment, account system all moved in, or let the Android application access to the Chinese company's services - such as map docking high Baidu, push docking phone manufacturers.

The road ahead is extremely difficult. The latter will require Google (or its Chinese partner) to reorganize a logic and give up the advantage of building an ecosystem that will seriously affect its ability to control handset manufacturers.

Of course, there is a third option is that Google really only put the Play store, and nothing else. Only Google has become a superstructure and reality out of touch, the following will only meet the CEO imagination, do not care about the actual results of the bureaucracy, such a thing will happen.

There is also a big problem to pay

Like Apple, Google also extracts from the revenue from the app store30% divided into, Including fee applications, application purchase and other virtual transactions, it can be said that this is an application store the existence of the fundamental.

In theory, Google can directly use Alipay and WeChat as a way to pay, but the big company to do their own benefit is to control the transaction data.

This matter requires a license. According to the central bank"Non-financial institutions to pay service management approach", The scope of payment by third parties, including network payment, prepaid card issuance and acceptance, bank card collection, the People's Bank of China to determine the other payment services.

Foreign companies can not directly buy third-party payment license, for Google, the only way is to find a licensed Chinese companies to cooperate.

Apple App Store China RMB payments are paid to the "easy to pay technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd." the company in 2011 to get a license.

According to the official website, Yi Zhi Fu has a government background, it operates the platform "Capitel easy to pay" by the Beijing municipal government and the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Information Industry, the State Internal Trade Bureau and other central ministries co-sponsored.

Google has to find such a partner. And this partner has to make sure that he will not be revoked by the government after he has worked with a company like history in China.

There are data monitoring everywhere

Google is located in the data center of Iowa. Image from Google.

According to the Internet Security Act, data relating to Chinese citizens must be stored on servers in China and managed by Chinese companies.

The Play Store's user system meets this requirement.

Also for this reason, Apple invested directly in Guizhou this yearThe first data center, Storage of Chinese iCloud data.

Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Transnational Internet companies are also in China to build a data center.

But the data center is built and must be operated by a Chinese company. Apple found a government background in Guizhou, Microsoft found the century of Internet, Amazon to find a network of places.

Play store to come back and have to do the same thing.

First, Google needs to build a data center in China and deliver it to a Chinese company.

First of all, the policy, which in itself is a bit tricky because Google has made a lot of use of its own hardware in the data center in the past few years, rather than directly buying hardware products such as HP and Cisco. Moved to China or have to get their own hardware into, or have to directly rent China Telecom and other companies room.

Anyway, the data center operations experienced Amazon AWS do the same thing, is tossing for several years on the line.

Tossing not finished, if Google built a data center, looking for a Chinese company to control. Before Google Play is online, it's up to date.

Earlier this year, the national network letter officeRelease notice said, All operating in China, China's application market need to do the record, the file said the purpose of filing, "when the application or application store was found involved in illegal content, used to determine who is the responsibility. & rdquo;

In other words, Google Play also needs to share information, review and supervise it.

Apple's App Store in China has experienced a number of applications off the shelf. At the end of last year, the "New York Times" English and Chinese version of the news application was removed, Netcom Office pointed out that these applications "violation of laws and regulations".

April this yearXinhua News Agency reported, The National Internet Information Office and the Public Security Bureau have been interviewing Apple, asked "to strengthen the Apple application store in the application of the software audit" rdquo ;.

This year in July, many VPN applications alsoDisappear from Apple App Store, Apple responded that it was for the new laws and regulations to submit a regulatory authority license.

Google 7 years ago directly open to talk about the review, has reached another level.

So many restrictions go down, placed in front of Google's choice only to find a Chinese application store cooperation.

Do not Play Store so sensitive things, this year Ke Jie and Google AlphaGo in Wuzhen chess game, before the start of the media broadcast was stopped, portal reports are limited to the sports channel.

In January 2010, Google's main service was transferred to Hong Kong at the official websiteIssue a statement, Said "Gmail from the Chinese region carefully planned and targeted hacker attacks, leading to its intellectual property theft." & rdquo;

Such a public conflict, in the big company is unprecedented.

You see and the government no festivals, but also say a few Chinese Zuckerberg in order to enter this market is how hard. He meets politicians, runs on haze days, and even under the protest of employeesDevelopment review toolAt the White House dinnerName your own child& hellip; & hellip;

Even Facebook did not get into the Chinese market.

To solve this problem, probably not pull Netease cooperation on the line.

Google to come in, how have to set up a party branch of what it Actually presentIntel Asia Pacific R & D Center, Microsoft, McKinsey and so on multinational companies in China branch has a party branch, by a third party agent, regular party activities.

How does Google persuade users to accept a new app market?

Assuming that the Google Play calendar was in full swing, it was legal to enter China.

There is a big problem, the user?

Google is not in China these years, China's Android operating system has been fully formed and the fragmentation of the external system, millet, Huawei, Meizu, OPPO, Vivo and mobile phone manufacturers have their own operating system development team, Install your own application market.

In addition to three independent mobile application store, Tencent application treasure, Baidu mobile assistant and 360 mobile assistant, the more important competitor is millet, OPPO, Huawei, vivo own store.

QuestMobile data from the point of view, the size of the top three mobile phone manufacturers have been approaching the top three independent stores.

And users are also accustomed to the mobile phone manufacturers own store. According to the penguin think tank survey, 56.2% of Android users most often use the mobile phone manufacturers own application store.

Lei Jun stressed that millet to make Internet services to become a new growth point. MIUI application market is the most direct, it is to sell advertising and recommended bits, from the application income into. Used Android phone you also know that often download an application at the same time you will receive a lot of other applications recommended.

According to millet own disclosure of data, in 2015 and 2016, respectively, they were applied to developers into 1.1 billion yuan, 2.2 billion.

So an official Google Play in China, the mobile phone manufacturers probably only hostile. Google want to talk about their pre-installed, how to see is not an easy thing.

But Google has to seek to get through the manufacturers of the method, or scattered domestic Android mobile phone market for Google Play is meaningless.

In view of this, in addition to a Chinese company and even the direct acquisition of large stores, or Google to build their own version of Google Play how to see are impossible to complete the task.

The next question is who is looking for cooperation. An edge of the third-party market does not make sense, in the face of competition Google Play needs to quickly gather traffic, users and activity.

A generous acquisition, probably the Play store to enter China is not necessary conditions

Google has money. According to the second quarter of this year's earnings, Google held cash, cash equivalents and variable convertible securities total value of $ 94.713 billion.

Google will make a surprising major move, the acquisition of Motorola, Alphabet reorganization almost all announced overnight things, had not shown any signs. In 2011, Google acquired Motorola with $ 12.5 billion, which accounted for one-third of Google's cash.

If you really want to move in and out of the store. Can not be the subject of the acquisition.

Baidu mobile assistant is a suitable choice. Lu Qi took office, Baidu is stripping a variety of business, in July this year, 1.2 billion yuan to sellBaidu gameThe The next one will be Baidu mobile assistant?

Or Tencent application treasure to establish a joint venture store, relying on WeChat to the joint venture store to create a similar Play store in the same overseas unified application service system.

Or direct acquisition of a mobile phone manufacturers it A large proportion of shares of millet and even the acquisition of millet mobile phone business this thing looks crazy, but this may also be in China, the real establishment of the Play store had to do.

There is no sign that Baidu, Tencent, millet is interested in such a brain hole. But any more than these bold move more cautious approach, probably can not really enter China, get enough consumers.

Of course, these things happen on the premise that Google has to get all the licenses and supervision, and serious castration Play related services.

8 years ago, Google's search services, mailboxes are still in normal operation in China. Now, moving an app store has become a task that can not be done.

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