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Apple Watch 3 highlights so much to ask you not buy?

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Apple's new autumn conference held soon, iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus has attracted everyone's attention. But in this conference, in addition to the new iPhone, Apple may also release the third generation of Apple Watch. So in this conference, the third generation of Apple Watch which is worthy of our attention to the characteristics of it?

Will the shape design change?

On the Apple Watch 3 shape design, there are two versions of the news, one is Bloomberg's John Gruber broke the news, he said there is a new design with the new Apple Watch in the development. While another version comes from KGI's well-known analyst Guo Ming, he thinks Apple will be released later this year Apple Watch Seiries 3, but this product's appearance will not be a big change.

Apple Watch has updated two generations of products, and these two generations of product design and there is no big difference, so the industry is particularly concerned about the third generation of product updates, Apple is not in the product shape design articles.

If Apple Watch's shape design has changed, do not know what these changes will have the impact. Apple Watch interface and function are based on the current fuselage design to set, if Apple Apple's appearance design to adjust, then, whether for Apple or application developers, this change will bring a series of Job adjustment and change. Although the iPhone has had this precedent, from the 3.5-inch iPhone upgrade to 4-inch iPhone, and then launched 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch iPhone, but these transition process will bring a lot of new work. Of course, if the body thickness of such factors change, then for developers, this change for them basically no effect. And if the thickness of the fuselage, then, may be more by the user like.

In fact, for most Apple Watch users, they are satisfied with the current design of this device is the thickness of the fuselage, in some cases really feel too thick, it is a bit cumbersome.

What do you think? Do you think Apple Watch's design is the time to change it?

Have LTE but can not call?

Although late for a year, but the LTE module this year is finally to appear in the Apple Watch. Another news that, in order to save space, LTE version of Apple Watch will be built eSIM card. But the increase in the LTE module Apple Watch does not support the call function, can only be used for data transmission only.

According to analyst Guo Ming's broke the news, LTE version of Apple Watch will not support 3G connectivity, and because of the relationship with Qualcomm rupture, the Apple will choose Intel's baseband chip.

In addition, that the version of Apple Apple Apple is the ultimate smart watch users can take a break, because Apple directly ignore the call function, and is "user experience" in the name. A new generation of Apple Watch will be divided into LTE and non-LTE models like iPad, the new product will still have 38 mm and 42 mm two sizes.

Although the LTE version of Apple Watch can not call, but it still has the ability to leave the other equipment or LAN, can directly link to mobile networks, the use of third-party software can also be information or voice communication, the attendant price is the Internet and More power consumption.

Improve life

Apple Watch's life is 18 hours, still need a day charge, some users are still not used to such a model, there are some consumers because of this reason is not willing to buy and use Apple Watch. Do not know whether this year Apple will improve the life of this device? So Apple has the means to improve the battery life? We may wish to make a hypothesis.

Last year, the news that Apple canceled in the Apple Watch to increase the LTE plan, one of the reasons is to increase the LTE module, the equipment has been affected. The so-called impact should refer to the increase in LTE equipment after the end of the current 18 hours with the current level can not be maintained.

Apple in this year's Apple Watch increased LTE, that is to say at least 18 hours of life can be guaranteed, and that Apple must be from all aspects to enhance, to get this result. So in the non-LTE version of Apple Watch, Apple should also quote these energy-saving features, so that non-LTE version of the battery life than the LTE version of the longer, may be longer than the current 18 hours.

Increase health characteristics?

The news is that Apple is busy forming a team of biomedical engineers, committed to the development of non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose sensor. Apple last year in the health field hired more than 200 doctors, the purpose is through the upcoming Apple Watch released in the blood glucose monitoring function to bring innovation for the health field.

Earlier this month, the new Apple Watch will have non-invasive glucose monitoring, which is definitely for diabetic patients, and through third-party applications, Apple Watch now has been able to heart rate sensor to detect heart conditions.

At the WWDC Global Developers Conference, Apple has said that DexCom's blood glucose meter has taken the lead in using Bluetooth technology to connect directly to the Apple Watch smart watch. In addition, Apple also acquired the sleep monitoring technology company Beddit, so Apple Watch future may also introduce the original sleep tracking function.

Support more exercise types?

watchOS 3 has provided a lot of sports support, including indoor bikes, outdoor running, stepper, outdoor walking, outdoor bikes, indoor walking, indoor running, stair training, indoor swimming and outdoor swimming. Such as weightlifting and other sports, the user can choose to use the "other" option. And watchos 4 will include at least one new Workout movement type, as well as high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT / such as the shortest time to the highest speed running) support.

Previously, in the HomePod firmware, developers found a lot of evidence related to Apple Watch's support for new types of sports. According to the code in the Apple HomePod firmware, Apple Watch's built-in Workout application will soon support more sports types, including yoga, wrestling and water polo. Other supported sports include "water fitness" and "water sports", as well as "dance inspiration training" and "mixed metabolism aerobic training" and so on.

The Workout application will also include support for skiing training. The developer also saw a project called "SkiingWorkoutEventCollector" in the firmware, along with "SkiData", "WorkoutActivityType", "SlopeForAngle", " "DownhillSnowSportsDistance" (down distance) and so on.

New shell and strap

Last year in the Apple Watch Seiries 2 update, in addition to the device itself, the functional characteristics of the update, the Apple device and strap material and color version to make updates. In the body material, Apple canceled the golden version of Apple Watch, but to replace the ceramic version of Apple Watch. Precise ceramic models bright and light, durable, the hardness of stainless steel more than 4 times the surface, such as pearl-like shine shine, and not easy to scratch or lose luster.

Strap, although only at the press conference, the new Hermes version of Apple Watch debut. But in March this year, Apple has introduced a new wide striped fine nylon strap, adding a variety of colors, such as nylon watch with berries, lake blue, orange, red, pollen yellow, midnight blue and so on.

In fact, last year before the conference, do not know that Apple is doing well confidential work, or the industry's attention to the new Apple Watch is not much, and not too much with the new Apple Watch related news. This year is the case, do not know Apple is not specifically to prevent, to strengthen confidentiality, wait until the conference when the surprise.

Apple will be able to showcase a variety of new hardware products in the fall next week, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and Apple Watch 3. This will be a very tight rhythm, time is very tight press conference, you do not forget to pay attention at the press conference Apple Watch 3 is not the above these new features.

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