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Want to come, the new Apple TV focus on creating 4K experience

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Apple has issued an invitation, confirmation will be held once a year for local time in the United States in September 12th in the new headquarters of the Steve Jobs theatre's autumn conference. If nothing else, this conference we will see the long-awaited release of a variety of hardware, such as iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3. but we want to say today is not for a long time the updated Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K is expected to debut in September 12th?

Apple TV product line update and not too many rules to follow, the first generation of Apple TV release is in the iPhone debut, a year has officially unveiled, and then second years in March began shipping. After a lapse of three years in 2010, Apple launched a new generation of products Apple TV 2. Then, on 2012, Apple released Apple TV 3. The latest on the market is Apple TV 4, but it's already released in 2015 September.

The fifth generation of Apple TV is to represent the general trend, although apple is not confirmed, but from the end of last year, the third generation Apple TV was removed from the store, there are a large number of signs and analysis that the fifth generation of the new came. Unfortunately, at the WWDC 2017 developer conference in June of this year, Apple TV did not arrive on schedule, and even the tvOS update was almost a draw.

As for the new generation of Apple TV will be released in September this year, the fall conference news, mainly from the August 24th Bloomberg source informed person who reported. The report said, Apple will be in iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3 chip conference, the official launch of a new generation of Apple TV, when the new upgrade set-top box products will support 4K resolution video playback.

A new generation of Apple TV support 4K HDR almost That's final.

To tell the truth, in the TV set-top box market, Apple TV is known as the king, although Cook has repeatedly stressed that the Apple TV is the future of television, but at least is selling the fourth generation of products is difficult to be called TV revolution, the application platform is built up, now is the lack of competitiveness, especially the lack of 4K the trend of HDR content support. So, Apple TV fifth generation products to join 4K support rumors, from Apple TV 4 release never stopped.

Much of the evidence shows that Apple TV will make up the fifth generation fourth generation can 4K the defects, and to support the 4K HDR will be the biggest upgrade, will also support HDR 10, HLG HDR, Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos etc.. About the signs of 4K support, this year, from the end of August, the relevant material is not said, the relevant code in the upcoming firmware and software test version of the outflow.

For example, at the end of July and early August, a iOS developer Guilherme Rambo long deep HomePod firmware in the code, he found the "4K HDR", "HDR 10" and "HLG HDR" the key information, each of which is a strong evidence of the new Apple TV support 4K HDR.

Moreover, some netizens also found in the iTunes 4K HDR film has been silently doing work on, because I bought the movie history list, it provides a 4K version of HDR, but because Apple TV 4 does not support higher resolution to play or download.

Then in August 8th, apple tvOS simulator with 4K resolution running screenshots again released, when developers find tvOS system has been fully adapted to double the pixel density operation (3840 x 2160, namely we often say 4K).TvOS can be run in this unsupported resolution text, application icons and other parts of the system can upscaler 4K way clear display.

Then in August 22nd tvOS 11 Beta 7 the latest version, in this version of the HDR test material library, found Apple TV 4K test and hardware in February this year by the exposure of the same internal code, namely "J105a", and also obtained evidence in favor of HDR.

In fact, at present in the new generation of A series processors, and iOS and macOS platform, Apple has to provide 4K support from hardware and software, including HDR hardware acceleration, the support of 10-bit HEVC (H.265) video decoding hardware, so Apple TV as a member of the Apple hardware ecosystem, native support for 4K HDR is naturally things.

With 4K hardware, 4K content is essential

In fact, in terms of hardware, for Apple TV, the performance support 4K HDR playback is not particularly big problem, and the new chip Apple TV 5 is bound to perform faster and more powerful. Earlier this year, apple lifted the limit on the size of its biggest 200MB app and raised it to 4GB, which is enough to prove that Apple wants new Apple TV applications to be more powerful. But with the hardware and software complement is not enough, since it is TV, content must be the basis.

At a recent earnings conference call, Cook told investors that Apple Corp was satisfied with the development of a new generation of Apple TV, and that he was joking that there would be more "plans" in the future". Perhaps Cook said "plan", and 4K content construction related, after all, Amazon Prime Video landing Apple TV is just the beginning. So in August 29th, a report in the Wall Street Journal said that apple is currently negotiating the pricing of 4K, Ultra, HD, ultra high definition content on the iTunes.

However, the report shows that Apple's negotiations did not seem to Everything is going smoothly.. Because the report pointed out that apple in persuading the film company to finalize the price process, the problems existing in the fair, apple wants 4K movie cost $19.99, with the current 1080p high definition movies on the cost of the same. However, a few large the movie company hope apple can price premium of 5 to $10.

This apple is not ideal, after all, although most ideally, on the platform of iTunes 4K content if the price is attractive enough, will be able to provide a truly competitive media market in the 4K stream, if it is to convince consumers to spend $30 to buy a 4K Ultra HD movie is very difficult. Of course, even though Wall Street reports do not have a final conclusion and do not affect the release of the Apple TV 4K, hardware can be in place first.

In any case, in 2010, Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the future will no longer regard this product as an "amateur hobby", but instead began to develop Apple TV in a very serious manner. Therefore, in the era of "content is king", if Apple wants to implement its new system in the pay TV field, it is inevitable to reach an agreement with the industry's key TV production companies. The bottom line is that apple is planning to spend $1 billion next year to buy or make original programs.

Previously, Cook said: "we have walked a long way in a year, and it provides a platform for us (Apple TV).". We are learning more about the original content business and thinking about how we can use it." This sentence not only indicates that apple is very determined about the original content, and it seems likely to change the strategy of providing content to watch on the Apple TV.

Other features of a new generation of Apple TV?

About whether Apple TV 4K can change the size and shape of the problem before, there are a lot of people to discuss, but is expected to remain the same, after all, Apple has a HomePod speaker, is unlikely to integrate a Siri speaker again just as the rumors said. But for a focus on the function of 4K player, taking into account offline video 64GB 4K era has been unable to meet, perhaps Apple will ascend to the maximum capacity of 128GB or 25GGB. of course, because the main focus of streaming media content, storage capacity of apple is perhaps not so valued.

Inside the Apple TV, as mentioned above, is expected to carry a more powerful chip. At present, this generation of Apple TV sold in the A8 chip, the chip and the September 2014 launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus model is the same. Expected in the new generation of Apple TV, Apple will be equipped with its latest and iPhone 7, the same model of A10 Fusion chip, whether it has been a certain customization unknown, but improved performance will help improve competitiveness.

In the apple Apple TV positioning, this box will be the future of digital media players, game consoles and application platform combination, therefore, tvOS changes are more important. However, tvOS 11 operating system is still under test, because Apple is walking hardware enhancements and software upgrades in collaboration with the road, so tvOS 11 did not have much new details were broke out.

Considering the 2016 apple Apple TV for the introduction of Siri great efforts, I believe this time, tvOS will certainly continue to improve. And Apple will Apple TV as a smart home center to locate, HomeKit will certainly continue to enhance. To the game, some game player hope Apple redesigned the Siri remote control, make it easier for the game, but apple is unlikely to change yourself, but by the third party, the game content is expected to chip performance increase or more work.

In addition, the experience of a new generation of Apple and TV may improve the Bluetooth headset pairing, the current Apple TV of paired bluetooth devices have some limitations, especially if one is audio accessories. For example, the new Apple TV support and AirPods pairing, but iOS does not like devices that are available through the iCloud to achieve automatic pairing but cannot activate the Apple TV Siri. by AirPods

Prior to this analysis, Apple TV may support facial recognition technology. Because in February 2017, apple acquired a focus on face recognition of the company, although there are rumors that this technology could be used in future iPhone, but some analysts believe that this technology may also appear in the Apple TV. Future Apple TV, which includes face recognition technology, is said to automatically play music, movies, and television sets based on specific preferences once the "see" users are visible. That sounds like an interesting idea, but it probably won't be a key feature.

How much is the price of Apple TV 4K?

Besides pricing, there is really no news about this, Apple TV 4K may continue the previous generation of the price, that is, 32GB is $149, 64GB is $199, more expensive than similar products on the market. As for the possible expansion of 128GB and 256GB versions, the exact price can not be guessed, but it is certain that Apple has always liked to determine the price by storage size, this time should be no exception.

Finally, in mid August, the U.S. Internet exposure of a number of laboratory photos of Apple TV, for the first time revealed the face of apple tv. The TV is simple, slim, about 60 inches, OLED screen, narrow border design, suspected metal shell. Taking into account the TV has been placed in the EMI laboratory, monitoring the electromagnetic safety of products, usually from the final appearance is not far away, then there is no possibility of appearing in the September apple new conference?

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