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The open source project Node.js is again socialized because the leadership is inappropriate

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This year open source software more and more attention, the open source social development is booming, but how to maintain a large group of volunteers is to learn, and some social progress is very successful, and some social is not. Node.js social relations in recent years has been the problem of leadership and governance, following the three years ago, the choice of technology split (Io.js) after the re-combination of the end of August and the second major split, the reason for complianceCode of Social ConductThe

Node.js is an important leader in open source Web technology in recent years. The key infrastructure and core businesses of dozens of Fortune 500 companies (such as Micorsoft, Netflix, PayPal, etc.) are dependent on Node.js. But the use of business focus, but also whether the core social development and promotion, but now the Node.js is clearly not stable.

The storm was due to members of the Node.js Foundation's Technical Steering Committee (TSC, responsible for the day-to-day management of the project) and former chairman of TSC Rod Vagg, who recently had a lot of controversial remarks in his github with his personal Twitter May violate the behavioral code of the society, because it is the leadership class, words and deeds may represent the foundation, but also to be magnified view.

So on August 21, TSC held a vote to decide whether to expel Vagg. What about the voting results? The committee has a total of 13 people, Vagg himself does not participate, the two abstained, six against the dismissal or asked him to resign, only four people in favor, namely Anna Henningsen, Bryan Hughes, Myles Borins, Jeremiah Senkpiel, shortly thereafter, these four individuals include The first female committee (Anna Henningsen), the collective withdrawal from the TSC, TSC suddenly a quarter of the members. In addition, three of the four people remain in the core technical committee (CTC), Bryan Hughes simply left the project. Eventually leading to a group of Node.js who went out and split out the Ayo.js project.

Worse, after a member of TSC put the allegations against Vagg from votingGithub # 310Removed, although the original text is currently modified before the page can still beStock fileBut some of the alleged github issue has been removed from the original, which makes people feel more disgusted.

How could it be so serious? What kind of inappropriate remarks, causing Node.js social serious division?

Is there any freedom of speech?

Let's take a look at Vagg. Although he declined to be interviewed by reporters about how serious he was offending the other members of the community in many documents, it might have been posted on Twitter or Github, but we could look at his Twitter theory - the behavior of the technical project Guidelines, ask everyone to deeds full and complete "clean & rdquo; impossible, too politically obsessed with the social code of conduct than" improper "ralph lauren pas cher; speech more hurt a project.

His Twitter even quotedthis essayDefend for their own behavior, the article is about the scientific development, the complete freedom of speech is better than political correct. For example, mathematics, physics, a great contribution to the scientist Newton, he actually has mental illness - obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoia, Asperger symptoms, mental disability, and even serious stuttering. Imagine if he is going to the university to implement the modern code of conduct, it is likely because of his disease caused by random mouth swearing, easy to have offensive remarks for others, they lost their university faculty, unable to make a significant contribution to the future scientific development The

Let's listen to the anti-Vagg side. Among them, worked on Google's Google Cloud Platform Node.js development ambassador Myles Borins in hisBlogSaid: "This resolution undermines our social code and drives the potential contributors, and in my own way, it also destroys the governance of the committee." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;BlogExplain why he left the project, he is so to see Vagg's behavior: "I do not believe Vagg is intentional, or that he is the classic definition of the bad guys. On the contrary, his bad behavior stems from ignorance and unwillingness to learn. "However, many members of the TSC in addition to repeatedly warned, do not want to decisively solve this problem, and even some people think that this is no problem and short. In the end, Hughes felt that he had been paying for Node.js for more than two years. "Burn out & quot; (open source social used to describe the energy burned out), simply all the councils uttered and quit. This side to note that the two resignation of people on behalf of their own Google, Microsoft two major information companies, follow-up whether the enterprise is no longer trust Node.js remains to be seen.

To sum up, Vagg argues that the code of social conduct has the potential drawback - if it is dismissal of outstanding scientific and technological personnel because of the loss of socialism, which is prejudicial to freedom of speech; anti-Vagg believes that maintaining social health is the most important, like Vagg Those who continue to lose the word, will make the bad mood, scare away both with potential contributors, and the majority of contributors to the open source project is very important.

Node.js Shen Shen and remedy

Many people think that failed to pull Vagg TSC, as many years to prevent the destruction of social behavior reform failed.

"If someone has a good comment from the message to report the exact crime of the card, or some obviously involve the race, sex play improper remarks, so things have long ended. William Kapke, one of the two newly elected directors of the Board of Directors, said that his duty was to oversee the three committees.

Despite the result of the vote, let Rod Vagg stay in the TSC committee, Executive Director Mark Hinkle said in a statement that the board of directors was deeply concerned about the request of TSC to suspend Vagg's mandate until the situation was resolved. The board also specifically called on TSC: "Equal to require social members, collaborators, and leaders to comply with the Code of Conduct. & rdquo;

Another newly elected director, Ashley Williams, said: "This is not a single event, this is a long-standing, there are patterns to follow the irregularities." "She's acting as an individual rather than a board:" Rod's behavior is uncooperative and consistently apologetic. " This is a systematic leadership failure, and Rod is one of the most prominent examples. & rdquo;

The code of conduct does not allow to stifle freedom of speech or marginalize anybody's opinion or opinion (including "I do not agree with you, but I swear to defend your right to speak"), aiming to bring together different cultures, beliefs, Gender and background, which is the core value of any global open source collaboration project.

However, the toxin culture in Node.js' governance leads to inclusiveness. Williams used to organize an inclusive group of about ten people who wanted to ensure that everyone who wanted to contribute to sociality was treated fairly. But the group eventually disbanded, in addition to accusing the leader of the "deferred" ralph lauren pas cher, the group that would make the community more cohesive recommendations were also opposed, which led to all women and thirds that included several male participants After the dissolution in August last year, then leave the group, and even many people decided to completely leave Node.js social.

In other words, not just a single TSC vote to support Vagg a person led to social divisions, this event is only crushed the last straw of a camel. Kapke says members of the TSC can not see the misconduct of a member from an organizational macro point of view, leading to systemic trust collapse; Williams believes that TSC has failed.

TSC Chairman James Snell has proposed a program to merge CTC and TSC and hold new elections, including the election of new chairmen and members. There is also a suggestion that the committee will have a term of office and that the board of supervisors of the two committees may indicate that they may accept the proposal at the forthcoming board.

Williams said the merger of the two committees would increase the diversity of the committee and make it even more socially driven by the ecosystem. But others are not optimistic. Kapke said that the merger committee is at best only "ancillary programs", unless it is better to ensure that the committees are better organized, so that errors that ignore the code of conduct will not occur.

Ayo.js Revelation: Open source project can not be black box

Just the same week after the vote, Kat March & aacute; n Press the fork button and branch out from Note.jsAyo.js projectThe Ayo sounds with the alphabet IO, commemorating Io.js split from Node.js three years ago March & aacute; n said that there are already more than a dozen developers and more than 100 people involved in the project chat room; just a few weeks, Github project page has 1,502 contributors.

March & aacute; n said: "If a small number of people who can control the power to stop doing social things, then they no longer represent us." Although the project is still in its infancy, but has been in the study of a new open governance model to avoid the occurrence of bad conditions in Node.js.

The creation of Ayo.js has been seen as a reminder of open source technology - must be transparent and open. If the community does not listen or the voice of sociality in the foundation, it can be branched out and create its own project.

Williams said: "Ayo.js is not open to destroy Node.js or kill Node.js, but to make Node.js better." For those who see Node.js governance failure, angrily left to the people, there is this destination, in fact, may be better. "but Williams did not participate because she remained in the Node.js Foundation.

Splitting into two projects would have shocked many people and was disturbed by the future of Node.js. But, March & aacute; n and others do not care. If Ayo.js succeeds one day, it will be seen as the success of Node.js - as if Io.js was split out and made it back to Node.js.

"In the long run, I think social win." & quot; March & aacute; n said.

Frozen three feet non-day cold, Node.js Foundation to the current situation, you can spend some effort to reform.

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