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Tencent WeGame game platform all experience: very cool

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Before buying a genuine game, you need to go to the store to buy genuine game CD package, which usually contains 1-N discs and game brochures and game activation code.

After installing the game, enter the activation code for genuine activation, which is not finished, but also need to insert a genuine CD in the game anti-piracy verification to prevent piracy.


Figure 1 Recently in the popular game of "Jedi survival", a large number of Chinese players to buy genuine online

Up to now, the drive has been installed from the previous must become a tasteless product, many computers have not equipped with CD-ROM, Xiao Bian's drive is also dust for several years. The purchase of the game, installation, activation will gradually evolve in order to online form, online download game, online to buy activation code, online game activation, and even some games in order to prevent piracy, using online verification genuine way, you do not network, that Do not play.

This does not, Tencent launched a stand-alone genuine game platform & mdash; & mdash; WeGame.

However, to ask the online purchase of the game, where to the most convenient? Where is the game more abundant? As long as you ask the players, players will tell you Steam, Steam this well-known PC game distribution platform, the owner is very rich in game resources, there are more perfect genuine game to buy the download and install the installation process, popular players welcome.

Steam is only foreign, for some reason, occasionally there will be some problems, such as the recent Steam store in the country often appear 101,103 error, quite let the players depressed.

So in the country, well-known enterprises Tencent spotted the market blank, the tentacles into the game store game platform area. Tencent officially released a few days ago similar to Steam's PC gaming platform "WeGame", then WeGame is good to use? What are the disadvantages of Steam? Then let's experience it together.

Are giant installation is simple but not slim

WeGame installation package only 4.10 MB, do not look small, it is only a downloader, install the directory after installation 617 MB (increasing). Steam installation package 1.37 MB, the same is the nature of the download, installation and update directory 656 MB. Both as a game platform side is a bit bloated.


Figure 2 WeGame installation interface

WeGame login and operation interface

WeGame can use the QQ account for landing operations, the strange is not support Tencent game unique QQ account and micro account number can login mode.


Figure 3 login interface

WeGame's main interface is more streamlined, according to the function is divided into three pages, respectively, for the "ralph lauren" and "ldquo;


Figure 4 WeGame main interface

WeGame's home page, in fact, like a social platform, similar to microblogging, but this circle are mostly players, access also hidden game big god, players here to find good and partners is a good place.

In addition, the home page can also see the game update, WeGame will automatically help players update the contents of the game library, WeGame also automatically help Xiaobian find a heavy system installed after a period of time for the hero of the Union, that is, scanning?


Figure 5 WeGame & ldquo; home page & rdquo;

WeGame's "store & rdquo; home page for the selection of recommendations, the strange thing is to put the notice on the first screen, limited time on the sub-screen concessions. Large category classification recommended includes a large online games, stand-alone and sandbox category. In all games can be classified to view the game, the current WeGame game resources and Steam is not law than the game less than 100, the popular game is not much.

Steam game library currently has nearly twenty thousand games, which is not comparable.


Figure 6 WeGame's store


Figure 7 WeGame currently has less than 100 games


Figure 8 Rich Steam game library

WeGame live channel would not have introduced, you are familiar with the game anchor in that?


Figure 9 WeGame live channel

WeGame game purchase, download and install

Go to the game details page, WeGame for the user to prepare a richer game information, game introduction, developers, operators, release date, DLC list, and whether to support the refund, whether the purchase, game mode, whether to support cloud archive and Achievements are finished these game properties are WeGame have a more detailed given. In addition the game player comment that it is essential, the user can filter praise and bad reviews, just on the line reasons, comments are not many.


Figure 10 WeGame game details page

WeGame game to buy ways to support WeChat and QQ wallet sweep money to pay, support Q coins to pay, support online banking paymentThe In addition to the purchase of Steam in addition to support WeChat and Alipay, CUP, but also a variety of international payment methods, and even contains a bit currency.


Figure 11 WeGame game purchase


Figure 12 Steam game purchase

WeGame game download speed is not bad,Basically 8 o'clock M download speed, Although did not reach the full-width download. In addition, WeGame can customize the settings of the game download directory and installation directory.Steam game download speed is a bit slow, basically 5-6M download speed, Is only a small enough to download half the width of broadband, but much better than before.


Figure 13 WeGame game download


Figure 14 WeGame game download options


Figure 15 Steam game download

WeGame some of the other

In WeGame, Tencent also for their own game resources to increase the game aids, such as the Heroes Union to open the tool to achieve some of the game information display, equipped with rune recommended benign auxiliary function. In addition to some games, WeGame also supports network acceleration and startup acceleration. In fact, these are the TGP upgrade.


Figure 16 WeGame specific game game assistant


Figure 17 WeGame network acceleration function

The advantage of Steam is its internationalization, support for multiple national languages, and almost all players in the country. (Unfortunately, some fun games are not finished). For example, the most popular in the game is the "H1Z1" in the Chinese players and a player of the fierce offensive and defensive war, and now it attracted a lot of domestic players to join.

And WeGame want international, by the attention of players in various countries, but also take a long time.


Figure 18 "H1Z1"

In addition, in the country, the game must be open sales must be approved by radio and television, and approval requires a long process, if a foreign master want to go through the approval of the Chinese market, can not be a question, how long is the approval of a Problem, in order to trial and take a harmonious means of modification, in some players seem unacceptable, so WeGame game library rich and need a long time accumulation.

And there is, that is, the game developers and players feel safe Steam anti-cheat technology and cheat are not tolerant attitude, to maintain the fairness of the game, effectively deter the players want to use the game plug-in. Can Wegame do this?

to sum up

Is still in the embryonic state of WeGame, at this stage can not be compared with Steam, WeGame advantage lies in Tencent that huge social user resources, but also in the degree of localization should be able to do much better than Steam, WeGame use of socialization, and then Let the game library rich, coupled with the introduction of explosive game, WeGame follow-up ability can not be underestimated.

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