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iPhone evolution theory: 2007 mobile phone revolution

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New iPhone release soon, this is the iPhone released the tenth year. This decade, the mobile phone market has undergone enormous changes, only the iPhone in the continuous evolution, has been invincible. What is the charm of the iPhone, can support the market value of more than 840 billion US dollars of Apple?

Love Fan children selected representatives of the history of the iPhone, hope that through this series of reviews, take you to explore the iPhone 10 years of evolutionary track.

Remember when the first time I saw the iPhone?

The first time I saw the iPhone is still on the junior high school, when a domestic digital magazine had a few pages of introduction, hastily turned over, I have a new understanding of smart phones:

iPhone will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment, too & trade; smart!

Classmates look dishevelly diss me:

apple? That do mp3 I want to buy Nokia N95!

In 2007, there was a bilateral slider phone that did not know how many middle school students dreamed. Touch screen experience is too bad, so that no one believe that iPhone can make an experience of excellent touch screen mobile phone.Well-known technology media TechCrunch commented at the time:

Take the virtual keyboard to send text messages, write mail like a dial phone. Do not be surprised if someone feels sorry for choosing the iPhone and giving up the BlackBerry, because they spend an hour every day on the road to type out.

(IPhone early generation with its rivals, the source:Gsmarena)

Even Apple, do not want to start touch-screen mobile phone.

At that time there were two sets of solutions inside Apple, one by the "father of the iPod" Tony & middot; Tony Fadell (Tony Fadell) surgeon iPhone P1, mainly through the physical wheel control; another set of programs is the former Apple senior Vice president Scott & middot; Scott Forstall (Scott Forstall) leadership, he chose a new "full touch screen" as a means of interaction after a fierce struggle, the Apple's "civil war" eventually to P2 victory ended.

2017 early, broke the news peopleSonny & middot; Sonny DicksonDemo of a iPhone P1 engineering machine video, if the iPhone using roller-type operation, it is probably this:

(The first generation of the iPhone wheel mode operation, the picture source:YouTube)

Does anyone want a harder iPhone?

Want to learn more about how the iPhone is born? Pay attention to love Fan children (micro signal: ifanr), reply to "birth note", get more iPhone development insider

January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs with a lot of Bug did not solve the iPhone held a grand conference.

Prior to this, he has been practicing for five days, every day the iPhone will appear a variety of Bug, not broken network is dead, or even directly shut down black and mdash; if not in accordance with established procedures, iPhone will appear problem,The situation was very bad at the time:

The iPhone can play a part of a song or video, but the system will crash if it is to be played. If you first send e-mail to the Internet, then there is no problem, but if you turn the operation, iPhone may not be able to run. After several hours of testing, iPhone engineers finally found the so-called "golden road", as long as a group of specific tasks, in order to perform the operation, then the iPhone looks like a normal operation of the phone.

Really for the stage of Steve Jobs pinch a sweat.

(Image Source:Business Insider)

And the previous Apple products, like the first iPhone to impress you, or design.

iPhone front panel only a Home button, other operations almost entirely touch screen to complete, which requires touch screen need to have sensitive performance. At that time the iPhone used the German Balda touch screen, it is one of the few in the world to supply high-performance small touch screen suppliers, covering the United States from Corning protective glass & mdash; before the iPhone, Corning's steel The glass is mainly used for the windshield of the car.

The first generation of iPhone shell is the main material of aluminum alloy stitching plastic, the same period most of the mobile phones are used as plastic body material, metal back shell can improve the texture of the iPhone. In fact, Apple has been committed to try a variety of materials, ten years, plastic, glass, metal turns appear in the history of the iPhone, each time Apple can play out.

(IPhone dismantling, Source:iFixit)

iPhone ahead of the product design, even the BlackBerry founderMike & middot; Mike LazaridisDo not understand:

Not everyone can adapt to typing on a piece of glass, each laptop, every cell phone will have a physical keyboard. I think our design has brought us more advantages.

From the hardware point of view, the first generation of the iPhone in 2007 does not have any advantages and no support for 3G networks, no GPS, the main camera is only poor 2 million pixels, with the latest iPhone 7 Plus comparison, you know that the past 10 years Apple How much effort on the camera:

(IPhone camera comparison iPhone 7 Plus, Source:The Verge)

It is no wonder that the boss of the mobile phone market, Microsoft and Nokia will be dismissive.

In April 2007, when he was Microsoft CEOSteve & middot; Steve BallmerIt seems that the iPhone is just a small player:

iPhone did not have the opportunity to get a lot of market share, no chance. This is just a $ 500 subsidy project, they may make a lot of money, but if you focus on the 1.3 billion mobile phone market, I would like to be able to run our software in those 60%, 70%, 80% Equipment, rather than 2% or 3% like Apple might launch the device.

For that time Microsoft, a few people like the iPhone and can not help them sell more software, and therefore do not have a higher value.

(Image Source:The Verge)

However, the mobile phone giant Nokia does not think so, in fact, Nokia has been aware of the inside of the iPhone contains a huge potential. As early as 2004, Nokia believes that smart phones will be the direction of future development, and the operating system will be the core competitiveness.

However, when Nokia began to build mobile operating system, they found that the US West Coast traditional computer industry has a huge technological advantage, former Nokia chairmanJorma & Middot; Jolla OllilaIn his autobiography "Against All Odds" in the reflection:

We are aware of this problem, but to some extent we can not accept what is happening, many large projects are in progress, we are forecasting sales in the next quarter. At that time, we should be more focused on the future.

For a company, the worst case is the depletion of funds, the brink of bankruptcy, but worse than this, perhaps a huge success.

(Image Source:Financial Times)

If Steve Jobs chose the wheel version of the iPhone;

If at that time Jobs in the conference on the presentation screwed up;

If Nokia grabbed Apple before the release of a revolutionary smart phone;

& hellip; & hellip;

No kidding, the world can there be so many if, remember one thing is enough & mdash; & mdash; 2007 January 9, at the Macworld conference, Jobs wearing a tailored cut black Issey Miyake round neck sweater, Levi & rsquo; s 501 blue jeans, New Balance 992 sneakers, drank a mouthful of water, slowly opened the mobile phone revolution curtain:

This day, I have been looking forward to two years and six months. From time to time, there will be a revolutionary product, and then change everything.

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