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Facebook launched VR live show, you can become dinosaurs to the appointment

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Dating in the dark, dating in the desert, becoming cactus or polar bears dating, these weird dating ways that you have no interest in trying out?

If so, you can come to the US version of "You Are the One", and VR version of the.

according toAdWeek reports, Facebook and Conde Nast Entertainment (Conde Nast Entertainment) launched a blind date show "Virtually Dating" (virtual dating). Program participants will first through the VR blind date, according to their VR reflected in the personality and experience, to determine whether the actual character match to see if you want to enter the real date.

The program will launch the first quarter of 5 episodes, the United States time on Wednesday at 12 o'clock broadcast the first episode, you can watch on Facebook Watch platform. The platform will be open to the future of more film and television companies and content creators to produce programs.

According to Facebook released the trailer, the blind date of both sides need to bring HTC Vive's head was (ah, so they can not see each other's reality is it), while attached to a variety of strange lines.


In the VR blind date, the program group will first perform the whole body scan, according to your face and body in the VR image to make the corresponding 3D mapping, including your grinning appearance, can also be made of 3D.


inFirst program, The woman who matches the CP is the hedge fund manager Shelby, she wants a person who can laugh and ralph lauren pas cher, the man is football coach John, he wants to make the other half happy, the other half can make yourself Happy. (I think the two people 's request is really very much, and it' s true.

After the staff scanned Shelby and John's body, they created their 3D incarnations and then let them start dating in a virtual bar and wearing different clothes. Such as Shelby to the video inside wearing sexy tights. Well, two people who have not seen are going to meet in the VR & hellip;


VR with the real, after all, a little bit of deviation, the two in the reality of the greeting handshake did not fit in the VR together, the woman's left hand upper arm there are serious deformation. The first time I saw myself in the VR, John did not consciously say: "It's a little bit creepy" (a bit disgusting / horror); and said "I look like a dog" (I look like a Dog) & mdash; & mdash; eh, this is not "lying west tour of the moonlight treasure box" inside the male master's classic lines? Well, this opening can be.


After reading the first episode, I think all have skipped the dance, but also had physical contact, but that is not see your face, inexplicable there is a fairy tale into the story of Cupid and Pusuke both the visual sense.

To prevent the Krypton Star readers have not heard the story of Cupid and Pu Xuke, popular science: beauty of Venus jealous city city princess Pius grams of beauty, to send his son love Cupid to punish her, let her marry monster The However, the hero sad beauty off, Cupid Yang Feng Yin, killing the monster, every night to the palace with the dark in the tryst, and asked Pusuke not peek his look, or never meet. Since ancient times curious to kill the cat, Pu Xuke while Cupid sleep asleep lit candle, found his handsome. But unfortunately Cupid for the mortal fire hurt, angrily left, but also for the Venus prisoners.

Say VR dating, I would like to remind you again Oh, two CP can choose to other images or other places to meet, such as you want to go with each other on the moon, the Himalayas, or underwater world and the like, Wearing suits, become zombies and other creatures, are also OK. But these two people actually see in a virtual bar, then why not directly about the bar?


It was just the beginning. They can always switch the scene at any time, suddenly from the hotel to another very sense of science and technology in the capsule; and then jumped into a dance on the moon, one became the astronauts into another alien; Suddenly returned to the bar, turned into a dinosaur and a boxer, or a skull and a cactus. Look at the following trailers, as well as CP into a horse and cactus, VR image horse can pass through the cactus, the man excitedly said: "Wow, I am in you!" (Sounds a bit dirty If you want to know what the reality of their posture, you can point the end of the video to see.


The first episode of the CP on the first VR dating feel pretty good, both sides decided to go to reality about a covenant. but,The author of the verge does not seem to like this dating, The report said: "This is definitely worse than it sounds even worse. VR dating is not bad because VR technology is bad, or it does these gimmicks. Just a blind date (Blind Date) program actually so boring, so that tarnished the "dating" (Date) itself. & Rdquo;

Do not know you like this way, you can tell us in the following, maybe "You Are the One" in order to meet the fun of the audience will do such a try, you can go to participate.

I found a trailer in the country, interested baby can click on the following video to watch:Https://v.qq.com/iframe/player.html?vid=r05441vbs3l

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