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Zhang Xuhao letter announced that hungry, and Baidu takeaway formal merger, takeaway area has since become the battle of AT

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Hungry, CEO, Zhang Xuhao has just sent an official letter confirming the purchase of Baidu takeaway

In his open letter, he said, through the transaction, Baidu group has become one of the hungry shareholders. Ali has been an important shareholder of hungry earlier, both of them are Internet Co and strategic investors with global influence, are committed to the new platform after the merger of a full range of support.

Baidu takeaway and hungry to go together, but Zhang Xuhao said, Baidu takeaway will keep both the brand and organization of independent operation, CEO Zhenbing continue to lead the team.

Ali for the hungry to buy Baidu takeaway to provide financing support, after the acquisition, Baidu takeaway will temporarily maintain independent operation, level and structure of the company remains unchanged, the acquisition also did not involve before the concern of Baidu Nuomi and Baidu, and hungry takeaway after reaching cooperation future development plan has finally surfaced.

As the purchase price, according to previous "financial" news, in addition to the $500 million sale of Baidu takeaway, Baidu also pack some traffic entrance resources to the hungry, at a price of $300 million, including Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu mobile phone map, for five years, Baidu search for two years. So the total purchase price for the deal should be $800 million.

According to media reports, Baidu take off at 10:30 this morning to hold an internal meeting, hungry CEO, Zhang Xuhao led several executives to participate together?. Zhang Xuhao said in an internal meeting, the hungry Mody and Baidu takeaway cooperation, will implement the dual brand strategy, Baidu takeaway team and personnel will not change. Baidu take away from the creation, to take the high-end route differentiated positioning, and self distribution model into the market, for the development of the industry to provide new ideas.

Zhang Xuhao also said that although the market size of the takeaway industry is large, but penetration is still very low, but also bilateral cooperation. The future of the Shanghai Mdt InfoTech Ltd will set up two Ladas headquarters, Beijing will become after Shanghai second headquarters. After the two sides reached cooperation, Baidu takeaway will focus on the high-end market, dig deep quality, forming a complete differentiation. At the same time, the two sides will also need AI support in the future, so they will not close the brand and cancel the team.

Has been heavily charged takeaway business, in the end became Baidu

Baidu CEO Robin Li 20 billion yuan bet on O2O in 2015, who also did not expect Baidu two years after delivery, will end up $500 million to the point.

In July 2015, Baidu was launched in-house

Unfortunately, although the heavy money fell, the follow-up development of Baidu takeaway is not satisfactory.

According to AI media consulting released "2016-2017 China online takeaway food Market Research Report", the fourth quarter of 2016, Baidu takeaway hungry and group takeaway occupy the catering market share of 94.1%, the U.S. market share of 40.7% in the first, hungry to 35% ranked second, ranked third in the 18.4% Baidu takeaway market share. In the first quarter of 2017 delivery data, Baidu takeaway market share has only 17.3%.

Under the declining trend, Baidu take out

From last year's Baidu conference,

Bondservants rumors finally landed

Baidu has been selling Baidu takeout since Baidu's takeaway has gone down.

In 2016, the media broke the news that Baidu takeaway and Baidu Nuomi will be packaged for sale to

However, after the silence, speculation and rumor, the incident came to nothing, and insiders in the investment community said it was false news,

And this year, there are new Baidu sold out of new rumors, this time the protagonist became a courier enterprise sf.

The news was from the start

As for Baidu takeaway and hungry rumors, in October last year that rumors of both sides have been in contact, but after June of this year, hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao took the team to Beijing to negotiate.

This time, Baidu sold $500 million $300 million package delivery, some traffic entrance resources, Baidu takeaway to hungry rumors finally landed.

The takeaway has since become a AT war

Since then, the United States Mission takeaway takeaway industry, hungry and Baidu takeaway 3-hegemony end, officially entered the battle of AT.

For the takeaway market, has been the United States and the United States takeaway hungry competition, the merger with Baidu takeaway is an excellent strategy against the United States mission. TrustData released in May 2017 report shows that the U.S. group takeaway, hungry, Baidu takeaway monthly coverage of 1.23%, 0.97% and 0.20%, respectively. And hungry, the acquisition of Baidu take away, will make this gap further narrowed.

Not only that, the Baidu takeaway and hungry users coincidence rate of less than 1%. Baidu takeaway deep white-collar market, the main 40 yuan or more high-end areas, and hungry, mainly for more than a dozen dollars of fast food?. In recent years, hungry, has been trying to high-end transformation, so the acquisition of Baidu takeaway, you can obtain its high-end users, to make up for their own in the takeaway high-end market vacancies.

Hungry, the competition between the United States and the group, in fact, is also a game between the Department of Tencent and the Department of ali.

Tencent is the largest shareholder of the U.S. group, and hungry, behind Ali blessing?. In April 2016, Ali was hungry F round of financing in the investment of $1 billion 250 million, to June this year, the Department of hungry holdings reached 32.94%, has replaced the hungry hungry management team into the largest shareholder.


Are you hungry, chief executive Zhang Xuhao's open letter?:

Welcome Baidu take out: brother concentric, its advantage broken gold

Honey, are you hungry, little buddy?:

When mentioned again

That's the big news I'm going to announce to you: are you hungry today, the official merger with Baidu takeaway, Baidu takeout, and we're family?!

Before, Baidu takeaway is hungry, very respected counterparts, but also hungry, pressure opponents?. Baidu takeaway born in their prime, in the feudal lords vying for the throne online meal ordering pattern, one in three of the world. They have accumulated high quality users and merchant resources in the high-end takeaway market, and the artificial intelligence technology of instant delivery has also been in the forefront of our industry.

If in the past we have high-end competitors and excited, so, today, we are more together, blue and red combination Shuangjian excited.

Moreover, through this transaction, Baidu group has become one of the hungry shareholders. Ali was our important shareholder earlier, both of them are Internet Co and strategic investors with global influence, and are committed to providing comprehensive support for the new platform after the merger. I am greatly encouraged by this.

Baidu takeaway and hungry come together, but we think it will be the best decision to let Baidu take away the existing brand and organizational structure, independent operation, because the past Baidu takeaway has accumulated

Baidu takeaway independent operation, does not mean no dealings with each other, on the contrary, we should help each other, complement each other, forming 11

We also pass our services to the market to send a clear signal: together hungry, Baidu takeaway, will only let the user experience better, get more benefits. Whether you pursue high-end takeaway or pursue multiple choices, you can get a full range and high quality satisfaction in the blue and red combination.

I hope we can make the user feel the best of what we are together and be happy for us.

Dear buddy, after the combination of blue and red, the market will have fierce competition, we embrace competition, but the eyes can not just stare to the opponent, the great companies are to service users, to create value orientation. China O2O market and the rapid development of new retail display broad world for us out today we have the ability to promote the power of a strong, Make everything 30

When the brothers are of one mind, they lose their gold. Welcome from Baidu takeaway tribute dear brothers and sisters, hungry buddy, let us together, live youth, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment.

Your partner, Zhang Xuhao

Two years, 17 years, August 24th

The following is the full text of Baidu takeaway CEO mail:

You guys, Baidu takeout brothers and sisters:

Today, Baidu takeaway and hungry, officially become a family, we will work together to create a better future of China's O2O.

Baidu takeaway since the establishment of more than three years, has been uphold

Kuike two floor at three in the morning light, shadow Knight room haze of rain and snow weather, every time to overcome the technical problems of the fived

Facing the past, we are proud and gratified, looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence and expectations. More than regrets, it is more important to think about how to start again on the new journey. To be sure, the new partnership brings a whole new pattern that will bring even more new opportunities to the takeaway market. After the merger, Baidu takeaway is still an independent brand and operating system development, including management personnel structure remain unchanged. We will do our best to strengthen strategic cooperation with hunger and achieve win-win results. This is the trend of the development of the industry, but also a common choice of management. Some students may not accept this change, yesterday we still bloody confrontation, today has to hold hands. However, change must be for a better start!

Please believe that a new era will follow. With takeaway consumption increasingly quality and diversity, Baidu takeaway and hungry 12 platforms complement each other, will fully integrate their trading, distribution and other fields of superior resources. And Baidu and Alibaba will also provide us with all directional and more vigorous support. This also means that, from now on, we will get double resources support, and the multiplier effect of the combination will also bloom.

  1. Resources synergy complementation. Baidu takeaway lead in the white-collar market, especially the user portrait clearly and accurately, to segment user crowd scenes and precise marketing; hungry established earlier, in the overall market and business resources have first mover advantage, combining the advantages of both will quickly produce synergistic effect.
  2. Promotion of distribution capability. Both sides will continue to take the user as the starting point, further enhance the logistics capability, guarantee the timeliness and stability of the distribution, and build the core competitiveness.
  3. Service quality upgrading. The two sides will increase investment in product and service innovation, so as to better meet user needs and enhance user experience.
  4. Platform advantages highlighted. We will become a huge platform for absolute competitive advantage, better service C end users and B end merchants, to promote the entire takeaway industry benign and healthy development.

We have always believed that talent is the cornerstone and the greatest wealth for the development of enterprises. The company will provide more space and more resources for the positive innovation and efforts to realize self value of you. To this end, the company will increase incentives at the end, so that every contribution to the students can reap more returns.

The venture will steadily more difficult, to provide users with high-quality and convenient service on the road not only on the second half, the new starting point, new heights. And let us hungry brothers and sisters together forward, with a more positive attitude, more tenacious

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