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Baidu CEO Li Yanhong: AI era open to promote technological progress

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August 19 news, 2017 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Summer Summit held in Yinchuan. Baidu founder, chairman and chief executive officer Li Yanhong said at the meeting, AI era and the Internet age is the biggest difference is that this era of technology play a more important role. And technology is not simply rely on algorithms, but also rely on data to promote.

Once you realize this, openness becomes a natural choice, and there will be more data sharing in order to drive technological progress faster. "Li Yanhong said," From any point of view, the direction of our efforts should be open up. " & Rdquo;

In general, Baidu is fully accelerating the development of AI, including not only the underlying technology and capabilities, but also the application layer development and open.

Li Yanhong said, from my point of view, Baidu's positioning from a year ago began to become more clear than before, has become more emphasis on AI. & Rdquo;

Now the market has entered a different era, in the past era of mobile Internet, technical expertise is difficult to play out, and into the artificial intelligence era, the importance of technology has become particularly concerned about. For Baidu, the chances of success are getting bigger, which is one of the biggest differences from the past. "Li Yanhong bluntly.

Li Yanhong said that in Baidu before the establishment of artificial intelligence is his concern and like things. This kind of love will keep people concerned, when it (artificial intelligence) era, technology continues to progress, this part of the people will see the opportunity earlier. "Baidu in 2013 began a large-scale investment in artificial intelligence.

Earlier this year, Lu Qi joined Baidu as Baidu chief operating officer, and led Baidu in the direction of artificial intelligence to accelerate forward.

Li Yanhong said he and Lu Qi is to pay, because the common technical background, after the two exchanges are very frequent. When Lu Qi more concerned about the opportunity of China, the two hit it off. "From the data point of view, China's greater opportunities, and the characteristics of the population with consistency. This opportunity is very attractive Lu Qi. & Rdquo;

Lu Qi joined Baidu, Li Yanhong evaluation of his performance is not & ldquo; Surprise & rdquo ;. "What does it look like?" & Rdquo;

In the division of labor, all the current business is to Lu Qi report, Robin Li is more management strategy, process, system and other more macro level. Li Yanhong said that in the past he was too much into a specific business, now is a very good state, to take into account the past did not take into account the things.

The following is a dialogue record:

Qin shuoDear friends, good evening! There are ideal entrepreneurs like to Yabuli, because Yabuli always have a beam of light can make your future more bright. Yabuli's sunshine is colorful, as all the entrepreneurs attending the Yabuli Forum, their background is so much different in the weather, each of which is different tonight, "China business mind" special such a link, we are very pleased to invite To Mr. Li Yanhong, to follow me on the intelligent revolution to do a dialogue, we talk time 40 minutes, the next 20 minutes open to ask questions, followed by warm applause welcome Mr. Li Yanhong.

I know that everyone is particularly want to talk with the recent "father-in-law" to do the exchange, so my problem is still prepared more, I also hope that Robin big simple, so there is more time to communicate with you.

In fact, I think these two years you still have some changes last year, you off-road thousands of years ago, no time driving and on the five rings, have become a so-called network red level of some things, this change with some of your Subjective idea of ​​what kind of contact, why do you at this time very active with the community to do such an interface to communicate?

Li Yanhong:In fact, I did not feel any change, a lot of things began to think of such a result, for example, that place I feel fun, never been to the mountains, very beautiful grass, beautiful, and later really found that is actually very difficult , And even a little regret.

Qin shuoMore than you expected.

Li Yanhong:Yes, so later in the program I said, I actually regret a bit, I do not want to come, but the beginning of this decision and did not feel that this is to show what image, there is no such idea. Including the recent in the five rings this thing, is completely beyond my imagination, is the degree of attention, because this is not my first ride no car, last year in Wuzhen when I sat, then there are media reports, Nor is it the first time I was riding a car on the rings, but also last year when I was tested, that is not reported. Baidu developers this time, said that such a link, I felt that the audience can see me on the rings, I feel very good, did not think of people outside the scene of this matter so High degree of concern. But there is indeed a really did not think of the factors, that is, solid line and line of illegal things, it seems like it is fermented. In fact, I would like to clarify that the solid line and the line of illegal, not automatically driving the error is the director cut a bit early, when the car has not yet entered the state of automatic driving, in fact, this is a man-made error. But we anyway, no matter how to explain the explanation is not clear, we began to this thing noisy big, did not expect.

Qin shuoThere is also a reason, the five rings, after all, not Wuzhen, occurred in Beijing Wuhuan things always have an impact, the developer of the General Assembly you also stressed the sharing of cooperation in Baidu to promote the role of AI, including the recent CITIC Press Out of the "smart revolution" sequence, you also found the feeling of the year in Silicon Valley, do AI platform is how to consider, with you before the application, natural language, including answering questions, with that time the business model The fundamental change?

Li Yanhong:I think AI era or with the Internet age, whether it is PC Internet or mobile Internet is very different, one of the very important difference is that it is the role of technology itself is very important, and technology itself is not that pure By the algorithm to promote this technology, but also rely on the data together to keep the data together to feedback, the algorithm continues to tune, which is with any generation of technology in the past have a very big difference. Once you realize that the data play a big role in it, openness becomes an almost inevitable inevitable choice, because the more you open the more data will be shared, the more data come out after you The faster the advancement of the technology. So we think, whether it is good or good for Baidu, or good for the industry, or good for the whole community, any angle to judge this, our technology, the corresponding unmanned also, the degree of secret also Good this direction, you can open it out, let everyone play this game together.

Qin shuoYou are not deep with the use of an open way to the industry, and ultimately Baidu is also a great beneficiary, as you in the "smart revolution" said that artificial intelligence step on the basis of the pace of the Internet, The king is not your return to the opening of the AI ​​platform after a promise?

Li Yanhong:I really did not think so much, I still want to make things, and this thing I still think it into the probability is very very Ga, because this open is not our first to do, like ten years ago Andrews It is already an open mind, when IOS came out after the special fire, all other mobile phone manufacturers are very anxious, they do not have their own mobile phone operating system, so relying on Andrews to develop, then Andrews is actually a very bad system, Because we have no other choice, have chosen to support him, so it iterative soon, technology is also very progress, today's market share of Andrews much larger than IOS, Baidu unmanned Apollo is the same, today there is a Google Vivo is not open, the technology is the most leading, but the automotive industry for 100 years, there are so many car manufacturers, we all know that unmanned on behalf of the future, they must embrace such a trend, they rely on? He needs to have an open system, we share this technology together to push it forward.

In fact, there is a computer in our field is not particularly familiar with the open mind called Hadup (sound), in fact, it can be understood as a cloud computing the most basic technology, cloud computing is the most basic technology is not open technology, Cloud computing the word is made by Google, he said after that we include some of the technology, there is the most basic Google cloud computing technology, not open up. The other is also very anxious, another wave of people, Lu Qi with a wave of people engaged in a technology, open source, today Google own people say better than theirs Many people do not say how much effort you have done, but the big trend everyone can play a role in it, so we really believe that open source from the bottom of my heart is open on behalf of the AI ​​era trend.

Qin shuoRecently, some of the recent changes in capital markets for Baidu is still a positive positive, you think this is because you are in the search information flow, because the information flow grows quickly, or that Baidu AI imagination, so that everyone What is the better future for the capital market?

Li Yanhong:In fact, I can not be sure that in the end because of what is because the stock market up and down fluctuations, many times it is difficult to have a very accurate explanation, from my point of view Baidu really from about a year ago, Baidu is a very important company, and more importantly, the whole market or the whole era into a different era, back two years, three years you think this is a mobile Internet era, people It will say that mobile Internet Baidu What are you unique, what do you have done, you can not do the place where you have what you strong others weak place, in fact you want to let me out when I can column a lot we strong Of the place, but you look from a large pattern, Baidu is actually a strong technical technology company, mobile Internet, what technology? Mobile Internet this five or six years, really no technical innovation, nothing new things out, so you do not play out of technical expertise. But today the technology into the AI ​​era, when entering the artificial intelligence, many people began to care about the role of technology in this inside, what technology you have, you in the end in the technology to do something. Mobile Internet we from a technical point of view, do not tell you what innovative technology to come, but you see the era of artificial intelligence has just a year or two, we all of a sudden regardless of experts, the layman knows the depth of learning, depth learning is only one Collectively, this technology inside just a few years time, from the beginning of the so-called DNN depth to learn later RNN, to later CNN, to the later GNN, is the algorithm in the rapid changes, such things in the mobile Internet no happened before. So I think the outside world may be more aware that when the market or when the community into a new era, for Baidu, our success opportunities become larger, not the same as before, this is a very important reason.

Qin shuoI have a question, including the order of "smart revolution", that you have learned a lesson in the past. This course is especially good for you, and it is particularly good, but it does not seem to be in this field. There is a long time to accumulate, I remember when we talked about the time you said, about a year or two ago, that in that aspect of the real technical leader, such as Ali, Tencent, etc., in fact, may be two or three years, The establishment of the barrier, why the bet on the AI, you have a very, very big confidence, the winner of this intelligent revolution is really you, or Baidu have to overcome some of the challenges, you have to break out What kind of revolution, it is possible to grasp this opportunity?

Li Yanhong:This is a very good question, I was in the United States to learn such a course, I like it, when I also know that this course is no practical value in the industry we do not recognize its role, I still think that a Ye Hao, a company Ye Hao, it has its characteristics, some things he is good, some things he is not good at, something he likes, some things he does not like, artificial intelligence this thing even in Baidu set up Before it is a thing I like, as if I like flowers and grass that things, those things can not make money, can not stop I like. Artificial intelligence discipline is also back ten years, 20 years, he can not have commercial applications, but I can not stop. But this kind of love makes you will continue to pay attention when one day his time to come when his technology has gradually entered the mature time, you must be the first to be able to perceive, once perceived that this is Our food, so we say, for example, in 2013 began to establish a depth study institute, a large number of began to invest in artificial intelligence. So in this sense, we really than many companies a few years ago to see these opportunities, but is not you see the opportunity to be able to seize these opportunities, I think is not, after all, as a company, He has all sorts of things, you have to do it right, you may be able to make one thing made, we talk about the theory of management, the barrel of what you are short board, wherever you are short, the water Will flow away, maybe my technique is a long one and a half, but if my management is a short board or my culture is a short board, or my strategy is a short board, it's not OK. So it is really what you see and what can finally be made between things or there is a huge difference, which I did not have too high expectations, I said, in addition to ask me I will talk about my kind of this Ideal or our ideas, I still want to spend more time in the company, to make things out, to find our short board, to get rid of those things, this is what I think we must do more some.

Qin shuoFor example, in the past we think that Baidu has a short board, that is, a little bit of ground, there is a good technical preferences, but seems to be slow from the market application and so on, such as we have a lot of entrepreneurs, there may be consumer goods, May be industrial, there may be financial, if you imagine AI platform, such as for them, which can be specific, two or three years they can cooperate with you, you can apply, is close to their things What is it?

Li Yanhong:This is very important, if the technology is not a good combination with the market, then it is worthless, I do from the first day of Baidu I continue to talk about this point of view, artificial intelligence in the end what it means to all, it will Change something. Some time ago I also said that the last time the Israeli Prime Minister came when I have a speech, I said that if the Internet is an appetizer, artificial intelligence is the main course, that is, in my mind, artificial intelligence on the impact of society will be lofty The impact of the Internet on the community, why so? If you look at the past 20 years, the impact of the Internet community on the human, in fact, the main impact is the C-side, C-side you can understand it as the impact of the demand side, but artificial intelligence will affect the B side, the supply side, of course, C-side, in fact, today, for example, Baidu search, you use voice search behind the corresponding artificial intelligence technology, the impact of C-side is very obvious. But he on the B side, almost can achieve the ubiquitous effect, you tell me any industry I can tell you that artificial intelligence in this one can play a role, we just eat when we say, such as steel , May the Internet era, the Internet on steelmaking what role? Not too much effect. But what is the effect of artificial intelligence on steelmaking? Really have a role, we have a recent cooperation with Shougang, is to use artificial intelligence technology to test the quality of the steel produced by him, if he had any kind of bubble and the like, the past is to rely on the face to see, in fact, this thing with Artificial intelligence is done exactly, we took a lot of photos after I learned a school I knew that it was qualified steel, which was unqualified steel.

Such as the field of logistics, how we like a very good scheduling it. We recently with the Shanxi Taiyuan Railway Bureau to do cooperation, Shanxi to transport coal to transport out, how these things can be efficient operation, where the first are artificial intelligence technology. Even I told Shanxi, coal, in fact, Shanxi is the biggest problem is the old mine accident, is the security issue. In fact, the coal mine with many people may not imagine the same, he is now very advanced hardware facilities, the sensor has been all over the place, but no artificial intelligence. So although all your data has, but what does this data mean? Do not know, that gas is about to explode before those data have changed what people do not see. These things with artificial intelligence technology to improve, for almost any field will have a very very big change.

Qin shuoGreatly enhance its efficiency or improve its all aspects of detection and so on. I asked a consumer as a general consumer, as a C-side of a consumer problem, such as China is now a lot of goods, including us to the farmers market to buy a variety of things, not often have a variety of counterfeiting Shoddy, there are a lot of water and so on, and so similar to the problem, the future through artificial intelligence can see it, he has any kind of problem, automatically help me to stop, will there be such a day?

Li Yanhong:People can do things, not the need for particularly strong creative things, basically the machine will be able to dry, but the machine never take a vacation, do not know tired, such as people need to do one day, the machine may not even a second can not Dry, he will be very, very efficient. So with this principle is basically able to imagine the artificial intelligence can dry sense, what can not do the work of human intelligence. Why do I like artificial intelligence, why 20 years ago or even earlier I like this lesson, I think it is particularly simple, simple where? Is common sense, you think about this thing should not be wise, people can not do? If people can do, and there is a certain law at all, the machine can be dry, so simple things.

Qin shuoBefore Marx said that the capitalist industrial revolution is a magic spell, so many things born out, artificial intelligence will be such a magic spell has so many things born to develop, the development of artificial intelligence, you invited Lu Qi, said A lot of people are fighting, how do you ask Lu Qi invited, Lu Qi to such a long time, do you think you manage with his division of labor, including all aspects of you feel smooth and smooth implementation of such a big strategy?

Li Yanhong:I talked with Lu Qi for 20 years, and we still have communication between, what he was thinking, what I do more understanding, I was thinking, what he did more understanding, because we are all technical background, everyone Are more believe in artificial intelligence things, so the trend of communication over the past few years more frequent than before, when he said, such as China's opportunity, we can say that hit it off, and he is also really believe that in the era of artificial intelligence in China is likely Than the United States, because we are more populous, and we have a relatively large population, foreign population of the world add up to all the population outside of China is more than the Chinese people, but those who speak English, French, they The language is not the same, the culture is not the same, the law is not the same, the Chinese things are the same, such a large data for the promotion of artificial intelligence progress, no country can not find, this opportunity itself is very attractive to him. And the two of us are very much convinced that this is representative of the future, so I think it is easy to talk to go together.

To about half a year, I think for me it should be said that no accident, I was how to know how I still feel that today, the technology is very strong, very good management, the original thought that is the way to step by step Proof is like this. You say how we division of labor, and now all the business is to report to him, I am more in the management of the company's strategy, management, management culture, management process, the system, these are not so specific this kind of thing, in fact In the past I rarely spent on these, is caught in a specific business which went, you say I like do not like business? I also like the business, if the business regardless of those words, the company management will be a problem, so I think it is a very good state, I can have time, have the energy to take care of some things I can not take into account in the past.

Qin shuoThis feeling I think for you is a particularly calm, particularly good state, in the past there is little such a state.

Li Yanhong:That's right.

Qin shuoWe have just talked about AI, talked about the intelligent revolution, Baidu's strategy, we are talking about a lot of such things, and now there are a lot of things on this question, I feel may say, for example, will not be a bubble, Now the capital so hot, with the year's PV, with a lot of investment in the past, swarm, will it be a bubble, and finally a chicken feathers? Also said that artificial intelligence may involve a lot of human order of our society, the bottom line of our ethics, we get along the order, etc., a sense of security, you say these two I see more challenges you how to respond?

Li Yanhong:In fact, the early stages of industrial development, we have different judgments on the final, it is normal, no one can accurately know what the future is like, we can only according to their limited knowledge to make a this belongs to us judgment. In fact, I do not agree with these two extremes, whether it is bubble theory or threat theory, I think are right. Artificial intelligence for 60 years, he did experience ups and downs, but those ups and downs are more in the academic world, we said that we can solve this problem in two years, and later found 20 years can not solve this problem. So the ups and downs I think there is, but now the problem is not to say that we can say too much time to solve this problem, but that now we have to solve these problems, and now you talk to the phone Baidu, he already knows What kind of words are you talking to, and now you take a picture of a pot of plants next to you and know what that plant is, just say it takes time to penetrate all aspects, so I do not think artificial intelligence is now a bubble, if there is a bubble Of the words, the more is a company valuation, for example, there may be a bubble, the financial sector may be fried some people out of the bubble, but this technology is real, and its impact on society is real.

Artificial intelligence threat theory In fact, the industry also has a lot of big brother, that is very clear that they are worried that artificial intelligence will pose a threat to mankind, and even one day will control the human, I actually have more than a public statement of this state, I That is impossible, this day will never come, there is a more common misunderstanding, that is, we think that artificial intelligence is to use the computer to simulate the way the human brain, in fact, not, artificial intelligence is to use the computer to simulate the human brain Can do things, but the way to do things is very different, I just talked about DNN, CNN, RNN these things, these are inside the computer can be clear that my algorithm in the end is how the matter, today in fact No one can tell how the human brain in the end is how to work, you do not know how he is working how can you learn him, so artificial intelligence, that is, the neural network, but an analogy, not a real imitation, Because you are not the same as it is, so I think he will never have one day to reach and exceed the human brain Kind of function, so I do not worry about it.

Qin shuoYou often talk about artificial intelligence in some basic with the algorithm, with the number, with the supercomputer, and you open the platform is actually a collection of a variety of data, in the continuous data collection and feedback, in fact, artificial intelligence Become more intelligent. I think about a problem, but also a challenge, for example, we are now Ali or Tencent, the amount of data is massive, whether it is electricity or social, if they want to strut into such a field, I think these basic basis They should have ah, you say data, calculation, are also engaged in cloud computing, etc., this aspect you have not had some faint worry?

Li Yanhong:In fact, I said the Internet as an appetizer, artificial intelligence that is the main course, I really believe that artificial intelligence is much larger than the Internet market, so that a market is not a single company, should be a lot of companies Here are the first successful opportunities, including you just talk about Ali Ye Hao, Tencent Ye Hao, including many start-ups, I think there are opportunities for success. Today I see these big companies, in fact, they are slowly aware that they also began to enter the field of artificial intelligence, I feel very good, too many opportunities, you caught this, I caught that, In fact, this is a very good thing, he will work together to promote the whole society on the understanding of artificial intelligence, his application will be more rapid to universal. I also feel that in the era of artificial intelligence Baidu is indeed its advantage, because the role of technology here is very important, this is not the same with the mobile Internet era, the more important technology in fact we play the more space Big, so I think they are also very successful, but I think Baidu can not succeed this thing, my confidence is higher.

Qin shuoThat is, in fact, the accumulation of technology in the past, like a bonus, but the AI ​​after the opening of the bonus may be more favorable release of the dividend.

Li Yanhong:Yes.

Qin shuoWe have also said that there are so many companies, they can apply to all industries, of course, you have priority for some specific industries have arranged, or that you think you have opened Apollo, including a lot in the automotive field Many, is not this is your current top priority, which TOP3 priority?

Li Yanhong:You just say TOP3 very good, we basically three big direction:

The first one is Apollo, unmanned car ecology, the car is a 10 trillion market in China about 1/6 of GDP, so it is a big industry, so if we can catch a little bit of it Small opportunity, then it is incredible thing. It is also gratifying to note that when we first released Apollo on July 5, about 50 partners decided to join Apollo, including Ford, Daimler International's top depot, including Bosch First-class parts manufacturers, including many domestic mainstream car manufacturers, so I think we are more recognized in this direction, follow-up to see how we put it forward, how to implement it better, this is the first big Direction.

The second big direction is the degree of secret, in fact simply speaking, he is a man-machine dialogue interface, the interface he has any meaning? Is that he can make people and tools for barrier-free communication, accessibility What does this mean? Is the tool to understand people, in the past after the invention of human tools, people are going to learn tools, in fact, you can car as a specific tool, people have to learn, I want to spend a month, I want A driving school, I have to pay thousands of dollars in order to learn. After all the tools, whether it is good TV industry, the refrigerator Ye Hao, the car Ye Hao, the table Ye Hao, the chair Ye Hao, how is he used? As long as he can understand my words, he can run up, he can be used, so we are called the awakening of all things, that is, all the production equipment, all kinds of, so that he can use human Of the language to control, I think this is also a very very large market.

The third, we call the ABC cloud. ABC cloud with other clouds are not the same, in fact, each application has the intelligence inside, steel I have no problem with the quality of testing, with the traditional cloud computing is not the same, but most of these things are in the cloud On the basis of, so we use the ABC cloud with all walks of life manufacturers to cooperate here, of course, there are many system integrators with us to do, so whether it is logistics Ye Hao, Ye Hao education, financial or manufacturing, Where the head can be found to be able to use intelligent way to improve efficiency.

Qin shuoI listen to these three directions, in fact, one or two can have a great breakthrough is already a lot of the amount.

Li Yanhong:Yes, I think so.

Qin shuoIn fact, this year we started from last year we have a great concern for data association and privacy protection, especially this year, Ali's logistics with Shun Feng, and the recent Huawei and Tencent, are a lot of controversy, all with the data, the data in the end is Who, it seems that the process of our various users of the voice is also very small, I do not know how you think in this regard, Baidu for Internet companies have such a strong data capabilities, data mining, data collection , Cross-promotion, and so on the ability, how to make our concerns can be reduced?

Li Yanhong:I should first make clear that these data belong to the user's personal, should not belong to these Internet companies, Internet companies use these user data should follow certain principles, I think this principle should be two, first, the user agrees not Agree with you, because this data is the user, and second, after you have played a good role, whether it is a good effect on the user Ye Hao, or the whole society has a good effect Ye Hao. If these two standards are met, they should be allowed to even encourage him to use, if not meet these standards, he should not. At the same time, I am also an optimist, I think these debates in the past are good things, the more controversial people actually understand what is inside what can be done, what can not do. But I think for our users, it should not be blindly what you say I went to obey what, in fact, users have a process of accepting, in retrospect we initially started shopping online, we feel that how could I put a The credit card number told me a never seen the store company, then we are very worried that I entered the password after being stolen how to do, today most people have accepted, it does not matter, in most cases will not be out Problem, people will slowly accept some new things, because they do not understand the beginning of fear, then understand when he will not be so afraid, the more people are affected so in fact should be more assured, in fact, you can not see some Reasonable places others will see, and finally will make this rule more and more reasonable, more and more clear.

Qin shuoOur discussion is basically the same, before I open the question to everyone, to return to our theme "China business mind", this is actually a more general discussion, we know that Baidu in the past two or three years There have been some public crises, including Robin also often said that in the cusp, I guess that time you may not sleep is not necessarily very stable, and recently we say BAT, but you are not the gap is growing, I Feel as a level, especially in August 2015 thousands of pet in a height of the entrepreneurs there, where you are in such pain, challenge, question how to adjust your business before the psychological, how to re-use today This is a very full state in front of everyone?

Li Yanhong:I actually do not care about these, but also care what I like, you just asked this question reminds me of 20 years ago, my own a small experience, then around my friends or my classmates there are some opportunities That is, they are hired by the US company after he went back to China, because the US company sent back, so he took the US company, but 20 years ago, China's consumption level is still very low, so I was special Envy him how to have the opportunity to take the United States wages to take China to spend, I can not have such a chance, then think this opportunity really does not belong to me, my classmate is learning chemistry, that time domestic use, I Is to engage in the Internet, there is no people with the Internet, you have to go with those people, I now have to return to find a US company's work, no, that opportunity really does not belong to me. Once you want to clear this truth, you really concerned about is not to say who is better than I do or who do not as good as me, this thing is not important, it is important to say that this opportunity is not me, I both like this thing, And good at that thing, those other things is not someone should do better than me? I think it should be, is not someone doing it worse than me? Should also, as long as I myself to do their own efforts, I account, I think it is a very good thing, do not need to go up and down left and right to go.

Qin shuoSo Robin has been prepared for artificial intelligence bloom for 20 years. Finally, a problem, in fact, Baidu has a culture "simple can rely on & rdquo; recently you seem to have a little bit of adjustment, is" technology & rdquo ;.

Li Yanhong:Culture is "simple can rely on & rdquo ;, but the mission is to use technology to make the complex world more simple & rdquo ;.

Qin shuoWant to let you share with our audience about your core culture which is formed in the end, why are you so, often say such a basic idea?

Li Yanhong:"This culture, in fact, before the company was founded I told my partner Xu Yong discussed, in fact, or he asked me such a question, he said Robin you think we will be the future of this company what Culture, these five words were extracted four years ago, that time we are talking about our company's culture should look like, basically with the modern language is "simple can rely on & rdquo; I hope I Is one, can not say that I was one, a bit too subjective, and I hope I am a person, I hope that this company is a kind of company, it is normal it is such a reason. When the company has just been set up, everyone can see me every day, what can I say, what can I see, what is the corporate culture, how Robin says, how to do it, so slowly, after a few years Start more people, we are not able to see me every day, we need to sum up what the company culture, summed up to sum up to extract the five words is "simple can rely on & rdquo ;.

Qin shuoWe are from Robin finally to our share of view, even a technology preferences such as technology companies, in fact, before the birth of the company they will think about cultural issues, values ​​of the problem, I think this for our discussion today, the total The main "business mind" is actually a good footnote, then the time to open to our friends here friends, please ask questions to Robin.

Zhang paidingYou think the current stage of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, the three companies in the artificial intelligence of this track, you think the current stage of which Home company more advantage or slightly ahead of some of his leading point where? The second question is, do you think Baidu from a longer time line to see, compared with the three companies, you think his most unique or where his advantage where?

Li Yanhong:I still do not want to give these companies a ranking, because I think artificial intelligence is a huge market, no one company can be in every place more than others to do more lead, every company has his place to do good, like Google he is in the unmanned car, he is some of the basics of this cloud-related, as well as more basic depth of the student's theory, even if they are like generic artificial intelligence, these aspects may be more ahead of some. Like Amazon, it should be said that his foundation of artificial intelligence technology is not leading, but he found an equal to the practical scene, a breakthrough, intelligent home voice entry, which he is in the most leading position, and therefore Gradually in the formation of a new ecosystem, Amazon, many companies in the development of a variety of skills for him, this piece he is more leading. Microsoft, in fact, he became more and more into a 2B company, he used in many enterprise applications where the AI ​​will be more ahead of some, Baidu, we can say that in a not the same thing in the Chinese market , I have just talked about, the Chinese market has its advantage is that the data is very rich, many people, Baidu as an Internet company, in fact, we have a lot of user data, use these data to do some training, can make very good Something to come. Like voice recognition, in the search for this scene, the accuracy of people, the whole sentence is 82%, 87% accuracy of mobile phone Baidu, that he is obviously higher than normal, and many times I say a few words, You do not know which word is he, but the machine is known.

There are, for example, as face recognition, in today's Baidu, if you go to visit, access to the access control staff are able to brush out of the face, even in those vending machines, you can brush face to pay, take things away , These technologies, I think in China is a more leading, the United States and then this force will be relatively late. But the United States I just said, for example, unmanned cars these, he accumulated time to sing more, now go farther.

audience:Domestic related AI, the big data on this thing, in fact, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong are doing, and have done very good, for example, in fact, Ali's big data to do pretty good, there are two figures, I think Quite amazing, one is that we know that every year on November 11, his traffic shock, so many years down has never been off the machine, and so much to pay, no one wrong. Ma told me that there is another data is also quite shocked, he has a lot of times a day hacking attacks, but never break, we never think Ali is not a technical company, there is nothing in the technology, in fact, Do pretty good, including Tencent. Why do you think Baidu in the middle of the future AI will give you a time in the Internet can look Baidu is not so force, AI give you a chance to force, but also show a chance? The main thing in which, for example, now we see some of the middle of the field, for example, you just talk face, brush face is very important three-dimensional identification, the mother we have seen in the country has done a few quite good, this aspect Do not know Baidu in which the most important so that you can technically beyond, to be more specific?

Li Yanhong:You are very right, Ali Ye Hao, Tencent Ye Hao, they go to this scale, he wants to serve so many users, to support such a large flow, his technology must be able to support, otherwise it is not available to this service, which Is the most basic requirements, such a large-scale things, the corresponding technology to be able to keep up. AI era there are a lot of technical innovation, there are many new things to come out, summed up in the past, for Baidu's AI technology, we use a word to sum up is the so-called "Baidu brains" Baidu's most important four One is the ability to recognize speech, one is the image recognition or the computer is able to feel, one is the ability to understand the natural language, there is a user portrait ability, these four capabilities we have long-term accumulation, These abilities have a lot of applications in different scenarios. Just talked about, voice recognition, he used in the work scene a lot.

audience:Just that you mentioned this slightly asked, the letter of the voice recognition technology has done quite well, the accuracy is very high, do you think we like this with the fly like this?

Li Yanhong:Artificial intelligence is to talk about the scene, when you say he did a good time, you refer to what the scene, for Baidu, I just mentioned, in the search for this scene, he can be significantly more than people Of the hearing is better, this we are in the second half of 2015 to announce our accuracy than the human, in 2016, 2017, Microsoft and Google also announced their English speech recognition ability than mankind. I just said speech recognition, image recognition, natural language understanding, the user portrait is to talk about the scene, what is your scene in the good, this scene in the end is not important, which I think from the investment point of view may be more concerned about , The basic field that I invented a new algorithm, this thing for you is actually not much significance.

audience:Baidu now we understand that in the technical preparation, in the country is quite leading, but in the artificial intelligence intelligence, in the foreseeable future win, is the importance of technical preparation is bigger, or the possession of data is more important?

Li Yanhong:I think the two are indispensable, I have just mentioned that the artificial intelligence era of this technology to improve or upgrade, is the need for two-wheel drive, both the algorithm itself to continue to move forward, but also need data Non-stop to give him feedback, the data came in later know that this thing is wrong, with the correct answer, with a judge that this is right or wrong, he will gradually learn more and more intelligent, so this The two I feel that is indispensable, and many, I just answered Andy when the problem also said that you say your voice recognition is good or that your natural language understanding ability, is in what scenario, because only in a specific scene , The data mining can play a role, the scene of the data on the algorithm can produce what kind of good role in promoting, so the two I think can not waste any one aspect.

audience:We have to enter the ultra-aging society in 2035, there is a theory may fall into an aging trap, that time the economic growth rate may be significantly reduced, if there is such an intelligent revolution, especially you said at the B side, may Supply side of the supply side, there is no possibility of a substantial increase in China's long-term growth rate, that is, for example, we have to 2035 years later, China's economic growth may be maintained at, for example, about 3, if AI may be 4 & mdash; The meaning is great, the decision can guarantee that China must be the country's largest economy.

Li Yanhong:This is no doubt that if you look at the industrial revolution or large technological innovation, his economy, for the community, the role of promoting the GDP is very, very obvious, if we have now seen AI for the supply side, For B-side almost every area has a big opportunity, then his role in promoting economic growth will be great.

audience:This potential really broke out what you expect to take a few years?

Li Yanhong:5 & ​​mdash; 10 years This potential is not to say that after 10 years gone, I think AI is a 30 years & 50 years of opportunity, may be 50 years after this potential slowly slowly not obvious.

Qin shuoWe are very grateful to Robin for his very frank attitude to share so much of his thoughts, did not avoid any problems, and we are very grateful to Robin very frank attitude to us to share so many of his ideas, did not avoid any problems, and The whole process I think is consistent, I think it may really be like you said, more than 20 years ago love, today there is a new and bigger scenes waiting for you to bloom.

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