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Next-generation Apple Watch goal? Emptied your pocket

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The latest rumors about the next generation of Apple Watch show that it is likely to use LTE cellular data. Of course, Apple Watch before the iPhone has access to data connectivity, and Apple's marketing is focused on getting more benefits, then, Apple will create a new story about Apple Watch it?

Some friends mentioned that perhaps Apple Watch Series 3 goal is to thoroughly emptied our pocket.

We know the pocket in the 13th century or so appeared in Europe. Initially, the pocket was an independent leather bag tied to the belt, and later they put the pocket into the pants. The Renaissance people, in their newly invented pocket, installed some unique things, such as snuff bottles, ivory dinette and lace with a handkerchief and so on. And then, we started to fill our pockets with a variety of things: keys, credit cards, and so on.

Then, in the early 21st century, Apple ushered in a new golden age. Suddenly, we need a place to store this sparkling gadgets. Like some jeans companies even began to design particularly large pockets to accommodate large iphone.

Apple on the one hand want to empty our pockets, and then use electronic equipment to fill them. So why is Apple going to completely destroy our pockets?

The answer is simple. In the elimination of old technology, Apple may be ruthless. The iPod stifles the Walkman, and then the iPhone appears, and we gradually see that with the development of science and technology, a lot of things have begun to be discarded in the corner, such as entry-level digital camera, compass, map, and even books and calendars and IPod itself.

However, the pocket will be by far the oldest and most deeply rooted technology used by Apple.

We are too accustomed to using the pockets, so we often forget how ugly they sometimes look ugly. They destroyed the fine lines of fine cut, destroyed the chief design officer of Apple favored the kind of smooth supple minimalism.

In addition, in fact, our iPhone is easy to fall from the pocket. If the iPhone can be connected to our body, then it will not be so easy to fall. If the iPhone can be tied on the wrist, this is not more praise it?

Apple initially envisioned the iPad as just a companion, and in fact you needed a Mac (or a PC with iTunes) to set up the iPad. But soon, iPad became a separate device.

Similarly, today's Apple Watch is a companion product for the iPhone. You need an iPhone to set Apple's wearable device, when your iPhone out of range, Apple Watch almost impossible to use. But things are unlikely to remain in this state for a long time.

The Apple Watch that configures the LTE cellular network can be used as a standalone product. You can set up and manage Apple Watch through an application. Once you have configured an Apple Watch that supports LTE, it can completely eliminate the need for iPhone, at least for some time.

IPhone is not just a cell phone. As its size continues to increase, the iPhone becomes the mini-tablet we carry (most of the time).

When we are faced with some occasions, such as going to jog, in the exercise, or go out at night, when you do not want to put an expensive mini in the pocket of the Tablet PC, you certainly think this time the iPhone into the pocket will feel awkward, And the thief is easy to steal it on the crowded streets. In this case, you may want to sacrifice the iPhone's big screen to get safer, more compact stuff.

Although some time Apple Watch may not be as easy as the iPhone to use. However, when it supports LTE cellular connectivity, when you want to stay at home in the iPhone, when the light battle, Apple Watch is enough to let you in these occasions to view text messages, and a short voice call.

In other words, with Apple's Apple Watch and can not replace the iPhone, but it is no longer a companion iPhone products. You can choose to use your iPhone or Apple Watch, as you choose to wear what the same. In particular, if Apple and mobile communication network to reach an agreement, you can copy the iPhone on the iPhone to Apple Watch built-in virtual SIM card.

On those occasions, when we want to travel light, the best situation is that we really will be light into battle, we have nothing in the pocket.

Imagine, go to the lively bar, or stand in the crowded subway, we do not need to put his hand in his pocket, to prevent pickpockets. Or when we run to catch the bus, we finally found no things in your pocket jingling.

And thanks to Apple Pay and other mobile payment technology is becoming increasingly popular, we no longer need to carry credit cards or large amounts of cash at any time, Apple in iOS 11 also introduced the core NFC technology, which makes third-party access to Apple Watch built-in non-contact Technology, so our fitness card will soon be able to integrate into the Apple Watch.

Apple has now sold support for third-party smart door locks, with Apple Watch to open the door of the house will actually slowly become a normal thing.

Of course, these are the most wonderful ideas, Apple Watch really want to emptied our pockets, it also needs to overcome many obstacles, we also hope that these ideas can eventually come true.

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