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Apple Music executives: music economy should not be the case

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After the 2014 acquisition of Apple Corp Beats Beats Music, chief operating officer Trent Reznor (Trent Reznor) joined the Apple Corp. Since then he has been in the Apple Music to do its own contribution, it can be said that he is Apple Music a very important "wealth".

Recently, his nine-inch nail band issued a new EP - "Add Violence", Lei Zenuo also accepted the Vulture interview. Which talked about the development of nine-inch nail band, also talked about his Beats and Apple Music on the work. And the last time, the release of the new EP is not exclusive in the Apple Music release. To know that the release of the exclusive music album is still a very powerful information tool, is a marketing streaming media concept, almost all music streaming media now want to get more exclusive content, so as to attract more paid users attention The

To say that in the digital music industry, has a wealth of experience, can be in the process of apple flow service development guidance one or two, should be non-Lei Zenuo none other. He was the first to participate in the development of digital music, when the record company is still worried about the piracy party, Spotify is still far from the time, he has begun to tell people to dare to use streaming services.

Raytheon's experience in the digital music industry dates back to 2007. In an interview in October 2007, Razenau admitted that he had become a member of Onik's Pink Palace. Onik's Pink Palace is recognized as the world's best music Private BT website, members of about two or three million people, which includes not only a variety of live video, there are many members to provide their own collection, in addition to MP3, Onik also has A large number of music production software, music books and a variety of music-related resources.

Razerno not only uses a comprehensive music trading site like Oink, he also likes other sites. In March 2008, the nine-inch nail band said they had uploaded the newly released album Ghosts Vol. 1 songs to What.cd and Waffles.fm.

It can be said for fans how to spend digital music, Lei Zenuo has a deep understanding and understanding, many people want him to let us see a different Apple Music.

In the interview, was asked with Beats and Apple's cooperation is to let him believe that "entrepreneurs are rock stars", Lei Zenuo said that can not agree with this argument: This is simply nonsense. Music, movies, writing or news, these are things that can cause emotional connection. They are more important to me than those that are purely utilitarian. I am glad that someone has found and launched a service to take away, and my life is really better because of the appearance of this service. But I'm not interested in these things. A good song can become part of my soul. So this kind of technology rock star on the argument is really ridiculous.

Lei Zenuo said that from the original cooperation with Beats to later cooperation with Apple, in the process he learned a lot of things, but he did not "want to be a technology up to people." He thought that in the music era, the music economy did not I have learned a lot of things, but here I want to discuss is not Apple: I do not want to be a technology up to people: and Beats, Apple cooperation process , In that kind of environment, I understand that the real value as an artist in the end what is it. The music economy did not show the way it was, and the culture did not give the art what it deserved. Pleasant people no matter what time will have emotional resonance, will have emotional contact with the story. In this regard, I never doubted, now I am more convinced.

He said that people spend money to buy the album, people will cherish the love of these albums. But he also felt that it was good to visit some obscure things by streaming music: there was a lot of music that I really liked, because it was because I spent money buying the album, and that would take time Go and listen slowly to the song, put them through thoroughly.

I'm not saying it. Nothing is right. streaming music channels to listen to those who like Frank Zappa the obscure album is quite good, but if I say, we are now the free access to everything in the world is also a bad side, I don't have this kind of idea generation table is a very strange person.

Finally, Razenau said that until the record "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust" after the release, he found the benefits of streaming music. He says the artist does not want to make money by recording, but rather that someone knows them and is aware of their existence: to a certain extent, this experience also gives me a pre-emptive understanding of the current music. You do not make money by making a record, but instead it is just a tool for people to know you. It is also because of this, I began to believe that the subscription service is clearly the only solution to this problem. If we can convert the fans into this value as much as possible, then in the post-ownership era, it should be the best way.

In terms of subscribing to streaming music, do you think you have succeeded in Beats, Apple Music.

Lei Zenuo: do not make a detailed description of the words, I would say that this is an education. And those who complain about paying and free music are not the same, I stand on their opposite, I agree with these views, but in the end you choose to complain about these things, or choose to try to make some changes. Working under Apple's umbrella, I got a very rare opportunity to develop streaming services from within. I think I can help create such a precedent: the artist can get paid, fans can feel that they are using the service is really those who care about the music management.

"I've tried to work with Apple to help Apple upgrade Apple Music and make Apple Music a standalone, very cool, independent music store," he said in an interview with Apple Music in an interview. Here, you will feel that music is respected, it is not just an FTP server, it still has love.

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