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Facebook live break 2 billion | Zuckerberg: future business by video

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Tencent Technology Ji Zhenyu July 27 Silicon Valley reported

27, the social giant Facebook released the second quarter of 2017 earnings, in the earnings report, the company officially announced for the first time, Facebook platform, the number of active users has more than 2 billion people, from the performance point of view, Facebook continues in the quarter Has been amazing performance, revenue and profits continue to exceed both previous market expectations, which achieved revenue of $ 9.16 billion, an increase of 45%, profit of $ 3.89 billion, an increase of 69%.

From 13 years ago to get to obtain 1 billion active users, Facebook spent eight years, from 1 billion to 2 billion, Facebook and spent five years, sitting in the world's largest social networking site after the throne, Facebook development The process has officially entered the second stage.

Despite the current revenue of Facebook, the profit growth rate is still comparable to a start-up company, but have to point out that Facebook's mobile Internet dividend is basically close to saturation, the quarter from the mobile side of the income accounted for up to 87% , The upper reaches of the flow of information ads have reached the number, at the same time, Facebook's other important business, such as video, Instagram, FB Messenger, Whatsapp and other income generated did not grow to support the important position of revenue growth, how To further consolidate the huge advertising business under the premise of diversification of business income, and get the next revenue growth driving force, will be holding 2 billion active users Facebook's next important taskThe

FacebookContinue to maintain high growth: revenue, profits both break through expectations

The world's largest social giants in the second quarter of 2017, the official announcement, Facebook monthly active users have reached 2 billion, in addition, the other two applications Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger monthly active users are 1.2 billion The

The huge number of users for Facebook's high-growth performance to provide support. During the quarter, Facebook achieved revenue of $ 9.16 billion, an increase of 45%, profit of $ 3.89 billion, an increase of 69%.

Previously, the outside world had particularly paid attention to Facebook spending, because in the last quarter, Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Wehner will focus on Facebook spending from 2017 will be a substantial increase in the quarter earnings, Facebook spending and The cost increased by 33%, of which capital expenditure of 1.44 billion US dollars, compared with 995 million US dollars last year, a substantial increase of nearly 45%, mainly due to video business growth and construction of more data center needs, but revenue growth faster, Thus offsetting the adverse effects of rapid growth in expenditure.

At the same time, Facebook to the pace of mobile Internet transformation has not stopped, in the quarter, 87% of revenue from the mobile side, the same period last year, this ratio is 84%, the previous quarter, the ratio of 85% The

Facebook revenue growth is balanced and healthy, and revenue in the US and Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and elsewhere grew year-on-year, with no one in the region, while Europe, Asia Pacific and Revenues in other regions hit record highs, while North America, where the US and Canada were in revenue, were at the highest level in the fourth quarter of last year.

FacebookNeed to find the next revenue-driven business

Although Facebook revenue, profits both exceeded expectations, monthly active users also cross 2 billion users, but its share price after the release of earnings in the post-session trading stage is still a slight decline, the reason is that investors for Facebook future to maintain High growth has doubts.

Since last year, Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Wehner has been warned to the outside world that Facebook's largest revenue source, information feed (News Feed) ad Adoads will reach the limit in the second quarter of 2017, the next will not see To this part of the business growth continues to increase.

Ad Loads is the largest number of ads that can be rendered by the page without affecting the user experience. Over the past few years, Facebook's performance has been largely dependent on this bonus, but this quarter's situation is also being reported by Wehner , Advertising revenue growth has actually slowed, advertising revenue in the second quarter growth rate of 47%, while the same period last year, advertising revenue growth rate of 51%.

In such circumstances, only other business income to follow up in order to make up for this part of the business income growth slowed down.

At present the most sought-after business areas for the video business and its image sharing application Instagram and instant messaging applications Whatsapp and FB Messenger.

Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg in the subsequent investor conference call, said: "business greater driving force will come from the video rather than instant messaging." & Ldquo;

Since February this year, Facebook has announced its original video content program, the outside world is expected, which in the future, for Facebook to bring additional business revenue.

Market research institutions expect the US digital video market will grow 19 percent this year to 11.7 billion US dollars, the growth rate and Google in the second quarter of the same revenue growth, just released the second quarter earnings report Google said, The second quarter revenue growth comes mainly from the Youtube and mobile search.

For Facebook, in the field of video business has been pursuing Youtube attitude, Youtube already has 1.5 billion active users, Facebook despite more than 2 billion live, but in the field of video business can not be compared with Youtube.

Recently, Facebook in the intensified and entertainment, the media industry frequent contact, on the production of original video content related business extensive cooperation.

And another subject matter of concern outside the Facebook application Instagram also likely to become the future Facebook business income structure of the important components.

Market research firm eMarketer expects Instagram to earn $ 3.92 billion in revenue in 2017, up from 106.3% over the same period last year, and a comparable figure is that the agency also predicts Snapchat's revenue for the full year of 2017 $ 770 million.

Analysts expect the future Instagram to contribute about 20% of Facebook revenue, the application currently has more than 250 million active users, about twice that of Snapchat.

In addition, more than one billion active users of FB Messenger also began to show a small amount of advertising on its platform, which will become an important source of Facebook revenue in the future.

But Facebook's business for Messenger is still unhurried, in the conference call, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg once again stressed that Messenger will not happen soon.

"We will go through repeated scrutiny," Sandberg said, do not want too much advertising to the user disgusted.

For the time being, it is too early to expect Facebook's video business or other business to quickly become an important part of revenue, but the good news for the social giants is that while Ad Load is saturated, the average price of the ad is Quarterly significantly increased by 24%, which may be able to Facebook in the future to achieve diversification of business income for more time.

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