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IT industry interesting little story: Bluetooth is the name

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About the history of science and technology, we always dig endless, many interesting stories or data are no way to verify, for example, many people do not know Firefox did not call Firefox, Bluetooth, the origin of the name, etc. Today, I sorted out 10 Science and technology interesting story to see if these data can bring back your passion when you touch IT?


Firefox browser was called "Phoenix browser"

Mozilla launched their first browser version in 2002, Mozilla 1.0, after a few months after the browser renamed "Phoenix", metaphor Mozilla's new browser from the Netscape browser in the revival of new life, But Phoenix Technologies Phoenix Technology has launched a BIOS-based browser "Phoenix FirstWare Connect", Mozilla had to rename the browser Firebird, but this again with the Firebird database brand name conflict, Mozilla has tried to rename. Firefox was selected in February 2004 as the most appropriate name, launched in November the same year the first version of the Firefox browser.


Minecraft is the world's best-selling game

Minecraft was listed in May 2009 and sold more than 1 million copies by January 2011. By 2016 Minecraft's global sales reached 106 million, making it the world's best-selling PC game and the second best-selling platform Of the game, second only to the Tetris, which since the birth of 1984 since the sale of more than 500 million copies. Followed by Wii Sports, a total of 82 million copies. Followed by PC sales four kings: World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, anti-terrorism elite and simulated life, sales are more than 10 million copies.


AMD K7 processor pencil crack frequency doubling

Then K7 (Thunderbird) structure of the Athlon and Duron processor was locked multiplier, the player overclocking only through the ultra-FSB way to improve performance, but the wisdom of the working people is endless, the use of conductive metal connected to the CPU The core of the vicinity of the L1 cache Jinqiao can unlock the frequency, the character outbreak over 1GHz no problem, cost-effective burst table, to know that AMD and Intel's product line can be no CPU which can break 1GHz frequency.


Waterproof phone country

In Japan, sales of mobile phones, more than 90% are waterproof, it is said that Japanese women have the habit of holding a cell phone bath. Casio's Canu 502S (aka G'zOne) is the first waterproof phone, in fact, many of Japan's electronic products have waterproof features, including televisions. In addition to Japanese companies, few foreign companies will provide similar products, but they will launch for the Japanese market waterproof products.


IDE hard disk master and slave problems

SATA devices do not have so-called master-slave, because SATA devices are connected to the motherboard via SATA cable. But a long time before an IDE interface can be linked through a data cable at the same time two hard drives, in order to distinguish between the two hard drives, there is a jumper problem, many old players have a deep impression on the jumper. SATA introduced in 2003, brought a lot of improvements, including smaller and cheaper data lines, hot swap and higher transmission speed, in the launch of 5 years has occupied 99% of the PC market share.


123456 is the world's most commonly used password

Password management company Keeper Security said that the most popular password is still "123456", in the 2016 data leak event because the password is so simple to disclose more than 1,000 landing information, through the violence can be broken within a few seconds Crack six characters composed of passwords.

The world's first website

Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, the World Wide Web is a platform for information exchange between scientists, and then on August 6, 1991 at CERN headquarters in Geneva, the establishment of a computer on the world's first website http: // info .cern.ch /, it explains what the World Wide Web is and how to set up its own server. Tim Berners-Lee left CERN in 1994 and now serves as Chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium.


Gmail initially only provides 1GB of storage space

2001 Googler Paul Buchheit developed Gmail, April 1, 2004 open to the public, but most people think this is a mischief, because Gmial provides 1GB of mail capacity, Hotmail and Yahoo mailbox 20 times. Gmail was still in beta until 2009, and was released in 2009 with Google Docs and Talk. There are now more than 1.5 billion people worldwide using Gmail.


Windows ME those new features

Windows ME launched in September 2000, immediately recognized as Microsoft's worst operating system, but it still brings a lot of new features, including automatic updates, system restore and online games. Windows 2000 provides NTFS 3.0 "Encrypting File System" (EFS) technology that allows encryption of any NTFS folders and drives.


Bluetooth was originally a personal name

Bluetooth Special Interset by Bluetooth Group, members include IBM, Ericsson, Toshiba, NOKIA and Intel company, the name with reference to the Danish King Harald Langa, it is said that he unified the Danish tribe in a country, the team also can unified system of Bluetooth communication protocol.

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