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Steam countries brush bad review events: Chinese players power to foreigners no solution

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In February 23, 2017, "Neal: mechanical era > officially on sale, landing PS4 platform; in March 17th, the Steam version of the official on sale; in April 4th, SE officially announced:" Neal era Machinery > global shipments of digital version has sold more than 1 million. This result is undoubtedly the envy.

In addition to some of the small PC performance problems, "Neal: mechanical era" after the sale, in the Steam platform also won the unanimous praise of the players, harvested thousands of praise. If it is not "survive the Jedi: Battle Royale" was born, "Neal: the mechanical era" is likely to become the biggest dark horse of the year. By April 28th, however, the event suddenly changed dramatically.


1113 bad suddenly in one day maxed out "Neal: mechanical era > page, single day bad number directly over nearly a month since the poor total. Indeed, it cannot defeat Neal: <> Mechanical era of such a game is popular, but these emerging poor successfully at the beginning of May the latest evaluation from

The ins and outs of the event must have been clear to the players in the country

This is not the first time someone has stepped on the Steam

Although there have been

The number of Steam in the area of the community is quite amazing, when you read this moment, this number continues to grow. For the PC game developers, users can keep the new game to China millions, such a huge opportunity in a few years ago but cannot imagine. China is indeed a but this piece of cake.

Reliable differential bomb

Even if your game doesn't bother gamers in China, you have to be careful to trigger it as a 2017 open

Let's take a look at some of the fresh facts that have happened before us, and ask GTA 5 and king of the cross 2. These two charts (bad) red curve is exaggerated. If you have been paying attention to the game news, then the "GTA5" is poor because you must have heard maxed out: because the publisher decided to ban Take-Two one of the most popular mod tools OpenIV, the move will lead to a few days Steam emerged in 35000. As for "Crusader King 2", P's decision to raise Steam pricing in several areas resulted in hundreds of bad reviews coming down from the sky.



On the bomb

"The harvest day in 2015 the controversial 2> micro transactions occurred that month, the number of sales would be more than before (but they also played in that month not a small discount); <> ark was brush poor after expansion pack events, but the next month their sales amount has reached two times the month of the month, the ark, <> were also smaller promotions, but there is no free content. Of course, for the game game player trust must be reduced, and therefore they will be quite a game player fierce reaction. But in addition, we also have a lot of factors are difficult to predict.


As Galyonkin puts it, the impact of such events on the reputation of the game may be the biggest concern for developers. Those who are poor have maxed out developers, publishers are silent, do not want to talk about the matter. But it is not difficult to understand, angry fans already in afterwards fly into a rage, if their behavior do evaluation, but add fuel to the flames.

Again, the players who buy the game, if you want developers to hear their voices, leave their own bad comments on the Steam page, is probably their only option. This is a very simple, direct, and possibly more efficient way of speaking than on a twitter or message board.

Although the Stean evaluation system may be abused, but from a certain point of view, the system is still played the expected role: game player who only need to comment on the game, but also gives value to the game player who want to chop hand information. At the same time, V society is also in the evaluation system for more strict management, such as: free access to game products players comments will not be included in the overall evaluation.

In addition, the Steam platform has another feature that has had a beneficial impact

If a game player hate my game, they will go to apply for a refund, but not in the comments pouring anger. Now there is no longer an angry game player yells to me.

I have sent a single channel to apply for a refund of the game player who collected news, now all the explosive comments are brought together to go. This is a good thing, they can go to the channel to complain. I understand that the system cannot solve all the problems, but in my opinion, this is a win-win move for developers and game player who.

Doucet often in Steam for different issues published Bowen, he Steam for exploring the system, review and handle on issues have given a thorough analysis of some data and reviews. Although the Steam in the favorable rate as high as 97%, but I think Doucet for poor bombs must also have their own unique opinions.

Sure enough, Doucet pointed out that he had mentioned the problem in an article, then he had suggested: V service based on user ratings should also be improved the classification system of the game. Some V agency really on the classification system was improved, then get some evaluation number, but a higher rate of Steam games. To get more attention. Accordingly, this change will make

I asked Doucet, too

In the same case, if a small game developer dare to do such a move, they will be torn to pieces by angry players

Doucet said, according to the new requirements, at present there are other compromise, he first explained the public to raise the platform: developers are also established in addition to the Steam of other channels, such as Kickstarter raised platform, they are likely to have some misunderstanding of the game received way.


Of course, other developers may have different opinions. I think if the V staff can use the Wilson score algorithm (math, an algorithm) to put a few rigid criteria between the rating levels a little bit

The Chinese market has a huge opportunity, and Doucet recognizes that. But among these opportunities, there is also a huge risk for developers to consider

China's players can not be ignored

In October 2016, the China game player of < angry="" football="" manager="" 2017=""> given hundreds of poor, the game did not protest localization. Some of the comments is mainly aimed at the head of Jacobson < miles="" football="" manager="" 2017=""> developer SI, other game player is the official Steam community in the creative translation workshop


In a curse sound, the publisher Sega finally intervened, Chinese announced plans to increase support for the game, and in April officially launched the Chinese translation. With the review of statistics on SteamSpy, we can see at a glance the number of jumps in the game, the decline in negative evaluation.


However, there are still many players who choose to retain their bad reviews. At present, "football manager 2017" in the overall evaluation of Steam is still only 44% is well received. And the bad news has also hit Soccer Manager 2016.

We'll look back to the recent "Neal: mechanical era > Event prices, not only the game character killed, several SE Games has also been affected. In the event of April 28th on the same day, China returned to the Tomb Raider: the rise of game player <> maxed out,

Let's look at other events: at the end of 2016, developers of dark dungeons launched

As in the past, this kind of bad review did not have any effect on the sales of dark dungeons. But for all developers, it is worth remembering the lesson: if you want to China game player who promised to provide the localization of translation, they look forward to Chinese support, they will inform you by Steam evaluation system.

But the localization may provide a good opportunity for some small studio talent shows itself the vast region of the country, according to the adjusted price, then the good localization of translation, so that your game is likely to soon be able to wind up. Doucet wrote about such a thing in a blog post some time ago:

Of course, things are definitely not so simple. We can't guarantee that every game can achieve such great success in China. Even we are not sure whether Steam will be banned in the future


On the other hand, the emerging giant Tencent will launch a strong competitor in Steam in July, and this is likely to significantly affect the PC game market. The real question now is how quickly the change will take place. But as long as Steam China still exists, the influence of the China game player will continue to grow, never underestimate the power of the 17 million game player.

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